A/N:This is my first Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Fanfic my first that have my own characters it also my first story that have my own characters. So you know than that maybe it may make some other characters seem a little different may not. Someone tell me if they do.

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Amaris Victoria

Kind:Demon half Angel


Looks like:Dark brown short hair that is up to her shoulder, grass green eye, pale skin but darker than Sebastian

Scarlet Mischealis

Kind: 2/3 Demon 1/3 Angel

Gender: F

Looks like: Black long hair that covers her left eye and is up to her waist , sky ice colored eyes, pale skin lighter than Sebastian

FYI: In the began Scarlet Mischealis is Scarlet Victoria she changes it later in the story (reason later in story)

Scarlet Victoria POV:

It's dark here in the woods and all the light you have is coming from the moon. I'm tired because it's the middle of the night. I'm hot and sweaty because my mom is making me run for some reason I don't know.

"So why are we running?"I asked trying to catch my breath as my sky ice colored eyes sparkled in the moon light.

"I can't tell you yet." my mom said panting than moved her dark brown short hair that is up to her shoulder away from her grass green eyes.

"Why?" I asked just catching breath.

"Come on let's keep moving." she said.

We ran a mile or so more until we stopped near a tree that was marked with a heart shape and inside the heart there were letters SM+AV. My mom name is Amaris Victoria so that explains the AV and my name is Scarlet Victoria so that's SV. Who is SM? I moved my dark, midnight black hair out the right side of my side of my face. I sat down under the tree my mom sat next to me. "Still care about why we're running" she asked.

"Yes" I said

"You know you're not 100% angel." I nodded "You know I'm half angel. I never told you the other what the other half is."

"Why?" I asked "What is it?"

"Come down I'm getting to that."my mother said "The other half is demon, which means you're part demon," I was in shock "you are more demon than me because you father is a demon."she finished saying. I closed my eye I was in shock always knew I was different but me part demon that to much.

"Why are we running?" I said somehow after mustering the strength to say it.

"Because" she struggled to say " lovemaking before marriage is a sin and loving a demon is-"

"How is love a sin?" I thought out loud. Mother touched my cheek.

"I don't know, Sweety" she said all of a sudden we heard footstep. "Baby go find your father his name is Sebastian Mischealis." She looked around. "Give this to him." She took out a red envelope and hand it to me. I put it in my pocket(I have pants on). "I don't know much about him all I know is he serving some thirteen year old kid." The footsteps seem to get closer and closer with every word she said. I think she noticed as well. "When I say run you run OK. Don't look back." she said with tears in her eyes. I realized what she was planing and tears filled my eye started to run down my face fasted than the Earth's fastest river.

"I'm only fifteen mommy." I said as tears still dripped down my face " I need you." She started hug me tightly.

"I know pumpkin I know." she said.

Suddenly a man popped out of the bushes. I turn around to see who it is but my mom covers my eyes.

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