This is a new story and something I've been thinking about doing It's a crossover with Naruto and Dynasty Warriors. Where Liu Bei the man who would go on to found the Kingdom of Shu of China goes to Konoha and adopts Naruto as his son. I've changed things around a bit making some of the characters of DW younger so they would match him and the others. For their appearances they are in their DW7 outfits except for the ones who have debuted in the newest released game like Zhang Chunhua, Yue Jin, and others.

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Hiruzen Sarutobi Third Hokage and The Sandaime of Konohagakure The Hidden Leaf Village sat at his desk and looked on at the three figures seated before him. Three men who were not of The Elemental Nations, they were outsiders actually hailing from a land across the sea. The group had come to Konoha and had asked for an audience with him and they had been granted one with the Old man. He looked on at the three and could sense they were all strong, each one a powerful warrior in his own fight. To his surprise the two bigger ones were not the one who sat in the middle's bodyguards. Instead the three were brothers, each one having sworn a oath of brotherhood.

"I thank you for answering my request for an audience Lord Hokage." The leader of them said as he brought his hands up and bowed his head, he wore green and gold with the top of his hair in a tied bun and was clean shaven as he had twin swords strapped to his side.. "Truly your hospitality is legendary." He said to the old man who smiled.

"Nonsense, I am curious of your reason for coming here. You three are from China are you not?" Sarutobi said to him.

"Yes, that is correct. My name is Liu Bei; these are my brothers Zhang Fei," He mentioned to the one on the left who wore green and was armored and had a headband covering his head and a small gourd strapped to his side as he wielded a Twin Pike called the Serpent Blade. From the look of him he could easily hold his own against numerous foes all at once. "And Guan Yu." He mentioned to the one on the Right who was the tallest of the group and dressed in Green and armored as well and had a magnificent beard that reached past his chest as he carried a long crescent blade he called Blue Dragon. "We are Servants of The Han Dynasty, and we have come here as we've been ordered to recruit able bodied men."

"I see, I recall China having problems as of late." Sarutobi said and sadly Liu Bei nodded.

"It is true, the once mighty Han has been plagued by corruption, greed, and evildoers who would use the Emperor to their own benefit. Rebellions have broken out and I fear The Imperial Court lacks the power to stop them." He said as it was true. The once infallible Han had lost the vestiges of its power and influence. Just the past year a rebellion known as The Yellow Turban Rebellion had began leaded by its leader Zhang Jiao. Chaos had sprung through the land as the Imperial Court lead by The Ten Eunuchs did nothing to stop them. Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, and Guan Yu had taken an oath of brotherhood to put an end to the chaos and restore the Han. Each one was willing to defend and die for the other that was how strong their bond was.

Along with other Heros such as Sun Jian, The Tiger of Jiangdong and Cao Cao, a man who was said to thrive in Chaotic times and other brave men they had fought against and defeated The Yellow Turbans as their leader passed away the past month, however numerous members still existed and thus the land was still in chaos.

"If it weren't for people like Dong Zhuo, who bribed his way into high ranking positions the rebellion would've been over before it started. The Emperor is nothing but a puppet." Zhang Fei grumbled in irritation.

"Quiet brother, you mustn't be rude to Lord Sarutobi." Guan Yu chastised him stroking his beard. Zhang Fei rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders.

"Yes I've heard of the recent troubles. Some people have fled China to here over what has happened." Sarutobi said nodding his head. "I'm afraid the country won't recover for a long while."

"That is why we are here, we have been tasked with coming here to recruit those who would be willing to join with us to help us put down the remnants of the Yellow Turbans. Please, if you can tell us who could join us and help us bring peace back to China." Liu Bei said to him hopefully, it was his desire to see the Han restored to its once proud state.

Sarutobi looked at the Young man, he could see the makings of a great man inside of him. Perhaps, if he had been born in the Elemental Nations instead of China he may have been a candidate for Kage as there was something about him that drawn others to him.

He looked over them for a long moment but sighed and shook his head. "I'm sorry Liu Bei but I'm afraid I can't help you."

"What?" Liu Bei said a bit surprised at his reaction.

"I'm afraid that Konoha has struggled as well these past couple of months. For you see, I was for all purposes retired. But something tragic happened and for the good of The Leaf I took up my position as Hokage again."

"What happened?" Liu Bei asked him.

"Not long ago, around the time The Yellow Turbans started their rebellion an ancient beast descended upon Konoha and attacked destroying all in its path. The beast, Kurama or Kyuubi as it is better known assaulted Konoha and many lives were last." He said as he recalled that day when the Nine Tailed Fox attacked. A terrible day that still lingered within the citizens.

"I'd like to get my hands on that beast and skin it." Zhang Fei said with a growl.

"To think that such a demon would indeed attack." Guan Yu said as he had heard tales of such a monster, nine of them in fact, creatures capable of toppling mountains with a swipe of its paw. "You are most fortunate not all was destroyed. How did you manage to slay it?" He asked and Sarutobi shook his head.

"We didn't, many men, women, and children died that day. Nothing that was tried put a stop to its destruction and carnage. Just when it appeared that all hope was lose, a miracle happened." He said and the three looked on in curiosity. "The present Hokage, Minato Namikaze appeared and carrying his newborn son, no less than an hour old in his arms and at the cost of his own life sealed Kyuubi inside him stopping its rampage and saving Konoha. We have been trying to regain our strength ever since what happened as our village has been weakened since that time." Sarutobi claimed to them. "Even though I would want to, I cannot lend you any of our men or Ninja as we are too weak at the moment and if they left it could be disastrous to The Leaf as we have enemies who would attack."

"I understand." A solemn Liu Bei said to him sadness in his eyes hearing what had happened. "Forgive my ignorance, it was foolish of us to request troops and men without even hearing or knowing of your condition."

"I guess we came all this way for nothing. What a waste." Zhang Fei grumbled.

"Perhaps not," Sarutobi said with a smile. "If you would pardon me for a minute." He said and stood up and walked and exited the room. The brothers looked on and waited and soon he came in and he held a strange object wrapped in a blue blanket in his arms and a smile on his face. "If it's not too much a burden for you, I would ask you Liu Bei to look after this for me." He said as he walked forward. Liu Bei held out his hands and Sarutobi put it in and Liu Beis' eyes widened at what he saw.

A tiny figure with blonde hair and striking blue eyes looked up at him. The infant looked at him and made small noises and brought one of his small hands up. Liu Bei reached and allowed him to hold his finger. The baby smiled at him and a smile graced his own face as he looked at the child. He noticed that there was six whisker like scars on his face and there was a symbol on his tummy.

"Is this the child?" He asked looking up at Sarutobi who nodded.

"Yes you are correct, that is Naruto Uzumaki son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki."

"Where is his mother?" Guan Yu asked wondering why she wasn't with him.

"She passed away shortly after his birth." Sarutobi said sadly. "He is an orphan having lost both of them that day."

"You poor thing." Liu Bei said looking at Naruto who looked back at him as their eyes met.

"That little guy holds the Nine Tailed Fox inside him?" Zhang Fei said looking at him skeptically not believing he could hold such a powerful demon inside him. Naruto saw him and began fussing and crying surprising Fei. "What'd I do?"

"You scared him Brother, he's just an infant after all." Liu Bei said cradling the child who calmed down and relaxed. "You want me to raise him is that what I'm guessing you want?" He asked Sarutobi who smiled brightly and nodded his head at him.

"Yes, I would like for you to do so. You see despite that he is an infant, some can't see past it as they only see the Nine Tailed Fox inside as many see the one who killed their loved ones instead. I fear Naruto will grow up hated of something beyond his control as the term for those who have Bijuu sealed in them, and it's a bit degrading is Jinchuurki. Naruto I fear won't last if he grows up and if forced to withstand insulting names hurled at him. He may grow to hate and resent everything in life."

"It is a pitiful man who would take his anger out at those who did nothing to deserve it." Guan Yu said scornfully finding that those who took their aggression out on those who've done nothing fools.

"Agreed, but we are human after all, we can't help our emotions at times." Sarutobi said with a shake of his head. "So Master Liu Bei I ask for you to raise Naruto as your own for me. Do you accept?"

Liu Bei looked at Sarutobi and then back at his brothers, and finally looked down at the child in his arms. A smile grazed his face as he looked at Naruto. "Of course, I accept your offer Lord Hokage." He said looking up.

"Thank you, now I have some conditions for you. I'd like for you to train Naruto once he gets older, and once he reaches eleven or twelve years of age I would want him to come back here so he can train as a Ninja as well. And I have one final request for you."

"What is it?" Liu Bei asked looking at him wondering what it could be.

"Love," Sarutobi said with a smile. "I would want you to love him the same way a Father loves his Son. Can you do that?"

"Of course." Liu Bei said bowing his head. "I shall love this boy as if he is my own flesh and blood. He shall be known as Liu Naruto Uzumaki from this point on." He said as he looked at the smiling Naruto.

Sarutobi nodded and stepped forward taking a look at Naruto for the last time in many years. "Farewell Naruto Uzumaki, until our next meeting." He said and stroked his face as the baby smiled at him.

"Thank you Sarutobi, come my brothers it is time we return." Liu Bei said and carrying Naruto left his office with Zhang Fei and Guan Yu.

Sarutobi watched them leave and slowly a tear formed in the corner of his eye and he allowed it to slid down his cheek as he prayed to whoever was listening at that moment to watch over them.

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