Loki's Fan girl Army

Ok, so I saw this picture on deviant art and I'm like I got to write this as a fan fiction one shot, so enjoy.


Loki in the middle of time square in his asgardian armor and the Avengers show up at the scene….

"Loki! What is this brother!?" Thor shouts.

"Oh, nothing." Loki said "I just have acquired a new army."

"We have a Hulk." Tony reminded him.

Loki grins and said "You didn't let my finish."

"Ok, then continue." Steve said.

"I have an army of…" Loki paused before shouting "FANGIRLS!"

Then out of nowhere girls ages 13-29 come out with weapons off all sorts. One 14 year old had nun chucks! The Avengers just gaped at the scene before them….

"Do you surrender now?" Loki asked.

"No." Steve said.

"Yes," Tony said and everybody glared at him.

"Then ladies….CHARGE!" Loki yelled.


The battle was short lived all of the Avengers had been capture by Loki's Fan girl army…

"My lord," the 14 year named Sapphire said.

"Yes, Sapphire." Loki said to her.

"We have successfully captured the Avengers," Sapphire said "What will you have us do with them?"

"Send them back to S.H.E.I.L.D as a warning of how strong my army is." Loki said.

"Yes my lord," Sapphire said and ran to give the new to everybody else.


The story is done but I have one question for you, Are you apart of the Fangirl Army? I know I am.