Chapter 21

Bella's Point of View

Bella was stumped to say the least. She always knew, what she was going to do, but every time she tried to immobilize Felix, Dimitri, and Alexander, they would always stay one-step ahead of me. It was frustrating to say the least. It was my third day of training and ever since I started, I haven't had a well-deserved nap. Not like I need a nap, well if I was still human. I could see all three of them were coming to their limit as we had been at it for almost 9 hours now. When I had an idea. They were almost at their limit, I was but I had enough energy for one last thought out attack.

I rushed towards the three of them as Felix and Dimitri ran towards me as I suddenly stopped and the next minute I slid under Felix as I used my vampire speed to knock them out and then all I had left was Alexander. As Felix and Dimitri accepted defeat and now both were watching from the sidelines.

We walked in circles as we stared right at each-other's eyes. Noticing every weakness and when we would attack one another. He made the first move as I dodged him the first time as I punched him towards the right, as he ducked. He was about to roundhouse kick as I jumped and avoided the confrontation with his foot. We were well matched and that was what lead us to this final fight. All of our reflexes that we did, were helping us to anticipate on what our next moves could be.

If I was still human I think that would be similar to a fight or flight response. Noticing that you're only focused on yourself and nobody else's. As your body suddenly tries to rescue itself. I was about to finish it, when all of the sudden Aro came stomping in. I took this as a distraction as I saw Alexander not paying attention towards me as I kicked him with my foot. He came crashing down on the mat. As I was about to do the final punch, I was man-handled and into the loving arms of my mate, Caius. I smiled as I looked around and I could see the seriousness of this situation.

"Sorry" Aro nodded as he began to say the most shocking news that I ever heard. We were being invaded and they would be here in less than an hour. I barely had enough training, I would have a week before all of this. My mate ushered me towards our room. He held me, I leaned in wanting to feel him. Even though we had little time. I wanted to savor this moment not knowing when would be my next chance. If I still had a heart, I know it would be beating crazy right about now.

We each gathered more appropriate battling clothes as, Aro and Marcus zoomed right in. We had a plan, starting on getting Aro's wife/mate out. Accompanied by Afton, and Santiago. We would have part of the guard behind us and the other part in front of the throne room. The ones that had shielding abilities such as Renata and Alec. Then have the active powers such as: Jane, Felix, Dimitri, Heidi, and Chelsea in front of us. I know it sounded a little bland, but you what they say, "save the best for last".

The Cullens entered the throne room, with confusion written across their faces. They didn't know what was going on, as we didn't get the chance to inform them. But when we did, there reactions were normal. As Esme was not excited about this, but would do anything to protect her family, the same would be said for Carlisle. Emmett looked ecstatic for a chance to fight, as Rosalie mirrored her mate. Alice could see, as she explained to us that they would be here soon, as I could feel Jasper trying to relax us before the fight. Which I was extremely grateful for. I didn't see Edward and I was hoping that it was going to stay like that.

We were nearing the time for battle. All of us waiting in anticipation, as the doors came open, as the sound of broken glass, from above could be heard. That was a surprise, as we weren't expecting that kind of an attack. But we managed as I could see all hell breaking loose. As I heard, the snapping of bodies, I focused on one vampire, that I was sure that killed my mother. It was Stefan as all of the others made way for him. My anger was at its limit, as I could feel my body tingle. Suddenly everything was in slow motion, like they were moving really slow. Even with vampire speed they were slow, Stefan was walking towards Caius, as I could feel inside of his mind through our connection. He wanted him dead just as much as I wanted to make him dead. I saw both of them fighting as Caius seemed to have the upper hand in the battle, as he pinned him down. He was kneeling in front of me as Caius held him firm.

I remembered my mom in that instant, the motherly love that she had always given me. The patience and the advice that she gave me through all my years of my human life. My mom was gone, and he had to know what he had taken away from me. This was my mom, my parent, my friend that was taken way too soon. My emotions were overflowing, I could feel a light flowing within me. As my hands and arms were covered with little tingles of Electricity. As my palms formed balls of blue fire, everyone I mean everyone stopped sensing who was going to win and better to surrender then be killed. So this was my power, as my face formed a smirk. This was for my mom, and for anyone who had gotten killed because of this vampire. I looked at him, his eyes showing no remorse for what he had done. As he struggled under my mate's grip. I looked up at my mate, as he nodded with approval for what I was about to do. This was my right, and nobody could take it away from me. My palm ignited hotter flames as the colors were spiraling against each-other forming violet flames mixed with black. I slowly moved my hand towards Stefan, wanting his death to be a slow and miserable torture.

I could hear the start of his screams, as I came nearer to his face. He showed the emotion of pure agony. Which only fueled me more to the point as I began to choke him, as the fire surrounded his neck and spread throughout his body as his final screams were mulled to nothing. With ashes as his only remains. It was quiet, as my power went out. I looked at Caius, with pure relief that he was dead, that I didn't notice a vampire coming towards me. But Aro stopped him, I was shocked that it was Alexander. His face showed nothing more than pure rage towards me.

"How dare you kill Stefan? He was my mate."

"He wasn't your mate. You deluded yourself into believing that you were his mate. But in fact you didn't have one once I killed his mate a long time ago.' That only made him angrier as Aro moved his head swiftly as Alexander couldn't do anything more as he was disbodied. I gave Aro a grateful nod, as I was completely in shock that Alexander was a traitor. But I could understand sometime during his time spying he got caught up, and he believed it when Stefan showed any feeling towards him. He was a pawn and just like a pawn, he got trampled over and killed.

I could feel my mate through our bond. The feeling that we succeeded in this battle. I looked towards the rest of the vampires, Aro probed them for any special talents that he could use to his advantage. The rest were killed, and I was okay with that. I turned back to the Cullens, as Carlisle came up towards me and patted me on the back. He was proud of me, proud of who I became, and would consider me family no matter what I do. This made me happy to know that they would stick by me no matter what I choose to do. However this happy moment didn't last long, for Edward came sauntering in. Which brought my happy mood down, as I could feel the tendrils of my power. He looked right at me as he tried to come over and embrace me, still going on about how I was his real true mate. Forget that a whole battle just happened and he could have helped, but he was stuck in his own little world. A world where I could forgive him, which wasn't going to happen

My eyes wondered over the dozen vampires that were in the throne room, as my eyes stopped on the big, muscular vampire, Felix. As if he could read my mind, he walked over to Edward and used his gift as Edward slowly hardened, as the sound of a glass breaking filled our ears. This was a just punishment, he was a selfish, manipulative bastard that didn't deserve any type of girl. I just did a world a favor. I looked to the Cullens as they showed that they accepted what had happened and smiled in return.

Everything was fine now. I was a vampire. A vampire that can see many life times. Though I wasn't happy at that time, I'm finally happy for what I turned out to be. That can travel and create lots of memories. My mother was avenged and knowing that she can rest peacefully, gave me a sense that immortality wasn't such a bad idea. I had a mate. A mate that loved me and would take care of me until I reached my end. As my mate encircled myself as he carried me to our room, as we would have eternity with each other. For I knew that he was trouble, but that was a good thing I think.