Tempestuous Images

Running as fast as he could InuYasha raced through the forest towards the well. The sky grew noticeably darker the closer he got and when he looked up past the treetops he watched in horror as dark storm clouds gathered. Rain drops began to pour from the sky and InuYasha had to strain his ears to hear a voice scream "You bitch! I'll kill you!" He ran towards the noise and stopped dead in his tracks at the sight before him.

Kagome was straddling Kikyo and slamming the dead miko's head against the now muddy ground and screaming inarticulately. Howls of frustration echoed through the forest and mixed with the sounds of thunder and rain as she resumed punching Kikyo's bloody face.

"What the fuck is going on?" InuYasha asked without thinking. His feet took him a few steps closer to the two girls before he realized that it might not be safe to interfere with those two right now.

Kagome and Kikyo both whirled their heads around to glare at the perplexed hanyou. The rain ceased for a second as Kagome opened her mouth to explain exactly what the fuck was going on. But that explanation never came thanks to Kikyo taking advantage of Kagome's distraction.

The soul-sucking corpse arched her back violently and flipped Kagome over onto her back and proceeded to strangle the throat that so resembled her own. "I'll throttle you until you are almost dead" Kagome screeched as Kagome turned an interesting shade of purple. She let go of Kagome's throat with one hand and slapped her across her face repeatedly. "Then I will tie you to a tree and make you watch as I convince InuYasha to die with me," she continued as Kagome struggled violently. The sanctimonious smirk twisted across Kikyo's face as returned her hand to squeeze Kagome's throat. "Your heart will shatter the second you see him choose me, stupid child, and then you will die knowing that he never loved you!" She screamed the last four words in Kagome's face and regretted it.

Kagome's eyes filled with a fury that Kikyo had never seen the likes of. Hands that had been trying valiantly to pull the cadaverous hands from her own neck balled up and slammed into Kikyo's ear. The carcass of bone and soil went flying off of Kagome and landed with a thump four feet away. Rolling to her side and gasping for air Kagome drew her legs up into a crouch and leaped over to the body her soul once inhabited.

Just as her hands were about to rip open Kikyo's throat Kagome's body was pulled back into a set of strong arms. She wrestled to escape she found herself pinned against a heaving chest by two arms that ended in a set of familiar claws. Without caring about who held her tight, Kagome slammed her foot back and up towards the most sensitive portion of male anatomy and pushed the suddenly howling creature aside.

Kikyo was already standing as Kagome looked back at her. The two faces were identical as they glared at each other murderously. Hatred coursed through Kagome's blood as she stood there with her fists clenched and panting. Never before in her life had she wanted so much to shred someone's skin with her hands. She wanted to splatter Kikyo's blood on the ground and stomp her face until her skull exploded. Kagome wanted to kill Kikyo in the most painful way possible and from the expression on the animated puppet's face, Kagome knew that Kikyo felt the same about her.

"I will see you dead you worthless fool!" Kikyo spat out as blood dribbled down from a cut on her forehead.

Kagome laughed harshly. Her voice dripped with bitter sarcasm as she said, "I can say that about you already you retarded cunt. You don't even know how to stay dead."

"Insolent snipe!"

"Fanatical bitch!"

"Vapid emulation"


"Cheap imitation"

Sango, Miroku and Shippou came running into the clearing behind the wincing hanyou and watched in amazement as Kagome and Kikyo spewed insults at each other. Hatred permeated the area as the two mikos each built up an enormous reservoir of energy. Miroku and Sango helped InuYasha to his feet and Miroku asked, "Why didn't you stop them?"

InuYasha snorted derisively. "Would you get between those two crazy wenches right now?" he asked contemptuously. He tried to ignore both the throbbing pain shooting up from his groin and the vast amounts of hellish energy pervading the clearing but failed on both accounts. A tickle of fear rippled down his back as he felt the energy shift into form. Terror filled him and he didn't even hear Miroku mutter to Shippou that 'InuYasha probably had just wanted to watch them roll in the mud' or Shippou's confused reply of 'why would he want to watch that?' Not even the sound of Sango smacking the perverted monk caught his attention. All he could sense was the building energy and the taste of electricity in the air. His eyes shot up to the still seething clouds above and he realized what was going on.

Something snapped in the air and InuYasha sprinted towards Kikyo and Kagome, bellowing "KAGOME!!!" He leaped Kagome and knocked her to the ground as a bolt of lighting stuck. A wave of heat exploded over InuYasha as he covered the still-shaking girl protectively. The air fizzled with tension for just a moment longer before Kagome pushed InuYasha off of her angrily. He rolled over to his side and his eyes danced in bewilderment between the scorch mark where Kikyo had been and her singed and unconscious body lying ten feet from where she had stood and then back to the scorch mark.

He blinked dumbfoundedly and looked up at the still-enraged Kagome as he asked, "Why did she strike herself with the lighting?"