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Lost and Found

The sun shone harsh on her down, and she wiped her paw across her hot forehead, breathing heavily.

Latias had flown non-stop across the ocean to reach Kanto from Altomare, and was exhausted from the lack of rest or food. Even with her speed making the flight go from weeks to a few days, the effects had taken their toll on her when she finally had reached Kanto and slowed down, her adrenaline nearly depleted and her thoughts a disorganized mess looking for food.

She had hoped someone in Pallet Town would know where Ash was; she guessed that it was not far from where she was, but she doubted she would make it if she didn't get some food inside her.

Though the task wasn't a challenge, considering that she was in a forest, and a smell of sweet, ripe berries hung in the air like it was mocking her sense of smell to find them.

She sniffed the air and trailed the scent to be very nearby and floated around until she spotted her meal, a bush full of uneaten oran berries.

Speeding over to the bush in response to her growling stomach, Latias promptly sat as best as she could next to the bush, and let out a yawn. She rubbed the back of her paw against her eyes, willing herself to fight off her want of sleep for her need to feed.

She plucked off the berries and ate them in quick succession, and started to feel her hunger lessen considerably. As she soon finished off the bush's berries, she still felt hungry, but no longer starving.

Taking a moment to let her stomach digest, she examined the scenery around her. It was her first time in a forest. Latias could feel the itchy grass beneath her, heard the cries of various pokémon scampering around in the forest as well, and could see that the forest had much more greenery than the garden she called home. The summer heat made everything hot and dry; she was no better, her down of feathers suited to cool and windy atmosphere Altomare and becoming a nuisance in the torrid atmosphere that made even the shade of trees inadequate to reduce the heat.

This forest is so wonderful...Latios, if only you could see this place. I never knew how cool the world would be. It's incredible.

Latias saw pidgeys fly above her, and even saw a spearow landed on nearby branch, staring intently at her.

Ash is a traveling trainer, so he gets to see this kind of thing every day. And now I can too. And when I find him, we'll see this world togeth-

A loud squawk brought Latias out of her thoughts as the spearow that had been gazing at her landed in front of her, looking up at her with a glare.

Latias tilted her head at an angle. "Oh! Uh, hello there."

The spearow squawked, shaking its wings rapidly. "Hello?! Do you know what you just did?!"

Latias shook her head.

"No?!" The spearow started pacing around in front of her, continuing to shake its wings fiercely. "Ha! The nerve of this weirdo! Stealing from a spearow as handsome as me and playing dumb!"

Latias frowned at being called a weirdo, although when the spearow mentioned stealing, her eyes drifted over to the barren berry bush.

"Oooo...Was that bush I ate oran berries from yours?"

"Yes. One I fought to earn."

A feeling of embarrassment and shame welled up in her, her head downcast. "I-I didn't know, spearow. I was just so hungry I...I just... I'm sorry."

"Sorry? You eat my whole bush and all I get is sorry?!" The bird was raking out dirt with its talons, its feathers bristled and eyes glaring harder than earlier.

"Look, there are plenty of other bushes and trees here, I'm sure there's a lot of berries you could find, I could even hel-"

Just then the spearow rose and pecked her forehead multiple times, eliciting a cry of shock from the dragon as she floated up herself and moved her head around to no avail as her assailant started using talons to painfully rake across her neck.

Latias decided she had enough of the bird and used a Dragon Claw in self defense to smack the pestering bird away from her and consequentially hit a tree rather hard.

The spearow got back up on its talons with a large bump on its head and its left eye twitching as tears appeared in the corners of its eyes.

Realizing she hit harder than she expected or wanted to, Latias stood agape for a moment, wondering what the spearow would do.

The spearow screeched in an deafening tone, and Latias covered her sensitive ears as she flew away, desperate to get away from that painful noise.

She doubted that the spearow was fast enough to catch up to her with its puny wings, but she took a curious look back to see if it did indeed follow her. Latias gasped at the sight behind her.

Spearows were coming from all around, converging into a flock chasing her.

Even though she could easily dispatch a few spearow with ease, she didn't want to find out if she could take on an entire spearow flock attacking her all at once.

Her speed allowed her to keep enough distance that their attacks would miss, but that speed worked against her in the forest. It was too littered with obstacles that constantly forced her to slow down, whether in fear of crashing into a tree or having her large wings hit something. Even her invisibility would prove useless thanks to the multiple breaks of sunlight through the treetops, which would allow her to be partially seen thanks to the light changing too suddenly for her feathers to reflect.

Latias felt guilty to do it, but when her choices were to launch an attack or eventually get caught and beaten senseless, she chose to hurl a Mist Ball at her pursuers.

She gathered the air for the attack, painfully aware how much she had slowed down and allowed herself to be in striking distance. She moved up quickly, avoiding multiple pecks to her rear and flippers* as three spearow crashed into a bush.

Having formed the ball, she stopped and corrected her position as she hurled the ball into the thickest concentration of the spearow flock.

The ball collided into spearows, knocking out the ones it hit and sending them flying in all directions. She didn't know how many it struck, but she doubted it hit the entire flock, and she wasn't too eager to stay and find out how many were left.

She got her unwanted answer as she felt the stinging pain of four sets of claws raking against her back all at once, screaming as their Fury Swipes easily hit her dead on mark for twenty consecutive times.

"Leave me alone!" She shrilled, throwing up her wings to make herself appear larger, and intimidated the spearow to back away as she cloaked herself invisible out of instinct.

Latias didn't bother caring how well she actually could manage to stay cloaked, preferring to find a safe place to lick her wounds and hide until the threat was gone. She flew close to the ground against a tree trunk, waiting as the spearow crowd coalesced and flew off in a direction away from her, squawking about how she "must have bolted so fast they couldn't see" and other things, mostly involving about how they'd shove their claws and beaks in places she hoped they'd never find.

Eventually she could no longer hear their voices and relaxed her body. "Wow...Ryuld was right, it is dangerous out here. I shouldn't stay here though, I need to find Pallet Town soon..."

After a quick sniff of the air to make sure no spearows had stayed in case they thought she was hiding, she charged out of there, wanting to leave the forest altogether.

After going through much forest and repeatedly stopping to catch her breath (Latias swore that she would never continuously fly for days and then get into a fight after only having a modest meal to energize her ever again), she had finally left the forest and arrived in an open space field.

She immediately took notice of the human building only a few dozen feet away from her, with yellow walls and a wine red roof, connected to what she believed humans called a windmill.

When she looked off to the side and behind the structure, she was shocked to see a huge variety of other pokémon in the far side of the field, and noticing that some seemed to be looking her way, she moved behind the building and saw a sight that elated her enough to let out a coo of utter delight.

She saw a town that was only a quick flight away, and was small enough to fit what she had heard Ash say during tournament matches was his "peaceful, small hometown near professor Oak's laboratory."

Her body felt lethargic after feeling a burst of invigoration that she succeeded in making the journey to Pallet. She felt her invisibility go away, her mind already too exhausted to continue the effort, and felt herself beginning to drift into a state of being half awake and nearly sleeping.

Latias then realized that a human was sneaking up behind her, likely having exited the building and saw her appear out of nowhere. She would've escaped, but her tiredness won out though, as her frame could no longer be sustained aloft as her cognitive state fell and concentration came apart as sleep claimed her, her levitation failing as she hit the grass with a heavy thud and surrendered to unconsciousness.


Latias awoke slowly, opening her eyes to see everything a fuzzy blur of colors and warped voices speak until she was cognizant and everything focused.

She took note that she was inside a building, and laying on a sofa. She looked around to see that the room had a dreary yellow wallpaper and gray tiled floor, with not much in it other than the sofa she lay on, a table near her and a counter next to a closed wooden door. There didn't appear to be a window for her to leave through, although even if there was, she wouldn't fit through it with her wing size.

Latias recalled what she remembered last happened to her. Okay, I got to see Ash's hometown and then I fainted because I was so tired...But I heard a human come from behind.

Latias floated up to notice that she no longer felt exhausted and hadn't been physically restrained at all. I know I didn't sleep-fly here and that a human must've brought me in, but why? I'm supposed to be a legendary, right? So why aren't I in a pokéball?

Hearing some muffled human voices beyond the door speak, she cruised over and put her ear to the door to listen in the conversation.

"-You think it is, professor Oak?"

"From what the pokédex tells us, there appears to be no information on that pokémon you brought in, Tracey. I've never seen anything like it."

"It looked so exhausted when I brought it in, I hope it'll feel better when it wakes up."

"Yes, I hope so too. Those vitamins I gave it should give it some strength. But really... I just hope that it's friendly. The last time you brought in that injured pidgeotto, it darn near destroyed half my beakers! And it ate my sandwich!"

"But professor, you keep leaving your sandwiches out for the pokémon to just take!"

Latias moved back away from hearing the humans talk, and thought about what she heard. I don't know too much about this professor Oak or whoever this Tracey guy is, but they do seem nice. I guess I must be in Oak's laboratory, and they made me feel better. I...I guess I should say hello.

Latias swung side to side while floating, contemplating how she would greet herself with them. It certainly wasn't anywhere near the first time she met a human she didn't know, but she usually was in her human disguise during those times.

If she went out there looking human, she thought that she could be seen as an intruder...

I guess I'll go as is. I just hope all those telepathy lessons pay off...Better do it with a smile too.

Latias crooned as loud as she could, the sound of hustling footsteps being the only other thing she heard over her voice. She stopped as the door opened to reveal to her two humans, one in a white lab coat and another wearing a green shirt with a pink headband.

The one she assumed was professor Oak spoke, "Oh, you're awake! Are you feeling all right?"

Latias felt no trace of harmful intentions in either of them and answered with an empathic coo, and smiled to let them know she was being friendly.

"That's great! People call me professor Oak and this is my assistant, Tracey."

"Hi there! I'm the one who brought you in. You fainted right in front of me, but me and the professor fixed you right up!

She felt good that her first meeting with people now that she was outside her home was going so well, and sensing their welcoming feelings, she flew right up to them. She let out a series of trills and coos as she inspected both of them, although they moved their heads back when she tried to get a face to face look at them.

Oak smiled and moved his hand through his hair, chuckling. "I guess I can take that as a thank you, then?"

Her inspection of them supported that they were quite relaxed at the moment, no doubt because of her amiable behavior, but she still had uncertainties that they would overreact, or send her off to villainous people because she could use telepathy. Of course that was something to worry about, but nothing about them gave anything of a sinister aura, she felt like she could trust them.

"Yes, thanks for helping me!"

Latias stifled a laugh as the professor gasped as he heard her use telepathy and Tracey looked around the room in surprise.

Professor Oak's eyes widened as he looked at her. "Did- did you just use telepathy?!"

Latias nodded.

Tracey awed in response. "Wow! A pokémon using telepathy! I haven't seen a pokémon do that since I saw a lugia!"

Latias felt a bit of pride well up that she had done something that even a professor was astonished by.

Professor Oak sputtered, "I-i-incredible! The scarcity of telepathic pokémon is rare enough, but to think one would be laid down at my doorstop! How incredible!"

"You aren't going to do bad things to me because I'm a rare pokémon, are you? I don't like fighting, but if you try to capture me..." Latias brought herself into a battle position, sticking her multiple feathers up to show she was an agitated animal not to be trifled with.

Oak waved his hands, frantically stating, "Calm down, calm down! I assure you that Tracey and I have no intentions of harming you!"

Latias glared at them for a moment and then settled herself down out of her pose that was more for intimidation than any preparation to attack.

"Well...Okay. I've been tired and hungry for days now, so I'm a little on edge."

"Then why don't we discuss over lunch? We have many differents types of pokemon food, I'm sure we have something you'd like." Oak pointed to an adjacent room outside the lounge they were in.

Latias cooed and rubbed against Oak's face. "I'd love that! Thank you!"

"Ah ha ha! Well, aren't you certainly a cute pokemon! Come along, the kitchen is this way."

The kitchen was very modest in size, but Latias cared little about whether the kitchen was just a corner of a room or the size a fancy restaurant; what interested her was the plate of sandwiches left out on the table, the aroma of their leafy and fruit-filled contents made Latias' mouth water, and without thinking, shemoved in and caught two sandwiches, one on each paw, and eagerly chowed them down, one after the other.

Tracey groaned. "Aw man, I spent all morning cooking up the greens just like the professor likes for those..."

Latias spun around, "I'm really sorry, but I just haven't been able to eat anything but some berries for days...If it helps, those sandwiches were amazing!"

Rubbing the back of his head, Latias could see Tracey blush. "Well, if you were that hungry, I can let it slide."

As Oak sat down in his chair, he cleared his voice. "Now, can you tell us why you needed to come to Pallet Town?"

"I came here because I heard this was a human named Ash Ketchum's hometown. Do you know him?"

Oak tilted his head and gave Latias a investigatory look. "Ash? Of course I know him, he got his first pokemon from me, not to mention being my grandson's best friend. Why?"

"W-why? I..."

Latias stammered and shook slightly, hesitant to tell that she had come to profess her love to Ash. This was a lead to finding him, and she couldn't afford to mess up.

Tracey spoke up as well. "For that matter, who are you?"

To this she answered quickly. "I'm Latias! I know you must have a lot of questions for me, but I'm an old friend of Ash and I...I just want to see him again...Can you please tell me where he is? Please?" Latias put on fake teary eyes, complete with a whimpering mouth for full guilt effect.

Oak sighed and avoided looking directly at Latias' puppy eye trick. "All right, all right! You should've just said that you were Ash's friend. Last time he called me, he was still in Unova. He didn't tell me where he was going though. If you really want to find him, I'd check the gyms."

Latias crooned, and rubbed her head against Oak's head. "Oh! Thank you, thank you Mr. Oak, sir!"

"Ah heh he he, you're quite welcome." Oak chuckled.

Tracey poked Latias to get her attention, "Hey, if you're looking for Ash, why don't you ask his pokemon? They're right outside, and if you promise not to start any trouble, I'll introduce you to them."

"I won't make any! Come on, come on, show me!" Latias bit into Tracey's shirt and started pulling him out of the kitchen.

"Hey, hey, I said I would...!" Tracey shook his head. "Alright, I'll see you in a bit professor!"

Ash's pokemon could tell me more about Ash. Maybe I can even ask them how he's been and what kind of trainer he is. Latias thought. I can't wait!



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