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The first year he cried.

He cried not knowing why he couldn't speak with another human being. He didn't understand why they walked through him but with others they touched and spoke to each other.

"Why?!" He cried to the moon every day hoping for an answer but he never got one. The moon always stayed silent.

The second year he cried.

He cried when the children left him alone. The little ones loved his snow, loved to eat and lick it, loved to put things in it, loved to make snowmen with it, loved the snowball fights he created, loved the frost patterns he made on their windows.

Their parents always brought them back inside their homes. He didn't like it when they did that. Jack wanted them to stay outside with him forever and keep playing but they couldn't. So he left ice under the feet of adults, tripping them for taking away the one joy he had. He didn't like sharing the kids with them.

The third year he cried.

He cried when he couldn't make a single child happy. He had seen the little girl the previous two years around his pond but she had always ran away crying before he could try and comfort her.

This year was different. She stayed and brought flowers this time. So Jack slid over and sat down in front of her on his pond, waiting patiently for her to do something.

When she did, his heart skipped a beat. "Jack! I miss you! Please come back!" She screamed with tightly shut eyes. Was she talking to him? Her tiny body began to shake and she finally broke down on the snowy ground beneath her, tears pouring out of her eyes. She repeated his name like a mantra.

Jack couldn't stand the sight of her crying. It sounded like she was barely able to breathe. He wrapped his arms around her but he ended up going through her. It made them both shiver. This little girl wasn't speaking to him before.

An idea popped into his head and he made his way off the pond to some of the snow behind her. He rolled up a snowball and threw it at the back of her head. She only cried harder.

Rolling up three piles of snow to make a snowman, he called the girl over. The wind circled around her but still she had not stopped her tears.

Jack made his way back to the girl and sat in front of her again. He put his hands to the sides of the girls dress, making beautiful frost patterns on it. He hoped she would notice it but she never did.

The fourth year he cried.

He cried when he couldn't save a single child. He watched three children playing a game he was unfamiliar with. That's when one of them moved onto his pond. He never seen anyone besides himself step onto his pond before.

He assumed the children thought the ice couldn't hold them but he was just on his pond recently, maybe a few hours ago. He wasn't too sure as he never kept track of time. But he was sure none of them would fall.

As if right on cue, the child who went onto his pond had collapsed into it. Jack immediately dropped from the tree he was in and ran over. Upon touching the water, it froze up before he could pull out the little boy.

Jack kept pounding on the ice. "Open up! Open up!" He screamed, completely terrified of what was happening. He wouldn't let a child die.

He never noticed the other children who left in tears nor the adults that came only to bring hopelessness. When the child finally sank, the wind roared and the snow never stopped falling. Something broke in him that day.

The years after he couldn't stop crying everyday.

He was unable to stop the tears. The wind always tried to lead him away from his pond but he never budged on his own free will.

The wind forcefully pulled him away from his pond every time spring was ready to start. It was a battle on it's own each time.

"No! I can't leave! I need to protect the children! They can't go on the ice, it'll break! They'll die without me there to keep it frozen!" He screamed and flailed at the wind, attempting to hit it but nothing ever happened.

When they finally reached Antarctica, the wind set him in the snow and he broke down screaming at his only friend. The wind whispered sweet things into his ears every time until his voice caved in. He always drifted off into nightmare filled dreams.

One year he cried.

He cried after he finally met someone that could see him. It was so sudden and he was embarrassed for getting caught staring at the other.

The spirit was golden and weaved sand that changed shape into beautiful creatures he had never seen before. He seen this spirits work before; They spread wonderfully sweet dreams to children. It always made them happy, which in turn made him happy.

When the Sandman introduced them self with their sand, it was now Jack's turn. He opened his mouth to tell the spirit the name the moon had given him, all the children he had met, about his pond and the dangers it held, the sweet wind who was always by his side, he wanted to tell the spirit everything.

But nothing came out. As hard as he tried, he could not speak. So he ran. He ran far, far away from the spirit. How could he become friends with a spirit when he couldn't even speak?

Much later when he stopped crying, he remembered he hadn't been screaming at the wind for years when it was time to take him to Antarctica. The thrashing never stopped but his voice stopped working at some point.

Another year he cried.

He cried when he wasn't able to meet the spirit that all the children loved. The wind had brought him to the North Pole after he overheard from a group of children that that was where Santa Claus lived.

It had been a long time since he attempted to speak with the Sandman and his voice never returned but he was okay with that. Besides that one time, it's not like he seen anyone else. Santa Claus was a very busy spirit after all, just like all the other spirits. Jack only wanted to watch him work with his many elves. Watching wasn't disturbing, right?

Apparently it was when he was thrown out and got a face full of snow after attempting to break in. He was watching the elves walking around with cookies. 'Probably giving it to Santa' He thought, nodding to himself. Just then a big furry hand picked him up and led him back to the entrance, throwing him out. He watched the giant yeti give him a stern look and closed the door, speaking in a language he didn't understand.

He tried again a few days later which ended in the same treatment. He assumed he made a noise to bother them even though he couldn't use his voice. He got another stern look and a louder talking to. He felt like a child being yelled at by his parents.

Every time he got thrown out, he just thought it was something he did to disrupt them. He kept trying and always did his best to stay out of their way and never make a sound. He even snuck in other ways so as to not be seen but even that ended in failure.

It wasn't until he got hit that he avoided the North Pole like a plague. He never went back for fear of getting hurt again. The wind wrapped itself around him that night, whispering about fun times in an attempt to stop him from crying. It didn't work.

The next year he cried.

He cried at all the pain he felt. After the incident at the North Pole, he began hurting himself on purpose. Falling out of trees, tripping on ice, hitting into walls, anything that would hurt him. It was like an addiction. It made him feel alive. The wind always wrapped itself around him when he "accidentally" hurt himself, always whispering sweet things to stop him from crying. He loved it all.

It wasn't until he impaled himself in wood by accident that he felt slight regret. He was stuck in it for a very long time unable to move. The wind roared frantically throughout the whole ordeal which angered the humans that passed by him. They didn't know what happened, why his friend was screaming, why it was seeking attention for someone to help. That made him angry.

No one was coming to help. No one cared about him. No one could see him. He was all alone except for the wind by his side and even then he still felt so very alone. He would have to save himself from all this pain.

Jack pushed against the wood which caused the wind to scream out more in horrified distress. It hurt it hurt it hurt it hurt ithurtithurtithurt. Blood poured out from his new stomach wound making more parts of his clothes tainted with a beautiful red. As he started walking forward, his vision began blurring as the sound of static blocked out all other noise. His legs no longer able to hold him up, collapsed under his weight as he lost consciousness. Jack felt like he was dying.

The wind howled through broken sobs, bringing it's friend back to his element in Antarctica to recover.

Jack no longer cried.

All tears were replaced with the pain to induce death. Jack was still recovering from getting impaled when he created a sharp ice stalagmite and repeatedly stabbed himself, opening up closed wounds. He bit his lip at the pain, breathing shaky and quick. One alone was taking too long and he felt like passing out again.

He reached around for his staff which was luckily right next to him. Pulling it up, he created a wall of ice above his head that started from the ground, stretching far up and stopping with a ceiling hovering over him. Many ice stalagmites were created on the ceiling, ready to strike through whatever was below them.

With a bang of his staff against the ice wall, all the stalagmites fell into him and struck parts of him that were sure ways to kill any human. But he wasn't a human.

His breath hitched at the pain of a stalagmite hitting against his heart. He couldn't register the pain of the other stalagmites hitting into him. He didn't scream like how he expected to. Instead he stayed silent with wide eyes as he stared up into the sky.

The searing pain in his eyes is what brought him back to reality. Finally inhaling air, all the pain the stalagmites brought that he hadn't noticed struck through him. His eyes tightened at all the pain. As he opened them, everything was blurry and slowly becoming black. He felt sand in his eyes and tears falling down the sides of his face.

That's when he heard the static again. Instead of dying like he wished, he only fell unconscious.

A long time passed since the last painful event.

He was in a dark cave instead of outside in Antarctica when his sight returned to him. Wind wouldn't let him leave the cave at all and always hit him with a blast of their element to stop anymore suicide attempts.

When he finally recovered enough to walk on his own, he silently pleaded with the wind to take him to a certain place. The wind agreed happily, lifting up it's friend and took him to the area he directed towards.

It wasn't until it started getting extremely hot that the wind realized it's friends plan. Immediately the wind stopped and howled at him. Jack smiled sadly. The wind could see the pain and sorrow in his eyes. It's friend no longer wished to live in a world where people had hurt him so very much. Even if they could counter all the sadness he was feeling with fun, pain would overcome him at an even faster rate each time.

The wind circled around Jack full of sorrow. It once more whispered beautiful adventures of snow and children having fun all while leading him to his soon to be death. Jack gave his friend a bright smile as he listened to his final story.

Upon arriving at the equator, Jack was already sweating buckets. The wind lowered him to the ground and ruffled through his hair as a kiss, earning a laugh from it's friend. The wind circled around it's friend in delight knowing his voice had returned. Jack tried to settle the wind down and once it did, he waved a farewell. The wind whistled it's farewell back and flew off, surrounding the island to keep track of Jack.

Hours had passed when the wind heard a blood curdling scream. It dived down towards the source to find Jack not melting but instead he appeared to be burning. His skin was a flesh of reddish pink as opposed to it's near white tint. As the wind flew by to cool him down, he screamed louder. The wind noticed his skin was ripped apart and quickly stopped.

Jack's vision grew blurry again as static beats into his ears loudly. 'Not again!' He pleads in his mind, gritting his teeth. 'Please! Let me die already!' But he's unconscious and the wind is already taking him back to Antarctica to heal again.

An unknown amount of time passes.

Jack awakens to a searing pain around his whole body. He tries to scream but his voice isn't working anymore. While looking around frantically to get anyones attention, he notices the snow around him.

The wind flies by to ruffle it's friends hair hoping to get a smile from him but only gains a pained looked. It wonders what's wrong with him. Jack signals to leave the area so the wind agrees, wrapping around him and leaving Antarctica once more. He directs his friend back home to his pond, trying his best to hide his pained expression.

The wind let's him down gently on the ground by his pond and circles around him with excitement. He only puts on a smile to hide the pain the wind is giving him. He doesn't mind it if he can keep his friend happy for this short time.

Jack looks up towards the moon. 'Why can't I die?' He mentally questions the moon. He knows he won't gain an answer even if he did have a voice to ask him with. He finds it maddening how the one who granted him his life would also make it be immortal. He has no life to live and can't even find peace in dying.

The wind dies down when it notices tears in Jack's eyes once more. It's been so long since the wind calmed him from his sorrows. A whistle breaks him from his thoughts.

'Let's play.' It whispers in delight. So Jack grins with tears still in his eyes, nodding.

'Let's play tag!' The wind circles around him again, whistling a wonderful tune. 'I'll be it! Now I'll chase you!'

Jack pulls himself up to his feet slowly with his staff, nodding again. He turns around and forces his legs to run into the water of his pond, diving down into it's dark waters. The wind tries to follow him but is stopped by the ice that spreads along the top of the pond. It notices it's friend diving deeper and deeper into the darkness, the ice following.

The wind doesn't like this game anymore.

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