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Chapter 6

The last customer has left and Jared locks the door. Angie hands the cash drawer to Emmett and starts turning off the TV's. Seth begins turning the chairs over onto the tables and gets ready for the cleaning crew.

Everyone is doing what they normally do without realizing that I'm freaking out and not doing anything.

The energy coursing through my body is making me vibrate. I feel it from my toes to the ends of my hair. Every nerve ending is on high alert. I've never been this keyed up before about a guy, but this is more than that. This feels big, like I'm finally going to get what I've been craving.

There wasn't much to get excited about with Jake. Tuesday and Saturday missionary extravaganza was planned down to the exact minute; right after repeats of Seinfeld finished and before the eleven-thirty news.

My other relationships were similar, completely lacking in any sort of spontaneity. There was no vibrating Izzy like there is at this moment. I didn't have any sexual activity until college, having been scared about sex by my mother in my teenage years, and then I was also too hung up on my issues to voice what I wanted when I finally did start.

But this. This could become something to cross off my fantasy list, something to finally end the boring road I'd been on and I was scared shitless. I don't like scared shitless.

I force myself to help Angie and when Emmett offers to have the cleaning staff take care of the wipe down as he usually does, I find my voice and agree. He looks at me, knowing that Angie and I almost always turn the offer down, but just nods his head and walks to the office.

Angie puts the bottle she was wiping down and throws the rag in the bin. "Great! Up for a bite at Missy's?"

"Angie, he's out there. Waiting for me." I say nervously.

"Who?" I give her a pointed stare and it clicks. "OH! Wow. You have a date?"

"I don't think you can call a hook up at three am a date."

"Did you shave your legs?" She glances at my chaps and confirms that I wouldn't be wearing them if I hadn't groomed all of the necessary places. "Well, what are you waiting for? Go!" She practically pushes me out from behind the bar and I make my way to the office to get my stuff.

I grab my leather jacket and helmet, wishing Emmett a good night. I wore jeans to work but I don't change into them, instead keeping them tucked away in my bag. I just know he's going to want me in these chaps. I take a deep breath and exhale, while I push the back door open. The cool night air hits me and I scan the lot looking for his bike.

Only it's not there. He's not out here.

I'm confused; I could've sworn I read all his signals today correctly. I worked myself up for nothing when I never even fully decided I was going to have sex with him. I find I'm disappointed.

Before I can even think of what to do next, I see a sleek, black BMW pull up; it's tires rolling to a stop before me. The windows are deeply tinted so I can't see inside, but I know who's in there.

The opaque glass slides down and my pulse quickens at the sight of him. He's removed the bandana from his head and his wild hair is screaming at me, aching to be pulled. He's looking at my body, and I watch as his eyes slowly make their way up until they're meeting mine.

"Would you like a ride in my buggy, Half Pint?"

I raise my helmet in my hand, and point it towards my bike. "I have a ride, thanks." I don't want to appear too eager.

I see him look vaguely back at the direction I've pointed and he turns back to me. His eyes look black in the darkness. "Get in, Iz."

My knees buckle and I hope to god he didn't see that. I don't like to be told what to do normally, but that demand went straight to every body part that makes me a girl.

We lock eyes while I try to look like I'm deciding what to do. I know what I'm going to do, but I make him wait. "Where's the bike? I thought you wanted to fuck me on your bike."

He grins devilishly, and runs two fingers over his mustache. "I thought we'd break you in slow."

I raise an eyebrow at him and spit out, "What, so I'm a horse?"

His eyes widen for half a second before he suddenly starts laughing, the sound startling me. He tilts his head back, closing his eyes, while continuing to be amused. Seeing him lose it over something I said endears me and I can't help but smile at his carefree state. He calms down after a moment and rolls his head on the headrest towards the open window, opening one eye to look at me. "Will you allow me to drive you home?"

It's such a sweet, simple request, said so kindly, that I forget the comment he made about breaking me in and nod my head. I'll figure out how to get my bike tomorrow.

We're driving down Broadway, leaving Music Row and heading towards 21st Avenue, which will lead us to my neighborhood. We're not really talking much, he's got his iPod on and we're listening to some stuff I've never heard before. It's kind of heavy and dark, edgy. The moody soundtrack fits with the black interior of the car and the many emotions coursing through my body. The lightheartedness of the parking lot seems to have been temporary.

I turn my body to face him, trying to figure out if I should say something. Do I just ask him if he's going to fuck me or is he really taking me home? I try to recall ever having to be the pursuer.

"Tell me something about you, Izzy." His eyes glance at me from the side without turning his head my way.

"I think it's best if we know as little about each other as possible." I remain looking at his face, but his expression gives nothing away.

"Ok." He hesitates. "Why would that be?"

I shrug my shoulders and reply. "I barely tolerate you now, I can't imagine getting to know you."

Manchu barks out a laugh. "You're very blunt, you know that?" He looks at me, smiling.

"With some things. I won't apologize for it." I say confidently.

"I would respect you less if you did." He pauses. "I like it, it's refreshing."

We let the silence overtake us, as I've pretty much just laid some sort of ground rule for this fling or whatever this is, and small talk seems stupid.

I watch Manchu's hands as they hold the steering wheel loosely, but confidently. He seems unhurried and his relaxed manner is making me antsy. I begin the replay of those hands on me last week, the fingertips slightly rough for someone that sits at a desk all day. I surmise he does some work on his own bike, perhaps, cutting and nicking his skin much like I do. My leather chaps squeak against the leather of my seat as I move my thighs together, feeling the ghost of his touch on my body.

My mind is alive and nervous with anticipation, and I notice that we're approaching Hadley Park, which signals the start of my neighborhood. I don't want to believe that this is exactly what he said, a ride home.

"I'm going to be a little more blunt." He raises his eyebrows in question, waiting. "Are we going to have sex?"

His answer is immediate. "No."

"No?" I ask incredulously.

"No." His eyes never leave the road.

I sit in my seat, my mouth wanting to open and gape at him when he takes a sudden right turn into the park and pulls the car over under some large trees, a little past the entranceway, but out of sight from the road.

He turns to me in the dark and says in a low, ominous tone, "We're going to fuck. Hard."

All the air wooshes out of me and before I can do anything, Manchu is looming close with his hand behind my neck, silently asking me if what he just said is ok with me. I let my body take over and answer by crushing my lips to his, making him moan and hold my neck tighter. I feel him release my seat belt with his other hand and the freedom permits me to move.

I allow my hands to do what they've been secretly wanting to do but will never admit to him, and they fly to his hair, tangling themselves in the crazy locks and latching on. His mouth is hot and needy on mine, his tongue invading. I don't think I've ever been kissed this thoroughly, and before I can stop myself, I start angling my body towards his, trying to get closer.

His hand moves down my neck and leaves a blazing trail between my breasts, while the other moves to my back, helping me press my body into his. The hand that stayed in front starts inching it's way to my breast, my nipple poking his palm as he feels me through my thin shirt and bra.

The leather squeaks under me as he continues to press on my back while his body moves backwards into his seat, forcing me to lean over the center console. My upper body is pressed to his, the hand on my breast caught between us. His thumb flicks over my nipple lightly before I feel his fingers pinch.

I pull my mouth away and suck in a breath as the sensation washes over me, leaving me trembling in his hold.

He takes that opportunity to lower his head and I feel his mouth clamp over the spot where he squeezed, sucking through my clothes. The feeling is soothing, and I let my head fall back in enjoyment.

His hand moves from my back and slides to my front, palming and pinching my other nipple before heading down towards my waist. Instead of going under my shirt like I expect, he keeps moving down while his mouth moves to my neck, and I feel his fingertips brush over my bare thighs, above where the legs of the chaps start. He turns his hand under and grips my thigh hard, lifting and pulling it across the other one and into his lap.

His mouth reclaims mine hungrily as my upper body turns more completely towards him, my back practically facing the front window. He kneads the flesh of my thigh before moving his hand back and under the leather, running his palm over my shorts before I feel his fingers slide under, teasing the naked flesh.

My pussy is clenching, shouting at me for what it wants and my breathing increases as I feel his hand move completely under the shorts and grip my ass. His other hand has gone back to tormenting me through my shirt and I break my mouth from his.

My words pant into his mouth, less than an inch from mine. "Take my shirt off."

He presses his lips quickly to mine before answering. "Half Pint, I'd love nothing more than to get you naked in my car." He makes a throaty sound and takes his hands from me, reaching for the hem of my t-shirt and pulling it roughly over my head. He wastes no time in reaching around to unclasp my bra, and that follows my shirt to the floor.

He pushes my upper body back and I'm in a really awkward position, but I could care less. The look in his eyes as he stares at my naked breasts and tattooed ribcage makes me feel more wanted than I've ever been in my life.

"I think we need to move this to the back." He doesn't break his stare from the artwork gracing my body as he says this, and when I agree, his eyes snap to mine before he lunges towards me, and grips my newly exposed nipple with his teeth.

The movement is so sudden, the pain so pleasant, that I moan loudly and pull at his head, pressing him tighter to my chest. I feel his mustache scratch the skin of my breast as his whole mouth closes over my nipple and pulls roughly, licking every few sucks until I'm sure it'll remain perpetually hard long after tonight.

"Oh god, I need to be fucked." I exclaim with my eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of his tongue lapping at my nipple.

"I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before."

His words shoot through me like fire and I open my eyes to find him staring hotly at me, his mouth red from using it on my body.

"Get your pretty little ass in the back seat." He moves back and helps me as I scramble a little too enthusiastically between the front seats. As my hips pass through the divide, I feel him bite my exposed thigh and my pussy tightens.

He doesn't follow me through the seats; instead he climbs out of the car and opens the back door, joining me. As soon as the door closes behind him, he pulls my legs towards him, his hands sliding up the soft black leather covering my legs until he gets to my thighs, his fingers lightly tickling the flesh.

I feel completely exposed, my torso bare and my legs spread while his face is inches from where every nerve in my body is bunching and exploding with need. He lowers his head and kisses me there, over my shorts and chaps, but I swear I feel the burn hit directly on my pussy.

"I'm taking these off." His fingers move to the button of my pants but before he unclasps them, I feel him tugging at the shorts underneath. He moves his head sideways and I see his teeth pulling at the material, ripping the spandex apart like it's made of tissue.

I sit looking at him shocked, while he just smirks, pleased with himself, the side of his mustache lifting in amusement. He cocks one eyebrow when he thinks I'm about to protest and that shuts me up.

He pulls the destroyed material out from under the leather that was covering it, and looks down at my newly exposed skin.

"I knew you'd be bare." He murmurs, before bending down and placing his tongue directly over my clit.

"Ohh…ohhhh." I'm immobile as his tongue flicks over me, licking and sucking, his mustache tickling my hot flesh while he imbibes in the moisture from between my legs.

"You taste so good." He mumbles between licks, diving his tongue in and out of me, shallow and then deep, repeatedly.

His teeth move to my clit and concentrate their efforts, biting and nipping. I slap the leather seat with my palm and grab his head with the other, pulling and twisting his hair, making him grunt which I feel in every inch of my overly excited body.

I can feel myself start to come, and I move my hand from his hair to his face. I rub my thumb over the side of his mustache, and his tongue darts out and licks it. I keep my thumb near his mouth, feeling his tongue dive into me. I start to shake and his hand comes up, pressing both of our thumbs directly on my clit while he continues to lick my pussy, sending shockwaves through me and I buck and jolt with the force of my orgasm.

My breathing is uneven as I lessen the grip I have on the seat. He licks me again, moaning as he does so before moving his eyes to meet mine. I can see his mustache glistening in the glow from the lights in the park and it makes me shudder with want.

"Do you want to be fucked in the backseat of a car, professor?" His breath is hot and flaming over my lower body, the air in the car getting steamy.

"Yes. I want to make you feel good too." I say purring, all power behind my voice gone.

"Eating you makes me feel good. Everything about you makes me feel good." I feel his body move and he angles up, hovering over me but not close enough, and I watch my tongue dart out and trace the tip along his wet mustache, tasting myself for the first time.

I must wonder about that fact out loud, as he groans and curses. "Fuck baby, how'd you taste?"

"So good. I could taste my excitement on you." I hum.

"So fucking good." I feel his lower body jerk towards mine, while his erection, which again feels ridiculously big, pokes me in the thigh that has moved to cradle his body.

"Condom." I say as I move my hands to his waistband, giddy with anticipation of touching him naked for the first time.

"Okay, but I'm clean."

"I don't care. I'm clean too and I'm on the pill. Condom." I press my mouth to his neck and feel his throat move on my lips as he swallows.

He chuckles and says, "Yes ma'am", before reaching into the console between the front seats and fishing around. A moment later he's pressed the condom into my hand and is waiting for me to finish taking his pants off.

I put the condom between my teeth and I hear him suck in a breath as I look up at him with heavy eyes. I start to unbutton his jeans and he helps maneuver around so that I'm able to shimmy them down his hips. I notice that he's not wearing any underwear, and I quirk an eyebrow at him. He just smiles and shrugs, leaning in to kiss me on my cheek sweetly, almost chastely.

It's a weird, tender moment amongst a decidedly un-tender affair and when he pulls back and looks in my eyes, I think he realizes it too. He looks down quickly, moving a hand to help me pull his pants down over his hips, freeing him.

Anything tender and awkward from just a moment ago is forgotten when I see his jutting cock pointing directly at me, and I make a sound I've never heard myself make.

He's bigger than Jake. He's bigger than anyone I've had. He's bigger than any picture I've ever seen. I pull the condom from between my teeth.

"You can't be serious." I say stupidly as I stare at it, mesmerized by the bobbing motion the sheer weight of him is causing while erect.

"It's a penis Iz, a cock. That's what they look like." I hear the mirth in his voice and tell him to shut up.

"How the fuck do you walk around with that thing in your pants all day?" I'm really asking cause I can't figure out the logistics.

"I wear really loose pants." His lips move to my chest and I feel my nipples harden even further as the sensation of his mouth and the thought of that monster filling me take over.

"There's no way." I whisper as I close my eyes, leaning my head to the side to allow him better access to my collarbone.

"Trust me, Iz. It'll fit just fine." He pulls back and looks at me. "Do you trust me?"

"No, I don't trust you a bit." But as I say it, my hand is reaching towards him seemingly without my consent. The first touch of my fingers to his bare skin makes him lower his head, moaning into my neck and he moves his hips and cock a bit, searching for where he actually thinks it'll squeeze into.

I finger the head, and run my thumb over the veins that are prominent on the shaft. I'm just about to grasp it fully when I feel him grasp my hips and start to move us so that he's shuffling his body to sit upright on the seat, pulling me over him so I'm straddling his lap. It's pretty roomy back here, so I'm perched more on his knees and his hands find my breasts and start to rub.

"You have beautiful tits, Half Pint. Epic." I start to gyrate slowly on him, the sensation of his fingers pulling at my nipples shooting down to where my very sensitive clit is alive again.

"Put the condom on. I need to slip into that bare, wet, sweet pussy of yours." I open my heavy eyelids and look at his cock, existing heavy and large in his lap.

"I don't think a normal condom will fit you." I'm half joking when he takes the condom from my hand and turns it so I can read it. "Magnum XL. Oh geez."

He chuckles and rips the foil, taking the condom out and throwing the wrapper on the floor. He places the condom at the head and I stop him.

"I thought I was going to do that." His eyes shine at me with lust and I take the condom from him, placing it at the tip. He starts running his hands up the leather covering my legs and I sigh.

"Here goes nothing." I say with a blow to my bangs, and proceed to roll the condom down his substantial girth. It surprisingly fits like a glove.

"Last chance, beautiful. Tell me no or get ready." He says as he moves his thumbs over the insides of my thighs, circling closer with each pass.

I put my hands on his shoulders and raise up on my knees, hovering over his swollen, sheathed cock. His hands move to my hips and his fingers begin to trail up the branches of the cherry blossom tattoo that lead to my chest, before swiping the sides of my breasts and moving back down. On his down stroke, I move my pussy to his cock and together we begin to lower me onto it.

I feel the tip push in, and he moves me back and forth a bit, rubbing the ridges on the head over my clit for a moment. The sensation is incredible, and I have the urge to feel his naked chest in my hands before I settle down on top of him fully. I grab at the shoulders of his shirt and he knows what I want, so he grabs the material, ripping it over his head and dropping the t-shirt next to him on the seat.

I only have a moment to take in the tattoos covering both shoulders and continuing down to his biceps before he moves me to slip in a little further, causing me to look down at us.

He's moving slowly, which I appreciate because I'm not joking about being worried he'd fit. When I estimate him to be about half way in, he stops my hips and starts to grind his own underneath me, causing his cock to rub the inside of my pussy while his thumb moves to touch my clit. He presses his thumb onto me hard and the sensation of his cock on the inside and his thumb on the outside starts me off on a long, shuddery climax.

"Oh god, oh god, oh…" just as I'm hitting the peak of my orgasm, he pulls my hips down and encases himself fully inside my body.

I hear a gasp and I open my eyes to see Manchu with his head thrown back and his eyes closed, his mouth open and soundless as he holds my hips in his big, rough hands.

"Fuck." He pants, "fuck…fuck…fuck." and he starts moving me, back and forth over his hard cock.

"You okay?" He asks as he opens his eyes and searches my face, but he doesn't stop or slow down the pace he's got going.

"Yeah, oh yeah, you were right. Perfect fit." I grunt out and clasp onto his vibrant shoulders, trying to add some leverage to his manic movements.

He continues pumping into me as I move my hips, and I lazily open my eyes and look unfocused past his head out the back window. I startle when I remember where we are.

I am in a car, in a park near my house. Screwing my brains out with a man I could barely tolerate less than twenty-four hours ago. I start exhaling in a breathy laugh, and Manchu narrows his eyes at me.

"Something, AH FUCK, something funny there Half Pint?" He grinds out, his chest heaving and his hair starting to stick to his sweaty forehead. He pinches a nipple, hard.

"Noooo," I say as the pinch of his fingers move directly to my pussy, which makes me immediately stop laughing. His strong legs move me up and down, and he pounds into my flesh. His bruising fingers land back on my hips and I manage somehow to speak. "I just can't believe I'm doing this."

"Believe it. It's so fucking good." I look back to him and he's looking at me through half closed lids, his mouth slightly parted.

He's the sexiest thing I've ever seen.

My fingers ghost over his colorful shoulders and I dig my fingernails in when he hits a spot deep within me. "Yes, so fucking good. The best." I start to keen, my third orgasm fast approaching, and I start to help him move me by pulling on his shoulders and gyrating my hips forcefully.

"That's it, oh that's it beautiful. Ride me. So fucking sexy." He pulls at the leather of my pants, and my knees dig into the seat as I start using my legs to help create the last bit of friction I need.

"Kiss me." He demands, and while I'm a bit thrown at the need for intimacy right then, I let my body collapse against his and as I come, my mouth finds his and I shove my tongue inside, swirling and playing with his until he pulls his head away and looks down at us. He slams me down once, twice, three more times before exploding and grunting, exhaling hotly into my hair that's fallen between us.

Our lungs are working overtime, heaving and trying to calm while we stay joined for what seems like an eternity. The energy needed to remove myself from him is nowhere to be found. If he wants out of me, he's going to have to do the work to remove me.

I feel a hand leave my hip and it finds itself in my hair, pushing the long strands away from my face and gently brushing it behind my shoulder. His eyes are bright and clear, his expression one of bliss.

"What was that you said just a moment ago?" He asks, his breathing starting to even out.

"What are you talking about? I might've said fuck, but that's normal."

"Hmm…no. It was something else. Let me try to recall." He makes a face like he's deep in thought and then he widens his eyes. "I know!" He snaps his fingers.

"Oh god, what?"

His lips curl into a smirk and his hand starts to rub his chest. "You said I was the best."

I narrow my eyes with what vigor I have left. "You're so lucky I don't have the strength to hit you right now."

Around five o'clock in the morning, I'm lying in my bed unable to fall asleep. After I finally un-impaled myself from his monster cock, we did the requisite passing back and forth of clothes and shuffle of redressing. Me, having never had to dress in a car before, found myself lacking the necessary skills, so I stuffed my bra in my bag and said fuck it. Removing chaps and putting jeans on is another impossibility, but I managed.

Once we pulled up to my house, awkwardness ensued on my part while chivalry on his caused him to insist on walking me to my door, which I argued against. I gave up when he got out of the car and followed close behind me while I dug out my key and released the lock. Turning to say whatever one says to someone after they've been fucked good and proper in the other's car, I was surprised to see him leaning towards me, and even more surprised when he gave me a soft kiss on my cheek. He looked deeply into my eyes before the back of his hand brushed the same spot he just had his lips on. He then turned and walked back to his car, without saying a word.

It wasn't until I was upstairs in my bedroom getting changed that I realized I was missing an article of my clothing.

So that's how I found myself wide-awake at five am, trying hard but unable to recall seeing my ripped shorts anywhere in the interior of his car.

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