This chapter is for CuteDoctor. Enjoy

Cop reviews Tom now on to ze killing!

"Okay now how do we kill this slut?" "Hmmmm..." -goes in basement and finds poison- "Genius Pewds strikes again!" -switches bottle from Tom's beer- "Damn this is bugged!" -resets mission- "Nooo it's still bugged!" -a few minutes later- "Phew, finally it works!" "Yeeesss!" "Gulp it down bitch!" "wait, that's not how to drink!" -Tom starts choking- "G-Gah!" "Hehehe!" -Pewds starts rubbing his hands together evilly- -Tom looks at Lucius- "Y-You little shit!" "So you were behind all this!" -Tom reaches his hand to grab me but he dies- "Muahahahaha!"

After Tom's death McMuffin say some stuff and Pewds said in a low voice "McMuffin..."

Okay I might make chapter 3 this week or not. Lets hope yes.