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Chapter 10 - Trouble in Paradise

As bella began to wake. That was when I took my leave. As I closed the doors behind me I could detect from my brother that something was awfully wrong.

"What is it brother?" Aro was frowning at this point. Which he never did.

"There has been a spike in killings, that have been going on in the west. A lot of humans have took notice of it. If these killings don't stop it could ruin us and expose us." my composure was lost.

"What the hell brother. Have we sent any one down to deal with the problem."

"Well Alec and Jane had been sent on a trip so were Felix and Dimitri. Chelsea and Heidi went on a shopping trip where I don't see the point They have outfits in there closets that haven't seen the light of day. No pun attended." Well guess if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

"Well, Brother it would seem you would have the pleasure of talking to Bella. To where I am going. So it would seem that I will take a short exhilarating run for a bit. Since if you want it done the first time, the only thing you can try doing is by yourself."

"It would be my pleasure, Caius. I always rejoice in the feeling of seeing Ms. Swan. By the way brother, is there anything you've been meaning to tell me?"

"A thing? No nothing…Why?"

"Nothing. Now along you go. Wouldn't want to run into…."

As he nodded and flew by and out of sight.

Bella's Point of View

As I awoke . The first thing that I saw was the blonde vampire, Caius, leaving and shutting the door. As I turned my gaze from the door to my mother. I could tell that she won't be happy when she wakes up. I mean this was a lot to take in and considering that she took all of it in and only fainting was a sign that she could handle practically anything. Only if she sets her mind up to it. I could hear here waking up as I began to set my feet on top of the floor. I felt a hand land on my own and turned to see my mom staring wide eyed at me; and knew that this was only the beginning. As my mother, Renee, started to speak the door opened.

There in the middle of the doorway stood the black long haired Vultori king, Aro, and all of his glory. As his hands were clasped along his side. He was wearing a black suit that seemed old but just like him. "My dear Bella, So nice to see you again. Oh and forgive me Ms. Swan me and your daughter have been acquainted. Any family of Bella's is always welcome."

"Aro" as I bowed my head "I already told my mother about the situation. So I would like it, if you could stop the pleasantries. "

"Of course, Isabella" Aro motioned his hands upwards towards his face. Having his hands clasp together.

" Well, my brother has told me, that he would let your mother go. But she can not in any circumstances tell. Or we will have to kill her or make her in one of us. Which reminds me. Miss swan can I see your hand for a minute?"

"My hand what would you want?" Aro moved inhumanly as he took my mom's palm into his. Which resulted in him having an awestruck face.


"What Aro?" Having some curiosity into what he saw of my mom.

"It's Interesting, She would have the ability if she would be one of us. The ability to have power over the element of water. Most fortunate. She would be a very interesting if she were in the guard."

"Well, Aro for how amazing that sounds . I would like to decline for my mom. You see she will never tell anyone and she will certainty well not be a vampire."

"My apologies. But you should remember Bella, that I'm the one in power here. Also before I forget my brother wanted me to tell you that he has gone on a trip and will be returning soon. You may wander around. But if I was you . I would be careful. Wouldn't want anything to happen to you. Since you and my brother share this mysterious connection after all.