"He opened his eyes in time to meet gold eyes, before he was snatched away in a bag enough for him alone."

Sheril picked up the bag with his new hostage, and smirked. "Road adored you when you flew by with Prince Allen. You'll make an excellent gift for her sixteenth birthday."

Sheril leaped from the window, expertly grabbing a vine and sliding down, before he ran off with his new prisoner, who had fallen asleep in the bag, much too exhausted to even fight.

After an hour of hard travel, Sheril made it home to his and his daughter's riverboat.

He threw the bag in an empty room, before locking up the room, and going to make breakfast for himself and his dear daughter.

He made minnow stew, with secret herbs reform his river garden. He set the table for two as his young daughter, Road, back flipped into the room. The two were a two person traveling circus. They performed for the locals, but their greatest achievement had been their single performance for the royal fairy family.

Road smiled as she walked over to her father, kissing his cheek. "Did you get my present, daddy?" She asked, eager to know.

"Of course my darling little girl! Eat up, and I'll show you." He offered.

Needless to say, Road set a new record for eating her father's almost indigestible food.

After she helped clean up the dishes, Sheril led her to the locked room.

Inside, Kanda was livid. He had broken two bedside tables, a chest, a dresser, and three lamps.

When Road opened the door, she saw her little gift, sleeping peacefully on the bed. She giggled happily, and slightly maliciously. "Thanks, Sheril! He's perfect!"

Sheril smiled. "He's all yours. But stay safe." He warned.

Road closed the door, sat in a chair, crossed her legs, and simply waited.

Allen arrived at Kanda's window at dusk, only to find the window was closed. This was an alarm to Allen.

He tapped on the glass, trying to get anyone's attention. He heard a dog's deep bark, and an older man came to the window and opened it. Allen could see tears trailing from his eyes, all the way to his bushy mustache. His eyes were red, a signal that he'd been crying for a long time.

This set off an alarm in Allen's head, and he fluttered up to Tiedoll's face. This startled the older man, but, he extended his hand for the young fairy to alight on.

The fairy landed softly, on the offered Shane, and looked him the adult. "Sir, where is Kanda?" He asked curiously.

but this simple question made Tiedoll burst into even more tears. "He's gone! He's disappeared!" He cried loudly, wiping his eyes with his sleeve.

Allen gasped softly. Kanda was gone? Allen fluttered up and patted the older man's cheek. "I will find him." He promised.

Kanda woke at sundown, and his eyes met a golden pair. He flinched back, before realizing that the face that housed those eyes was feminine, not masculine.

He stood and walked right past the girl, ramming his shoulder against the door. As he continued to do this, the young girl giggled, enjoying the show he was putting on.

"It's locked." She said, before laughing again. "You won't escape."

Kanda glared at her, before continuing his futile attempt at escaping. "I can escape." He huffed between hits against the door.

After an hour, the young man was exhausted, and he slouched against the door, trying to slow his breathing as the girl stood from her chair, and approached.

"My name is Road." She informed him, looking to his eyes, before pulling a wooden knife from the folds of her dress, and and pressing it to his cheek. Kanda felt the bite of the wooden blade as it barely pierced his skin. However, he refused to cry out.

She frowned. "You are no fun. A normal person would have made a noise. I'm going to have to break you." She smirked, and leaned in, pressing her tongue to his blood, before continuing to draw blood.

Down the hall, Sheril could hear his daughter's evil cackle, and after a little while, he could even hear soft cries from him. The older man couldn't wait to see what she did to him.

After a while, and a long bought of silence, Sheril decided to bring Road some snacks to keep up her energy.

He knocked open the door, a tray of cookies in His hand. "Road, I'm coming in." He called through the door, before opening it. He was knocked to the side, as a flash of black zoomed past him.

Sheril blinked, and looked into the room. "Road?" He asked as he found her,min the middle of the floor, her knife dropped beside her, a wound on her abdomen bleeding.

Sheril chased down the former captive, but by then, the young man was gone. He was swept away by the river current.

Sheril was pissed off as he went back inside, and gently sat up his baby girl. "He'll be dead soon. A cold front is rising." Sheril informed her as he took her to get her bandaged.

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