The brown-haired woman stood watching the flight to Paris pull away from the gate. She wore her hair in a long pony tail that she had thrown over one shoulder. She also wore a set of slacks and a nice blouse instead of one of her usual dresses. While she wasn't actually in disguise, sometimes even the smallest things could help you be invisible in plain sight. As she watched the plane leave, she was approached by the airport employee who sold Ranma and Akane the tickets to Paris. The black-haired woman handed the brown-haired woman a coffee, and smiled gently at the unshed tears in Kasumi's brown eyes.

"It's all set, Kasumi. As soon as they are in the air, the flight attendant will hand the package to Akane. I spoke to the attendants on the flight to Nepal as well. The Kunos were told that there were no First Class tickets available. Anyone who asks will be told that there is a red-haired woman and a blue-black-haired woman sitting up in First Class together, and that First Class is not accessible by Coach. First Class will also be allowed to leave the plane before anyone else."

"Thank you, Maki. And thank you for the heads-up when Genma and Happosai showed up this morning."

'You are more than welcome, Kasumi." Maki gave Kasumi a hug and then went back to work.

The young woman sighed as the plane rolled out of sight and then started to walk around the building to get a better view of the runway. It had been a close call. Fortunately, Kasumi had been sisters with Nabiki long enough to recognize a scam coming. She let herself smile – admittedly, Ranma had done very well. He had thrown everyone off the young couple's track, buying them at least a month head-start, if not two. He and Akane could probably have managed to vanish completely. But Kasumi was never happy with "probably" – this was her baby sister here.

She thought about the contents of the package and the letter Nabiki had included with it:

Dear Akane and Ranma,

Kasumi asked me to prepare this package about six months ago. She was hoping you'd never need it, but I guess she could see the hand-writing on the wall as well. Behold my greatest (and last) con. There is full backup behind this, so make the switch as soon as you land.

Remember: You can fool some of the people all of the time. And you can fool all of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time – and you can not fool your sisters at all!

Love Nabiki

Kasumi had signed her name as well to the letter this morning. The package contained a complete set of false ID's and passports, including a set for Ranko. Only Kasumi and Nabiki knew the assumed names. Maki has used yet another set of names on the tickets and checked them in, so there was no need to show any passports until they landed in Paris.

She found a seat and sat, watching the couple's plane taxi into position for take-off. As it accelerated down the runway, she let the tears flow down her cheeks, but also kept a smile on her face. "Good bye, you two. Take care of each other, and we will see you in a few years hopefully," she whispered.