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Too quiet. Too long. And too damn frustrating.

The Red Hood sighed, slightly narrowing his eyes beneath the helmet while leaning against the cold stone wall next to him. It had to be at least two hours since Nightwing had entered the building that was assumed to be the Joker's new hideout. Alone. Without Batman. And he still hadn't come out again. Stupid Dick with his stupid wishes to always do things on his own.

Batman wouldn't arrive here any time soon, being busy with a bank robbery at the other end of the city led by Harley Quinn. And just at this moment Nightwing had gotten an anonymous hint as to where the Joker's new hideout was. Things seemed just a little bit to convenient for Jason's liking. But not to Dick who had immediately set out to rush into the abandoned factory building.

Jason gritted his teeth in annoyance at that boy's naivety. His fingers curled into a fist unconsciously as the thought of him not noticing Dick's actions crossed his mind. Nightwing had to be in great trouble, given that the Joker hadn't already killed him. And if Red Hood didn't happen to coincidentally - and it really was a mere coincidence, it had nothing to do with him stalking the boy for the last two weeks - coincidentally see Nightwing head into the building two hours ago, Dick wouldn't only be in there, all alone, with the Joker, maybe already dead and definitely injured, no, nobody would even know where he was. If that idiot somehow managed to survive his stupidity, he should go and thank Jason for stalking him, because now at least somebody knew where he was.

The front gate opened and Red Hood took a few steps back, becoming almost invisible in the darkness the shadows provided for him. A few men came out of the building, the Joker easy to identify with his white face. His loud laughing tore at Jason's nerves. Where the hell was Nightwing?

"Let's go! Someone's gotta tell Batsy another one of his precious little birds has gotten its wings cut off!", the Joker screamed with his usual maniacally wide grin, hopping into one of the cars waiting for him. Something inside Jason's guts contracted painfully. This surely brought back some memories he'd rather forget - but Dick... No, that couldn't be. Not Dick.

Jason could hear his heart pounding loudly in his ears. As soon as he was sure the Joker and his henchmen had set off, he lept out of the shadows rushing into the building.

It was quiet inside. Painfully quiet. No screaming, no rustling. No sound but that of his own steps reached Jason's ears. And with every moment that passed without any other sound, the unpleasant feeling of an icy hand clenching around his heart grew stronger. Just what the hell had he been doing, waiting outside for so long when knowing exactly what crazy opponent Dick was facing in here? And not offering any help, only because he hadn't wanted the other to know that... that... that somehow, despite everything that had happened between them, he had suddenly started to notice Dick more and more. That at some point, Jason had noticed to his own shock and horror just how much it actually meant to him that Dick had never really given up on him. Had always looked at him as if he actually still cared about Jason. And by then Jason couldn't help but admit that he craved those looks. Thus, his "close research", as he liked to call it, on Dick's person had begun, resulting in him overhearing how Nightwing got an anonymous call telling him about the Joker's new hideout. And Nightwing had gone all alone, not knowing about the masked shadow following him to the noted destination. Which he should be thankful for, damn it!

No one would even blame him for his close surveillance if it now helped in saving Dick's life. In case there was still any life left to save, that is.

The sharp contrast of obnoxiously bright blue against plain black was what instantly drew Jason's attention to it. There, at the end of a darkened hall, something was lying on the floor. Or rather someone. And wasn't moving even one inch.

Jason could hardly suppress the urge to just shout Dick's name and run over to the unmoving figure. Instead he took composed, heavy steps towards the body lying on the floor looking... just dead. The icy hand just clenched a little tighter.

When he got closer, the young man on the floor suddenly moved. Not much, just the twitch of an arm, but it was enough to make Jason's heart stumble and send the cold feeling in his chest away.

"B-Boss...? did you know...", Nightwing began to speak in a hoarse voice, falling silent when he finally managed to turn his head enough to take a look at his savior - who wasn't quite whom he had expected. In any other situation it probably would have been pretty funny to see how blank astonishment slowly spread over Nightwing's face. "... Jason?", he finally asked in utter amazement.

Red Hood grimaced, despite knowing Nightwing wouldn't see it through the helmet. "Nope, Santa. Just what the hell are you doing, lying aroung over here and looking like dead meat, eh? Hoping for the Joker to come back and finally blow your sorry ass up?"

"'m drugged... can't move", came the sluggish reply. Well, this explained a lot. For example, why they left Nightwing lying on the floor, hands and feet bound but not chained to anything else, and all doors unlocked. But still... this sounded a little bit too easy considering they were dealing with the Joker.

"Anything else I should know about?"

Nightwing closed his eyes, seemingly thinking hard. Apparently whatever drug they had given him did not only affect his body but his mind as well. "Said somethin' 'bout the Boss not bein' able to save me... in time... before the bombs blow up..."

For a short moment, there was silence, Jason trying to register what he had just heard. "They're gonna blow this whole place up in a few minutes and you didn't fucking tell me so right away? Are you serious?" Maybe saving Dick wasn't such a good idea after all. The thought of just leaving him behind suddenly seemed a lot more compelling than a few moments ago.

"Sorry", Nightwing answered, smiling sheepishly.

"You know what? I should fucking leave you here", Red Hood voiced his thoughts out loud, then knelt down and picked the bound and drugged man before him up, who just started to smile even wider.

"Ya wouldn't...", Nightwing murmured, looking perfectly content with the situation.

Red Hood didn't answer anymore, straightening back up and then taking hurried steps towards the exit. He didn't know when the Joker intended for this place to blow up, but he was damn sure he wanted to be somewhere else by then.

By the time the building was a fair way behind them and they wouldn't be affected by any explosions anymore, Jason finally allowed himself to look back at Dick and give some snarky reply he had thought of in the mean time... Only to find the other one fast asleep or just passed out in his arms due to the drug and probably exhaustion.

"Stupid idiot. What if I just left you in there?", the Red Hood grumbled under his breath. Then he started walking again, pulling Nightwing's unmoving body closer to his chest. Somebody would have to look after him until he woke up again, right?