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We are all infected and impure with sin.

... Father of Christ...

When we display our righteous deeds, they are nothing but filthy rags.

... I have sinned...

"Naruto!," I look up from my book, A Great and Terrible Beauty, and see Sakura running towards me, an ecstatic look on her face. I smile and mark my page, setting the book down onto the unoccupied edge of the bench i'm currently sitting on. She finally reaches me, and breathe's, before sputtering out "I'm sorry i'm so late, I got caught up arguing with my mother," I shrug and say "It's fine," She chuckles, striding along, and I grab my book and bag walking with her.

"So Naruto, are you going to do Bible readings on Thursday?," she asks me. I give her a look. She smiles at me. "I know, I was joking... of course you are. Ugh... Naruto, you go to every single Christian thing! Why don't you skip one and come with the Gang and I? We're gonna go see the premiere of Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part two! Please come? You can even make fun of the love scenes with Kiba," she coax's me. I shake my head at her. "No...," I say slowly, as if she were five. Sakura huffs at me, but doesn't pester on it anymore.

Broadview Academy starts coming into view. It stands tall and proud. I smile.

My peaceful thoughts are interrupted when my friend Kiba slams into me.

"Naruto!," he shouts "You didn't even wait for me!," I sigh and shrug him off. "I was waiting for Sakura this time," I tell him. Sakura gives him a smug look, and Kiba pouts (As much as he can). "Ahh, whatever," he mumbles, standing to my left, Sakura on my right. "Kiba-," I say "-you got dirt on my uniform! What were you doing? Rolling in mud?," Kiba grins at me. "Heh, close fuck-tard, it was shit," he says. My lips form a tight line at his words, and Sakura's conking him over the head before I can say anything. "Kiba, you idiot!," she reprimands "Don't cuss in front of him!," "Sorry! I forgot...," Kiba whines, nursing his fresh wound. Sakura snorts at him, and takes her place once again to my right.

After a few minutes of silence, I turn and smile at Kiba. He grins weakly back at me, and we both know apologies have been excepted.

"Mr. Uzumaki,"

I stop in the middle of the hallway, and look over my shoulder. Mr. Umino is walking towards me, a smile on his face. "Good morning, Mr. Umino. How are you today?," I ask. He stops beside me. "I'm fine, thank you," he says.

It's quiet, and then we both start laughing.

"That was the nicest conversation we have ever had, Naruto," Iruka says. I grin at him, starting to walk, him following. "Yes, I didn't think I could keep it up any longer," I say. Iruka smiles at me. Apparently, a thought pops up in his head, because blurts out "Oh yes, Naruto, did you know we have a new student?," I shake my head. "Well-," Iruka continues "-he's foreign. He just previously converted... Could you help him?," I clear my throat, and after a few minutes of thinking, I say "I guess I could...," Iruka chuckles and places a hand on my shoulder. "Good, good... I'll run and grab him, please head to my room," Iruka throws over his shoulder, already running to wherever. I stop and then call out "B-but, I was...," Iruka turns the corner. "... supposed to deliver these to Mrs. Yuhi (A/N: Kurenai)...," Sighing, I change directions, shrugging up the books in my arms.

Iruka is taking FOREVER!

"Come on already...," I mutter under my breath. Mrs. Yuhi is going to have my head... With nothing to do, I silently rearrange the books that are on the desk in front of me.

I wonder what we're having for lunch today...


Sakura had a pimple on the left corner of her forehead... I won't tell her though, she is very sensitive about her forehead...


Hm... I want ramen...

I leave my thoughts when I hear distant footsteps. Placing the last book atop the others, I look towards the classroom door patiently, yet eagerly. Iruka is the first to step in. He smiles at me, and says "Naruto, meet your new classmate, Sasuke Uchiha,"

The mystery person steps inside, and my breath hitches.

Beautiful. That's the first word that comes to my head. Tall. Very tall, at least a half a head higher then me. Dark hair that contrasts exceptionally with his pale skin. Nice, cut facial features. I look down, and am able to tell he has a nice fit body, with the way his clothes cling to him. I bring my eyes back up, and make contact with...

... darkness.

I feel my throat go dry.

Calculating. They're calculating me, scanning over me in such a way I find I can't move. They meet my own once again, and i'm swallowed into those black depths.

When he speaks, his voice is dark and rich: "Nice to meet you,"


I hate everything about him.


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