Author's Note: Hey guys here is a Bella/ Caius Fan fiction. I always wanted to do one. I don't have a beta yet so be low on criticism. But please feel free to review.

Disclaimer for the whole story. I do not own Twilight. Twilight is owned by and written by Stephanie Meyer. But I really wished I did.


My name is Isabella Marie Swan., but I just go by Bella. I am a High school student with friends, and a ordinary boyfriend. But if you count vampires ordinary. Then something might be wrong. Edward is for all tenses and purposes is my mate. My one and only, and couldn't stand it to live without him. When I discovered what he was, he was so captivated by me. He was always curious about what I was thinking. He would say that I was really hard to read. We were destined and I believed that there wasn't anything that could tear us apart. If we ever fought with each other we would let the other some time, but after the first hour we would be in each other embraces. I knew with out a doubt in my heart that there was nothing in between us. So what went wrong.