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A New Power

Gohan and Draco was tree hopping as fast as they could, trying to catch up to MetalGreymon. The dinosaur Digimon however despite its massive size was still moving faster than they were. That's not considering the fact that he also had gained a head-start on them. It only seemed like a matter of time until it reached the village.

"Damn it we're not going to be able to make it in time. We need to find some way to slow him down." Draco said, glancing at Gohan. Gohan looked at him and then at MetalGreymon. An idea popped into his head as he faced Draco.

"Maybe we can find someway to draw his attention. If we can do that then we might be able to lure him away from all of the other Digimon." Draco seemed to have been thinking the plan over while trying to think of other tactics that would make it so that they wouldn't be in harms way either. He couldn't really think of one.

"Well I guess that we can go with that. I don't see any other option for us to use." said Draco. MetalGreymon stopped flying and was now hovering over the village. He gave another loud roar which signified his presence to the Digimon citizens below. At the sight of the Ultimate it made the other Digimon run around in fear of being deleted. The hatches of MetalGreymon's chest opened up showing missile launchers. Looking for a suitable target the digimon saw the tallest building that was in the center of the village and grinned in a sinister manner. He turned to it while his missiles had smoke and fire coming from them.

Gohan and Draco saw the action and travelled twice as fast as before. 'No! That's the chief's home! We can't let him destroy it!' Draco thought as he looked at Gohan. "If we're going to do this thing then we need to do it now!" Draco shouted. Gaining a bit more speed he jumped high into the air and reared back his head.

"Baby Breath!" Draco threw his head forward and released a red high temperature ball of energy, heading straight for MetalGreymon. "Giga Blas…" MetalGreymon's attack was interrupted as Draco's 'Baby Breath' attack collided with the side of his head. It wasn't enough to considerably damage him but it was strong enough to slightly knock him off course. The missiles while still released missed their target but had still managed to destroy a couple of smaller buildings in the process, resulting in an explosion.

MetalGreymon regained his composer and rubbed the side of his face, with his right paw. He turned his head and saw both Draco and Gohan on the tree tops glaring at him. He snarled and gave another loud roar in anger for being attacked, before giving a glare of his own.

Dracomon looked at Gohan and said, "Well I got his attention."

Gohan nodded. "Now all we have to do now is to lead him away from the village. We can't let everyone get caught in the crossfire."

Draco raised a scaled eyebrow. "And how do you suppose we do that? I don't think he would rather chase down two people instead of decimating a whole village full of Digimon."

"I've seen people like him before. MetalGreymon may be stronger but if we agitate him enough there's a good chance he'll lose his sense of reason and chase after us." Gohan said to Draco who nodded in understanding.

Having heard enough useless chatter MetalGreymon growled loudly and charged at Gohan and Draco, at incredible speeds. Both Gohan and Draco were surprised as to how something so big was able to move so quickly. When the Ultimate was upon them he raised his metallic claw in the air and made a large downward slash.

"Metal Slash!" MetalGreymon cleaved right through the tree that the two were standing on and then some. That small part of the landscape was practically totaled, and many broken tree's were lying everywhere. MetalGreymon surveyed the damage and smirked.

"Humph, annoying little brats. That took care of them." MetalGreymon said in a deep and rough voice.

"That took care of who?" MetalGreymon turned his head around and saw both Gohan and Draco standing on a tree a little ways away from him, with Gohan having a grip on Draco's shoulder and around his chest.

"W-WHAT?! HOW DID YOU BOTH GET OVER THERE?!" MetalGreymon screamed in total shock. The distance gap between the three was too narrow. No Rookie level Digimon and some mere human should have been able to escape that attack.

Gohan took his hands off of Draco and smirked in amusement at the giant dinosaur's face. That baffled look that he adorned was a little priceless. The half-Saiyan looked at his dragon companion and said, "Are you alright, Draco? You didn't get hurt did you?"

Draco could only stare in shock at Gohan while replying, "N-no, I'm alright. Just a little surprised about how much of a close call that was." Gohan nodded and accepted the answer before turning a back to MetalGreymon, getting in his Turtle-Fighting stance.

Draco still stared at Gohan with his eyes exceptionally widened. 'I…I can't believe it. I wasn't able to react fast enough to that brute's attack at all, but Gohan…Gohan could. Not only that, he was able to get us considerably far out of his range in the split second MetalGreymon attacked. The only Digimon that I know that can do that is of the Renamon evolutionary chain. This kid…he isn't some regular human.' While Draco was thinking to himself Gohan was having another stare-down with MetalGreymon. He lifted his right hand and made a 'come on' jester with it. MetalGreymon growled as the hatches on his chest moved again revealing another pair of missiles.

"Giga Blaster!"

The missiles launched at Gohan and Draco going twice a fast as when he launched them on the village. "Draco, stand back a bit," Gohan said. Draco only nodded and jumped to another tree, wondering what Gohan was going to do this time. He wasn't disappointed as he witnessed Gohan catch the first missile and directed it upwards towards the sky. When the second missile was in range like the first one Gohan caught it but this time with a bit of difficulty he turned it around and threw it towards MetalGreymon. Both of the digimon's jaws had dropped at the incredible feet. MetalGreymon was so distracted that when the missile was in range he didn't have enough time to dodge or counter. It made contact with his chest and exploded causing considerable damage, making him fall to the forest floor.

Gohan got down to one knee and started to breath lightly. He lifted his left hand to his face and clenched it into a fist. "Darn it, I'm still not fully healed yet. That put a bit too much strain on my arm. I can't keep doing stunts like that until my body completely recovers." Gohan stood up and held his left wrist in his right hand. Draco jumped back onto the tree that Gohan was on and looked at him, completely in shock again.

"Hey, uh, Gohan can I ask you something?" Gohan turned to Draco and nodded. Draco crossed his arms and said, "Okay first of all how was it that you were able to dodge MetalGreymon's attack like that? Also how is it that you can not only catch an Ultimate Digimon's attack but send it back as well? It would take either a high Champion or a low Ultimate digimon to do that. No human should be able to perform any of these things."

Gohan rubbed the back of his head with his good hand. "Well, uh…you see…it's-it's really complicated. When this is over I'll tell you later, okay?"

Draco looked unmoved. "Is it at least safe to say that you aren't an ordinary human?"

Gohan nodded and said, "Oh trust me, you don't know the half of it."While they were having their conversation MetalGreymon, with a bit of difficulty sat up from the forest floor. Even though his chest stung from getting blasted by his own attack he didn't pay any mind to it. He was instead focused on the human that was chatting away with that other digimon.

'I…I don't understand it! How is it that I, an Ultimate level Digimon, can be bested by a…a human child!? It doesn't make any sense! Humans are supposed to be weak, inferior beings. So pathetic that even Rookie levels can destroy them. But this boy is different. Hmm…I wonder… ' MetalGreymon stood back up alerting Draco and Gohan, making them shift back into their fighting stances. MetalGreymon didn't feel intimidated in the slightest and walked over to them, making the ground below him shake. He lowered his head until he was looking Gohan in the face but like MetalGreymon he didn't feel intimidated either.

"You…human…what's your name?" Gohan and Draco were confused by the question. Gohan looked to Draco but the dragon only shrugged his shoulders. Gohan got out of his stance and looked into the metal dinosaur's eyes.

"It's Gohan…Son Gohan."

MetalGreymon chuckled. "Well then…Gohan, I'll make a little deal with you." Gohan narrowed his eyes at the Ultimate, already not liking were this is heading. "What kind of deal are you talking about?"

MetalGreymon smirked and pointed a thumb to himself. "How about this? You come with me and become my henchmen. You only listen to me and do everything that I say. Your strength becomes my strength." Gohan looked at MetalGreymon in shock while Draco was gritting his teeth. He stood in front of Gohan and growled.

"You must be kidding! There's no way Gohan would become a slave to a lowlife like you! You have no power over him! Go back to whatever hole your worthless ass came out from before I get really upset." Draco yelled. Gohan looked at Draco and smiled, glad that the dragon had his back completely.

"Thanks for that Draco, I owe you one." Gohan said getting a nod from the digimon. He looked at MetalGreymon and said, "Sorry but I'm going to have to say no to that. Go find someone else to do your dirty work."

MetalGreymon was still smirking. "So your just gonna stomp over my offer like that huh?" He then pointed at the village. "How about this, join me or everyone in this back water place gets destroyed."

"WHAT?!" They both yelled.

MetalGreymon turned around and started to walk towards the village. "Since I'm feeling generous I'll give you 20 seconds to make up your minds. You better have your answer before I reach zero." He flew back into the air as the hatches on his chest moved again, revealing bigger looking missiles.

Draco made a fist and gritted his sharp teeth incredibly hard. "That…that piece of shit! I'm going to rip his eyes out."

Gohan looked as if he was in deep thought trying to come up with a plan. 'I don't think that we can stop him this time. If we attack then he might just destroy the village anyway. I 'm not strong enough to face him myself either. I…I don't see anyway around this.'

"Draco, I'm going with him." Draco turned his head to look at Gohan, shock evident on his face.

"What, are you serious? Gohan, don't you know what he's plans to do with you? Don't you know that he's that type of guy who is willing to kill innocents just so that he could get stronger? The moment you become useless to him he's just going to toss you aside like trash and destroy you!"

Gohan just hung is head and said, "Yeah I know that Draco…but honestly what other choice do we have? If I go with him then he'll leave the forest and your village alone, and your little brother will be safe. You wanted to find him right?"

Draco shook his head. "No! We were supposed to find him together! Gohan I can't let you do this to yourself." Draco almost yelled. He just couldn't see Gohan get taken away by some creep like MetalGreymon. Even thought they just met each other Gohan completely understands his feelings. Gohan understands the pain that he's went through because Gohan went through it himself. Because of that understanding Draco feels as if he's made a close friendship with Gohan.

"Don't worry Draco I know what I'm doing. At least this way I'll get him out of the forest and away from your home. After that…I don't know. I'll think of something."

"TIME'S UP! Giga…"


MetalGreymon turned his head and saw Gohan walking up to him. He lowered himself to the ground and gave an evil smirk. "So have you made up your mind?"

Gohan nodded his head. "Fine…I'll go with you…but you better keep your promise and leave everybody else in this place alone."

MetalGreymon nodded his own head and said, "Like I said you caught me in a good mood. Normally I would have just destroyed the village anyway but you seem to be a more promising catch…for a human at least. So I guess that I can just let the excess data slide. However betray me and…"

MetalGreymon pointed his metallic claw at the village and built up a large charge in it. From the nodes of the sides of the claw a torrent of flames spewed out and covered a larger than average building. The increase in pressure caused an explosion that was bigger than the last as more Digimon was screaming in terror. Gohan widened his eyes and clenched his fist while Draco was outright seething.

"Why you…ruthless bastard!" He screamed but MetalGreymon wasn't paying any mind to him.

"Trust me there's more where that came from. Just don't double cross me and everybody leaves here happy…well I now that I will." MetalGreymon looked over at Draco who looked close to tearing at the Ultimate's face. "Can't say the same for you though." Draco only growled in complete anger. MetalGreymon then wrapped his paw around Gohan only keeping the upper part of his body free. "Pleasure doing business with the both of you." He took a couple of steps before jumping in the air, and started to fly away.

Draco watched MetalGreymon for a couple minutes and fell to his hands and knees, in frustration. "Damn it. Damn it all." He growled. He never felt so useless in his life. Well he has but that's beside the point. He wasn't able to protect his village, he wasn't able to protect Gohan, and now he wasn't even able to save him, even if he tried. MetalGreymon outclassed him in both power and speed and his attacks didn't really seem to phase the big brute.

"Fuck…what am I going to do now?" Draco sighed.


Draco's head shot up at the voice. He stood up and turned around while thinking, 'I-I know that voice.' Sure enough as he turned around he saw the digimon that he was looking aimlessly for. His little brother Dorimon (A.K.A. Dori), though the method of his arrival was not what he was expecting. His little brother was riding atop another human's head, and like Gohan was able to hop from trees with ease.

'Another human? One in the Digital World is rare enough but two? It's like their popping up all over the place.' The human stopped in front of Draco and said, "So this is your brother Dorimon?"

The little Digimon nodded. "Yep! This is Dracomon but everybody just calls him Draco. Draco I'd like you to meet Naruto." Draco observed Naruto and saw that his appearance was much different than Gohan's. His hair was blond and he had tan skin. His tracksuit mainly comprised of orange with a bit of blue with a headband which kind of resembled a leaf around his head. For footwear instead of shoes like Gohan were opened toed blue sandals. The only thing that he did share in common with the other human was that his clothes were really dirty and tattered.

Naruto put out his hand to Draco making him look up at him. "Nice to meet you Draco. The name's Naruto Uzumaki." Draco accepted the gesture and shook Naruto's hand while saying "It's nice to meet you as well."

Dorimon hopped off or Naruto's head and onto Draco's. "Hey, hey I got something really cool to tell you Draco! You're not going to believe it!" Dorimon said in excitement. Draco took Dorimon off of his head and looked him in the eyes.

"Listen I'm pretty sure that whatever you to have to tell me is important but right now I don't have time for it. I need to do something else." Dorimon tilted his head and asked, "Really, what do you need to do?"

Draco set Dorimon down and turned his head to the direction of where MetalGreymon was flying and could still faintly see him. "I need to chase down that bastard, MetalGreymon."

Naruto snapped his fingers and said, "Yeah, that's the main reason why we were headed here. That guy was attacking your village, right?" Naruto looked towards their home in question. All the damage clearly visible with injured Digimon here and there as well. "Seems like he did a good job to."

Dorimon looked a little sad at seeing his home in such a sate but at the same time wondered why MetalGreymon flew off like that. He looked up at Draco and said, "I bet that you fought against MetalGreymon and he ran away right? So you were able to beat him?"

Draco looked down and shook his head. Oh, he wanted to beat him alright. So very, very badly. But he was nowhere near strong enough to face off against him. "No, I wasn't able to put so much as a dent in him. The reason he flew away was because he was able to take Gohan from me."

Dorimon and Naruto were confused at the statement. Naruto looked down at Dorimon and asked, "Do you know who this Gohan guy is?" But Dorimon only shook his head indicating that he didn't know either.

Draco turned to face them and said, "Gohan was the human that was with me before you guys made it over here."

The two companions confusion transformed into surprise. Dorimon jumped onto Draco's head again. "Really!? You met a human too!? So does that mean that you have a Tamer!?"

Naruto stepped up. "So wait, you mean there's someone else here besides me?" Draco nodded and turned back around to the direction MetalGreymon was heading.

"MetalGreymon took him and now I have to go and get him back. He let himself be taken so that the village wouldn't be harmed, but I refuse to let that bastard get the last laugh. No Dori Gohan's not my tamer but he is my friend and we have to go help him."

Turning around again Draco pointed a finger at Naruto which said ninja scrunched his eyes at. "Do you know how to fight, because I can't have any liabilities with me during this battle?"

Naruto crossed his arms and smirked. "Trust me I can do more than just fight. With me on your side there's no way we're going to be able to lose." Draco smirked himself at the response given. It seemed like a long shot but if this human was anything like Gohan not only would they be able to free him, but the three of them would be able to give MetalGreymon what's coming to him. They would just have to coordinate their attacks accordingly. Reaching up he picked the smaller Digimon from his head and gave him to Naruto.

"Okay then Naruto, let's get going. But I want you to drop off Dori at the village first."

The tiny Digimon's eye's widened in shock. "WHAT, BUT WHY?" He didn't see what they problem was. Sure, he was just an In-Training Digimon but he wasn't completely useless.

"Dori I'm sorry, but there's no place for you in this fight. Remember we're going up against an Ultimate Digimon and you won't even be able to scratch him. You'll just be in the way and I can't have you getting hurt because of me."

Dorimon shook his head and glared at his older brother. "No! I'm not going to just leave both you and Naruto to go fight that giant piece of shit! I want to be able to help you guys to! I'm always the one that need's protecting but now I want to help protect something important to me too! I want to protect the village and it's my job to protect Naruto!" Dorimon held a gaze in his eyes that signified a fierce determination. Draco could tell that he was completely serious about wanting to go and help and was surprised by his outburst.

'Something is…different about him. He seems more, more confident in himself. I also had never seen that look in his eyes before.' However there was still one thing on his mind that he needed to ask.

"What do you mean it's your job to protect Naruto?"

Dorimon smiled brightly and said, "It's my job to protect him because Naruto's my new Tamer!" He exclaimed. He looked up at Naruto and beamed. "Naruto show him your new Digivice." Naruto dug in his pocket and showed it to Draco making him step back in shock, at the revelation. His little brother, the village pariah, the 'weakling crybaby' was a chosen Digimon? It just seemed too good to be true.

"I…I can't…believe it. Dori…I'm speechless." Dorimon nodded in understanding. He himself was speechless at the news but really enjoyed the thought. Out of all the perks that came with having a tamer in his defense Dorimon felt that the bond that he now shared with Naruto was the true gift. All he wanted was for someone to understand his feelings and to have a friend and now he did.

"I think it would be cool if Dorimon came along. He is my partner now and as partners we need to show off some killer teamwork. You with me Dorimon?" Naruto exclaimed while clenching his fist.

Dorimon nodded eagerly and said,"Yeah, I'm so pumped for this. MetalGreymon's not gonna know what hit him once we're done with him."

Draco looked at the two and smiled a little. No wonder those two became partners, they act just alike. He turned around and said, "Well if you two are ready, let's get going." He started to tree hop again towards the direction of the flying Digimon with Naruto by his side. Dorimon as always was riding on his head but had his eyes narrowed. He knew the seriousness of what was to come. Even though he was young it seemed that he grew a little mature streak. That could only mean one thing.

'Maybe this fight would give Dori the edge that he needs. He just needs a good push and he'll be able to achieve it.' Draco thought.

Gohan looked around from his position in MetalGreymon's paw. Outside of the forest boundaries was nothing but a barren wasteland with giant boulders and mountains littering the area. It's been about 5 minutes since they had left the forest but they were covering a lot of ground. He only hoped that Draco was okay.

'Who am I kidding? He's probably less than okay. He must be beating himself up for how this turned out.' Turning his head he looked up at MetalGreymon but was only focused at what was ahead of him.

'He's been quiet for a while now.' Gohan thought before sighing. 'But still I need to find a way out of this mess. Maybe I can stall him?'

"Hey up there! Do you mind telling me where we're going?" Gohan asked loudly, mainly because of both the wind and the distance interfering. MetalGreymon shifted his eyes to look a Gohan before going back to their position in front of him.

"Do you see that large chasm ahead of us? My lair resides on the other side of it, far away from your little buddy in the forest." Gohan looked ahead of his and saw the large chasm about a mile ahead of them. And boy was it large. From this distance he couldn't even see the other side of it. Maybe if they flew higher he could but he still doubted it.

'If we cross that thing then I won't be able to get back. I mean I could probably fly over it but I would still have to deal with this guy by myself, and I doubt that he would let me escape easily.' Gohan cleared his throat and spoke again.

"You know I've been wondering something for a while now. Draco told me that humans rarely come to the Digital World and if they do they might be able to find a Digimon to partner with. Is that the reason that you took me away, so that I could become your Tamer?" MetalGreymon stopped flying and hovered in the air. He remained completely quiet for a minute or two before bursting out in laughter, as if he heard the funniest joke of the century.

A few more minutes and he started to calm down before ending in a series of chuckles. Raising his paw to his face he greeted Gohan with another sickening smile. "Please! You have got to be joking! Did you honestly consider that I wanted to become a tamed Digimon? You humans are just so full of yourselves. Never in my life would I stoop so low as to join up with any lowly human."

Gohan narrowed his eyes. "If that's not the reason then why am I here?"

MetalGreymon chuckled and said, "Haven't you been listening to me before? You are here because I want you to work for me and only for me. The only reason that I'm considering this is because you peaked my interest, little Gohan."

Gohan raised an eyebrow. "Peaked your interest?"

MetalGreymon nodded slowly. "Yes, peaked my interest. I know for a fact that humans are considerably weak creatures. But you seem to be completely different. You not only managed to divert my attack but you redirected it back to me as well. From that alone I know you can hold your own quite well in battle. I believe that if I have someone like you to work for me then no one would ever defy me. As I said before your strength would become my strength."

Gohan crossed his arms, his narrowed eyes still unchanging. "You don't want to become a tamed Digimon but you're willing to have a human working for you. Wouldn't other Digimon see you as a complete joke, to side with a human?"

MetalGreymon smirked. "Then it would be up to you to prove them wrong, won't you? I'm pretty sure that having you delete a couple of Digimon here and there would get my point across. Pretty soon everyone will learn to fear me."

Gohan clenched his fists and grit his teeth. This guy actually expected him to kill for mere sport? Just so that he can up his reputation? It was sick twisted people like this that really got on his nerves. "You're crazy, there's no way you could ever make me do something like that! I'm not some puppet that you can just control!"

MetalGreymon didn't look too concerned. He turned slightly allowing Gohan to get a perfect view of the forest. "You do still remember our deal don't you? Either you work for me or I'll just go back and destroy both your puny friend and his worthless little village. I'm sure that you don't want that on your conscience right? You're lucky that I haven't just destroyed you and been on my way. I can honestly work with both. It would just be a waste of potential if I did. You don't know just how hard good minions are to come by these days. So then…what will you choose?"

Gohan to say the least was torn. He honestly didn't know what to choose. He didn't want to put Draco in any kind of danger and it would be devastating if he was the cause of the destruction of all of those innocents. On the other hand he did not want to become MetalGreymon's pawn. He wasn't going to kill others just because someone else said so. But he couldn't fight him by himself. He still hasn't properly recovered. Gohan sighed knowing what he had to do.

"I…I choose…"

"HE CHOOSES NEITHER!" Gohan jerked at the new voice that came from nowhere. He looked down at the ground below him and smiled at what he saw. Draco was standing there in his signature pose. His arms were crossed with his chest out, glaring daggers at MetalGreymon. Said Digimon looked at the little dragon as well but in humorous amusement.

"Well if it isn't the pipsqueak. Don't tell me that you're going to try and rescue your friend here."

Draco nodded and took a couple steps forward. "That's exactly what I plan to do! I'm also going to make you pay for what you did to my village!" Draco yelled but it didn't phase MetalGreymon one bit. In fact he only laughed.

"What do you expect to do by yourself? I'll admit your attack stung a bit but it wasn't anywhere close to hurting me."

"Who said that he was by himself?" said another unknown voice making both Gohan and MetalGreymon look around. They looked at the mountain to the side of them and spotted someone standing on it. Who it was surprised them both. Naruto stood there with his arms crossed too but he was smiling like a maniac. Dorimon who was still resting on his head was giving the same smile showing off his sharp teeth.

"Another human, where did you come from? Who are you?" MetalGreymon said while Gohan was having similar thoughts.

Naruto pointed at MetalGreymon and said, "It doesn't matter how I got here. What matters is that the four of us are going to kick your ass." He then pointed to himself. "By the way the names Naruto Uzumaki, remember that."

He then pointed to the purple ball of fur that was on his head. "This guy here is Dorimon and he's my Digimon partner." Gohan and MetalGreymon's eyes widened at the statement. So this guy is a Tamer? If so then this fight was probably going to get very interesting.

"Get ready because Naruto and I are going to use our ultimate teamwork to take you down!" Dorimon exclaimed where as Naruto responded with an equally enthusiastic 'Yeah.'

"Oh please. Don't make me laugh." MetalGreymon said before the hatches on his chest moved again. Gohan decided to pick this moment to act.

"I don't think so!" With a shout he blasted a Ki blast right into MetalGreymon's right eye making him scream in pain. He let go of Gohan and clutched his eye as hard as he could, while still wailing in anger and agony. Gohan hit the ground and ran to Draco who was also running to him. When they reached one another they gave a quick hug before smiling at each other.

"You...came to save me." Gohan said.

Draco nodded his head and crossed his arms again. "Well duh, you are my friend after all. Why wouldn't I come and save you?"

Gohan scratched the back of his head while giving his families famous 'Son Grin'. "Well…uh…I don't know. Guess I'm just surprised is all." Gohan said before laughing while Draco laughed with him. When they both stopped Draco placed a paw in between them making Gohan look at it in confusion.

"Let's promise that we're always going to be there for one another. Let's also promise that no matter how grey things look we'll be able to push on and have the power to always give it our all."

Gohan smiled brightly and gladly gripped his paw with his hand. "Let's also fight for the ones important to us. That we'll use all of our power to protect them." Gohan said making them both nod. Just like what happened with Dorimon and Naruto a bright light appeared over Draco and Gohan's hands. Naruto and Dori who had been jumped down to join them stared at the light and realized the familiar phenomenon that was happening.

Curious Gohan reached his hand up to the light and felt himself grab something, making the light fade. He brought down the object making everybody see what it was.

It was a Digivice just like Naruto had but instead of being a light purple it was an aqua-marine color; the same color as Draco's scales. "Wow, what…what is this?" Gohan asked not seeing the smile that Draco was giving him.

"That Gohan is a Digivice. It's a physical manifestation of our bond as Tamer and digimon. This means that starting as of now you are my partner." Gohan looked at Draco who was still giving a wide smile and couldn't help but smile himself. He looked at the Digivice again and thought, 'Wow…so now I'm one of these '"Tamers" huh?'

Dorimon jumped off of Naruto's head and ran to Draco making the bigger dragon look down at him. Dorimon kept glancing between Gohan and Draco and couldn't contain his excitement. He started to hop up and down in joy and pranced around his brother. "Cool! Now we're both chosen Digimon! How awesome is that!? Now we don't have to leave each other, Draco! We can go to the Human World together!" Dorimon shouted in happiness making the others laugh a little.

Naruto walked up to Gohan with a beaming smile on his face as well. He stretched out his hand to Gohan making the other boy repeat the gesture. "What's up, the names Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki. I didn't know that there was somebody else here besides me, you know."

Gohan gave a small smile and said, "The names Son Gohan and I feel the same way that you do. I'm actually a little shocked that I was somehow sent here myself. You're not the only one who thought they were the only person around."

When they released the handshake Naruto gave another smile to Gohan. "Hey uh, Gohan? Can I asked you something?" Gohan nodded but was completely unprepared when Naruto shifted into his fan-boy persona.

"What was that thing that you just did!? You know that attack against MetalGreymon! You just shot some sort of light beam at him, and it looked really cool! Was that some sort of jutsu or something! I mean I didn't see any hand signs! What kind of village are you from!?" Naruto asked in an incredibly fast pace making Gohan raise his hands to the blond trying to calm him down.

"Whoa, wait a second. Just slow down a bit. I can barely understand what you're saying Naruto." Gohan felt the need to smile anyway at Naruto's excitement. He sort of in a way reminded him of his father.

MetalGreymon was still clenching his damaged eye as he watched the exchange between the two Digimon and humans below him. With each passing second his anger just seemed to build as he bared his teeth. Not only was he damaged but they now forgot about him, as if his presence just faded from their minds. If there was one thing that he really hated it was being completely ignored. Taking a deep breath he gave another bestial roar gaining him the intended effect.

Naruto, Gohan, Dorimon and Draco stopped having their side bar conversations with each other and were now looking straight at MetalGreymon who was still angered.

"You…you worthless little pests', I have had enough of this nonsense! Now you have made me really mad! After I destroy you I'm going to go obliterate that damned village!" He removed his paw from his face showing his incredibly scared and probably permanently closed damaged eye.


Draco sensing the incoming danger had his eyes narrowed with his pupils turning to slits. "Get ready guys, here he comes." Draco got into a fighting stance with his left claw hooked next to his head. The right one was in the same position but right in front of his body with his arm slightly bent. His right leg was also in front of him. (A/N Similar to Piccolo's Demon Stance) Gohan got in his Turtle Stance while Naruto took a Brawler One. Since Dorimon didn't really have a big body to quickly move around in he stayed on Naruto's head but had a look of pure focus in his eyes. He too was ready for this fight.

Without warning MetalGreymon shot right in their direction in a good burst of speed, trying to end this as quickly as possible. It didn't go as planned as the four of them easily jumped out of the way. Using this opportunity to his aid Draco reared back and fired his attack. "Baby Breath!" The familiar ball of crimson energy shot at MetalGreymon but he was able to shift his position out of the way. He pushed off his powerful legs and jumped towards Draco who was still in the air. He raised his metallic claw and prepared his 'Metal Slash' attack. Realizing that he didn't have anywhere to go Draco crossed his arms in front of his face and waited for the impact.

"Draco!" Gohan seeing his new partner in danger rushed as fast as he could to him. He grabbed the dragon digimon and landed on another mountain. Puffing a sigh of relief Draco looked up to Gohan.

"Thanks for the assist. I owe you one." Gohan nodded as he helped Draco back up to his feet. MetalGreymon not wanting to give them a moments rest charged at them again. He was halfway to their position until he felt something on his leg making him stop midair. Looking down his eyes widened in shock at seeing Naruto had grabbed his leg. Or better yet a lot of Naruto's had grabbed his leg pulling as hard as they could making, him remain in his position. All the clones that were on the ground were using Chakra to keep themselves in place. The original just stood there away from the group with his hands in a cross seal. "

You guy's like that! That's my Shadow Clone Jutsu! Pretty cool huh?"

"Wait a minute he can duplicate himself? How is that even possible?!" MetalGreymon yelled in surprise while everyone else was also amazed. Dorimon just gave his bright smile at the amazing feat. It was official, his tamer is completely awesome. Gohan had to do a double take at seeing so many of the Naruto clones. It was just like the Multiform Technique but you could only split yourself into four different people. And even though you can gang up on your opponent depending on how many copies you make that split's your power by that amount. Basically maxing out on all four would mean each copy has 25% of the originals power, including the original themselves.

'But how did Naruto do that? He doesn't seem to have gotten any weaker at all. I need to ask him about that later?'

"Gohan what are you and Draco waiting for? I don't think that I can keep holding him! This is your chance to hit him hard!" Naruto yelled up to Gohan who snapped his attention to him. Gohan looked at Draco who also looked at him. As if reading the others thought's they simultaneous nodded to each other. Gohan grabbed Draco's left arm and hefted him up. He with a little shout he continuously span Draco around and around until he felt as if he built up enough momentum. He threw Draco as hard as he could straight towards MetalGreymon who only saw a greenish blur approach him at rapid speeds. For extra power Draco span in the air and pushed most of his weight into his tail.

"Tail Smash!" When Draco's tail collided with MetalGreymon's face he was able to actually knock the bigger Digimon back leaving him a little dazed. Taking advantage of this the Naruto clones using all of their strength were able to drag the Ultimate down and slammed him hard against the dirt covered ground. MetalGreymon only groaned at the pain he was currently feeling.

"Alright!"/"That was awesome bro!" Naruto and Dorimon shouted.

Draco looked down at his handy work and fist pumped in the air at feeling a good sense of both accomplishment and payback. 'But still not enough to call it revenge. He's going to get what's coming to him.' Angling himself in the air he dove straight towards MetalGreymon again, already preparing another 'Tail Smash' attack. Unfortunately MetalGreymon recovered and opened his only good eye at the falling Rookie. When he was in range he reached up and grabbed him out of the air. As he got back up to his feet he started to squeeze Draco very hard making him scream at feeling his bones get crushed.

"I'm going to enjoy watching you writhe in agony, until you die." MetalGreymon started to squeeze even harder.

"NO, BIG BROTHER!" Dorimon shouted in terror at seeing his sibling getting manhandled like that. Gohan even though he too was worried couldn't help but have a slight flashback for a moment. This was just like the time his father fought Vegeta for the first time and then later on he transformed into a Great Ape and tried to crush Goku. Unlike last time Gohan wasn't the weak little kid that couldn't do anything too help, in this situation. Like the others he now had years of fighting experience under his belt and he kept on training himself past his limits and beyond even that so that he could undoubtedly keep up with his peers on the battlefield.

Bringing up as much bottled power as he could he stood up and eyed the Ultimate. "Put him down right now." Gohan said with an even voice. Even though he wasn't at his best he was still someone that you did not want to mess with when he was angered and right now he was practically boiling.

MetalGreymon smirked and said, "Hehehe, as you wish." Drawing back his arm he fiercely turned towards another mountain and chucked Draco straight into it. Upon impact he maid a big crater shaking the whole structure for a second or two. When the dust settled Draco was seen but with his head slumped down, showing that he momentarily lost consciousness.

"Ahahaha hahaha hahaha! Oops, I think that I overdid it a little bit. It's a shame I wanted to play with that one a little bit longer." The remaining fighters glared at MetalGreymon with so much hate in their eyes, but not even Gohan could show as much hate as Dorimon right now. He had to watch helplessly as his brother was basically tortured in front of him and he couldn't even do a thing about it. It was mainly that word alone, 'helpless', that frustrated him to no end. He was always put into the category of 'helpless' mainly due to the fact the he wasn't that strong or that he had a timid nature. Others took advantage of that and decided to pick on him because they knew that he couldn't really defend himself, especially that he was only an In-Training. He always needed to have someone, especially Draco hold his hand and stand up for him because after years of disrespect he didn't have the courage to do anything himself. But all that changed when he met Naruto today.

Naruto, his Tamer could not only understand how he felt but had lived the same way he did. What amazed him was that instead of crying and complaining he actually decided to do something about it and made a name for himself. Over the years he trained, made mistakes, trained some more and then made friends. People now respected him because he worked hard to earn that respect. He wasn't just some kid that got in the way anymore. He became a person that people actually liked and wanted to have around.

'Now I need to work to become that person. Naruto said that I had the power to become strong too. I just need to start believing in myself. I am going to get stronger, and I won't be the kid that get's in the way either.' Dorimon now exceptionally pumped for battle jumped off of Naruto's head onto the ground. Naruto looked at him and said, "Hey Dorimon what's up?"

The little Digimon didn't even turn to face him. "I'm going to prove it, in this fight." Naruto confused by the statement asked, "Wait, prove what?"

"Remember what you said to me earlier Naruto? You said that I have the power to become strong if I just believe in myself. If I can do that then I'm positive that I'll be able to protect not just me but also you, Draco, Gohan and anyone else. That's what I'm going to prove to myself today." Naruto felt a sense of pride at seeing Dorimon stand up for himself. It seems that even though he's young he understands where true courage and power comes from. The will to do anything to protect those that you care about.

Naruto knelt down to him making Dorimon look up at him this time. "That's awesome Dorimon. I knew that you had that fighting spirit in you. But come on, you better not think of having to do this alone. Remember we're partners so I'm gonna be there with you every step of the way." They both grinned at that, feeling the bond between them get stronger. Naruto held out his fist to Dorimon who seemed a little confused by the action. "So you ready to show this jerk that ultimate teamwork of ours?"

Dorimon grinned before placing a paw on Naruto's fist. "Yeah, he won't stand a chance against us."

After that something completely unexpected happened. Dorimon started to glow slightly making Naruto get up and stepped back a bit. One of the pockets in his jacket started to glow making Naruto dig in it and pull out his Digivice. The screen was glowing white before fading and the words 'Evolution' typed themselves on there. He looked back to Dorimon who was getting covered in spiraling purple data particles that started from his head going all the way down to his feet.


The particles encased his body entirely before dispersing in a purple light making Naruto shield his eyes for a second. When he could see again his mouth hung open at what used to be Dorimon standing in front of him. Instead of that little purple puffball with big eyes now stood dinosaur/dragon Digimon that seemed to be about Naruto's height. His ears were taller and had little black markings on them. His paws and feet each had 3 sharp black claws on them while being covered in white fur. His belly and snout was also white with the rest of his body still purple. He had two little black wings on his back and a long bushy tail with the end also being white. The strangest thing that was on him was the ruby like interface on his forehead.

"Wow," was the only thing that Dorumon could say as he looked over his new form. He raised his newly formed arms to his face and clenched his claws into fists'. He turned his head around and started to swish his long furry tail around. "This…this feels…" He looked up to Naruto's still shocked face and smiled. "…pretty good." Naruto kept staring a little dumbfounded at Dorimon's massive change. Literally. Before he was only about half a foot tall, barely reaching his shin. Now he was as tall as him. But Naruto knew that he was a little short for his age so it probably wasn't that much of a big deal to someone like Shikamaru or Gohan.

"So-so this is that…Digivolve thing that you told me about, Dorimon?" Naruto asked.

Dorumon shook his head and said," Yup, it is. And by the way the name's Dorumon now, Naruto." Dorumon said.

They were interrupted by a series of chuckles. Knowing who it was they turned to glare at MetalGreymon who had that amused look on his face again. "So the baby of the group managed to Digivolve, ay? Like that's going to make much of a difference." He smiled showing his many rows of sharp teeth. "I'll crush the both of you the same way I crushed your precious older brother." He said in a mocking tone.

"Oh yeah? We'll see about that you creep!" Naruto shouted before running straight towards MetalGreymon. Making a hand-sign he created a total of 20 Shadow Clones; all of them screaming battle cries. Scoffing MetalGreymon lifted his metal claw in the air and Metal Slashed the ground taking out a good portion of them. The remainder managed to jump into the air to avoid the attack.

"Gotch'a." MetalGreymon charged up his Metal Slash again ready to take out Naruto for good but the blonde was faster. Already him and his clones were making hand-signs and were able to finish the sequence first.

"Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!" taking a large exhale all of the Naruto's released moderate sized fire balls making MetalGreymon stop in his tracks. One by one they pelted his face, burning him exponentially. Roaring in pain his held his face again and stumbled back, while the clones dispelled.

"Hyper Dash Metal!" Dorumon deciding to act gave MetalGreymon a super hard and super fast head-butt. To MetalGreymon it felt as if he had a torpedo shot at his stomach making him loose air. He grabbed his belly and fell to one knee, refusing to fall over again.

Both tamer and Digimon landed on the ground while high-fiving each other. "Nice, that was an awesome attack Naruto." Dorumon said.

"Hey you weren't half bad yourself." Naruto replied.

"Giga Blaster!"

Naruto and Dorumon couldn't act fast enough as the two missiles were launched at them. They widened there eyes in terror seeing no way to escape. Out of nowhere they each felt an arm wrap around them before moving them out of the way, extremely fast. The Giga Blaster attack only hit the ground creating a decent explosion kicking up dirt in the air.

MetalGreymon growled, his vision obscured by all of the dust. "Drat, they managed to get away. This isn't as easy as I originally thought. But that would make destroying all of them that much more satisfying."

A little ways away behind another random rock structure Gohan let go of Naruto and Dorumon. Both were breathing a little bit heavy because of the adrenaline rushing through them, at almost getting blown to bits. Seeing as they were safe they started to calm down and sighed.

"Hey are you guys okay?" Gohan asked the two of them.

"Yeah…I think that we're good. How are you feeling Dorumon?" Dorumon just gave Naruto a 'thumbs up'.

"I'm alright, thanks for asking. And thank you for the help Gohan. A second later and we would have been done for."

The young Saiyan just smiled. "Hey, it was nothing. Just helping out as best I can is all."

Dorumon smiled for a second until he had a worried look on his face. "Wait, what about Draco? Did you manage to help him out too?"

Gohan nodded. "Yeah I did."

He looked to the left a few feet while Naruto and Gohan followed his gaze. The purple dragon rushed over to his still form while Naruto and Gohan jogged a little bit. They were able to hear Dorumon sigh in relief. "Thank the Sovereign he's alright. You really got the crap knocked out of you huh bro?"

In that moment they heard a groan coming from the other dragon. His eye's fluttered open but they squinted when they hit sunlight. Everything was a big blur to him but he was at least able to make out three shapes above him. His memory of the fight came back to him and even in his dazed state could make out Gohan and Naruto. The third one however was new to him. The only other one that was at the fight was Dori but this last figure didn't seem to be him. It was bigger and more profound. Draco waited until his vision was back to normal so he could get a clear picture. What he got shocked him to no end.

"Hey, nice to have you back with us buddy." Naruto said.

"I agree, you really had me worried there for a second." Gohan commented but he paid them no mind. He sat up and turned his head to Dorumon, who smirked, at knowing why his brother was so surprised.

"D-Dori…is that really you?"

Dorumon nodded his head. "Yup, it's me alright. I managed to Digivolve before I had my round with the big bastard. And it's Dorumon now, Draco."

Draco gave a 'humph' and smirked. 'I knew it. You really were able to pull it off. You're starting to surprise me more and more little brother.' "Well then…Doru I'm sure that you were able to give MetalGreymon the good 'One-Two' while I was out." Dorumon nodded his head and grew excited again.

"You bet I did, and Naruto helped too. You should have seen the both of us. Naruto is so cool! He was able to spit out fire at MetalGreymon and everything! I was even able to bring him to his knees on my first try!"

Everybody laughed at Dorumon's enthusiasm. It was always funny to see him act that way. No matter how much he changed or how much he Digivolved he would always act like that little hyperactive Dorimon that would jump the gun and get himself into a bunch of trouble. Draco stood up from his sitting position also helping Dorumon up. Dorumon looked at Draco in the face and laughed at the new size difference. He was practically as tall as Draco was.

"Hey, would you look at that, I'm as tall as you now bro. Better make sure I don't pass you up." Draco gave another humph. "I'm still taller than you by 2 inches you know. Hell you could Digivolve to Champion before me and I would still be the oldest anyway...and I would still be able to kick your ass."

"Oh yeah you want to put that to the test?" Doru said perfectly mimicking Naruto's Brawler stance. Draco smirked again and as always crossed his arms. (A/N You're going to see that he does this A LOT.)

"Maybe later when we actually have the time. Right now we have more important things to worry about." Draco mentioned while Gohan stood next to him.

"He's right you guys. We still have to deal with the big guy, over there. Now that all of us are able to fight we need to hit him at the best possible times with coordinated attacks. But to be safe we need to think about all of the moves that MetalGreymon can perform."

Dorumon put on his thinking cap and put a claw to his chin. "Lets' see, he's got 'Metal Slash' and 'Giga Blaster' right?"

Draco nodded and said, "Yes, but he also has a move where he releases a giant torrent of flames from the nodes on his robotic claw. We have to be careful of that too. We need to make sure that we've got everyone's backs for this."

Naruto clenched his fists' in eagerness. "You bet we will. We get the bastard all confused and worn out and after that we nail him! He won't see a thing coming!" Everyone else agreed to this and prepared to finish this battle for good.

MetalGreymon was not happy. Not in the slightest. Today was supposed to be a regular day for him, like everyday. He would wake up, transverse the Digital World a bit, delete some Digimon, upload some data, and probably terrorize some poor saps just for his own devious amusement. How that transformed to him now fighting two freaky human tamers with strange powers and their Digimon was beyond him. Not to mention that he was both injured and humiliated by said group. He lost an eye, got bashed in the face and gut, slammed on the ground and finally had his face burned. He, one of the strongest and most fearsome Digimon in the whole Digital World so far has never been bested and he will be forever damned if he let two humans and rookies get the best of him. Absolutely not! Completely Incomprehensible!

"Come on out you little pest's. I still have an order of pain I'm more than willing to deliver." He growled glancing around the whole terrain with his only good eye. It's been completely silent since the other two had managed to get away. He figured that the four of them must have regrouped to try and come up with some sort of plan.

'As if I would let them get the drop on me. They can try to pull any trick that they like but I swear on the great Azulongmon himself they will die by my hands.'

"Hey bastard!" MetalGreymon turned his head to another mountain that was behind him but widened his eyes slightly. He tilted his head and avoided a large metal ball that sailed right past him. He growled and said "So finally come out of hiding huh?"

Dorumon smirked. "Not hiding, just planning. Now let's settle this." Drawing his head back he released his attack again.

"Metal Cannon!"

Instead of one he shot multiple orbs of metal intent on making sure to nail the Ultimate at least once. Said Ultimate didn't have the same mindset as he was dodging all of the spheres that came towards him as best as he could. Not as fast as he would like since he was slightly injured but not enough as to where he couldn't maneuver his bulky body.

"I hope that this isn't all you got, little man. You won't get anywhere fighting me like this." MetalGreymon taunted but Dorumon only smirked at him. Using 'Metal Cannon' again he fired another round of spheres at him but this time instead of aiming for his torso and face he aimed for his legs. Since MetalGreymon wasn't able to move his legs as fast as his torso they received a vicious onslaught of attacks making him howl in pain. "Damn." He growled as he sank to one knee again refusing to fall onto both, even though the other one was pretesting against his decision.

Dorumon looked down from the mountain and shouted, "ALL RIGHT GUYS, I MANAGED TO STOP HIM FROM MOVING! GET HIM, NOW!"

As quick as lightning Naruto and a clone came rushing out from behind the mountain that Dorumon was standing on and ran towards MetalGreymon who tried to get back on his feet.

"No way!" Naruto said both him and his clone had all ready finished an array of hand-signs. "Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!" Naruto spat another fireball that was heading straight for MetalGreymon but his clone also drew a large breath. "Wind Style: Great Breakthrough!" An incredibly large gust of wind came flying from the clone's mouth and merged with the original Naruto's fireball, making it double in size. MetalGreymon looked on in shock until the large fireball made contact. He screamed in agony again and felt the effects worse than last time. This time it felt as if his skin was going to burn off and everything under it and still the fire wanted to consume him. Adding more pressure to the flames they exploded against his chest sending MetalGreymon reeling back. He crashed against another mountain making a large indent.

Shaking the dizziness out of his head he growled louder than before as the hatches on his chest moved again.

"Giga Blaster!"

He released the missiles at Naruto who didn't look the least bit worried this time. The rockets were halfway at reaching him until two red blasts' of energy intercepted them, making them explode. The explosion caused a large burst of smoke to be released from the aftermath of the blast. While trying to get unstuck from the rock formation he managed to make out two silhouettes coming straight at him. He tried to use his 'Giga Blaster' again to blast whoever was aiming for him but his chest was still incredibly sore from the massive burning a few seconds prior.

"Tail Smash!"

"Hyper Dash Metal!"

The remainder of the smoke was blown away from the massive impact that was so viciously delivered from the two stronger than average Rookies. MetalGreymon's breath was once more lost to him as a series of spider cracks formed in the mountain. Breathing heavily he gave a heated glare at Naruto, Draco and Dorumon. He saw Gohan standing next to Naruto so it was safe to assume he threw Draco again for that extra momentum and power. MetalGreymon's anger started to reach new heights with each passing second and with that anger he gained a burst of strength as well. He a shout he broke free from the mountain and pointed his robotic claw at the quartet, as it started to heat up.

He would have smirked before since this was both his second strongest attack and barely anyone had survived it. But these four runts had kept pushing him against the ropes and he was far from smirking. He now understood not to underestimate these opponents and will not stop fighting until he is sure that he has finished them for good.

"You worthless little shits! I'LL KILL YOU ALL! "POWERFUL FLAME!"

The nodes on his claw released a gigantic wave of fire at the young heroes, who slightly panicked at the size of the blast.

'HOLY CRAP!' Dorumon thought frantically.

'Shit! There's no way to avoid that attack! What should we do now?' Draco thought trying to find a way out of this situation but couldn't find one. Before the flame engulfed them the two Digimon heard a shout from Gohan and Naruto calling out 'Shadow Clone Jutsu.'

MetalGreymon had completely engulfed the four of them in a massive torrent of fire and even had the ground around them melting but he only put the pressure on his attack. He was going to make sure that he had completely and utterly annihilated them.

'I'll make sure than not even the ashes remain when I'm through. That's going to teach those little worms. A shame really, I was starting to wonder how much stronger I would become after absorbing those two Digimon's data. They were obviously stronger than any Rookies I've faced.' Deciding that the fight was over he had finally decided to ease up the pressure on his attack until it dissipated. More smoke had risen and was obscuring the view a bit but it started to fade away.

While it was fading he heard something akin to a slight buzzing sound. Not like a bee kind of buzz but more like a buzzing hum, kind of noise. 'No…no, no…IMPOSSIBLE,' is what MetalGreymon thought in shock and anger. With a sweep of his robotic claw he blew the smoke away completely and saw a sight that made him completely furious. There was a yellow energy field of sorts that was surrounding the area where his opponents stood. Since it was transparent he could see Naruto clones all with their heads tucked in, with their arms and legs crossed covering the inside of it completely.

The clones dispelled showing Naruto with his hands in his famous seal and Gohan with his hands stretched out supporting the barrier. The two draconic brothers looked at their partners with even more respect and admiration than before. Usually it was the Digimon that protected their human partners but these two managed to put that little specific law to rest. The humans protected the Digimon from an attack that the Digimon knew they wouldn't be able to recover from. It was such an incredibly rare sight to see.

"Amazing," was the only thing they could say before Gohan let down the barrier and started to breath lightly. Naruto looked at Gohan and smiled brightly. "Wow Gohan, you just keep getting more awesome by the minute. You can even make shields and stuff. I wonder what else you can do."

Gohan smiled at Naruto as well. "Hey, you're not half bad yourself. I also can't wait to see what else you have under your sleeve Naruto. That was also a good strategy using your clones as shields like that. But I don't think they would have been able to withstand against those flames."

Naruto laughed a little and scratched the back of his head. "Yeah, I thought so too but there really wasn't anything else I could think of. Maybe if knew some water based moves I could have defended a little better."

Gohan just waved it off. "Don't worry about it Naruto. We're safe and that's all that matters. Now what do you say we finish this?" Naruto and the Digimon nodded before taking there stances again.

'Un…fucking…believable.' MetalGreymon thought with his eye twitching. Even though he pushed a good portion of energy into that attack and beyond even that he didn't even scratch the two tamers and Digimon. Now he was starting to breath heavy.

'Damn, I used more energy than I thought I would. This is actually a bit exciting. Never in my life have I been pushed this far in battle. But now I think that it's time for me to end this…and I think I know how.'

MetalGreymon started to chuckle gaining questioning looks from the others before he started to laugh.

"He's…laughing? Why the heck is he laughing if we're the one's kicking his ass?" Naruto asked the others but he only got shrugs in response.

He stopped and looked at his baffled opponents with a sick smile."Well I must congratulate the four of you. I never thought that it was possible for me to have ever been pushed this far. Also…I have never been as angry with anyone as I am right now. You've successfully managed to humiliate me and I can not let that go unpunished." He crouched down a little bit while still having that smirk plastered on his face. "Prepare yourselves."

Gohan and Draco's eyes narrowed both feeling a sense of foreboding, making them solidify their stances some more. They didn't know what MetalGreymon was planning to do but they were prepared for anything.

With no kind of warning MetalGreymon jumped right at them with his cybernetic claw raised.

"Metal Slash!"

The four were able to jump out of the way before he striked the ground. He looked both left and right to see that the two humans managed to dodge with their respective partners, making it easy on who he was going to attack first. He jumped towards Gohan and Draco as the hatches on his chest moved. Draco already knowing how to counter this took in a breath of air, preparing a 'Baby Breath' attack. Unknown to him that's exactly what MetalGreymon expected him to do. As the rockets in his chest lit up showing they were about to fire the hatches immediately closed, confusing the two. That confusion cost them to not see the incoming 'Metal Slash' knocking Draco away. He created a large indent on the ground before bouncing and skidding to a halt. He was still conscious but his whole body was incredibly sore from taking both the full force of the attack and the impact.

"Draco!" Gohan yelled before he was grasped again by the brute of a digimon except now his whole body except for his head was covered.

"Can't have you using that strange beam of energy on me again." MetalGreymon said as Gohan struggled to break free, but his efforts were useless.

MetalGreymon then adjusted his sights to Naruto and Dorumon who had their fists clenched. Their bodies were tense, completely ready to take any necessary action for whatever the machine based dinosaur had in-store for them. Once more MetalGreymon prepared to use his 'Giga Blaster' attack but actually shot it this time. Naruto and Dorumon jumped back to avoid the missiles but noticed that their trajectory was off. Instead of aiming at them they hit the ground that was in front of where they were already standing. It still kicked up a large amount of dust and smoke again.

Both covered their mouths and noses as to not inhale the smoke and looked around frantically for both each other and MetalGreymon. The resounding boom that came with the explosion still lingered in the air accompanied with the sound of falling rocks and ruble.

"Dorumon we need to get out of this smoke, fast!" Naruto shouted hoping Dorumon could hear him. He managed to catch a faint "Right lets go" and they both jumped high getting out of the smoke and dust.

"You alright man?" Dorumon asked receiving a nod from Naruto.

"Yeah, I'm alright." He looked down at the large dust and smoke cloud, scanning it for their large enemy. "But I don't see MetalGreymon anywhere. Do you see anything?" Dorumon shook his head no in response. In an instant a large shadow loomed over them surprising them completely.

"Naruto, Dorumon, behind you!" They heard Gohan shout and turned around as quickly as they could in their position.

MetalGreymon smirked and said, "I have you now." Naruto started to make hand signs as fast as he could, attempting to use his already spent Chakra reserves.

"Fire Style…"

"Too late!" MetalGreymon yelled before he whirled around and slammed his large tail into Naruto's side, sending him skidding into the ground below.

"NO NARUTO!" Dorumon screamed before he heard a cry of 'Metal Slash'.

He looked too late as he was whacked into a mountain making many arrays of cracks in it. The wind was knocked completely out of him as he slid down slightly before completely falling off, hitting the ground with a thud and a groan of pain. He rolled onto his back as was breathing really heavy, trying to catch his breath.

"(Huff)... (Huff) h-h… (Huff)…h-holy… (Huff)… (Groan) s-shit."

MetalGreymon looked down at Dorumon in disgust before spitting on the ground. While giving a huff he turned around and walked over to Naruto's still form on the ground. He like the others refused to fade to the blackness and tried his hardest to remain aware. This was one fight that you honestly did not want to pass out in. MetalGreymon looked down at Gohan who was still struggling in his paw and started to squeeze. Hard. Gohan was shrieking his loudest as the Ultimate had started to toy with him. He squeezed Gohan till his vision started to blacken before loosening his grip for a few seconds. Only so that he could squeeze twice as hard.

With a sick grin MetalGreymon wound his arm back and threw Gohan straight into the ground a few feet from Naruto with a small boom. Gohan was on the ground slightly twitching from the immense pain with his body spread eagle style. Cracks in the ground were made along with a little crater in the ground.

MetalGreymon looked down at the two humans and puffed smoke out of his nose. "To think that two measly humans and their pet Digimon would give me this much trouble. It's so disgusting I can't even think about it without getting all worked up. But the main problem lies with the both of you. If I destroy you now neither your Digimon nor anyone else will stand in my way ever again. And for kicks I think that I'll absorb their data anyway. The thought of them Digivolving is too great of a risk and I refuse to allow that to happen. So enjoy your last few second's alive, meat."

With an evil laugh he jumped and took off into the sky again making sure that he was far away from any recoil damage but close enough to hit them both with out missing. "You should know it's rare that I ever use this attack. I've only used it twice to be completely honest. Even then the time intervals on both of those moments are so great. You should feel honored because I actually consider you admirable opponents to use it. But all good things must come to an end."

The hatches on his chest moved again which at first glance seemed to mean he would launch his 'Giga Blaster' attack. But these missiles were different. Not only was there more fire and smoke generating behind them they had narrowed eyes to go along with their mouths giving the missiles a creepy kind of look. The normal grey rockets were now glowing red and seemed a bit bigger that the usual ones.


The pressure from the release of the attack made MetalGreymon move back a few feet from his position in the air. The red rockets whizzed through the air with there sights set solely on Naruto and Gohan. They watched as the rockets approached them at lightning fast speed intent on blowing them off the face of the Digital World.

'I guess this is where it ends huh. Well there goes my dream of becoming Hokage. Never in my life would I have imagined that I was going out like this. Blown up by some freaky armored dinosaur.'

'Well it seems that this is the end for me. I'm sorry mom but I don't think I'm going to make it back for dinner. You know unless everyone uses the Dragonballs or something but what about Draco. I don't want to leave him like this.'

Naruto and Gohan lied still as they each said their own little goodbye's not even trying to get out of the way. Not like they could. They were both exhausted and their respective powers were completely spent. Having being sent here after coming from two big battles only to get into another one it's not like they had much to offer. That's not counting the fact that they had gained bruises over their already current bruises.

The missiles were close now and they could here they whizzing noise get louder. They could feel the heat from the smoke and fire from them and it frightened them on the inside. They both had seen so much death in their lives so far and were afraid about it actually happen to them. But they readied themselves anyway.

"NARUTO/GOHAN!" They both heard. Gohan looked to the right while Naruto looked to the left to see their partners charging straight for them at full speed, planning on intercepting the attack. The Digimon made it to their partners as the rockets were now 15ft in range and stood protectively over them. They both drew back their heads and called out there attacks as the missiles kept drawing closer and closer. They were 5ft in front of them now and that was when they to released their attacks.

"Baby Breath!"

"Metal Cannon!"

In that moment the explosion sounded as if it was the loudest thing in the universe. Draco and Dorumon's screaming was completely drowned out by the noise along with anything else. The pressure from the attack was so intense that it actually destroyed surrounding mountains along with blowing away the two earthlings and Digimon. MetalGreymon shielded his lone eye as a bright light was emitted from the massive boom, but could only smile in satisfaction. The Digimon jumped in the way at the last minute and even though they probably didn't take the complete force of the attack the remainder and the recoil was enough to get the deed done.

When the light died down even more smoke then all the other times it was drawn in this battle was shown, concealing anybody and anything. MetalGreymon impatiently wanting to see the results of his work flapped his purple wings really hard and blew the massive cloud away. Looking down he could only grin as his assumption was right.

Naruto and Gohan were blown away a considerable amount from each other and their partners. The effect from the shockwave from the explosion wasn't as harmful as the blast itself but it still messed them both up pretty bad. Naruto opened his eyes feeling really dizzy. Dizzier than when he was kidnapped by the ROOT and kept getting tossed and turned before almost getting blown up from an explosive tag. He made an attempt to stand up but a sharp pain shot through his left arm before he grasped it.

"Ow…damn it." He realized that it was broken but he didn't question how. He did get slammed in the side by MetalGreymon's tail. Even though he could fell the Kyuubi's Chakra healing it that didn't mean that it hurt less. "Got to see… (pant) if the guys are…okay."

Fighting through the pain he managed to stand up again and looked around. His head was still spinning but he could make out a shape lying in the distance in front of him. "It's Gohan!" Naruto limped over to his new comrade noticing that he was also getting up. Gohan started to give a few harsh cough's before blood flew from his mouth.

Naruto widened his eyes a little bit he called out to him. "Hey Gohan are you okay? You don't look so good." Gohan looked at Naruto and stood up fully as well.

"Yeah I'm alright, but I think that one or two of my ribs are a bit cracked. You're not looking so yourself either."

Naruto glanced at his own injury. "My left arms broken, but it's almost finished healing."

Gohan had raised an eyebrow and said, "How does a broken arm just heal in a couple of minutes like that? Did you have some sort of super healing medicine on you?" He figured that Naruto had used something that could heal injuries quickly like the Senzu Beans could.

Naruto shook his head and said, "No, I don't have any medicine on me at all, though I kind of wish that I did. If we manage to get out of this than I will tell you about it." Gohan still wanted to know what allowed Naruto extreme healing capabilities but also knew that his blond friend was right. They still had a fight they needed to finish. And they were missing two members of their team.

Gohan glanced at Naruto who kept looking left and right. He seemed to be inspecting the battlefield. "Naruto where are Draco and Dorumon?" He got low growl as an answer.

"I don't know I can't find them anywhere. It's like they just…"

Gohan looked at Naruto when he just stopped mid-sentence like that. "Naruto?" He turned around completely and followed his gaze. At that moment they both wished they didn't see what they found. Their partners were lying side by side having taken the majority of the blast. Naruto and Gohan saw that they made deep trenches in the ground before stopping. Even from their distance they could clearly see the state that they were in. Dorumon had black patches of fur on multiple parts on his body with some fur patches missing altogether, showing his pink baby skin underneath. The same could be said for Draco and his scales.

Naruto and Gohan's minds in that instant were wiped clean. They were completely blank. Each reminiscing about their own experience at having their life saved because someone interfered. They could only walk towards their partners not wanting to believe that this experience was happening to them again.

'It's…just like that time when…Piccolo/Iruka-Sensei stepped in the way…of an attack meant for me. He put himself in complete danger…just so that I was okay. And…now…' They made to their partners and got a better detail of the damage that was dealt to them. The Digimon were covered in massive bruises and cuts. The interface on Dorumon's forehead had a few big cracks going through it. Draco on the other hand had his right horn blown off only leaving a short red stub. His left horn looking like it'd soon follow, while he left wing seemed shredded. Their eyes were half open but were completely lifeless. The pupils and iris' weren't there and it didn't look as if they were breathing. They knelt down and with shaky hands reached out for their partners. Once they got a hold on them they held them to their chests while inwardly shaking with rage.

"D-Dorumon." Naruto said through clenched teeth.

"No…Draco." Gohan through clenched eyes.

MetalGreymon looked down at the scene and smiled in glee. 'Well it's about damn time those two were put down. They were rally starting to irritate me. Now all's that's left is to finish off the humans.' Even though he descended a decent margin MetalGreymon kept his place in the air. He floated over to Gohan and Naruto's position while holding is smile all the way over there.

"Aw what's wrong? Did the little Digimon have to go bye-bye? Well don't worry your little heads. Once I'm finished with the both of you I'll make sure that you are reunited. You know…IF I decide I don't want to upload their data, and I use the term loosely." He started to cackle in a wicked sense of accomplishment but Naruto and Gohan didn't pay any mind to him.

Their hair was casting a shadow over their eyes as they started down at their seemingly lifeless partners with rage in their eyes. Gohan's eyes flashed green before going to normal while Naruto's flashed red.

"You…just shut your damn mouth." Naruto said in a low almost frightening tone. Completely opposite from his jolly nature. MetalGreymon wasn't intimidated but he did stop laughing. He looked at Naruto in slight anger at being spoken to like that.

"What did you say, human?"

"I said to shut the hell up you worthless piece of scrap metal. You make me completely sick by just hearing you talk. Why couldn't you just learn to leave others alone? Why do you pick on those that are weaker than you? What the fuck is wrong with you?" Naruto said in that same tone. While he was talking Chakra started to swarm around him in a cocoon making MetalGreymon back off a bit.

He forced himself to stay strong and said, "What's the point? What are others going to do besides waste their lives away and just die for nothing? I don't know how you guys do it in the human world but here the weak always loose while the strong has to do anything to survive. Besides why leave others alone if their not going to do anything with themselves? When their not trying to get stronger by fighting? That's precious data that's just being wasted away, data that I could have absorbed. If their not doing anything with it I don't see the harm of me taking it. The only way the weak can make themselves useful is by succumbing to there betters so that the world can move on. If you have no drive to get strong then what's the harm of dying so that the strong can get stronger? You can't live peacefully in this world. It's completely impossible."

This time Gohan spoke. "That's not for you to decide. It's wrong to hurt others that are weaker than you only because they got in your way or if them dying benefits you. Those are innocent lives that you keep taking and you don't even care about what others think when you do that. It could be some ones best friend, their parent or their sibling. Haven't you ever stopped to consider your actions before you carried them out?" Gohan's Ki started to surge and bathed him in a white aura.

Their powers continued to surge around them for a couple of seconds before fading away but that didn't mean their anger was gone. It just kept increasing for the both of them. "We….we won't…"

"We won't let you do this anymore!" They both yelled as they felt power returning to their bodies again. But this power was completely different then what they were use to feeling. Naruto and Gohan heard a nasally echoing sound before their bodies were covered in data particles. Naruto's was light purple while Gohan's was aqua-marine.

"Whoa," Naruto said as he inspected his body. "This doesn't feel anywhere close compared to the power that I usually use. What the heck is this?" Gohan was having the same thoughts himself but for some reason he felt completely rejuvenated. Their pockets started to glow white making them pull out their Digivices. The words 'DNA MODIFY' typed on both of them before their partners started to glow white as well.

Their bodies started to hover off of the ground before also being covered in their respective data, making a cocoon around them. The data was concealing them completely. Naruto and Gohan stepped back in slight caution but were still mesmerized by the spectacle happening before them.

Growling could now be heard from both data shells until yells were now heard. The data pulsed before bursting open in a small shockwave knocking Gohan and Naruto off of their feet.

When they brought their heads up they couldn't help but smile. Draco and Dorumon were completely healed. Anything that they had lost in the blast had grown back as if it was never gone in the first place. The humans and Digimon's eyes met with no words being said. It wasn't as if there was a need to. Both sets knew that they were all glad that their partners were okay. That didn't stop Naruto and Dorumon from jumping into each others arms into bone crushing hugs shedding a few anime tears.

Gohan and Draco laughed while Draco thought, 'I was right. Those two are perfect for each other.'

MetalGreymon after seeing what had happened before him only saw red. Literally. His lone eye was blood shot and he was snarling like some mad beast with some saliva dripping down his maw. From his point of view could you really blame him?

'These, these annoying little…their like damn roaches! No matter how many times I squash them they just keep coming back for more! What is it going to take to put them down for good?'

He dropped to the ground in a thud drawing the attention of his enemies. They were all ready now and by ready I mean extremely ready. Because of that strange power Gohan and Naruto were back to full health. Any bruises that they gained from their fights were gone now and their energy was back up. Draco and Dorumon felt the same effects as well but also something else. They don't know what happened but they feel better than ever before. Like more energy was just bubbling under the surface just waiting to be released.

"Why…why won't you all just die!? What does it have to take for me to finish you off completely?! Who or what the hell are you?!" The Ultimate yelled.

Naruto pointed a finger at him. "Please as if you could kill us. I've fought guys that were much tougher than you. And if you want to know who we are, we're the guys that gonna put you down for good."

Having heard enough MetalGreymon charged at Naruto who was taken aback by the sudden rush. "Watch out Naruto." Dorumon said before jumping in front of him. He drew his head back preparing his signature move 'Metal Cannon.' Something felt…different however. Usually this move would make his body a little heavy since he creates and holds the metal in his body before releasing it. Now he felt a warm sensation in his gullet which was something that was completely new.

"Please, as if that will work on me." MetalGreymon said before lifting up his cybernetic claw preparing his 'Metal Slash.' Deciding to just go along with this new sensation he released the power that he was building up and the results were not what he or anyone was expecting. Instead of a ball of metal a big ball of flames shot from his mouth.

"WHAT THE…" MetalGreymon said in shock as he momentarily stopped allowing the fireball to hit his chest, knocking him to the ground. Naruto, Gohan and Draco were staring wide-eyed at what happened while slowly looking over to Dorumon, who was comically fanning his mouth.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, hot, hot, hot. (Cough) (Pant) (Pant) Damn…that was really spicy." When his mouth cooled down enough his brain finally registered what he had just done. He turned to everyone else and said"HOLY CRAP! DID YOU ALL JUST SEE THAT! I…I JUST…SPAT FLAMES! HOW COOL IS THAT!?"

Naruto who managed to find his voice said,"D-Dorumon…that was…that was the Fire Ball Jutsu. But you need to have…Chakra to do that and I don't think that Digimon have Chakra. So how come…how come you can use it?" Draco and Gohan wanted to know to while Gohan was thinking. 'Chakra? Is that the power that Naruto uses? I was right it wasn't Ki. Chakra, I think that I heard that from somewhere but where?'

"Uhhhhh…I don't know. I mean when I was covered in that shell of data I…well…I can't explain it but it felt as if my body was overflowing with power that seemed to have come from out of nowhere." He clenched his paw into a fist. "I don't know what to say it but it felt like…like I Digivolved again but only my strength just kept increasing until I felt like a new Digimon altogether. It felt like I was being powered by two energies. Data and…well something else. I don't know what it was but it felt amazing. Heck I can still feel it."

Draco nodded at his younger brother's words. "I know what you mean. I felt the same way when I was healed. A new source of unimaginable strength just surging through your whole being and it felt as if you were reborn again."

Gohan cupped his chin in thought. "Maybe…maybe this is some new form of…spiritual bond between us."

Naruto tilted his head to the side. "What do you mean by that?"

Gohan reached into his pocket and pulled out his Digivice, examining it. "Well Draco said that a Digivice is the 'physical' manifestation of the bond between a human and a digimon. But it looks like there's more to that. I think that both tamer and Digimon are also 'spiritually' bonded too."

Dorumon blinked, "Spiritually bonded?"

Gohan nodded his head. He put his Digivice in his pocket and looked at them. "Yeah. Think of it like this. When a human and Digimon form a bond and become partners they also create a special spiritual one. The link probably forms because both are completely compatible with each other weather by experience, personality, or ideals. Then the Digivice is made to prove that it exists."

Draco crossed his arms and nodded his head. "I understand…so basically you're saying that bond escalated to such a scale that somehow both of you're abilities have been transferred to us." Gohan nodded his head. "Yep, that's probably why Dorumon can use Chakra now and I'm pretty sure that you can use ki. That's the energy that I use."

"Ki?" Naruto questioned before they all heard whizzing behind them. Knowing full well what that sound was they jumped out of the way of the incoming missiles which blew up part of the ground.

"STOP IGNORING ME DAMN IT!" MetalGreymon roared while Dorumon smacked his forehead.

"Man I keep forgetting that we have to deal with this guy." Naruto sighed as he agreed with his purple companion.

"I know right? It would be better if he just saved us the trouble and stayed down."

MetalGreymon was still seeing red as he stared his opponents down breathing really heavy. He kept using more and more power during the whole duration of this fight and he was wiped. He took so many beatings and gained many more injuries along with using both of his strongest attacks. The only thing that was driving him now was his anger and he still had plenty of that.


"Who the hell can't hear you? Your screaming is really starting to irritate me to no end. I don't see why you're continuing to fight. It's obvious that we're now more than a match for you. You're on your last legs, completely fatigued. Us on the other hand are completely healed and are stronger than ever. It's over for you." Draco said completely calm. His usual fighting instincts not showing in his features at all. He felt calm. He knew that there was no need to be on edge anymore. This fight was now theirs hands down.

"We'll see about that!" MetalGreymon yelled before charging at the group who didn't move. Instead Gohan just calmly walked up and stood in front of the group. "Metal Claw!" Gohan saw the claw come down on him but he wasn't worried at all. In fact he felt excited. He wasn't only healed but because he recovered from the massive fatigued he had been feeling his base power multiplied a substantial amount. He raised his now fully healed arm and caught MetalGreymon's claw with little to no resistance at all.

"Cool." Naruto and Dorumon said after witnessing the action. Draco smiled and thought, 'Whoa, when am I gonna learn to do something like that?'

MetalGreymon's eye grew wide as he brought back his claw. "W-what? How did…" He couldn't finish his sentence for Gohan vanished in a burst of speed. He then reappeared and had given MetalGreymon a vicious upper cut making him fly off his feet for a bit before he was kicked in the side of his face. The force of the kick cracked a part of his helmet and he was knocked to the ground.

Gohan dropped back to the ground and clenched his fists. He watched MetalGreymon try to pick himself off of the ground while falling on his knees in the process. He turned to his friends. "Guys we need to finish him off now. Got any ideas?"

Naruto looked at the struggling Ultimate and then looked behind him. His eyes widened as an idea hatched in his head. "Hey guys, over there." He said pointing to what was behind MetalGreymon and in that instant everyone knew what he was talking about. The Chasm. They were going to literally throw him in a whole so deep he probably wouldn't know which way was up.

MetalGreymon in a fit of effort got back up to his feet. His legs were shaking from the pressure of having to support his huge body and were to give out at any moment but he himself wasn't. His anger still driving him to finish this fight.

"Metal Cannon!" He looked up and saw multiple metal spheres being shot at him. Being too tired to fly and his legs being too weak to move he could only watch as he body was completely assaulted by them slightly pushing him back. He growled and started to charge up his own attack.

"Giga Blaster!" He released the rockets at his foes without even trying to aim, thinking he could nail one on the fly. Naruto stepped up and started making hands signs.

"Wind Style: Great Breakthrough!" Since he was back to full strength the jutsu was more powerful than before. The rockets started to lose speed the longer they stayed in the wind and eventually feel to the ground. Draco took his turn and reared his head back. "

Baby Breath!" The red energy ball shot out twice as fast as before and aimed for MetalGreymon's face or more specifically the massive crack that Gohan made.

The Ultimate howled in pain as the sphere blew up against his face actually destroying part of the left half of his metal mask showing his face underneath it. He was super weak now and even though he didn't want to his body refused to do what his brain was telling it and he feel to his knees and paws.

"He's down, pour it on now! Hit him with your strongest attacks!" Draco said. "Right!" Everyone responded. Dorumon ran at MetalGreymon and in a burst of speed shot right at him nailing him in the chest, cracking his launcher/armor.

"Hyper Dash Metal!" MetalGreymon was blown to the edge of the ground with the chasm right blow him. He looked back and realized what they were planning to do.

'They're trying to make me fall to my death? I won't allow it!' He raised his right claw as it started to heat up. Naruto used this time to make a Shadow Clone and have it gather Chakra in his hand creating his second signature jutsu. Pumping Chakra into his legs he jumped at MetalGreymon who was a second too late at releasing his 'Powerful Flame' attack.

"Rasengan!" The blond slammed the Chakra ball into his chest completely destroying the chest launcher and blew him off of the edge. Thinking that it was over he turned around and gave a peace sign to his new friends. Flapping was heard making him turn around. MetalGreymon was flapping his purple wings in effort as to not fall to his death. He was so much pain that it was so much work trying to make a snarl.

"I...will not…succumb (Pant) to a couple of…ingrates like, like you. I-I'm undefeatable. Indestructible." Draco shook his head and sighed. "Do you ever stop barking? Gohan lets finish him once and for all."

Gohan nodded his head. "Let's do it." Bringing both of his hands to the right side of his body he started to gather his Ki.

"Kaaa…meee…haaa…meee" The familiar blue ball of energy started to form between his palms as a white aura surged around him. The blue light shone from between his fingers as it illuminated the area in a blue light. Draco, for his part closed his eyes and bared his teeth preparing his strongest move. He felt his new Ki powers surge through him as a blue aura started to surround him. His red horns started glowing red, getting brighter and brighter by the second. He reared back his head and opened his mouth when he felt his attack form. A red blast of energy could be seen in the back of his throat. The red light clashing with the blue making a slight purple collaboration. Their energies reached their peak and they released their respective attacks.


"G Shurunen!"

The blue and red beams of energy shot towards MetalGreymon while coiling around each other. He couldn't scream before he was consumed by the two blasts covering his body from view. A massive explosion similar to the 'Tera Destroyer' was caused and threatened to blow the four back. Dorumon was thrown back but was caught by Naruto who used his Chakra to stick to the ground. Gohan and Draco kept their stances and only watched the explosion die down as MetalGreymon's body dropped to the giant chasm below.

Draco sighed from the sudden rush of power and adrenaline leaving his system and finally felt satisfied with getting his revenge against his foe. "Hopefully that piece of trash is never going to bother us or anyone again. Good work everyone."

Dorumon fist bumped in the air along with Naruto shouting their success to the whole world.

"WE DID IT! WE TOTALLY KICKED HIS ASS!" Dorumon shouted with Naruto agreeing whole heartedly.


Gohan wiped the sweat form his forehead at finally fishing another incredibly tough fight. "That guy was scary strong. I know that I wasn't at my best but still that guy was scary in his own right. So that was an Ultimate level Digimon huh?"

Draco nodded his head. "Yes, I told you to be careful didn't I? If you thought that was tough then be thankful that we didn't have to go up against a Mega level Digimon. Even with all of our powers if by some miracle we won we definitely wouldn't come from the fight unscathed. You can now see why I said that normal humans shouldn't be wondering around here. I guess MetalGreymon was just close to Digivolving to Mega since he was so strong, even for an Ultimate. But I don't think that we have to worry about him anymore."

Naruto put his hands behind his head. "So, uh…what do we do now?" Draco looked in his direction. "We should go back to the village and see about all the damage that was caused. Maybe we could provide some assistance, hopefully help with reconstruction if possible."

The others nodded before making their trek back to the Digimon's village in the Deep Forest. During the walk Naruto looked around and saw the many pink beams that shot from what was his planet in the sky. "Hey Dorumon what the heck's with those beams of light? There are so many of them."

Dorumon looked to his tamer and said,"Those beams of light are Data Streams. Large amounts of data gets absorbed from the human world and most of that data creates those streams. Don't worry their not gonna vaporize you or anything but send you to another place in the Digital World. Where you'll end up though is pretty random."

"But don't worry about them. The data streams can't reach us in the forest. Even though we're still outside of it's boundaries the trajectory of the beams is to unfocused and are always spread apart. This area has never been touched by one so that's why it was safe to create a home within the forest." Draco said.

"Right…well if that's true…then how come there's one coming for us right now?"

"WAIT, WHAT!?" The other three screamed as they looked behind them. Sure enough a data stream was headed for them but this one was different from the others. Instead of being pink it was pure gold. But it was heading straight for them so they could worry about the color later.

"Guys stay together and run! If we go fast enough then we'll make it to the forest in time!" Draco said before he took off with everyone in tow. Naruto who decided to look back noticed the beam go faster as well and it was starting to catch up to them.

"Guys, I don't know if we're gonna make it! It's getting faster to and it's gaining on us!" Naruto shouted before he was swallowed up by the beam.

"NARUTO!" Dorumon shouted before he was swallowed a couple seconds later. Even though it seemed pointless to continue Gohan and Draco still pushed on and almost made it to the edge of the forest.

"Almost…there…"Draco grunted before the golden beam picked up speed again before both he and Gohan were swallowed to. The beam disappearing soon afterwards.

Digital World Core

The massive data stream appeared revealing Gohan, Naruto and the dragon brothers before disappearing again. Groggy and a little sick from the mass transportation Naruto got up and rubbed his throbbing head.

"Hey, you guys all right?" He asked.

Dorumon got up from his stomach looking at his partner. "Yeah, I'm okay. That was some wild ride." Draco and Gohan got up as well and looked at the others.

"Well the good thing is we all arrived in the same place together. I guess that count's for something." Said Draco as everyone looked around.

"That's cool, but where in the hell are we? There's like nothing here." Dorumon said and he was completely right. There was literally nothing here. That weird data stream had sent them to a vast white plain and it seemed like they were the only beings living or not that was there. Gohan had a small flashback as this sort of reminded him or that special training room that he and his father used. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

'I've been getting a lot of those lately. Weird.' The young Saiyan thought before shaking his head. He heard someone groan and looked to the side. Dorumon threw his arms in the air and fell flat on his back.

"Well isn't this fantastic. We get caught in some weird Data Stream and end up in a place that isn't even a place. Just where in the hell are we? What the hell is all of this?"

"I think that I can help accommodate that request." Everyone looked around in shock while Dorumon jumped up to his feet at the sudden voice. They didn't see anybody in the plane with them but knew that someone was there. "Who's there? Come out where we can see you." Naruto commanded, his hand reaching for his weapons pouch. The voice gave a rumbling sound that sort of resembled a laugh.

"As you wish." A bright golden light shone in front of the group making them shield there eyes. It strangely felt warm, as if the afternoon sun was beating on them giving a small sense of tranquility. When it slowly died down the being that floated before them made them all step back in slight fear and worry.

The being itself was a gigantic golden dragon that was about the size of two football fields. It had eight eyes on it's face and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. It's body was covered in golden scales that seemed to have their own shine. It's four legs had three incredibly long and sharp nails on them while it's back had six large spine jutting form it. Between those spines were eight glowing orbs each giving off a large amount of incomprehensible power.

"Greetings to you all young Gohan, Naruto, Dracomon and Dorumon. My name is Fanglongmon the Dragon Sovereign of the center and welcome to my realm."