Under Red Sky

A/N: It seems genderbent!AdventureTime has become too popular for its own good. Because I am a shameless sellout, this is a somewhat serious story about the genderbent cast of AT. Starts a bit slowly, but the genderbent cast IS coming. Very very soon. Have fun.


Hunson Abadeer opens his fridge and peers inside. There is only smelly ham and a foul-looking jug of milk. He sighs and withdraws from the refrigerator. The demon king looks towards the window of his kitchen expectantly, as if waiting for a magical delivery of fresh lunchmeat. No figure approaches bearing deli roast beef, however; there is only the crackle of fire outside of his window.

The demon lord thinks to himself as he withdraws a bottle of soda from the fridge- one of the last ones. As he pops the tab, he wonders quietly why Marceline hasn't filled the fridge. It is one of her unstated duties, one of their steps in the familial dance. No matter what her father does, Marceline will always make sure he has something to eat. The soda goes down his throat and burns slightly, fizzy carbonation a little harsh, a little sudden. Hunson is often scatterbrained. When he's not forgetting to get food, he's simply too busy to worry about it.

Of course, Hunson thinks as he wipes his mouth, he really sustains himself on souls. But, sandwiches really do taste much better, even if they aren't as satisfying.

Hunson shuts the fridge door. Is Marceline mad at him? Did he forget her birthday? Did her dog die? Did he forget her prom?

No, he thinks as he sits down at the kitchen table. Marceline's birthday is in August. Dog? They haven't had a pet in four hundred years. Prom? Marceline is an undead vampire queen. He doubts seriously that she has a prom to go to.

Hunson sighs and listens to the crackle of flame outside his kitchen window. Just as they were beginning to get along…he thinks he's made his daughter angry again.


A dark mess of hair appears from behind a tree. The mess- or, whatever is underneath the mess- groans in frustration and flings something that looks suspiciously like a gallon of rotten milk. The jug explodes against the trunk of the tree. "Work, work, you have to work!" the female voice screams. The figure withdraws from the tree and hisses. Then, suddenly, the figure warps into a large beast.

"WORK!" The beast screeches. The tree stands placidly.

The figure retreats into its form and sighs, dropping to the ground in a cross-legged sit. The girl turns to the quickly dimming sky and sighs. She could almost be mistaken for human, if it wasn't for her gray skin and fangs. She rubs the bridge of her nose before looking to the tree almost pleadingly.

"Please," she begs. The curdled milk sits around the tree, almost mockingly. She squints her eyes and covers her face with her ashen hands. "This is so stupid," she says into her hands, but there's no venom behind the words. When she raises her eyes from her cupped hands towards the tree, there is nothing but exhaustion in her face. "Okay," she says to herself. "This is gonna work." She slams her fist into her open palm and stands up from the ground.

With a deep breath, the dark-haired girl-no, vampire- steels herself. Her lips part. She pauses for a moment. "Ugh. I better get this right."

Her lips chant quietly, and her eyes stare at the ground, almost as if she is embarrassed, as if she's been caught by someone doing a childish act. When she speaks, she's filled with hope, and she feels foolish.

"Give me what is desired, give me foolish joy. Give me that which is inspired, give me the hero boy."

The girl stops abruptly and looks to the tree, as if for affirmation. The clearing is quickly darkening.

"I demand what is good not be made worse. Give me the promised king and lord. I take this from the universe, and you shall take me at my word."

The girl stands, unsure, as if she is reciting the words in her mind.

Finally, she bites her lips nervously and looks to the tree. She says the final words, the ones she had hesitated to say before.

"By the authority not of my crown but of my soul, I command this act."

The ground shivers approvingly, and the bark of the tree splits apart. A deep chasm has ripped into the tree, and is whirling.

The girl approaches timidly, staring into the newly ripped void. As her eyes reflect stars and blackness, she does not truly understand the full impact of her actions.

The vampire strokes the bark absently and peers into the portal, and fate cringes inwardly. The vampire queen has just made a pact with the universe, and the seal is her soul.


"I guess she left," Finn grunts, annoyed. The path ahead and behind him is charred. "She just…walked off, dude."

Jake gives a sympathetic look but says nothing. Flame Princess is fickle and unaccustomed to attention. She does this often- leaves without warning. Jake doesn't worry. But, from the corner of his eye, he can see Finn biting his knuckles anxiously.


Turtle Princess sorts quietly.


In a dark, quiet place, a king laughs, skin dripping from bone, mocking grin a hollow in his skeletal face.


In a dark, quiet place, a queen cackles, flesh rotted from corpse, biting laugh an abyss in her skull.


Two parallel lines, without warning, become perpendicular.