My first PewDiePie fanfiction. Enjoy it. ν•˜γ…›γ„Ήν—ˆ.


"Time to sleep..." Pewds said playing Lucius. Mornin' " Waking up not giving a shit!" he sang. "Come here Bengt, lets go kill Jovita!" He walked up to the red and white ball to pick it up. " Lucius, I can't play with you today." his mom said tiredly. " WHAT? I don't want to play with you bitch!" " Lucius, what did you say?" "Nothing." "Okay..." Lucius quickly walked away saying "stupid bitch!" "Oh a camera and paper!" "I know. I've seen the signs..." "Ho shit!" "You saw the penises too?"

-opens door- "Oh! They're having sex!" -takes picture- "That's right!" -puts picture in Jovita's room- "Joviitaaa!" "Huh?" "Oh put the killing things in her room." -does it- "Joooviitttaaa!" -walks in- "oh! How could he do this to me?!"

-walks to balcony- -starts crying- "Time to mind control her!" -makes her fall off balcony- "HAHAHA!"

uncle Tom is on chapter 2