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Falling. That was all that was happening. Hurtling towards the ground, hundred miles an hour, no chance of stopping. No chance of slowing down. getting closer and closer to the earth before impact and darkness.

Nightwing stood, arms crossed infront of his team. The group of teens listened to their assignment. Turning and promptly walking, jogging or flying to the Bio-ship. Their mission: infultrait Cadmus.

Light. Bright hot light, peirced the darkness like a knife, pulling her out of unconsiousness into reality.

People surrounded her. She tried to move, finding both arms to be bound to a hospilal cot with handcuffs, she struggled against the restaints and winced as pain shot through her left shoulder.

" Hold her down!" Shouted a male voice. Hands pushed againts her chest, trying to still her as she began to thrashed more violently. One of the men stepped forward, grabbed her already briused arm and injecting some sort of substance into her bloodstream. The serum was like fire coarsing through her veins, paralizing her limbs and allowing them to take a blood sample. The sight of the red liquid-her own blood made her once again tumble into the dark rivers of unconsiousness.

The task should have been simple enough. Take out the cameras, alarms and motion censors. Check.

Knock out any guards or security. Check.

Certify an escape root...not so much.

Cassie had managed to take out a couple of guys in their way, but was definitly not counting on one of them hitting an alarm.

The whole place went into lock down as pannels of steel decended to block all exits. Wonder Girl managed to hold one up and let the rest of the team through

The alarm was a loud drone, that buzzed in each and everyone of their ears.

" This way!" Called Robin, spotting an opening on the far side. The team followed suit and skidded to a stop as they turned the corner.

The control room. The room itself was filled with computers that had been abandoned by workers in the chaos as the alarm started. Robin ran to the nearest one, connecting the wires on his watch to the computer dash, downloading the info they were sent for.

Conner stood watch and spotted a few shadows coming up the corridor. He clenched his fists.

" We got company" he groweld. Jamie turned forming his plasma cannon on his arm and pointing it towards the door. He fired just as the labcoat-clad men reached the corner. The men flinched as the blast hit the wall beside them, turned and ran back the way they came. Blue beetle blew on the top of the cannon.

" Adios, amigos" he said smirking.

" That's it, let's go bef-



the noise alone was enough to wake her. Her ears were filled with the sound of a blaring alarm and flashes of red surrounded her. A piece of plaster, landed beside her bed, making her realise just how much danger she was actualy in. Looking about she spotted the key on the table near the door. Not close enough for her arms to reach...but maybe her legs. She slid to the end of the bed, as far as she could go and streached her legs out a just managed to place the tip of her big toe on the hilt of the small key. It fell to the floor and she moved it under her foot. She caught it between her toes and lifted it onto the bed. Using her mouth she got the key and brought it to the left hand cuff, freeing that hand and then the other. She stood up and felt heavy apendages on her shoulders, ignoring the returning pain in her shoulder and the extra weight, the girl skillfuly climbed onto a chair, removed the grate on the ceiling and climbed inside.

Bart ran ahead desperatly looking for an exit, he looked up and then remembered.

The elevator.

" Guys I have a plan"

Together, Cassie and Jamie carried the non flyers to the surface and with a little help managed to get the doors open and dump everyone onto the ground level.

" Let's go!" the teen superheros ran for the exit.

She crawled, keeping all her weight to one side. She heard comotion down stairs, but didn't dare stop. She had to get out. Her breathing echoed as did her hands as they slapped against the metal pannels of the air vent. She spotted light at the end and felt a cool breeze.

Finaly. She thought as she edged ever closer to freedom. She pushed against the last grate and trew herself into the nigh air...she didn't recognise anything. She frowned and the joy vanished. Were was she?

she spotted a fire escape on the right side of her and walked over to it. Her feet were bare, dirty, raw and cold. The grate on the fire escape didn't help either as the pattern imprinted onto the soles of her feet.

They spotted her a mile away. She wore a simple white dress, had dark red hair and was wearing some sort of..backpack?

She spotted them too and froze. Her eyes darted over the group in fear. She tried to run but tripped and tumbled down the stairs smacking her head and knocking herself out for the 3rd time. The last thing she saw was a pair of light green eyes.

They stared. Just stared. The girl couldn't have been more than 13. Another unusual thing was when they saw the feathers around the left side of her. She wasn't wearing a backpack. Oh no.

They were wings.

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