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I wasn't shocked to wake up to the sounds of Edward and Charlie again.

I did groan in disappointment when Charlie called up and asked if I was ready for school. I'd forgotten I was going back today. It was our last day before graduation, and everyone had to be there.

I'd been so wrapped up in thinking about Edward last night that school had slipped my mind.

After I rushed through a shower and got myself presentable for school, I walked down stairs to find Edward had added bipolar to his resume.

He and Charlie both, actually.

The minute I stepped into view they both started whispering. When they noticed me, they immediately straightened up and looked at each other with concern.

"What's going on?" I knew something was wrong by the frown they both wore, and the eerie quiet that filled the room so quickly.

"Edwards gonna take you to school today if you don't mind, Bells. I need to have the truck tires looked at." It was a bullshit excuse. Charlie just had the truck looked at, and the tires were almost brand new. I kept my mouth shut though, not feeling up for an argument.

I'd hoped a ride with Edward might get me some answers. I knew Charlie wouldn't tell me what was going on, and Edward's narrowed eyes made me think he might not either.

Maybe he was just pissed after spending all night throwing up all that pizza.

It's not like I forced him to eat it.

"It's fine. Just let me grab my Pop-Tarts and my bag." I walked right past them both. I knew the minute I left the room they'd be back to whispering.

"Call me if something happens or you need me, Bells. Okay?" He hugged me tight, making me nervous before Edward walked me to his car.

I should have seen it then. I should have demanded answers.


The ride to school was awkward, but not humiliating like pulling into the school was.

Edward made a show of parking as close to Jessica's car as possible.

"You don't need to do that." I was already closing my eyes, my face turning beet red as Jessica stared into the dark tinted windows, primping her hair.

"Someone's gotta ensure Jessica's vanity don't they?" he chuckled, presumably at how ridiculous she looked. "Is she always like this?"

"Yes." My head rolled back, smacking the headrest. I wanted to defend Jessica, but I couldn't. I didn't want to lie to Edward, plus he would hear it anyway. I was sure he'd already read her mind anyway.

Which reminded me.

"Yes, I can read all of their minds." I heard the annoyance in his voice as he looked around the parking lot. Most people were looking at his car, and I could imagine what they were thinking.

"All the time?" I cringed remembering all the times I'd called him an asshole and questioned his sexuality.

"All the time, and I'm not gay."

"Are you sure?"

"If I was gay, Isabella―" He leaned over the armrest, his honey colored his locking onto mine. "Would I do this?"

The harsh cold of his hand lifting my chin made my heart race and I stopped breathing as his incredibly soft lips touched mine. It was dizzying having Edward's lips on mine, like a feather brushing against them. His mouth was soft, and his hands gentle, as he moved them to my neck, pulling me closer.

"Breathe," he whispered against my lips as my body relaxed and his fingers tangled into my hair.

The kiss lasted less than a minute, but I would never forget the way his icy tongue felt in my mouth, or how his lips molded against mine.

When he moved away I blinked. My lips remained parted and my mouth watered with my desire to taste him again. I felt like I was going to pass out. I'd never been kissed like that, never even thought that was how kissing could be.

"What the hell was that?" I was breathless and trying desperately to lift the fog in my mind.

"It was a kiss." He laughed and adjusted himself. Someone enjoyed themselves.


"To show you I'm not gay." He shrugged, but I could see the effect the kiss had on him, too. Hell, my heart was still racing.

"Liar." That was more than about just proving yourself, I added in my head.

"Would you look at that. Time for school." He winked just as the bell rang and gave me a cocky smile before opening his door.

"Oh god." I zipped my hoodie as far as it would go and lifted my hood over my head. Hopefully, no one would see me getting out of this car. If they did, especially Jessica, I would be so fucked. She wouldn't be able to control herself.

It would spread faster than any STD she'd ever had.

"Now come on, Bella. Don't be shy." Edward chuckled as he moved to open my door. I tried like hell to lock him out, but he just pressed the unlock button on his key ring until I gave up.

"I'm not shy you asshole." This wasn't shy, this was humiliating. This was definitely payback for the food.

As I stood from the car, I could see Jessica and Lauren surrounded by Angela and Ben. All four of them were gawking.

"What are they thinking?"

"They're jealous, Bella."

"This is gonna be all over the damn school," I groaned, wondering which rumor Jessica would spread.

"Do you really care about that?" With just one day until graduation, I didn't. But that didn't mean I was going to like the stares and whispers I'd get the rest of the day.

"Please be here when school lets out. The last thing I need is Jessica hounding me in the parking lot." I didn't like begging him, but he left me no choice without my truck being here.

"No problem sweet cheeks." He slapped my ass lightly, sending me stumbling forward with wide eyes and a hidden smile beneath my hood.

What the hell was he doing to me?


First period was a breeze. I was able to avoid anyone who saw me with Edward, and our English teacher stayed busy grading papers.

But First period was also hell. It left time to think about what he'd done to me.

The sneaky bastard heard all my thoughts, every single one since he attacked me at the police station, and he turned them in his favor. It felt like he was in my mind, playing games, like a game of push and pull.

He'd made me like him. He was too damn charming for his own good, and I was happy to be away from him for a bit. I needed the air and the space. I was still reeling from all the zombie and vampire talk. I had no idea what to tell anyone.

I couldn't tell them about Edward or his family. He'd never asked me not to, but there was trust put in me just by letting me know. I knew letting Charlie know was risky. Who would believe me anyway?

The zombies were a different story. I couldn't tell them the new doctor in town witnessed a dead person walk around and try to eat someone.

Instead, I cleared my head during lunch, letting myself forget about him and everything else for awhile. I focused on Jessica's nagging and Mike's incessant need to hover over her.

I ignored Lauren's glares and Ben's prying. I told them both I had no idea what was happening. Sick people were sick.

I felt like crap for lying, but there just wasn't a way to explain it without sounding insane.

I counted the minutes until last period. I let Jessica talk me into going to Port Angeles after school, even though I was just going to wear jeans under my graduation gown. She would be so focused on the clothes, I wouldn't need to worry about answering her questions.

Going with her would keep me from having to go to Angela's tonight as well. She would definitely not let me leave without telling her something. She could hold her tongue in a room full of people I didn't much care for, but alone she was like a shark on attack.

Eventually, I would tell Angela everything; crazy or not.

When the conversation strayed away from me, I breathed a sigh of relief and picked at what was left of my lunch.

I didn't miss Angela's eyes straying, or the look on her face that warned me something was wrong. Eric wasn't sitting in his usual spot. He wasn't beside her, holding her hand, or laughing at some corny joke. Apparently, he'd gotten sick earlier and was waiting in the office for his mom.

I ignored it, just like I had everything else. I offered her a sad smile and went back to my food. I let the pit of my stomach tighten and twist until I was sure it was going to explode.

With a crappy excuse, I walked out of lunch early, promising to catch up after school.

I didn't bother to look back. I let my nerves carry me to the comfort of a stall and splashed cold water over my clammy skin.

I told myself nothing would happen, that I did the right thing, and that all my worrying was over nothing.

"No regrets, Bella." I stared at my reflection, hoping that would be true.


People ran past me in the hall. One person knocked me into a locker as they tried to flee. I watched in horror as something reached out and grabbed at Jessica just as she was about to reach me to help me up.

I heard the smack of her head when it hit the floor with a dull wet thud. I could see the blue backpack hanging on his shoulders as he lunged at her. His teeth were bared, and his eyes sunken in. His skin was grey, with dark jagged lines running across his cheek. .

"Eric?" I whispered with tears in my eyes as I scrambled to sit up. I'd just seen him this morning and he was fine. I remembered his hand in Angela's as they walked to class laughing about some corny joke he'd told.

"Oh, God."

I screamed and my eyes widened when I felt blood splatter all over me, replacing my tears. The hot, sticky liquid dripped down my face, making my stomach roll as I watched him rip her open inch by inch. Teeth replaced fingers, causing small chunks of flesh to smack against the floor as he tore at her. I could see his trail of destruction along her exposed skin, bite marks that looked as if she was being mauled by a wolf. There was a hollowed out hole at her hip that he was digging in, and her blood began pooling at the floor.

He didn't care about her screams, or the thrashing of her legs as he clawed at her clothes. His nails only dug deeper, shredding the fabric beneath him as he took another bite.

"HELP HER!" I screamed to the people running around us. Not one of them even gave her a second glance as that thing pierced her arm with his bony fingers, ripping away the flesh and exposing the white of her bone.

I watched the light leave her eyes and her head roll to the side as he bit down. The crunch of his teeth against her muscle and the smacking of his lips made me heave as he chewed on what was left of her arm.

I tried to push myself up, but failed as he moved to her shoulder and palmed her blood soaked face. His moans became the only thing I could hear as he pushed his face further into her trembling body.

I wanted to run, to scream, but I couldn't move and I couldn't look away.

I knew there were people screaming for me to run. I could just barely make them out over him. His moans made their screams nothing but white noise as I tried to swallow the bile in my throat.

Just at the edge of the lockers, right behind the nurses station, Jessica lay bloody and screaming on the floor. Eric had ripped through her shirt, his fingers pulling at the threads as she cried out in pain.

"Bella!" Angela startled me as she started shaking my shoulders. "Bella we have to go!" She cried as she tried to pull me back.

The boy I once shared lunch with, the one I'd known since I was five, was on top of my friend, with his face buried deep into her stomach. His hands fisted into her hair as her own, weak and fumbling, tried to fight him once again.

It was Lauren's screams that startled him. I watched as he took another bite and I grabbed Lauren just as his dead eyes connected with us.

His face was covered in her blood. His round yellowing eyes bulging, as bits of her torn flesh was covering his rotted skin and hanging from the corner of his mouth. I watched, my eyes growing wide, as he tried to push himself off her. There was blood spreading outward from under her, making his hand shootout as he landed beside her, splashing in the sticky liquid. He didn't bother trying to get up when his face smashed into Jessica's with a sickening thud. As if the nightmare couldn't get worse, Jessica mouth opened, letting out one loud terrifying scream before his teeth sunk into her jaw, quieting her completely.

There was a terrifying silence as everyone running stopped and looked around us.

"He's... he ate her!" Lauren shrieked, her hand shooting to her mouth as she began sobbing.

Angela started screaming at me again, forcing me to snap out of my daze. Jessica's wide dead eyes turned toward us one final time as Eric chewed the skin on her cheek. Hot tears rolled down my face, as he let go of her face. Thick stringy chunks of her skin rested in his hands as he began swallowing my friend.

"Bella we have to go now!" Angela grabbed my wrist and jerked me backwards, just the sounds of Eric's teeth connecting with another part of Jessica reached my ears. I could hear the skin tearing and his hungry growls as he took bite after bite, swallowing and digging in again as if he'd never eaten in his life.

I let Angela tug me away from the scene as that thing focused on Jessica. I dry heaved before turning away and running for my life.

I tried to keep up with her as she let me go to push others out of our way. Once again, I was pushed into lockers and tossed aside when I lost site of Angela.

I focused on the sound of my sneakers smacking the floor, trying desperately to block out the sound of Eric's teeth against Jessica's bone.

It was the last image I saw before I felt something grab my ankle and heard my skull smacking into a locker.

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