A/N: This is my third story so I hope you guys enjoy sorry if it is not as good!

Chapter 1



"Magnus" I heard from my bedroom. I ran like a lunatic because he was my boyfriend. When I went came into my bed room. Alec was standing in the mirror lifting his black baggy shirt up to his rib cage. Alec tilted his head sideways and then moved to see me leaning in the door frame.

"Alec I know your beautiful so you don't need to tell me twice" I said walking up behind him he just blushed. I wrapped my arms around his waist to his belly button.

"Magnus something is weird my stomach is getting bigger" What? Was Alec thinking do I have to have this talk with him? I guess so.

"Ale you are beautiful and no you are not getting bigger. Do you know why I have been doing to that body of yours?" Alec just blushes at this. I whispered in his ear "I have been putting my big cock in your tight hole and thrusting in and out until I hit your prostate and then you go screaming my name with your beautiful voice of yours" I purred at the last word.

Alec was getting hard I knew what he wanted so I looked at him in the mirror and put my right hand to his throbbing awaiting cock. Moving my hand Alec moaned at the pleasure, and put his right hand to my left. Alec was so cute when he was staring at me in the mirror. His head was in my right shoulder while I was pleasuring him. I couldn't stand anymore so I unbutton his black jeans that were coming off on his hips.

I sled my hand into his boxers and using my finger to get the pre-cum. Going up and down made Alec shiver and using his left hand to pull on my hair. His mouth on my neck and breathing hot heat into my skin was perfect. He nibbled on my ear that made me moan in pleasure. Alec black hair tickled my cheek and I had to giggle a bit.

"Magnus…Oh god I'm-I'm about to come al-almost" so I made my pace even faster and I felt him shoot in my hand I pecked his lips before he could respond back. Alec was blushing at what I did to him. Alec turned around so we were facing each other. Alec had a worrying expression on his face and his blue eyes were getting ready to cry.

So I pressed our lips together and licked his lower lip while Alec was opening his mouth for entrance. I happily sled my tongue into his mouth and exploring my boyfriend's mouth. I broke the kiss and was breathing for air Alec was to.

"Magnus I have to go to the institute" all I could do was smile at him he had shadow hunting to do so I just simply nodded. When Alec left I knew something was wrong because while I was touching Alec I felt a kick in his stomach. No way could Alec not be pregnant no way, but I did felt a kick definitely. I will ask him tomorrow.


Magnus did not feel the kick right? Maybe, but why did I feel a kick? All I could think about is going to Izzy with this so I had to find an excuse. I ran like literally ran and had I few falling down, but that was not the point. When I reached my house I just ran with the energy that was left.

"Wow…holds your horses" Izzy said without looking up to face me. Izzy just looked up to me and closed her magazine then threw it to who know where. "What's up?" she said sitting up and crossed her legs. I sat down softly and looked into her eyes. "Wow…what is it looks like you just saw a ghost"

"No Izzy I just want to know what happens if- if. How do you know you're pregnant?" Izzy looked at me then started to laugh. Why was she laughing?

"Alec you know boys can't have babies right?" right that was right, but why did Alec feel a shift in his stomach just know. "Alec you okay?" Izzy look frantic and held on my shoulders. "Why are you asking me this?"

"Izzy I thing I am…pregnant" I said in a shudder breath.

"Alec stop playing around with me" I just looked at her "Wait your serious?" Izzy tighten the hold on my arm. I winced at the pain. I just looked at the ground while Izzy was putting or like figuring out what I just said. "Alec is you sure?"

"Yes I felt a kick in my stomach and just know a shift like something moved on my body" I was whispering and about o cry like a baby I am a shadow hunter not a whimpering little baby.

"Alec I don't know not much evidences you sure?" I nodded "Okay um just give me a moment" Izzy walked to the bathroom and closed the door. Oh god does Izzy think I am a freak? No way if she accepted you as gay then maybe pregnant?

Alec heard a scream then a sequel and some jumping up and down then some stuff falling down. Izzy came out and hugged me into her embrace. Then handed me this long white thing and then there was a needle at the end.

"Um…Izzy how is this supposed to help me?" Izzy just hit her head with her right palm.

"Boys" Izzy said shaking her head. "It helps you see whether you are pregnant or not" Alec looked at her then tilted his head to the side. "What?"

"Why do you have it" I said and lifting an eyebrow. Izzy just looked away from my gaze.

"Um…what are you talking about?"

"Um…this thing in my hand that is what I am talking about" I said looking at Izzy with a glare. "Did you and Simon do something?"

"No I just use it in case Alec"

"In case what you get pregnant?" I said smirking not keeping my mouth shut to what I just said.

"Uh huh and you're the one talking" Izzy said patting my stomach. "Hi baby I'm you aunt Izzy" Izzy said with a little awe in her voice.

"Stop you are scaring him or her" I said and then take it back.

"So you are pregnant?" okay I admit I was hoping to be pregnant. "Okay put the needle in your finger then we will now"

So that was what I did it hurtled a bit, but it was kind of refreshing. We had to wait for like a minute or two or like 3. Izzy was the girl so she checked it and then saw her jaw fall open and her eyes wide open in shock? Or was she playing a joke?

"Alec…oh god you want good news or good new?" I just laughed.


"Okay brace yourself Alec Lightwood you are" Izzy paused and took my shoulder. "Pregnant" Izzy yelled into my face. I was shocked then collect myself and opened his eyes in dis belief.

"When are you going to tell mom or dad or Magnus? I bet he banged into you so hard" I hit her arm and she just laughed. When was I going to tell Magnus?


Today was going to be the day I tell Magnus then my mom and dad and then my whole family right? Yes Alec Lightwood you love your boyfriend and your family they will understand. I was in the front of Magnus apartment door with a sigh I pressed the buzzer. "Hello?" Magnus purred.

"It's me" I said with a shy voice oh how I hate it.

"Alec, baby cakes why didn't you just come on in it was not locked anyway, but come on up"

I made my way up to Magnus door when Magnus pulled me into a passionate kiss with his lip nipping my lower lip and my back against the door. Magnus was eager today, and I had to tell him. Magnus was making hickeys on my neck and onto my chest that was moving up and down by the action Magnus made.

"Magnus" I moaned. "I need to talk to you" Magnus stopped and then held both my wrist on top of my head and I looked into the eyes of the man I fell in love with. "Alexander" The way he said it was so sexy I could contain myself.

"Magnus" I said with a little shy voice.


When Alec said my name I just lifted him up and his legs wrapped around my waist. I went to my bed and snapped my fingers. We were skin to skin and know and Alec was blushing again. I love him so much and I want to make love with him until I can't take it anymore.

"Alec, baby turn around" and he did I got a good look at his pale white ass it was delicious and I felt like it was calling to me. "Alec you are so beautiful and I want to show you how much I love you" I could feel Alec shiver by me whispering on his spine. I kissed down until I was on his butt cheeks and I licked his line that was going down until I could taste his hole.

Alec shivered and that was all it took for me to not lose control. I went over to the table next to my bed and took out the lube. Putting some in my finger I spread Alec leg and saw the prize. I took my finger in and made swirls with it Alec was whimpering and sucking my finger up with is tight hole. Alec moaned at the pleasure.

"Alec baby are you ready?"

"Mag-Magnus come already I-I need you"

I granted his wish by slamming into him with no lube that I forgot. Alec screamed then I felt his muscle relax a bit. "Alec sorry"


Moving up and down and repeating the process and slid my hands into his we intertwined our hands. Alec was screaming my name and it sexy. Pounding Alec and feeling my sweat in my forehead. Our moans and scream's filled the air with our heating breaths. Alec got the urge to get on four legs his knees on the sheets.

I got a better angle and felt Alec prostate because Alec screamed. "Mag-Magnus oh almost their" going faster and with a twist and hard pound I hit Alec the spot that made him have sparks behind his eyes. We shoot off at the same time, while Alec and I slumped into the bed. I didn't leave Alec whole just yet. Alec was breathing hard, and I kissed his neck leaving Alec hickeys and bite marks.

Then I pulled out, Alec whimpered at the loss of him being full. I flopped on his left and got my back on the sheets. Alec flipped so we were facing the ceiling. I turned to face him, and kissed his lips. Alec snuggled in my neck and took a deep breath and let out his scent I loved so much.

"I love you, Alec forever and always" Alec looked up to me and slid his left hand to my right. We intertwined our legs and Alec kissed my lips.

"I *kiss* love*kiss* you*kiss*"

We then drifted off to sleep ~.