When I woke up Magnus had his hand on my waist and his leg between my legs. I remembered from what happen last night and blushed. I moved a little, but Magnus tighten his hand on my waist. I shifted so my back was to him. Magnus wrapped his hands around me and I felt the kick again I forgot to tell him. Magnus moved up to my stomach and touch were the ick had been. I was flushed red and Magnus turned me around and I looked into his eyes.

Magnus had his eyes stuck on my stomach and then his eyes met mine. I couldn't tell his expression and he just grabbed my waist. He pulled me into a warm embrace his arms around my neck and mines on his waist. Magnus lifted my chin.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I blushed and snuggled more into his neck and took deep breaths of the scent I was used to.

"I…scared" I was so scared he might not love me that he will throw me out.

"Alec, I love you no matter what happens" Magnus threw the yellow blanket away. I shivered at the loss and Magnus came on top of me. Then let his head go to my stomach with his left ear on my stomach. Was he trying to listen to the baby? I felt another kick and Magnus smiled at the reaction the baby gave. Magnus gave me a kiss and it became heated.

"Oh Alec you and him are going to be my world" him? Was he cheating with me? Like Magnus can read my mind he placed his smooth fingers to my stomach. He almost scared me.

"Magnus I need to go to the institute and tell my parents" Magnus kissed my lips.

"Let's take a shower or bath together"



When we reached Magnus bathroom Magnus heated it with the snap of his fingers. I just shivered; Magnus noticed and pulled me into his arms. Magnus slip his arms into my waist and I rested my head on his shoulders. I felt safe and protected. Alec kissed my forehead to feel the steam go around us in friction.

Magnus swayed like dancing and I did to we were moving to music? I giggled and Magnus lifted my chin. Magnus had his hair down and no make-up he was like an angel. Magnus got shampoo and put in my hair then ruffled it I was shocked and then bubbles appeared all around us and I threw some at Magnus.

"Alexander you will regret that"

"Or…what?" I grin.

"I will ravish you until you can't walk in a year my little princess" Magnus said and loomed over me.

I and Magnus were done with a long hot shower with Magnus teasing me and helping me clean up. Magnus insisted he will go with me and something hit me. While said it was a him? Magnus noticed I stopped and looked back at me.

"Darling you okay?"

"Magnus you said the baby was a boy?" Magnus smiled and nodded.

"Positive" Magnus tighten the grip.

We were walking on the top of the stairs of my home. I took a deep breath and then let it out when Max opened the door. Magnus smiled and then I stood their wide-eyed.

"Alec and Magnus" Max said

"Yes Max you have grown?" Magnus said

"No I just wanted to say your names" and the Max opened the door wider.

"Where are mom and dad?" Max turned over and then glare at me.

"I' am not CHRUCH!" Max took both his hands in his ears. "I' am a human being and the mini you Alec you were supposed to read to me last night, but you were with the unicorn man?" I had to laugh. "Look I bet he even poops glitter and pee rainbows" I burst in laughter.

"Max I do not pee rainbows, but I do wish to poop glitter" Magnus said and Max just giggled.

"Sorry I didn't mean that, but that was how Izzy was when she is PMGing or PMHing?"

"You mean PMSing?"

"Yes that…god that woman can scare me hoe does Simon go through her?"

"He gets duct tape that's why" I turned to see Izzy leaning on the door frame.

"Izzy um-um we were talking how great your cooking was" Max said.

"Then why did you make a gagging noise when I was holding up this" Izzy held up this green and black burnt thing. Max made a gagging noise. I laughed at this.

"I told you so"

"Oh so you do know that you cooking are so nasty and we always find an excuse to not eat your food?"

"Agh, fine why don't you cook Max?"

"At least it isn't you" It was Jace. I ran to him threw my arms around him. He was gone for a whole month at this clave meeting with valentine and now was at a break. "Okay…bro hold up" Behind was my Maryse and Robert. This was a chance!