AN: I couldn't stay away for long. Here it is, the sequel to My Big Fat Pureblood Wedding. This title's a pun, too, since someone will be going into labor soon (don't give me that look, it's not mpreg). While I'd recommend reading my wedding fic first, I'm going to try and make this sequel stand on its own. For those of you continuing on with this anyway without having read the first, let me explain some things: Olivia and Maggie are OCs of mine (don't give me that look again, they're three-dimensional characters, this isn't omegle), with Olivia undergoing being adopted by Remus and Sirius (an orphaned lycanthrope from the war), and Maggie dating Pansy Parkinson since they work at St. Mungo's together. Draco's a Healer, Harry is Head Auror, and they were very happily married on August 13th 2006. The day is now June 20th, 2007. Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1: Change of Season

Remus watched proudly as the last graduate took to the stage erected in the Great Hall. It was Jeremiah Yin, a Hufflepuff that always had the short end of the alphabet, and Hogwarts diplomas were no exception.

There had always been a smidgen of guilt on Remus' part for having Sirius change his last name from 'Black' to 'Lupin' considering it put them in the middle of lines rather than the front, but the animagus was tickled pink at the change. After all, it probably led to Walburga having a seizure in hell or wherever completely awful and prejudiced people went after they died.

The Headmistress gave Jeremiah a handshake and breathed a sigh of relief. That was the last of them. Another successful class. No drop-outs, no (massive) scandals, no new wars, Slytherins and Gryffindors had begun to end their squabbling, and McGonagall hadn't so much as heard a rumor of parent complaints this year. These young minds were out of her hands now, and hopefully on their way to success. Hopefully.

"Professor Lupin," she said as she stepped off the stage to stand next to Remus and glow in their mutual pride. "I have no doubt that this crop will be able to defend themselves against every dark art thanks to you."

Remus beamed. "I would hope so." Whatever darkness his and Sirius' godson hadn't destroyed, of course. Harry was the most talented student to grace Remus' office and private lessons, but he didn't like to play favorites. At least not too obviously, anyway.

"I think you have another student to attend to," Minerva pointed out, motioning to the Ravenclaw at the end of the Great Hall with her one lonely suitcase. Remus would be sure to send her back to her room with a second suitcase of his own to make sure she had everything. After all, he wouldn't want Olivia to miss anything when she stayed at Grimmauld Place.

"Olivia," he greeted as he approached her, trying a smile he hoped looked fatherly rather than desperate.

The brunette shifted in her worn black flats. They would have to buy her new shoes, too. "Sorry that I'm early," Olivia piped up. "I just wanted to make sure we wouldn't miss the train."

"The Hogwarts Express comes in an hour."

"I know."

She was a timely young lady, at least. Remus was careful to use the phrase 'young lady' since she would be entering third year in the fall. "Walk with me?" Remus asked of her.

"Sure," she said a little nervously, dragging her wheeled suitcase behind her as they escaped the cheering and celebration in the Great Hall. There wasn't a feeling quite like the feeling of knowing you never had to go to school again, sit in one more potions class, or endure one more essay.

"That will be you in five years," Remus tried, strolling alongside her down the hallway. Didn't that usually cheer kids up?

Olivia nodded and stared at the floor tiles as if they were the ones talking to her. "Yeah."

Something was wrong. Olivia was a talkative thing; a Ravenclaw, at that.

While Remus tried to figure out something to say, the obvious hit him right in the face. Of course she wasn't comfortable. Her werewolf teacher and his batty cursebreaking husband had taken an interest in what, becoming her fathers? "If you don't want this," he started hoarsely before Olivia stopped her strides.

"I do," she cut him off. "I really do, Professor. Or Remus. Or whatever I'm supposed to call you."

"Whatever you're comfortable with," he insisted. The last thing Remus wanted was to make a student feel like they were being forced into his home, or worse, his family.

"Remus," she tried slowly before giggling at the informality of it. "That's fine."

"If you want to back out of this and stay here this summer, I won't be angry. I wouldn't ever want you to be somewhere that you didn't want to be," Remus explained quickly. "I would never take it out on you—"

"I know." Professor Lupin—Remus, she supposed—was a good man. Less creepy than Professor Slughorn, too. "That's not what I'm worried about."

Remus could have collapsed with relief, but luckily he remained standing upright. "Then what is it?" He could fix almost anything in her life but himself.

Her little hand let the suitcase stand on its own. Olivia took a deep breath, trying to remember what she and Alex talked about before. The Gryffindor boy who happened to be her best friend always had some good advice. Something about honesty, and something about bravery. Typical Gryffindor stuff.

"What if," she started. "You don't like the way I use a lot of hot water in the shower? What if I hurt Sirius during a full moon? What if I hate the food you make, but I'm just too polite to say so and one day I snap? What if you realize you don't want me there?"

"Olivia," Remus said, no longer needing to drop to his knee to get to her eye-level. She really was growing fast. It made her scars stretch, and Remus knew how self-conscious that could make someone. "You can use all the hot water you like. And don't you even begin to worry about what the wolf does. You're separate, and you have to start telling yourself that. Also, I will be sure to try and fulfill every food request you have. Even takeout every night." That was actually what he and Sirius had most of the time, so… "And if you ever get angry, I'll try and understand why so that we can fix it. We want you there."

"You do?" Olivia asked just to be sure. There was no such thing as being too sure.

"Of course we do. How could we not?"

She shrugged. After a lifetime of never having someone who wanted her unconditionally, it was strange to think someone really could. Quietly, she missed the parents she had no real memories of.

"Professor Lupin!" another voice shouted down the hall. Remus turned from his almost-legal-child-type-thing to see what graduated student was bothering to chase him down. It turned out that this student wasn't graduating at all.

Tiffany Sato was a fifth year, or was a fifth year. Next year Remus would be seeing her for the sixth time around, and hoped that she could keep up with her homework schedule this time. "Miss Sato, what can I do for you?"

"I just had to ask," she panted, clearly out of breath from running. "You and the Malfoy-Potters." Tiffany could barely gain the air to get a full sentence out. How long had she been running?

"Yes?" Remus asked with a defensive edge.

"You saw the latest Daily Prophet, right?" Tiffany asked before wrestling the hair tie off of her wrist and stringing her blonde hair up in a ponytail.

Remus knew exactly what article she was referring to. While there was usually one or two passages about the wizarding world's most hated and simultaneously most loved power couple, they had made the front page that gossip rag just a few days ago. "Yes, I did. Where is this going?"

"I just want to know. Most of the stuff in there is total shit, usually. Oh, sorry, should I not say 'shit' in front of a teacher? Anyway, I need to know something." Tiffany took a moment to collect herself and straighten her green tie. "Is it true?"

"Is what true?" Remus didn't exactly give out family secrets at the drop of a hat.

"That they're looking to adopt," she sputtered out, not once looking at Olivia. Tiffany was on a mission.

Crossing his arms, Remus gave her a stern look. "Just because Draco and Harry are public figures doesn't mean that you have to know all of their private details."

Using the deception skills that had got her into the house of the snake, Tiffany spun a lie. "It's just that some kids were gossiping, you know? Fourth years. I didn't want to listen to lies, so I came to ask you since you're in their family. Are Draco and Harry searching for a baby to adopt?"

If Remus were to tell the truth, it would be that wherever the two went, people were all but throwing their children at them. Their fans would give anything to have their child raised by the great, the powerful, the newspaper-dubbed 'Drarry'. Instead, Remus gave a half-truth.

"Draco and Harry are planning to start a family, yes. Only about a fourth of the rubbish in that paper is true," Remus murmured carefully.

Remus hadn't thought that would bring relief to Tiffany's erratic breathing and face scrunched with worry, but it did. "Oh," she said with a small smile. "Thanks for, er, letting me know."

"Goodbye," Olivia cut in, giving her a winning smile. This was a life-affirming she was having with her sort-of-guardian, dammit. No celebrity-crazed girl would interrupt her for too long.

Without so much as a goodbye from the older girl, all they saw was a flash of blonde hair darting off towards the Great Hall.

Some people really didn't have any decency. Remus wasn't the sort to romanticize the past, saying 'kids these days!' or anything old and bitter of the sort, because he could see a young Bellatrix Black doing the same thing. Any true Marauder would have thrown in a 'thank you'.

Maybe the world was divided like that: into people who had some courtesy and people who didn't.

"So," Remus recovered.

"So," Olivia replied with a shy smile.

"Looks like we now have—" Remus looked at his watch. "Forty-five minutes until the train comes. Why don't you tell me what food you do like?"

Remus was always doing stuff like that, Olivia had noticed. Stuff that made people feel reassured and warm. "Well," she said slowly before grabbing her bag again so that they could walk some more. "I do have a soft spot for chocolate."

"Oh, we are going to get along splendidly."