Once upon a time, there was an older man. He was very lonely on his farm because his wife had died many years ago, before their child could be born. The old man had wanted a child badly.

This old man kept his dead wife's garden alive for many years, to remember her by. The garden consisted of many flowers, but the predominant flower was a lotus flower. It had been his wife's favorite.

Every year, the old man would plant lotuses, pink, blue, white, red, all colors, and smile while remembering her.

One year, he wished for a child while he planted his flowers.

Weeks later, all of the lotuses were in full bloom, except for a very large pink lotus. He wondered why this was, and every day he would talk to the lotus, coaxing it into blooming, before he was off to focus on the rest of his farm.

One day, he was talking to the closed flower, when it's petals started to fall open, and it bloomed.

Inside of the flower was a young man with hair as dark as night, and eyes as blue as sapphires.

The old man picked up the young man, who was no bigger than his thumb, and smiled.

"Hello little one. My name is Froi Tiedoll. What is your name?"

But, the boy didn't seem to have a name.

"Oh, don't fret. I will name you."

He thought for several minutes, while the young man stood up stubbornly, using his thumb for balance.

"Thumbelina. Yu Thumbelina Kanda."