Chapter 2

"Let her go, Edward. That's Charlie's daughter, Isabella," Carlisle commanded as he emerged from the open office.

Edward, the douche bag, was still hovered over me. He stared at my face for another second before standing and straightening his clothes.

All I could think about was that some asshole had been on top of me, trying to cop a feel right in my dad's office. You had to have some pretty big balls to do that, and break my arm.

I hissed in pain as I felt Edward's leg brush against my shoulder. I was sure he had done it on purpose.

"Her arm's broken." A small smirk tugged at his lips as he continued to glare. It was like looking at a brick wall when I looked up at him. A hot brick wall, but still.

Screw him and the sex hair he rode in on.

"Bells." Charlie rushed past both of them and lifted me off the floor as I cradled my arm. "Did this asshole hurt you?"

"She was snooping, listening in on your conversation," Edward accused. His moppy, bronze hair moved along with his manscaped eyebrows.

Did I get attacked by an Abercrombie model?

"You attacked me like some pervert. Did you sneak a grab at my tit while you had me down?" I could have sworn I felt something hard on him besides his abs when he held me on the floor.

"You little bitc..." I saw his weird ass, onyx eyes flash in anger.

I was ready to grab Charlie's gun and butt him with it if he leapt at me, see if knocked off some of that pretty he was carrying.

"Edward Masen Cullen, that is the police chief's daughter. You will watch yourself!" I couldn't help but snort as Edward's eyes widened at Carlisle.

Obviously daddy didn't raise his voice enough with Edward.

"How was I supposed to know that?" Edward asked, and suddenly I felt like I was back in kindergarten. Any minute now Edward was gonna stick out his tongue or pull my hair.

"That is no excuse, Edward." Carlisle came to my side and gently lifted my arm, examining it before turning to Charlie.

I was surprised at how calm my dad was. I'd have to ask him about that later.

"We can go back to my house, I have all the equipment there."

"I need a hospital." I winced as he icy fingers moved across my arm. That douche definitely broke something.

"I'm a doctor, Isabella. Everything we'll need is at our home," Carlisle said as Charlie pushed me through the exit of the station. "As for you, we'll talk tonight." Edward didn't even bother taking his eyes off me, even with Carlisle's cold glare on him.

"The hospital is closer." I tried to argue but both Charlie and Carlisle stared blankly at me.

"It's too... dangerous there," Charlie muttered as I cut my eyes to the three men around me.

"We'll explain at the house," Carlisle replied, but I stopped short of getting into his car.

I trusted my dad, but those two are getting creepier by the damn minute.

"I heard you. In the station, I mean... I heard you both," I whispered to Charlie, not wanting the doctor or his spoiled son to overhear our conversation. Edward whipped his head toward me, his black eyes felt as though they could cut right through my body.

"You have my word, we will explain everything to you, but I need you to get in the car."

Wordlessly, I let him guide me in, I felt like a prisoner as he delicately pushed my head and held my arm. I didn't make a single sound until I saw who I was sitting next to.

"Do you always attack people you don't know?" I sneered scooting as close to the window as I could.

"Are you always a crazy bitch or was that just for me?" Edward's eyes narrowed as he waited for a reaction.

I didn't care if he broke my arm, I turned my head and lifted it, along with my middle finger.

"I knew you cared." He laughed as I ignored him and watched the road pass us by.


The ride to Carlisle's was long and bumpy. Trees surrounded and swallowed everything as we drove for over an hour. I could feel Edward's eyes on me the whole time.

There was something very strange about Edward and Carlisle. Their eyes for one, I'd never seen anything like them. Carlisle's were so bright, so golden they looked fake.

Edward's eyes had a touch of Carlisle's gold, but the black was far more dominate with him. His eyes looked older, older than Carlisle's. Like he'd seen things, things that might terrify me if I asked.

It was a tragedy really. He was so nice to look at, but when he opened his ridiculously soft looking lips, he ruined his look.

Maybe he was gay.

"Try to keep your arm still," he snapped suddenly, making me jump and smack my face into the window.


"Mind your own business," I hissed in pain as we hit yet another bump.

"You should take your own advice," he said, his nostrils flaring as he looked at me.

"Did your daddy not hug you enough as a child?" I could hear Charlie and Carlisle laugh from the front seat. I felt bad for a split second before I glanced at Edward who looked like he wanted to punch me.


I don't remember falling asleep. I could hear the engine shut off and when I opened my eyes, Edward was, once again, staring right at me. His eyes were softer and his hand opened at his sides, just inches from my thigh. There was an itch to move closer to him, to see if the burn was still there, but I held still and just watched him.

There was something about Edward, something different that I couldn't put my finger on. I already knew he was an asshole, that was clear by the man handling. There was something else though, something more.

I unbuckled my seatbelt, taking my eyes off him. I was ready to get out of this car and back on my two feet. The pain in my arm was starting to ease up, but it was stiff and swollen now.

I looked over at the house, well, it was more like a damn hidden mansion.

"Holy shit!" I laughed watching Charlie and Carlisle talking at the front of the cars. My eyes slid back to the house and I could feel Edward watching me. "Your house, dude."

"Esme has a thing for houses," he replied, sounding slightly embarrassed.

"It definitely doesn't look like it belongs in Forks." I said, looking at the tall glass windows and huge white concrete walls.

It was the most beautiful house I had ever seen. Even the yard was gorgeous.

"Esme's your mom?" I asked as I watched someone pass by a window.

The whole thing looked like it belonged in some magazine somewhere far away from a single family logging town. Three stories worth of beauty out in the middle of the woods and housing the new town crazy. Go figure.

I heard Edward chuckle beside me as I tried to press my face to the window, hoping to get a better look. My arm stopped me as I leaned on it and winced, remembering it was injured.

I hoped maybe Carlisle would put a cast on it. Edward seemed like the type that enjoyed pain. I wouldn't mind using him to make sure the cast held together if I was to bang it against something hard.

"You'd like that wouldn't you?" Edward asked as I reached to open the door.

"Like what?" No way had I said that out loud and I knew he couldn't hear what I was thinking. Although, it would add to his douchiness.

"Me pulling your hair." And with that, he was up and out of the car, stomping off to the door of the house, leaving me wide eyed and slack jawed.

"No fucking way."

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