Quenched by the Red Water Alchemist

Hello everyone long time no see! I'm back finally from my short break...well kinda. My Fanfiction friend convinced me to post the first chapter of Part II. So, I actually finished this three days ago and I'm working on future stories like my KH and FMA crossover and stuff. Sadly, I won't be posting again for about another week and a half because I'm preparing for my AP exams. Also, I won't be posting on weekends either for a while because I won't have internet. But after the week and a half is up I will be posting a lot more! Anyway, let me stop talking and please enjoy Chapter 1 of Part II!

Chapter One – Recovering from Darkness

The night sky was filled with many bright stars as Edward Elric rested on his back and gazed up at them on the Rockbell's balcony. The atmosphere was very calming due to the gentle breeze and the crickets singing their happy tunes. He felt so relaxed that he decided to let his hair down, wear a tank top and shorts, and leave his metal and flesh feet naked. Yes, he looked very relaxed on the outside, but on the inside there still seemed to be a strong lingering pain in his heart. He was still recovering from the painful darkness that the Homunculi had put him and his Brother through.

Speaking of his Brother, Alphonse was also recovering from everything that had happened. While Edward was forced and ordered to come back to Resembool by Mustang, he had been visiting Claire Clarkerston. The woman hadn't been doing well and it was almost her time as well to leave the Earth. Apparently, Venllie's death had affected her greatly and put a lot of stress on her heart. A few days after everything had happened she had a heart attack and had to be rushed to the Hospital by her neighbor.

Alphonse was sleeping downstairs tonight, because he felt as though his Brother needed sometime to be alone.

"...Ven..." he looked up at the sky and frowned. But suddenly just as he was about to shut his eyes and sleep under the stars, Winry came outside. She was holding a glass of water and a small blanket. "Hey, I need to tell you something Edward..." she said. Tears were in her eyes. Edward pushed himself off the floor with his elbows and walked over to her. Her eyes and faced were full of color.

"What is it Winry?"

"Your teacher called the other day." Winry closed the door behind her and walked over to join Edward. Without thinking she tossed the blanket over his shoulders and sat down beside him. "She said that she would like for you and Al to go to Dublith and stay with her for a while." Edward tensed, "Teacher wants us to come to Dublith?!" he then shot up from the balcony floor.

At first he just sat there trying to picture a nice her greeting him and his brother into her home. But he knew that would never happen. As soon as he grabbed the doorknob she would thrust the door open and kick him into a building and then start battling him like a devilish barbarian. He gulped at the thought and plopped back down on his back.

"I'll p-pass on that one."

Winry laughed "I think a little sparing with her would help you and Al a lot."

Edward rolled his eyes at her. He knew that it would hurt them both...inside and out. "No. I refuse to go! I'm not dealing with that dragon lady! Th-...!"

The door that Winry had closed slammed open. Edward screamed from the surprise and backed away. No...it couldn't be! He saw the long white dress, the dreadful dreads, and the large bulky fists balled up tightly. Her face was covered in thick darkness but he could still see her scary expression.

"I come all the way to Resembool to help you recover and this is what I find?! You back talking me with your little friend."

"Hi Teacher! No I was just telling Winry how nice and wonderful you are! H-how have you bee...AHHHH!"

Izumi Curtis was there looking down on her pupil ready to attack like a wild bear.

"Brother! Teacher is here!" Alphonse also appeared behind her. But it was already too late. Izumi had begun her attack on her small and cowardly prey.

~ Central Headquarters Mustang's Office ~

Hawkeye and Havoc slowly walked in to see the Colonel doing the usual, paper work. They could tell that the Colonel was exhausted due to everything that had just recently happened."Hey there Colonel, how have you been?" Havoc asked with a big smile. Mustang threw up his hand a little that was supposed to be a hello.

Hawkeye walked over and gently sat down on the sofa. Havoc joined her but plopped down into it in a not so sophisticated way.

"Some has come up and I think we need to go investigate it." Mustang finally managed words and stopped writing.

"Well, what is it! It's something I couldn't handle!" Havoc bragged.

Hawkeye tilted her head a little and also asked what the situation was.

Mustang handed her a long report and she began reading out loud for everyone to here.

There have been many reports recently of people developing a strange and unknown illness in Dublith over the past two weeks. People have been coughing up blood, becoming dizzy and have been fainting, and for some they have even met their end. This illness could also be tied to the strange liquid spotted on the ground as well. It is a thick red and squishy which is very similar to jelly. People have also claimed that they have seen a tall figure pouring this strange substance into people's drinks and the water system around town. This situation is still being investigated.

Hawkeye handed him back the report as she became lost in deep thoughts. "This does seem interesting..." she said. Havoc rubbed his chin and leaned back on the couch more. "So you want us to go with you?" he asked.


Havoc sighed, "If only boss could investigate. It's too bad he's still recovering."

Mustang let the papers fall on his desk. "I wonder how Fullmetal is doing?"

The three looked at each other and then prepared to make their leave to Dublith.

To Be Continued...