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Upon the arrival of Toothiana and the Sandman, the guardians overheard their other comrades speaking. Elves were roaming around the two, holding up plates full of cookies and cups of eggnog. The Sandman quickly dives down to one of them to take a cup then floats to one of the nearest couches and sits down on it.

"Tooth, Sandy, what you find?" North looked over to Sandy who shook his head then over to Tooth.

"I didn't find him either, North." She started.

"We're never gonna find this kid." Bunny interrupts her. After spending the whole day searching in horrid snow, he didn't want to spend more hours- or worse! days or weeks- searching in more snow.

"Bunny, I wasn't finished." She folds her arms, staring at him. He only grumbles in response. "As I was saying, have you guys heard about a pond that never melts?"

"Heard spirits get hurt when too close." The old cossack replied, stroking his long white beard.

"Sandy and I were just there and we noticed some strange things about it. There was blood in the ice and the ice itself appeared to be cut." The fairy explained.

"Sounds like some little ankle biters were ice skating and got injured." The pooka pointed out. "Ain't anything strange about that, sheila."

The fairy shook her head. "No, I mean, it didn't look right. The blood appeared to be inside the ice as opposed to on the surface and the cuts looked abnormal. Far too deep to be marks from skating."

"Is hideout, no?" North voices Tooth's thoughts from the very beginning.

"It might be but there's also a chance that he's not there at all. I could be completely wrong about this." It's their only lead so of course they'll take it.

"Where's the pond located?" The pooka brightens up.

"In Burgess." And before North even decides to voice it, Bunny taps his foot on the ground and a hole opens up inside the workshop. North is the first to fall along with some of the elves, followed by Tooth and Sandy flying through it and lastly Bunny jumps in after them with the hole closing up after him.

A hole opens up in Burgess and Tooth is the first one out with Bunny quickly following her out of the hole. The fairy then leads the pooka towards the lake to inspect it.

"You're right, sheila. That doesn't look right." The pooka pulls up after examining the cuts in the ice for himself.

"There should be a hidden way in somewhere here." The fairy starts searching but before she can get far, the pooka taps on the floor again to open a hole.

"I've got a quicker way." And with that he jumps in the hole, sliding down until he reaches the end.

Meanwhile Sandy floats North and the few elves that tagged along out of the previous hole Bunny made on a golden cloud made of dream sand. They head for the lake once the hole closes behind them to find Tooth fluttering above a new hole in the ground. A question mark appears above Sandy's head as he points to the new hole.

"Bunny went to see if he was there." The fairy answers, looking back down at the hole.

The pooka hit against a wall of ice, more expecting to reach a frozen room with a winter spirit shying away from him at his unexpected entrance. He pulled back to get away from the ice. He really didn't like the cold one bit. Actually that was probably an understatement; He hated the cold.

His eyes searched through the ice wall like he would find even the tiniest hint of someone living on the other side but what he found was so much worse. There was a body trapped in the ice but that's not what surprised him. It was the body of the boy that Manny told them would be the new guardian.

Bunny backed away and jumped along the walls of the tunnel, zigzagging up until he reached the surface. "He's down there!" He called to them, landing on the ground.

"Why did you not get him?" The dream sand under North lowered him down onto his feet. He was about to go down the hole when Bunny pulled a paw in front of him.

"It's not that easy, mate. He's not exactly reachable!" The pooka hurriedly said.

"Pah! Nothing impossible for me." The old cossack hit against hit chest with the palm of his hand.

"No, I mean he's trapped." When the other guardians gave him mixed expressions of confusion and worry, he realized he never did say what he seen down there. "That kid is trapped in this pond! There's nothing but ice all around him."

"Shostakovich!" A surprised gasp came from North, followed by Toothiana.

"Wh-What?! Why would he be frozen down there?" It did explain why it was known as the pond that never melted though.

"I don't know!" Bunny joined the panic between them.

Sandy waved his arms to catch the others attention but none looked his way. It was a good thing there were elves here. He grabbed one and shook it at a quick pace to get his friends attention. When they all looked his way, dream sand appeared above his head and started forming into shapes. It was of a pond and underneath it there was a tunnel with the guardians in it. The golden guardians hit against the golden wall of ice and freed the small boy.

"Yes but how are we going to free him? Ice isn't exactly easy to break." The fairy said in a defeated tone.

"Leave to me!" North boomed. "Bunny, we go to pole!" So the pooka tapped his foot against the ground once more, this time he redirected the already open hole to the North Pole. The guardians all dived through it and arrived back at North's workshop.

North went off to collect some of the yetis and supplies needed to break the ice. Once everyone and thing was gathered, Bunny made a hole from the North Pole that went directly under the ground of the pond to where the winter spirits body was. North and the yetis worked for almost a week until they finally managed to break through the ice to reach the body. They hauled the block of ice that held Jack Frost inside it through the tunnel and into the workshop.

Bunny was about to complain about "how were they not finished yet?" until he seen the body of the winter spirit. Now that he got a closer look at him, he could see his bloodied clothes and ripped skin. He didn't even want to imagine how many horrible wounds there were under his clothes, the blood was enough to tell that it was far too much. When his eyes landed on the boys face, he was surprised to see that he was grinning big and wide despite his circumstances.

When the Sandman and Toothiana arrive to check on the progress, they see the block of ice in a room with both North and Bunny working on it. The Sandman observed the winter spirits wounds, wondering where exactly had they come from. Toothiana on the other hand got mesmerized by his stunning smile, so white and utterly perfect. When he would be free from the ice, Tooth would be all over his precious teeth.

It took a few days but the winter spirit was finally free from the block of ice thanks to the help of the guardians. Three of the four guardians were taking a break to rest their overworked hands when North barged into the room, shouting with glee. "Jack Frost is free!"

Excitement and relief fills the air as each of the guardians smile brightly at their accomplishment. They saved the trapped winter spirit.

"You should get ya hands bandaged up, mate. Yours looks the worst out of all of us." The pooka gives a worried expression to the jolly old man.

But he only laughs in return. "Must bandage up Jack Frost's injuries first." And the old cossack is off as quick as he came to repair the damage to the winter spirits body as best as he can which leaves Bunny to give a big sigh over his hardworking friend. All of them noticed the horrid injuries on the new guardians body. It was difficult to miss when he was practically painted red in blood.

"I wonder how Jack will be when he wakes up." Tooth breaks the silence, giving a dreamy sigh. "I can't wait to see his lovely teeth again."

Bunny gives a chuckle at his fairy friend. She never could resist a perfect pair of teeth. "As long as the kids not freezing things, I'll be fine."

Two golden figures made of dream sand appear above Sandy's head; One of Jack Frost and the other of himself. It shows Sandy speaking with Jack again but he runs off. A big 'x' appears after that followed by Sandy's sad face.

"I'm sure it'll be alright, Sandy. We'll all be extra careful so we don't accidentally frighten him." Tooth gives him a reassuring smile. Figures of all the guardians and their new member appear over Sandy's head, all of them holding each others hand.

"Yeah, we'll all be good friends, mate." The pooka gives the dream creator a smile.

The fairy smirks towards the giant bunny, narrowing her eyes. "Oh? Bunny, you were against him from the very beginning."

"I-I still am. Never know what the lil' bugger will do." Tooth giggles at the save. Of course Bunny would never admit he's interested in the winter spirit, not after how much he tried to show how bad the spirit was. He was always weak to the little ones.

Weeks pass by painstakingly slow until the injured boy finally awakens.

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