Don't Touch My Brother

Chapter Eight

Local Jail, Cass Lake, Minnesota:

"Dean, I don't wanna be bailing you out so at least don't do anything stupid while in public!" Bobby shouted even though he knew it was useless.

He'd known what Dean Winchester's reaction to learning that the local park rangers had found Roy alive and he hadn't been disappointed.

After having a small war between the brothers when Sam decided he wanted to be with his brother when he confronted Roy and Dean outright and very firmly refused, Dean had only agreed to leave Sam if Rufus stayed at the hospital to 'shoot any son of a bitch who looks at Sammy wrong'.

Bobby Singer and Sheriff Jodi Mills had followed the Impala from the hospital back to Cass Lake and both were praying Dean kept his temper and didn't shoot the main right there in the small police station.

As it turned out, Bobby's concerns about Dean killing Roy outright were the least of what he needed to be worried about or so he learned.

"Balls! This week can't get any worse," he griped, reaching under the seat of his truck for a shotgun and seeing the wide eyed look the Sioux Falls Sheriff gave him. "What? You never know when this comes in handy…like now."

Jodi Mills had been getting out to either head Dean off or try to convince the local cops not to arrest the angry young man when she took notice of the small group of people that had instantly drawn Dean's attention and clearly his fury. "Bobby, who is that?"

"Never met the son of a bitch in person but if I had to guess…I'd say that bald fella would be the boys' grandpa and that's all sorts of bad news," Bobby replied grimly, deciding to stay back to see what would happen when something else caught his eye just as his phone took off ringing again. "Watch that idjit."

"You think?" she scoffed, making certain her badge was visible for both the local authorities and anyone else and also feeling to be certain her own service revolver was within reach. "Dean…"

Figuring he could crash for a week once he had Sam safe, Dean's anger and emotions were pushing the surface as his exhaustion got more intense.

He'd hoped Roy would have either died of a wound or maybe had gotten ate by something up in the forest but knowing the weasel was alive brought back all the images of that tiny cabin, of seeing the smaller man using the white hot branding iron on Sam then holding him still while his knee was shattered.

While Dean's hate for Roy might not have been as intense once, after this mess he'd changed his mind and knew that while Roy's death might be a lot faster there was no question in his mind that the little bastard would at least have an idea of some of Sam's pain and know why he was dying.

Not considering how he'd do that if the cops had him in custody, Dean's plan had been to let Jodi do some talking to get Roy released then he'd handle it. That had been his plan…until he stepped around the Impala and ran face to face with someone he hated nearly as much as he had Walt.

"You no-good son of a bitch," he gritted, not caring if he was out in public or if the men with Samuel Campbell outnumbered him four to one, he'd sworn to kill his mother's father the next time he laid eyes on the man and now seemed like a good time to him.

"Hello, Dean," Samuel greeted his oldest grandson as if he hadn't set him and Sam up for Crowley just a few months before. "I take it you're here to see Roy?"

The smaller hunter looked worn out and injured as he tried to hide behind one of the men Samuel had brought with him since Roy clearly knew his fate if Dean got him within reach.

"I was but now I figure I can kill two bastards with one stone," Dean returned coldly, noticing that none of the local cops were sticking their heads out. "Pay 'em off?"

"Let's just say their boss and I came to an understanding," Samuel replied, seeing the hate in his grandson's eyes but also recognizing the weariness and how Dean was favoring his one shoulder. "How's Sam?" he asked curiously, offering a smile. "I heard he didn't fare too well from his visit with Walt. Shame about that since the boy was a good…Dean."

The Colt pulled, cocked, and aimed all in a flash as rage colored Dean's vision and it took all the willpower he had not to shoot right then. "Do not let my brother's name come out of your mouth again or I will shoot you down right now and have it done," he snarled in a tone that even had Samuel frowning.

Samuel blamed John Winchester for Mary's ultimate fate and by hating John he also hated the two sons that had come from his daughter's marriage to the man. Though he had another reason for hating Dean and that was for bringing that damn yellow eyed demon to his family that night back in the past and that one act changed it all.

He'd admitted that Sam was useful as a hunter while he'd been without a soul but even Samuel had been having some issues controlling the boy. Now he wondered with Sam having his soul back, if he remembered everything from his time while hunting with his group. He doubted it or the boy's brother would've already been shooting.

"You hate me, fine. You hate my Dad even, fine…but you stay the hell away from my little brother, asshole," Dean growled, nothing but hate in his deeper than usual voice as his eyes moved between the hunters with Samuel to his grandfather to finally land on Roy before going back to the patriarch of the Campbell family.

"You used Sam as your own personal assassin because you knew he didn't have the moral aptitude right then to know what he was doing was wrong and when he probably did, I'm guessing you had ways to deal with that," sharp green eyes were livid when he gave the older man a smirk. "You seriously don't think that I know that you and your cronies screwed with my brother? I've known that kid since he was born and there isn't a single tell sign that he has, either with or without a soul, that I don't know so here's another warning for you…"

Seeing that Bobby was yelling into his phone while banging his head onto the truck hood, Dean took notice that Jodi was close enough to act if she thought she had reason so he stayed out of her range as he took a step closer that put him well within Samuel's personal space.

"The second that Sam finally breaks down and talks to me about what he does remember from his time with you and the Soup kids, the first damn minute that he confirms what I think happened is when all bets are off and I blast the whole damn lot of you to Hell," he swore, wishing he could wipe that cold grin off of Samuel's face right then.

"That might be hard if you find yourself dead right now, Dean," Samuel told him, seeing one of his men move out of the corner of his eye. "Then who'd protect your precious brother?"

A quick hand grabbed Dean by the back of his jeans as Jodi put herself between the two men while aiming her service weapon at the hunter who had slipped a knife free.

"I'd tell your friend to sheath the blade and stop making threats if I were you, Mister," she declared, slipping into her cop tone while stepping down hard on Dean's foot to make him stay still while eyeing Samuel coolly. "Now this may not be my jurisdiction which means I'd have to go through the cops inside to make a case against you but that little weasel cowering in the back is a different story.

"He was in on a breaking and entering case that also involved assault, assault with intent, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, and a few other charges I can toss in," she didn't flinch from Samuel's glare. "I suggest you take your other pals and go back to where you came from but he's going nowhere except back to Sioux Falls."

Samuel looked between the Sheriff and Dean then over to Bobby who had finally tossed his phone to casually lay his shotgun on the hood of his truck. "Roy's coming with us," he replied firmly, knowing the man wasn't of much use but well aware that he'd always be a thorn in Dean's side if he was alive.

Dean was about to physically move Jodi to one side when a commotion in back of Samuel happened and the next thing he knew was that Roy was falling to the ground with a terrified scream.

"Sorry, that just wasn't in the agenda today."

Samuel whirled to see that not only had Roy dropped but so had two of his men as he glared at the petite looking black haired woman. "What happened?" he demanded, kneeling down but already knowing they were dead.

"She…she just appeared, touched them and they…fell down," another man stuttered to Samuel.

"What game is this?" Samuel demanded, reaching to grab for Tessa's arm only to find himself pushed back then he was whirling to glare at his smirking grandson. "What the hell is this?"

Dean had eased Jodi to one side while watching Tessa who seemed amused by Samuel and his men. "Good question," he agreed, lifting an eyebrow. "You know I wanted to kill the little asshole. Making up for not taking Sam?"

"No, he was on the list," Tessa assured him, giving Samuel a hard look as his hand closed on her arm. "Take it off or it'll be the last thing you do."

"What are you?" he demanded, figuring this was some other form of unholy help his grandson had cooked up. "I'll kill you just as quickly as I plan to my grandson if you…ack…"

Samuel let go of Tessa to grab his throat as it was suddenly closed and as the Reaper merely offered a mild shrug, Dean knew it wasn't Tessa that was causing this and was slow to turn while offering his grandfather a slow smile.

"Yeah, grabbing a Reaper, that's one way to tick off her boss," he decided, turning to see the tall, gaunt looking older man standing on the sidewalk in a black suit while carrying his usual walking stick. "Death tends to take it personally when you go touching one his."

The older hunter had certainly heard rumors and legends about the legendary horseman and the Reapers that claimed souls that were ready or even those who weren't ready but he hadn't believed all of them. Now, he wasn't certain as the new arrival moved a hand and his airway opened.

"Who…what…" he gasped, glaring at Dean. "This is your…"

"Hey, I only deal with him when I have to since he ain't the biggest fans of me and Sam," Dean replied, lifting both hands but keeping his eyes on Death and noticing his small smile. "You passing through for a reason?"

Death certainly was used to being addressed in a certain way and it both amused and frustrated him that Dean Winchester was one of the few, either mortal or Immortal, who didn't address him that way.

"I actually thought it was time to introduce myself to your grandfather and to point out to you that it's time you take your brother home," Death's tone was its usual calm, all knowing one that never failed to put the fear of God into Dean even though he hardly showed it.

As he was thinking up a reply to that, something in that last phrase caught his attention and Dean's eyes went to slits. "Come again?" he asked, seeing the small smile on Death's face even as he heard a familiar engine then heard Bobby growling. "I am so hiring a Sammy-sitter the next time I leave him alone," he decided, shooting Samuel a look before turning to head his brother off.

Samuel sneered as he watched Dean's body language change the closer he got to the truck that Sam was stepping out from. "Boy'll get killed one day by only looking after his brother," he spat, still vowing that he'd take care of both Winchesters before he died…again.

"That is true, Sam is Dean's one true weakness," Death agreed, letting his eyes also look at the now bickering siblings but only the Horseman noticed that when the elder Winchester reached to lightly cuff his brother on the side of the head it was without true anger and only the exasperated fondness an older brother could have.

Then Death returned his attention to Samuel and as he stepped closer there was no doubt of the power he exuded as he laid a very frail looking hand on his arm but squeezed with a strength that no mortal could have. "I know more about why you were brought back than even you do and as someone who values natural selection very dearly take my advice when it comes to your grandsons.

"You would be best to leave Dean and Sam alone because while they are certainly not my favorite mortals, and they have done more to upset the delicate balance of natural order and selection than anyone else in many eons they do have my respect and since they also come in handy, they will also have my protection," Death squeezed again until the hunter nearly screamed from the pain in his arm. "Send your men after the Winchesters again and it will be a personal visit from me that you will receive."

As Samuel stumbled back, he gave another hot gaze toward the brothers then stalked off with his remaining followers behind him.

"Deal with the bodies this time, Tessa," Death decided it best to not let the mortals do anymore than focus on getting the Winchesters back to a safe place.

"You damn fool old man!" Bobby was mad and it showed as he yelled at Rufus. "I told you to watch him, not let him sign himself out AMA!"

Rufus Turner knew this was going to be the reaction when he and Sam showed up but knew he'd been out of options. "Kinda hard to keep the boy safe when a couple monkey butts showed up at the hospital dressed as interns and tried to take him out, Bobby," he returned, guessing that would shut Bobby up but would probably set Dean off.

"Say what?" Dean had been complaining the entire walk from in front of the police station to the sidewalk and had been prepared to launch into one of his lectures when he heard those words and caught the fresh bruise on the side of Sam's face and the bandage on his lower arm.

Anger, fear, and then buried relief burst through him as he got to Sam. Reaching up he laid both hands on his brother's neck to carefully check his face and saw the fresh bruise on the side of his face as well as a gash above his head.

"You okay?" he asked tightly, swearing that he would rip someone heart and lungs out for this. "What happened?"

Sam was clearly tired and still weak since he wasn't shrugging off his brother's grip as he might normally. Giving a one shouldered shrug, he winced. "Guess they were Samuel's men or something. We didn't get to exchange names. They didn't look or have the feel of interns and I took exception to being drugged or killed so…" he shrugged again but knew by the way his brother's eyes had narrowed that Dean had filled in the blanks. "I'm okay, Dean."

"Yeah, and I'm a little purple alien," Dean muttered though he did seem finally satisfied that he stepped back but kept a hand on Sam's arm in case the kid went down since he knew his brother was too weak to be up much less on his leg. "You sign out AMA, Sammy?"

"You were going to sign me out when you got back so what's the difference?" Sam countered with a yawn when something caught his attention. "Is that Death? Why's Death here? Dean…"

"He decided to pop in with his natural griping about natural selection and what a pain in the ass I am," Dean wasn't really sure why the Horseman had come but wasn't going to knock it if that meant someone else could deal with Samuel for the moment, especially when he noticed the way his brother tensed at the sight of their so-called grandfather. "Samuel won't hurt you, Sam. No one will. C'mon, lets go."

Jodi had checked in with the local police, assured them that all was fine, lied through her teeth and was eager to get the Winchesters back to her jurisdiction. "Why would they want to drug Sam?" she asked after hearing part of that conversation. "Wouldn't killing him be easier if that's what they wanted?"

As Sam's eyes shifted to the ground, Dean had a hunch he knew why drugging had come first but kept it to himself while lightly cuffing the side of Sam's head. "You are so grounded when we get back to Bobby's, geek boy," he remarked lightly, reaching into his pocket for the keys to the Impala when the next thing Dean knew he was heading face first for the concrete sidewalk.

"Dean!" Sam had been watching his brother use his opposite hand to reached for the keys and then he seen the change just before Dean's eyes rolled back and his legs buckled.

Still feeling the effects of being hurt on top of a lack of real food for days had Sam's reaction time off from what it normally is but he managed to grab his brother before he could slam face first into the sidewalk. "Dean?" he called again, feeling a huge wave of panic coming on when he realized his brother wasn't responding. "Dean!"

"He passed out, Sam," Jodi had been the closest to the pair and knelt down to check for a pulse and found Dean's beating strong. "He's been hurt, hasn't ate right, hasn't slept in who knows how long and has been so worried about you that he just finally passed out."

Sam had known his brother had been hurt and he'd assumed he probably wasn't sleeping since he knew how Dean was when in hyper manic protective older brother mode but he hadn't expected him to go down like this.

Normally Dean would fight the exhaustion until they were back someplace stable or someplace where he could sic Sam on Bobby then crash.

This time Sam wasn't sure what to do since he doubted if he could drive the Impala back to South Dakota, he didn't know how bad his brother was hurt or what to do to help him and he had doubts if he was ready to be on his own until Dean came to again.

The more Sam thought, the more doubts and fears were coming until he felt the beginning of a very rare panic attack nearing until he felt a strong hand gripping his and he realized that he'd gripped Dean's without being aware of it.

"Hey," Dean's eyes were open but glassy from lack of sleep. It was the sound in Sam's voice as well as the way his hand seemed to shake as it gripped Dean's that had brought him back around. "Sammy, I'm good," he promised, seeing doubts in pure puppy dog looking hazel eyes now. "Just got dizzy. I'll sleep once we're back at…"

"You ain't driving, idjit," Bobby interrupted as he and Rufus tried to get both Winchesters back to their feet. "You'd crack that car up within the first mile and then I'll have to deal with you as you fix it again."

Dean was manic over two things: his car and his brother. He'd killed to protect either and he never let anyone but Sam drive his car unless he had to.

Debating between arguing and sleeping, a look at Sam's face made his mind up. With a low disgruntled growl he dropped the keys into Jodi's hand. "Fine, she can drive."

"I can what?" Jodi blinked, not expecting that since she'd gotten clued in pretty quick how Dean loved that car but realized she'd been nominated when Dean was already trying to urge Sam toward the car and Bobby and Rufus were fighting on the way toward their respective trucks. "Great, I get to drive. That thing better be an automatic, Dean."

"Don't say it, Dean," Sam warned upon seeing the glint in his brother's eye. "She can shoot you."

Figuring it wasn't wise to tell his brother how many times Jodi Mills had threatened to do just that, Dean helped ease his still sore brother into the back seat then thought of something, opened the trunk to grab something out of it then got in beside Sam.

"Huh?" Sam blinked through sleepy eyes when he felt something laid over him and the familiar smell of gun oil and leather took his mind back to a simpler time. "Dean?"

"Go to sleep, Sammy," Dean urged, smiling as he watched his brother absently pull his battered old leather jacket around him like he would as a kid. "I'll be back here with you. Just go to sleep."

Halfway there, Sam mumbled something only Dean heard as Jodi got in to start the car and he chuckled. "No, I don't think she'll play anything sappy on the radio. I'll talk her into using the tape player in a minute."

"Don't think so, hotshot," Jodi replied lightly, wondering how in the hell these boys drove this thing since it had been years since she'd even been in a car with a cassette player.

Looking back when she didn't get a smart remark back, she smiled fondly while seeing that Sam had fallen to sleep again but it was the way he'd fallen almost naturally against his brother's shoulder that tugged at her heart.

Dean, she also saw, seemed to have gone back to sleep since he was partially confident that his brother and his car were in good hands. As in knowing how his brother would move in his sleep, Dean had shifted to give Sam more room but had also moved his arm so that his hand was laying loosely on Sam's neck in comfort and support but his arm was in position to hold if his brother woke up with a bad dream.

These were things only brothers who had grown up together would be able to do so effortlessly. These were things only an older brother would think to do for a younger brother he'd fight so hard to protect.

Eyeing both Winchesters and the size of the backseat, Jodi shook her head. "We'll need a pry bar to get those two outta this thing and into the house," she decided, putting the Impala and drive and heading back to South Dakota…to the closest thing to home she knew these boys had.

Seventy Two Hours Later: Bobby Singers Salvage Yard:

Pain in his shoulder and the feeling of sleeping too long made Dean Winchester want to drag something over his head and try to ignore the world for the next year.

Then he remembered why his shoulder was hurt which also shot memories of something more important into his barely awake brain: Sam.

The last thing Dean could recall was falling asleep in the back of the Impala. He'd decided to stay in the backseat to be close in case his brother had issues or needed him because Dean wasn't stupid enough not to think that Sam would be having nightmares.

Not certain where he was or where his brother was nearly made Dean snap up and only the pain in his shoulder and the realization that he could feel something touching the top of his hand made him stay still.

It took another moment for him to understand what he was feeling and then he knew who was doing it even before he heard the whisper soft voice from beside him.

"Wake up. Please wake up, Dean. Just wake up. I'm sorry you were hurt…again and…"

Between the whisper quiet voice that was just showing signs of breaking to the sigils being signed absently on the back of his hand, Dean knew Sam had been awake and alone too long and had probably been brooding over his memories.

Dean remembered the times when Sam was younger that Dean had been hurt on a hunt and Sam would go into the stage of near panic if he didn't wake up for a while. Usually when Dean would wake up it would be to his scared little brother sitting beside him and tracing the sigils that Dean or their Dad had taught him onto his brother's hand or arm.

Too tired to open his eyes yet, Dean merely turned his hand over to grip Sam's and heard the quick intake of breath and waited another beat before opening his eyes.

"Dean?" Sam called almost hopefully, shifting in the chair he'd been sitting in too long and wincing at the pain in his knee. "Dean, you awake?"

"If I said no, would you go away and let me sleep another week?" Dean asked hopefully, swearing to himself when he felt Sam go to move. "Damn it. Sam, wait."

Opening his eyes, Dean noticed he was in the room at Bobby's that he and Sam always shared and then he noticed that while he was on his bed, Sam had been sitting in one of the tiny chairs that were in the room and his still injured leg had been bent too long.

"How long have I been sleeping, how long have you been awake and why isn't that leg propped up?" he asked all in one breath which impressed Dean considering how tired he still felt.

Blinking at the questions, Sam didn't seem to realize that Dean's grip on his hand was keeping him from rising as he tried to answer. "Three days or so I think. I've been awake probably about a day and…I can't prop it up and still sit here with you."

The last was said with a bit of the attitude Sam only gave his older brother when he was tired or in pain. "Huh," Dean muttered, not liking that he'd slept that long but guessed it was his own fault for not sleeping for so long. "Did you eat?" he asked, noticing an empty plate on the dresser but since he knew Sam and knew how he was when sick changed the question. "Did you eat that or did the plant in the corner eat it?"

Pure bitch face was aimed his way as Sam scowled then shrugged. "Bobby caught onto that so I ate it," he sighed, again going to stand as Dean pushed himself to sit up only this time Sam felt his leg give. "Damn."

"Sit down, Sammy," Dean was quick to grab for his brother when he saw him start to fall. "Actually, lie down and prop this thing up like you were told to do," he shifted so when he gave the next gentle nudge Sam found himself sitting on his own bed. "You let Bobby look at these?"

Clamping down on his lip to bury the groan that wanted to come as his leg was carefully extended so it could lay propped up on two more pillows Dean had grabbed from the floor. "Yeah, once," he admitted, watching Dean through lowered lashes and knew his brother was gauging wounds he could see to ones he couldn't and probably debating on what to ask. "You can look at 'em."

"No duh, genius," Dean snorted but put that off until he was more awake and Sam was more at ease again. "This wasn't your fault either, Sam. Getting hurt is just part of the process of being an awesome big brother and I've never held that against you."

"I know," Sam sighed, moving to sit up only to find himself pushed back down. "Not tired, Dean."

"You're cranky and you've shot me the bitch face twice in less than ten minutes so yeah, you are so still tired, little brother," Dean smirked, though he did nudge Sam over a little so he could move to sit at the top of the bed with his back against the headboard. "You sleep and when you wake up we'll see what Bobby has to eat around here."

Wanting to argue that he wasn't tired, the pain slowly ebbing away did seem to make him want to close his eyes. Fingers reaching absently for the battered leather jacket that had been brought in with them, he heard Dean chuckle before feeling the leather under his fingers.

"Bobby…has rabbit food," Sam complained, half asleep by this point and trying to move closer to his brother while keeping his leg straight so it didn't hurt. "Green stuff."

"Uh-huh. Damn, you are sick," Dean decided, knowing his health food loving brother only craved stuff that Dean liked when he was really sick or just getting over being sick. "I'll handle it."

"De'n?" Sam mumbled, now more asleep he opened one eye to look up at his brother. "Thanks for coming after me. It was…scary."

Dean swallowed hard to clear the lump away as he slowly let his fingers card back through Sam's longer than normal hair and guessed his brother wouldn't recall saying that last part since even Dean couldn't recall the time his brother willingly had admitted to being scared…except for five years earlier and those damn rednecks.

"That's what big brothers do, Sammy," he finally replied, waiting until he'd felt Sam's body relax more and knew his brother was fully asleep to add to himself. "I'd always come for you, Sammy."

Two Weeks Later, Bobby Singers Salvage Yard, Sioux Falls, SD:

Since returning to Sioux Falls two weeks earlier, Jodi Mills had been busy with being Sheriff in town to stop out to Bobby's place as much as she wanted.

The couple times she'd stopped or called right after she, Bobby and Rufus got the Winchesters back here, both boys were still out like lights and Bobby was grumbling about it being too quiet.

Today, after finishing up some paperwork and finding herself free, she picked up some quick take-out and decided to drop in to see how things were going.

Pulling up, she thought she could hear raised voices but shrugged that off to maybe Bobby had the TV up too loud until she noticed that the grumpy hunter was sitting on his front porch cleaning his shotgun and the raised voices seemed to be coming from inside.

"You don't want to go in there yet," Bobby told her without looking up, finishing cleaning the last barrel then proceeded to reload it with a few rounds of buckshot. "Trust me."

"What the hell is that?" she wanted to know, wincing as something crashed and Bobby's jaw clenched. "Bobby? What's happening in there and where are the boys?"

Promising himself that he wouldn't shoot the first moment he stepped into the house, he shook his head. "They're what's happening in there," he responded sourly, jerking open his front door to a loud, bickering fight from toward the rear of the house. "I just remembered why I hated to have John drop those two off with me for long periods and especially if one or both of 'em were hurt or sick."

"They get bored too quick, they've eaten me out of nearly everything in the pantry, they're getting testy with one another since Sam's at the healing stage where he doesn't want Dean hovering and Dean's still at the stage where Sam can't take a step without him griping about…then Sam went into the attic and all hell broke loose," he groaned as something came flying out of what was his formal living room. "Hey! You two idjits break one thing I'm still tanning your hides!"

Jodi blinked at the tone Bobby was using then her eyes went wide as she stepped into the living room and found that it looked like a warzone created by a pair of bored and angry two year olds rather than two young men.

"Put it down!" Sam was snapping, trying to struggle out from under where his brother had him pinned on the floor and reach what Dean was holding out away from him. "Dean!"

"No way! I'm salting and burning this thing!" Dean shot back, offering the offending creature he was holding a snarl. "I should've done that in the first damn place and I wouldn't have this problem now!"

"You hid it in the attic!" Sam accused, sounding much like a pouty child but not paying attention to that or to the two actual adults in the room. "Dad told me that some ugly twelve eyed monster stole it."

Smirking at the lame excuse his poor father had been forced to come up with at the drop of a hat that day, Dean then rolled his eyes while adjusting his grip and weight so he could keep Sam pinned but not hurt him. "What else was he supposed to tell you that wouldn't have sent you into a screaming fit?" he scoffed. "You were attached to this thing and since Dad wouldn't let me burn it I hid it in Bobby's attic."

"Let me go and give it back!" debating on the wiseness of biting his brother, Sam was getting ready to resort to that if he couldn't get his brother to back off when the next sound in the room had both brothers freezing.

"Sam! Dean! Stop that this very minute or I'm putting you both in time-out and trust me you won't like my time-outs!" Jodi Mills snapped in her best and sternest 'Mom' tone of voice as she stepped into the room fully and gave a swift yank on the closest ear she could grab. "Get off of your brother, Dean!"

"Hey, watch it!" struggling to still keep a grip on Sam but defend his ear Dean finally gave in to the Sheriff and stood up but kept what he had in his hand out of reach. "Fine, but he's going to come up swinging at me," he warned.

Sam had planned that even though his still weak leg and knee kept him from moving as quickly as he normally could, he was up and moving only to have two hands push against his chest and a set of eyes pinned him very sternly.

"Don't think about it, young man," Jodi warned, whirling back to his brother to just shoot him a silent warning of the same while eyeing both. "What the hell is happening?" she demanded, ignoring the snickering Bobby was doing in the doorway. "The last time I seen you two Dean was threatening to rip lungs out if anyone hurt Sam, now you two are scraping like alley cats.

"He hid my…"

"He's being a…"

Counting to ten, Jodi waited before reaching up to slap both brothers then held her hand out for what Dean was keeping from Sam. "Hand it over," she ordered sternly, arching one fine brow at his glare.

"Fine," Dean grumbled, holding out the fuzzy scraggly looking furry stuffed toy that had once been a bright orange but had faded over time in the attic. "The damn thing is possessed."

Staring at the toy that Jodi could recall from her own youth, she looked at Sam to see that while he'd dropped his chin as if embarrassed to have been caught fighting over an old toy she could also see the look in his eyes.

Sam's deep hazel eyes when he used puppy power could break her down as quickly as they did his own brother. "It's a Fraggle," she spoke to him and saw his small headshake.

"I got it from Pastor Jim one year and then one day it was gone and Dad said a monster had eaten it," Sam shot his brother a glare from behind lowered lashes. "He hid it."

"Kid was scared of spiders and his own shadow at five but yet he clung to that furry little demon," Dean muttered, shifting on his feet at the Sheriff's firm glare then one look at Sam's eyes had him swearing with a sigh. "It was a joke to start with. I planned to give it back to him when we came back to Bobby's but then I forgot. I gave him his own bracelet to match mine to make him feel better for the monster eating Harry."

Hearing the honest remorse in Dean's voice made Jodi shoot Bobby a grin then she held out the battered Fraggle to Sam. "I think Dean's sorry for hiding him and for making half this mess."

Wary on taking the toy, Sam waited until Dean gave a reluctant nod to reach for the old toy then smiled fully, the kind of smile Dean had been waiting a week to see on him. "Thanks, Sheriff," he offered Jodi a softer smile before looking toward his brother. "Okay?"

"I never should've taught you to use those damn eyes," Dean knew that was his downfall but finally nodded. "Yeah, but the damn thing lives in the trunk and the first time it moves I'm burning it," he warned gruffly, then groaned at the hug he half expected since Sam was still in pure emotion.

"Thanks, Dean," Sam was about to step back when he felt the hand on his neck squeeze a little tighter as his brother held the hug a second longer than Sam knew Dean normally would which was his brother's way of apologizing.

"Good, now that you're friends again…you can clean this mess up while I get the food from the car," Jodi decided, hearing low but good natured groans and then noticed Bobby's sheepish look. "What?"

Figuring that cleaning up the living room was easier than the chore Bobby would have when he needed to explain the mess in the kitchen. "Good thing the Sheriff brought take out, right, Bobby?" Dean shot his friend a smirk, seeing Sam hiding his smile behind the toy.

"Shut up, idjit," Bobby growled, scuffing the toe of his boot on the rug. "Had a small accident in the kitchen," he explained, trying to head the Sheriff off but closed his eyes at her next few words. "You both are gonna die if you don't shut up," he warned the brothers.

"What was killed in there?" Jodi had to know, not sure she wanted to know but needing to while noticing that both Dean and Sam were fighting not to laugh.

As Bobby pulled the bill of his cap lower on his head with a mutter that he'd get the food, Dean started to laugh while Sam sat on the sofa to rest his still aching leg.

"Well?" she shot each a look then glanced back at the kitchen. "What was killed and please tell me I won't be getting any calls from the FBI.

"Bobby thawed out a chicken," Sam snickered as Dean lost the battle not to laugh as he tried to demonstrate what had hit the kitchen. "It…seems…to have been…possessed sometime cause…it tried to…eat him."

"Boom!" Dean was laughing so hard he'd collapsed onto the floor to lean against the sofa. "He finally had to shoot it when Sam's exorcism didn't work. Guess the chicken didn't understand Latin, huh, Sammy?"

Rolling her eyes, Jodi left the brothers laughing since it had been a long time she figured since they'd actually been able to laugh like that together.

"Singer, you so owe me," she warned, stepping into the chicken slaughtered kitchen to begin to clean it and hope that for once both Sam and Dean could have a small chance to just be together without any hassles or pain but something told her it would never be that simple for them. "Dean! What's on this ceiling?" she called out and heard the fresh wave of laughter start and Bobby shouting curses about possessed frozen food.

After cleaning the kitchen and making certain her takeout wasn't going to end up killed, Jodi shooed Bobby out to do research and was reaching for her jacket when she noticed that Sam had fallen to sleep on the sofa in the newly cleaned living room.

"Gonna come back, Sheriff?" Dean asked quietly from over her shoulder.

"After today I shouldn't but probably," she admitted, watching as he laid the blanket he'd gotten from upstairs over his sleeping brother after making certain the orange Fraggle once laying where Sam could reach it. "You wouldn't have burned that, would you?"

Easing down so he could sit on the floor in front of the sofa, Dean lifted his gaze with a smile that she rarely saw on him, a truly loving one that only a brother could have. "No, but he doesn't need to know that. G'night, Sheriff."

"Good night, Dean," Jodi watched as he took on last look at Sam to be certain his brother was sleeping fully before going to work on cleaning his handgun.

Hearing the door close and knowing that Bobby had walked Sheriff Mills out, Dean paused to close his eyes. "G'night, Sammy," he whispered, making the silent promise to keep his brother safe and kill the first Campbell who came after his brother again. "G'night."

The End

Author Note: Thanks to one and all who have read this and for the reviews. I hope you've enjoyed this story and will look for more to come.