"Oi what's the problem?" The pooka burst through the doors of the globe room, stopping by the other guardians.

"Man in Moon is worried about Wind. Says they've been doing more damage recently." The old cossack answered, never moving his eyes from the moon.

"Again? Hasn't that gumby gotten over their problem yet?" Letting out an exasperate sigh, Bunny folded his arms. He was tired of dealing with Wind's weird mood swings.

Every spirit knew about Wind's unpredictable attacks around Winter time and that's just what season it was now. No one knew what the cause of it was but one day centuries ago during Winter, Wind completely lost it. They attacked the nearest town, Burgess, and went on a rampage around the world. All of the guardians had heard about what it was doing and quickly arrived at Wind's location. There was suppose to be an all out attack to stop their dangerous rampage that was killing people but without a physical body to knock out, the group wasn't able to do a thing.

After many failed attempts to calm Wind down, the guardians were forced to retreat. They sought the help of Mother Nature and pleaded with her to calm down one of her children. She agreed to help once she heard how quick the disasters it was causing were. Mother Nature had attacked Wind with the utmost fury in which the Wind countered back with full force. The battle went on for weeks until Wind had finally fallen.

Mother Nature sung sweet and soothing lullabies to Wind after the battle as it cried on her shoulder. It was the first time anybody had ever seen Wind's true appearance that wasn't Mother Nature. The guardians quickly noticed all the blood on Wind's body but only assumed it was from their own injuries due the battle. They wished to know what the cause of Wind's rampage was but it never spoke of it to them nor Mother Nature. In fact, Wind never spoke at all.

It wasn't until a decade later that Wind went on an even worser rampage. The guardians had to plead with Mother Nature again to stop the Wind but this time the battle didn't last as long. Wind cried on it's mother again and the guardians asked what the problem was now but Wind didn't speak it's troubles. It wouldn't speak of it, not when the thing that caused it so much pain was finally relieved of all of his. Wind wouldn't make the pain come back to it's friend. Not now, not ever.

The rampages repeated every few decades, becoming more frequent and rare throughout the years as the centuries went on. Wind always cried, Mother Nature always soothed it's tears, the guardians always asked what was wrong. It was a never ending cycle that some were growing accustomed to while others grew tired of it.

Wind never attacked anyone as harshly as when it began though. Not until spirits noticed winter growing warmer. No one noticed at first since white winters hadn't come for years after the new winter spirit was born. When the other spirits started to look for the winter spirit, Wind lashed out at them. It wouldn't let anyone disturb it's friend endless slumber.

Leaves and dirt piled up on the frozen pond that held the Wind's friend to hide it completely from the other spirits. That would keep him hidden while the Wind thought of a plan to bring a cold winter to the world so no one would break him out of the ice. That's when it hit Wind. It would bring the snow itself. Everyone would stop searching for him and go back to their own problems.

Wind travelled to Antarctica and the North Pole back to other places in the world, bringing snow with it. It would make so many stops back and forth, tiring itself out. It would travel with North on Christmas Eve in an attempt to make a white Christmas but Wind could never truly do it. North still thanked the Wind every time it helped the winter spirit with it's duties. He hoped to meet the winter spirit one day to tell them of what a great helper they had. Wind got sad when it heard this.

After a long days work, Wind always laid down on the frozen pond, moving the trees in silence. It would watch when children would skate on the pond and sometimes trip over the old cuts in the ice it had made previously when it frantically tried to get it's friend out of the ice. The moon would watch the Wind in silence every night. He could no longer take the Wind's sorrow after so many centuries and decided to do something about it, about both of the friends sorrows and pain.

A light finally beamed down into the globe room of North's workshop after a long silence. It breaks everyone out of their thoughts when it hits the symbol on the floor, revealing a pillar with a gem on it's top. The light hits the gem and makes it shine around the room.

"Uh, guys. You know what this means?" Tooth is the first to express her excitement, glancing around to the others.

"He's choosing a new guardian." North chimed in after her in awe.

"What?! Why?" Bunny shouts with surprise, looking towards them.

"Must be big deal. Manny thinks we need help." He says, looking back to the pooka.

"Since when do we need help? Mother Nature stops them!" Bunny gestures towards the pillar. "What's this one gonna do?!" North only shrugs in response then looks back to the pillar.

"I wonder who it's gonna be?" Tooth claps her hands together. A golden four leaf clover pops up over Sandy's head. Tooth voices it as the others aren't looking. "Maybe the Leprechaun?"

"Please not the groundhog. Please not the groundhog." Bunny repeats over and over again, practically begging Manny.

A blue light starts to spread above the gem to reveal a figure with a cape holding a staff. "Jack Frost." North hums, looking to the others.

"Jack Frost? Who's that?" Bunny gestures to the pillar again but in confusion. A golden snowflake pops up on top of Sandy's head. Bunny folds his arms, making a face. "The winter spirit? Wasn't he not doing his job a century ago?"

"All in past! Wind help him bring snow!" North smiles brightly, clearly seeing why the Man in the Moon chose Jack Frost. They must be on good terms which is why he could at least try to persuade the Wind to stop their rampages.

"That's nice and all, mate, but has anyone ever seen this kid? Or heard about anything good he's done?" Bunny watches North and Tooth shake their heads 'no' then continues. "Then why should he be a guardian? If he's just a way to stop Wind's crazy behavior, all we need to do is ask him like we did with Mother Nature. He's definitely not guardian material. He's still neglecting his duties even if Wind is helping him. Winter feels as warm as always just with a few snowflakes tossed around. Just think: If he's neglecting his regular duties, what makes ya think he won't neglect his guardian duties?"

Bunny brought up good points which spread a seed of doubt in the other guardians minds that maybe, just maybe the Man in the Moon made a wrong choice. Sandy flew up on a cloud of golden sand to gain their attention which knocked them out of their negative thoughts. A snowflake appeared above his head followed by an exclamation point.

"You seen him?" Tooth speaks up in a surprised, hopeful tone.

Sandy nods enthusiastically. He begins showing the guardians his meeting with Jack Frost with golden sand figures of them. Sandy had spotted the winter spirit watching him work so he waved over to say hello, earning a surprised reaction followed by him shying away. He then went over to introduce himself and Jack mouthed a bunch of words in response but no sound ever came out. Jack had gotten shocked at that, shaking slightly and running off. Golden sand trees appeared in front of the winter spirit to signal he ran into a forest and the golden sand representing Sandy was left all alone.

The guardians got confused over the whole interaction. None of them were expecting anything like that to happen, especially after Bunny's words. They expected a lazy spirit who didn't care about anything not a frightened spirit who couldn't speak.

"Something could have happened to him." The fairy queen broke the silence. "Like an injury."

"When was last time you see Jack Frost?" North questioned.

The golden man tapped his chin for a bit, pondering the answer. The number two hundred popped up over his head followed by a plus sign. He shrugged quickly after to show he was unsure of the exact number.

"Where was location?" North questioned further. Sandy hovered over to the globe to look around. After some thinking, he finally pointed towards the eastern half of the United States.

"We will search there!" He exclaims.

Before anyone has the chance to agree with him, Bunny speaks up. "He happened to be there 200 years ago, mate. That doesn't mean he's there now."

"No need to fear sleigh, Bunny!" The jolly man chuckles.

"I'm not afraid of ya sleigh, only ya drivin', mate!" The pooka counters back.

"What's wrong with my driving?" The old cossack gets offended, folding his arms.

Tooth and Sandy shake their heads at their bickering as she joins the golden man by the globe. The two quickly divide up who takes what locations without the others consent.

"Guys!" Tooth quickly flies between the two men, stopping their argument. "Here's what's going on. Bunny, you take the south east area and that includes Antarctica."

"Why do I have to go somewhere freezing?!" The pooka huffs at his fairy friend.

"You were complaining about how warm winter was so I thought you wanted to go somewhere more colder." She flashes an innocent smile at him, earning a growl in response. She turns her gaze towards North now. "And you'll be taking the north east area." He gives her a nod.

"When you're done searching your area, we'll regroup back here." And with that, Tooth zooms out of the North Pole with the others soon following, heading to their areas to begin the search.

It's been hours since everyone split up in search of their soon to be companion. Sandy is making his way out of the city of Burgess when he spots Tooth by a frozen pond near the city. He heads down towards her and waves his hand in front of her face to get her attention.

In a surprised gasp, the fairy looks over to him and smiles. "Hey Sandy."

A question mark popped up over the head of the sleepy dream creator. She was suppose to be taking the south west. What's she doing over here?

"Oh, I remembered something a few of my fairies reported to me about. A pond that never melts even on the most hottest of days." Tooth gestures to the pond in front of them. "I thought it might be a good spot for a winter spirit to be but it looks like he's not here."

Sandy lands closer to the ice and points towards the cuts in the ice, another question mark appearing.

Tooth lands by him, bending down. "I'm not sure what those are from. They look too abnormal to have been caused from ice skating." She narrows her eyes, spotting something in the ice. Her hand taps against her companions shoulder. "Sandy, what is that?"

He moves closer to the spot she's staring at and that's when he notices it too. It's small so no one would think to give it a second glance. A golden sand knife appears along side a limb above his head. He makes the knife cut into the limb to produce golden blood dripping down it and onto the frozen pond.

"Yeah." Tooth's voice goes low. "That's what I thought." Sandy looks back at her, a question mark appearing again. She shakes her head in response. "It's nothing."

"Let's report our findings back to the others." Her face goes soft again as she looks towards her companion. Sandy nods with a smile and the two fly back to the North Pole.

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