The Broken Hearted Brothers Sneak Peek

"Oh please! You never will be able to do that!" the girl snapped at him and pushed him back full force. "B-but Kokoris! I need to know! I need you to reverse time!" Alphonse was pleading now and on his knees looking at the pocket watch Kokoris held in her hands.

It was beautiful. It was powerful. It was going to be his! It had to be his!

"I need to change the past! You understand don't you! If I change it I can save Brother! I can save him and he'll wake up! I'll be able to see his yellow bright eyes and his funny and outgoing personality again.

"But you do realize that you can only change on thing. You can go back to the past and stop both of you from preforming the human transmutation. But who's to say that would work. You could offer the gate Edward's body instead of yours. You could kill the Homunculus girl before anything even happened or save En Renzo from being crushed by the boulder. Just think of all the possibilities."

Kokoris turned her back him and tossed the watch into the air, as if to tease the young Elric.

"I would never give Brother to the gate to save my own body!"

There was a long pause of silence in the room. Then Kokoris smiled and turned back around to him and stared in his glowing eyes.

"Good, you do have a pure soul. I will help you change the past. But, there is one thing that you must take care of or you will never be able to change it."

Alphonse stood and clinched his fists. "Anything," his head tilted down but then shot back up and looked at the small girl "Anything to get my Brother back!"

"Kill the three Homunculi and their Master."

Oooh! Who is this new character and is she friend or foe? And what's this about changing the past? Let's here you predictions! Anyway, see you all on May 25th! It's a date! Only 10 days of school left and don't worry I won't go over. If anything I may be a little early posting! ;)

To Be Continued in Part III