It's been a whole week since Anastasia Rose Steele ran for hills. Since then I've realised that my life will never be the same. Initially I down played the whole experience because I'm a Dom and I call the shots! I will rephrase, I was a Dom and I called the shots because frankly Anastasia did not give a monkeys ass about it. All that she does now is haunt me. Every waking moment I think of her and when I go to sleep she becomes my beautiful nightmare. It's as though she left a piece of herself in my apartment that evening she came. I have visions of her long legs pacing my apartment; I swear I hear her giggling in the middle of the night. If I could rewrite history then I would pick up from the day I took her the coffee shop. I would have planted a soft kiss on her lips when she fell into my arms after that bastard cyclist nearly ran her over. But guess what, the best lines I came up with were, 'I don't do the girlfriend thing. I'm not a hearts and flowers type of guy'

Funny enough I kept emphasising the things that I'm not and forgot to say to her "Anastasia I'm the biggest ass out there , with a billion dollar guarantee!'

I'm at my parents' house as Mia has just returned from Paris; the reason for a family gathering. As I had guessed Elliot invited his ball crushing girlfriend Kate Kavanagh, I made myself believe for a second that maybe, just maybe Anastasia would tag along. She is not here and I have been getting the evils from Kate. I need to speak to her and at least find out if Ana got home okay. I'm tempted to get a block of ice to freeze my balls before they are in the hands of Ball Crusher.

" Katherine can I speak to you for a second, privately. Please." She looks at me and gives me a smile.

" Sure, "she says conscious that we are being watched. We head to to the conservatory,

" What can I do for you Christian?" Straight to the point ,no messing about.

" I just wanted find out how, erm Anastasia is?"

" You could call her and ask, or maybe ask your assistant to perform that duty on your behalf. "

" She will not take my calls." I did try to call her once from a private number of which she was probably asleep at 2am and frankly have not had the guts to do so since. I couldn't even leave a message.

" Well what can I say, since she went to see you and came back at midnight, she cried herself to sleep all weekend and by Monday realised that she needed to get on with normal life like the rest of us!" Her arms are crossed and she clearly is not intimidated by me, definitely not sub material!

"Did she say anything about me?" I can't believe I've reduced myself to soliciting information from Katherine.

"Not much really but the words weird and a dick-tator were thrown around. She says you made her sign something so there is a limit to what she could tell me. However, she did explain that the relationship would be on your terms hence the word dick-tator" I don't know if I should applaud that little word play, I bet smart mouth Anastasia came up with that.

"Honestly Christian what is it exactly that you are into? From my guess it's either you're into swinging or that BDSM shit. So what is it? At least Jose asks for just a drunken kiss and when I left home he was as sober as a judge."

The mention of that name sets me off, she is trying to get to me and she is winning. I look at her, trying not to let the steam from nostrils escape and so she carries on.

"Your silence is a clear indication that I'm right, anyway let me not get tied up with you, I will go and find my very normal boyfriend Elliot." With that she swings her little ass leaving me alone.

Bitch! I scream in my head and what the fuck was Jose doing at the apartment in fact who the fuck is he doing now while I'm busy playing happy families?

A week ago I sat there watching Anastasia as she read my contract word for word and literally decapitated it up to the point where I wondered " who is the sick bastard who came up with that shit? "

"You don't want me to touch you, I'm not allowed to look at you unless you grant me permission and you're expecting me to believe that this somehow is for my benefit? What fool do you take me for Mr Grey, Sir?"

She was mocking me, "And what will I get from this arrangement?"

A mind blowing orgasm ( if you behave), a red behind if you don't .

" Me," was the only answer I could verbalise

She let out a laugh,

"And which part of you would that be?"

I had no answer to that, who in their normal mind would?

"It's clear to me Mr Grey, Sir that you use certain things to your advantage then pretend as though these women are somehow entering some mutual agreement when you have the upper hand all the way. How many women have wanted more than this at the end of it all, and surely it is up to you what you give them isn't it? As you have clearly said there are women out there willing and eagerly awaiting your call. You certainly did not meet me in sub-way or a sub-club and frankly I am insulted and horrified that this is what you want of me!" She stood up and grabbed her purse.

"If I may I will go now, " and with that she left.

I don't even know how she got home for after that she didn't want to be tainted by anything Grey.

Since then I have not been able to function, right now I could pack up Grey enterprises and go into hiding. Trouble is, if I do that I will be by myself and it's Myself who I have issues with.

I even found a new sub whose contract was terminated in a matter of minutes. The moment I had her in the playroom dressed as she was meant to be. I asked her,

" Now Heather do you know why you are here?" and she said "Yes Sir," not following the rules, looking at me. Then I realised that she had no clue, none of these subs have ever had a clue. Heather was here to take a punishment fuck on behalf of Anastasia Rose Steele, the little witch who refused to submit. All the other subs have taken beatings on behalf of the woman who should have shown me love but could not give a fuck about me.

That was when I decided to let Heather go, she clearly has her own issues that make her believe she needs to be beaten and fucked by a billionaire.

I've decided to step outside for some air while everyone else seems be having fun, hooray for Mia, back from Paris. I've shown my face and I think it's time I go home and go back to the haunted house.

I quickly excuse myself, I have a breakfast meeting tomorrow that I need to prepare for, at least that's what I tell them and it is perfectly believable.

Before I know it I'm parked outside her apartment, don't ask me how I got here but here I am. I hesitate before I knock on her door, maybe she is not home, what if she is home and not alone and that Jose has succeeded in his pursuit. Maybe she is home 'entertaining' herself? What wouldn't I pay just to watch; my dick twitches at that thought. Anastasia you are a witch and I believe you are enjoying every minute that you dish out torture to me.