Chapter 4

Meagan was excited but Kori wasn't that excited, well she was excited about seeing Garfield, Rachel, victor and Karen but not Richard.

It still made her angry that she would have to see him again after what he had done to her, she felt like she could never trust him.

Kori got ready she put on a white top with a scarf, blue jeans, and sandals she put her long red hair in a ponytail.

"Morning meg" said kori Meagan ignored her "sweetie I apologize I was just angry" said kori "I know mom" said Meagan giving her mother a hug

The door bell rings

"I'll get it" said Bruce, Bruce opened the door to gar (who has blonde hair) Rachel, Karen, victor and Richard.

"Hey Bruce" they all said in unison "hi you all come in" said Bruce. The team walked in and saw kori and Meagan.

"So Bruce this is Kori and Meagan" said Karen "yes Karen they are "said Bruce "omg it's them, the Andersons" said Garfield

"he's a big fan " said Rachel "hi you all im kori and this is my daughter Meagan" said kori Meagan waved hi .

"Im Richard Grayson" said Richard walking up to shake her hand "it's really nice to meet you" said kori in a fake tone .

At dinner

"So kori, you have a daughter but where's her dad I mean is he a multi millionaire" said gar kori began to tear up, "that's something I must keep to myself" said kori

"gar apologize that is none of your business" said Rachel "im sorry" said gar

"it's alright I just sometimes get a little emotional when someone brings up the subject of Meagan's father" said kori

"why don't we get off this topic and talk about the Easter concert tomorrow" said Meagan

" oh yeah the annual Anderson Easter special I watch every year" said gar "it's going to be awesome" said Meagan excited "she's always excited when this comes up" said kori "who's going to perform" said gar "well of course tiffany and Nicole , Aly and Aj , Chris brown, Ashley Tisdale, Ke$ha, rhiana , Avril Lavgine and more" said Meagan "wow" said gar "now you all are not titans anymore" asked Kori "no we still are" said Rachel "but we have other jobs" said Karen

"Im a chef now" said victor "im a video game critic" said gar "im a poet" said Rachel "im a fashion designer" said Karen "im a male model" said Richard

"are you gay" asked Meagan "no some male models aren't gay" said Richard "oh ok" said Meagan

Later on

"so im going to show you all where you will be sleeping " said Kori " alright"they all said , "Richard you will sleep in your old room" said kori

She gave him a key with a r on it, "who's room is right next to his" said Karen "that's my room" said kori "right across from Richard's room is Meagan's but across from my room is gar and Rachel's room and then next to them is Karen and victor" said kori handing Rachel a key with a raven on it, gar a key with green zebra print, Karen a big k on hers and victor a key that had a bacon print on it.

Kori sat in her room thinking to herself , "should I give him a chance he may have changed just like Meagan said" "no he's still the same" , Kori looked at the picture of the two of them on the Ferris wheel she smiled at it and then that smile fell and she began to cry she didn't understand why he did such a thing in the past he cheated on her, left her with a baby on her own . "let me dry my eyes and go to bed" said kori to herself.

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