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Shizune raps on the door twice before entering Tsunade's office. She's a little shocked to see Tsunade skimming through a book that's laying on a giant stack.

"Tsunade-sama?" Shizune asks. "What are you doing?"

"I don't know how they can do it..." Tsunade mutters, her eyebrows furrowed and her eyes curious.

"Do what?"


"Oh." Shizune stands next to Tsunade, reading over her shoulder. "'The Art of Changing the Brain: Enriching the Practice of Teaching by Exploring the Biology of Learning'? Tsunade-sama, are you trying to review on your studies of the mind?"

"The Memory erasing seal is supposed to be top notch. The Yondiame Hokage even used it every so often. How could Sakura remember all she does?"

Shizune tilts her head. "Excuse me?" Tsunade snaps the book shut and sits back, a hard yet amused expression on her face. "Sakura remembers a lot more than she lets on. It's so strange..."

"Tsunade-sama... You don't think the jutsu didn't work, do you?"

"Of course not. But I know one thing, Sakura did something to counter it. She isn't stupid."

"How do you know she even remembers?"

"I know by the way she looks at Naruto." Tsunade crosses her arms over her chest. "She hides her true colors behind that mask." Tsunade looks up at Shizune. "She doesn't care about him. She hates him."

"Tsunade-sama! You shouldn't be saying these things!" Shizune starts to gather up the books. "I cannot believe you actually think Sakura-san is capable of something like this! It's a sign of treachery! She would never. And accusing her of hating Naruto-kun? They're best friends!" Shizune walks out the door, sending a glare towards Tsunade, before closing it behind her.

Tsunade snorts and un-crosses her arms, pulling out more books from under her desk.

"Kakashi-sensei, what's that?" Naruto asks, pointing up to a building slightly hidden in the woods. Sakura takes a look at the building, her hair cut short. "That's a praying temple."

"A praying temple?"

Sakura nods, a smile stretching on her face. "Have you never been to a praying temple before?" Naruto shakes his head, looking back up at the building. His gaze is full of awe. "Sugoi..."

"You can go up if you want," Kakashi places a hand on Naruto's shoulder and points. "Go on."

The little fox-like boy runs up the steps, a smile lightening his face. Sakura folds her arms behind her back and watches Naruto reach the top. "I remember when I first went to a temple," She looks to her right, looking at a quiet Sasuke. "My parents took me after my grandmother died. Even though I was sad, it was all so exciting. I pranced up the steps just like Naruto," She giggles behind her hand. "He's like a kid. What was your first prayer temple like, Sasuke-kun?" She's greeted with silence. Instead, Sasuke starts to walk up the steps.

Sakura's head drops. If you didn't want to talk to me, you could have just said so... She thinks mournfully to herself.

Naruto bounces on his feet, looking around the statues, reading the scriptures written on the walls. "You pray, and then ring the bell." Sasuke says when he reaches his teammate. "Huh?"

"You have to pray, and then you ring the bell."

Naruto takes a good, long look at the alleged bell. "Will you do it with me?" Sasuke thinks about it for a moment before nodding. Naruto grins and places his hand together in front of him. Sasuke does the same. After a few silent moments, Naruto reaches forward and starts to ring the bell. The strong, beautiful sound vibrates through them both. Sakura and Kakashi look up from the base of the mountain upon hearing the sound.

Sasuke sighs as Naruto continues to ring the bell, and finally gives him the hint to stop, placing a hand on his shoulder. "I think that's enough." Naruto nods his head rapidly, stepping back a bit.

"I... The first time I came to a prayer temple was with my brother," Sasuke looks up at the scriptures. Naruto gives him his full attention. "It was after the Konoha annual festival, and we went to the one right outside the Uchiha complex. He said 'This is where you come to pray. You can pray for anything you want, need. But I wouldn't do it for greed. Don't you think it's just nice to know our ancestors are looking down upon us, protecting us?' I had nodded and did my own prayers. I wished that my 'Aniki' and I would stay together forever," He smiles bitterly. "I guess my ancestors are upset with me."

"No way!," Naruto grabs Sasuke's arm. "You just didn't pray hard enough! And it was only your first time, they didn't know you very well! Maybe they were just a little upset that you had never visited them before." Sasuke smirks at Naruto's heartfelt blabbering.

"Naruto! Sasuke-kun!," Sakura calls up. "Kakashi-sensei and I are going to start ahead again! The town is only a few more miles up, we'll meet you there!"

"'Kay!" Naruto yells down, waving at them. They walk away and are soon out of view. Naruto rocks back and forth on his feet for a few moments. Sasuke takes another look at the bells. "What did you wish for?"

"I wished that we'd always be together."

Sasuke stares, shocked, at Naruto. "What did you wish for?" Naruto asks, trying not to laugh at Sasuke's expression. "The same thing."

Naruto loses his smile and his cheeks get a bit pink. "R-Really?"


Sasuke steps forward and places his hands on Naruto's shoulder, bends down...

Their feet crunch on the leaves of the forest. It's starting to get cold, fall turning to winter. "Naruto? You okay?" Sakura asks, tilting her head. Naruto feels dazed. What that just a daydream? Or a memory? He can practically feel Sasuke's lips on his. "I'm fine."

"You zoned out there for a second, it scared me a little."

"Sorry... Could we stop for a bit?"

Sakura shakes her head. "No. Sasuke-kun is getting farther and farther away, we have to keep going."

"Sakura," Naruto slows to a stop, clearing his throat awkwardly. "Is there something you're not telling me?"

"What are you talking about?," Sakura stares at him indignantly. "What are you saying?"

"It's just weird. I mean, you started calling Sasuke with an honorific. You are all set to go on some long journey. And now you seem to know where we're going. We should be lost, we should be worried. But you're so confident. I don't understand," Naruto analyzes her closely. "Do you remember something? Tell me!"

"So what if I remember?!," Sakura turns on him. "What does it matter?! We need to find Sasuke before it's too late!" Naruto's heart skips a beat, he backs up a little. He's shocked, to say the least. He feels betrayed. "Sakura... you didn't tell me?"

"Hmph. No! You don't remember anything! Nothing at all! What would be the point of telling you when you're useless?"

"How long have you remembered?" Naruto asks, a benighted look on his face.

Sakura's stormy jade eyes narrow. "I never forgot."

"H... How?" Naruto's hurt has been covered with curiosity. "How did I manage to do that?," Sakura waves her hand to the ground. "Take a fucking seat. I might as well tell you since you're so insistent."

"I still don't understand it," Tsunade murmurs, sipping from her sake cup. "How? How could she have done it?," Shizune watches her impatiently, anxious to get out of the bar they've taken refuge in. "I've looked through every book, thought of how a girl of her sense could have possibly done that. It would have been incredibly hard too-,"

"Oh honestly Tsunade-sama, I can't believe you," Shizune points accusingly at her. "Sakura-san would never do that! Treason! Treason! She isn't capable of it!"

"Unless the answer... is simple," Tsunade's eyes widen, ignoring Shizune's ramblings. She slams her hands on the table, and shouts in Shizune's face, her breath reeking of alcohol. "Shizune, I want you to do the mind swipe on me!"

"This is crazy," Shizune wrings her hands worriedly. "Tsunade-sama I don't think this is right. What if whatever you're thinking doesn't work? What is you lose your memory?!"

"Then that's that. Now do it!"

Shizune breathes deeply, and places her hands on Tsunade's head. She murmurs some words, and her hands start to glow. An intricate seal spreads across Tsunade's head, down to her shoulders. The glowing intensifies, and soon Shizune removes her hands. "Tsunade-sama?" She try's. Tsunade opens her eyes, looking a little dazed.

"It worked."

"You see the mind swiping jutsu is a very simple jutsu. Just because the Yondaime Hokage used it doesn't mean it's perfect. And the answer to countering it is so elementary that i'm surprised we still use it today," Sakura gets a smug look on her face. "You want to know how to counter it?," Naruto doesn't answer, a sick feeling rising up in him. Sakura has betrayed him, and now he feels more alone in the world than ever. "Chakra. Simple as that. See, you take your own chakra and push it against their's, inevitably canceling it out. I'm not too sure how to explain it, but that's what I did. If I tried to invade your mind, all you would have to do is push me out. Get it?"

This time Naruto nods a bit. "When they tried to take my memory from me, I tried my best to counter it, and incredulity I found the answer. That's how Sasuke-kun did it when they tried to take his memory of the Uchiha Massacre. But your idiot ass couldn't figure it out. I guess that's a good thing, the Akatsuki are after you."

"Why didn't you do anything when Sasuke was here?"

"Don't you think I tried?," Sakura rolls her eyes. "Geez. Sasuke-kun wouldn't listen to me. Because of you." A nasty glare emerges on her face.

"How long have you and Sasuke been keeping things from me?"

"The only think Sasuke-kun kept from you was your past, and my remembrance. He told me why he was there. Naruto, Sasuke-kun regrets leaving the village. He even killed Orochimaru to come back here. For you. He did it all for you, because you're the only person left in the world he actually cares about. You and he had such a strong bond. I hated looking at you two when you were together. I was always the third wheel. He came back to try to get you to remember about him. He didn't tell me what he planned to do if you did remember, but i'm sure he would take you away. Away from Iruka, from your friends. Take you from me," She sighs, her fingers drumming on her hips. "Not like I would care if you left. The only thing that bothered me was that Sasuke-kun was only going to take you. But he left because Konoha found out about him being there. Someone told."

"Who do you think it was?"

"I don't know. Probably Kiba."

Kiba. Naruto holds his head in his hands. "Oh... Sasuke you idiot."

"Mm. Instead of continuing to try, Sasuke-kun left. But i'm positive he still thinks of you. But he's got something he needs to do before he even tries to come back. But if he does it might be too late."

"What does he have to do?"

Sakura clenches her fists and looks deep into the dense forest, her mind drifting. "He has to kill his brother."

"I think we're close. Very close, I feel him," Karin pushes up her glasses, sneaking a glance at Sasuke. "About a half a mile further. We should be there any moment," They start to near the opening. "Yes... almost there-," She nearly slips off a tree branch when a figure appears in front of the group, casually squatting on a large, erect rock.

"Hold on little Uchiha," Kisame says, that trademark grin spread across his face. "Where are you going in such a rush, huh?"

"You know damn well," Sasuke can barely contain his rage at the shark-like man for stepping in the way of his destiny. "Get the fuck out of the way."

"Hm. He's not quite ready yet."

"That's too fucking bad!" Sasuke surges ahead, a little surprised Kisame makes no move to stop him. But when Karin, Suigetsu and Juugo try to follow, Kisame lifts his sword onto his shoulders. "You guys are going to have to wait."

"What?," Naruto furrows his brows. "His brother? Why would he..."

My brother killed my parents. Sasuke's voice is a mere whisper. My whole clan.

"Do you see why we have to find him quickly?!," Sakura looks absolutely exasperated, throwing her arms in the air. "Fuck Naruto, just remember already! It would be so helpful for me! Remember! So Sasuke-kun and I can get out of here!"

"Did Sasuke agree to just... just eloping with you?" Now Naruto is starting to lose his patience. He's confused, and scared, and hurt.

"We need to find him! We need to... I need to find him, me! I don't know what I was thinking! Bringing you along. You're just slowing me down!"

"Sakura i'm so soo confused-,"

"I was going to use you!," Sakura finally blurts. "Sasuke-kun won't listen to me! But you, you he'd listen to! Because he cares so much about you. I was going to have him come back, and he'd soon realize how much I care for him! How much I love him! You don't love him, you can't even remember him! But you know what? I don't need you anymore!" Sakura has started to shake. Her eyes have a crazy glint in them.

"Sakura...," Naruto murmurs quietly. "You're talking nonsense. I could understand at first, but now I just..."

"It was all an act! I've never liked you, Naruto! Never! I would do anything... anything to get Sasuke-kun back, even if that meant letting you have him! But I can't except that! Not anymore!," She plops onto the ground and keens for a second, a few tears leaking from her eyes. "... He's never going to love me, is he? No matter what I do. I'm sorry Naruto. I was wrong to bring you, especially if it wouldn't help me at all."

Tension leaves Naruto's muscles a bit, seeing as Sakura has calmed down. "We should go back," He tried, lifting up his hand to her. He's shaking heavily, not sure if it's from relief or fright. "Come on Sakura. I'm sure if Sasuke really is regretful, he'll..." He freezes, watching as Sakura slowly takes out one of their kuni's. She stares at her reflection.

"Look at me... i've gone crazy. I'm nothing but a crazy apparition."

"No. No that's not true, Sakura! You're just scared! But you're strong!," Naruto's not sure whether he's trying to console her or himself. "And look! Look what you're doing! This shows your comprehension!"

"I've been chasing after Sasuke my whole life... Not realizing that he doesn't care-,"

"Yes he does!"

"-he wouldn't feel for me if I died," She sobs. Naruto reaches towards her again. Sakura lifts up the knife and presses it to her neck. "I don't deserve to be alive!"

"Sakura no!"

He reaches her, smacking the knife out of her hands. Naruto presses her face against his chest, holding her close to him. "You're freaking me out! Stop! Please don't do this anymore!," He feels warm liquid seeping through his shirt. "That's enough..." She doesn't speak. Doesn't move. His heart skips a beat, pulling her away he takes in her condition. Blood pours down her neck, drenching her shirt. He starts to shake and looks down at his own clothes, noticing the blood stained on him. Sakura's head lolls to the side and the large cut running across it is exposed.

"What I see right now, Itachi, is your death."

Itachi rests his cheek on his palm. "My death... huh?," His deep and steady voice resonates throughout the Uchiha hideout. "Well then...," Itachi flashes behind Sasuke. "... make it happen."

Sakura's body has gone cold. She lays on the ground, her arms crossed neatly over her chest. Her eyelids are closed, and she's covered waist down by a blanket. The fire, which was once lit, is nothing but a pile of ash. Her corpse will rot where it lays.

She's alone.

"I can take you to him."

Naruto stops and looks up at the tree branches. His body shakes involuntarily. Surprisingly and... horrifyingly enough, he isn't all that sad about Sakura's death. He feels she's in a better place now. He had laid her corpse down and murmured a short prayer.

"Her love showed her mortality," He looked up to the sky. "Isn't that enough? To get her to where you are?"

"Who are you?" He asks the stranger. The man's grin spreads even wider than before.

"Hoshigake Kisame, at your service, little Jinchuuriki."

"Jinchuuriki...," Naruto isn't used to being called that. "Take me to whom?"

"Heh heh... the little Uchiha, of course. Sasuke."

Naruto walks up to the tree Kisame sits in. His knees are a little wobbly. "Sasuke? You know where he is?"

"Yep. In fact, you're going in the right direction."

Kisame points down the dirt road. "There's a clearing about a mile up. He's in a secret building, but i'm sure it's demolished by now. They've been having at it for a while now."

"Why are you helping me?"

"Good question," Samehada growls a bit, wiggling around. "I don't like what the Akatsuki are doing. Especially if i'm just going to die for a stupid cause like world annihilation. Don't you think?," Naruto has no idea what the man's talking about. Kisame chuckles. "I'll let you go. But the next time I see you, it won't be that easy. I do have a job, you know. But for now, it doesn't involve you. Go on."

Kisame leaves Naruto, a puff of smoke the only clue that he was ever there. Soon it dissipates. Naruto stands there, shaking, thinking about all that's happened. None of that matters now... He decides. I've got to find Sasuke. We're going to leave everything, together. Just us two. He sees storm clouds up ahead, lightening rattles through the air. Naruto starts to run.


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