Chapter 7: Intermission


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your intermission has begun


Visit your kitchen cabinet for a selection of snacks (selection varies per location).

1: The Prince and the Cat

It is strange, Flame Prince thinks to himself, that he has become so attached to a cat.

He watches, curious, as Cat stretches itself on his princely four-poster fireplace-bed. Watches, as Cat licks a paw imperiously before snuggling into the orange-and-red flames, and disappears beneath them into the 'bed's embers and logs.

It isn't even really a cat. It's just a flame-thing. And his horrible mother had gotten him the thing anyways. And sometimes Cat has 'accidents' and drops coals all over his room, which really interferes with the normally clean-smelling fire. And-

Flame Prince sighs and scoots onto the floor, eventually stretching his back against it and trying to relax. He stares up at the ceiling thoughtfully. The mobile his Mother had gotten him twirls on the ceiling, displaying bright suns-in-miniature.

Cat was his first friend. After he'd gotten out of the cage-

Something cracks in his mind and his dresser, supposedly flame-proof, erupts loudly. (Why, Flame Prince had wondered, did a Flame Royal need a dresser? His clothes are made of fire, for Glob's sake-)

and his trailing thoughts stray away from that particular topic and back to Cat. His first friend after- that. Before he'd met Fionna, he had been given Cat (and instructed promptly to go to his new room, lest he explode the world accidentally with his emotions.)

He thinks about how Cat had examined the room calmly and then proceeded to begin tearing it apart. It had taken two days of intense concentration and stoking to fix his ripped-to-shreds fire-curtains. (Flame Prince didn't really understand how you could rip fire anyways, and suspected Cat had strange powers.)

Flame Prince shifts on the warm floor as Cat pads next to him, and snuggles up. Cat was calm- usually- and his presence seemed to soothe.

Flame Prince suspects that, no matter how many friends he gains, none will be like Cat- Cat doesn't judge, Cat doesn't whine- except for attention, at times- and Cat cannot stare at him like he's a freak and call him a freak when he explodes.

Absently, Flame Prince's hand strokes Cat's head, and the fire-beast purrs in response.

Something loud sounds beyond his bedroom door- then, a yell- "Firenz Ignatius-"

Oh, great, his shrieking beast of a mother.

Flame Prince stands and exits the room, leaving Cat behind him, licking a paw and staring at the opened door thoughtfully.

2: Alone

It hurts and nobody understands

When the King strides in his castle and surveys the cold floors- when he peers outside to see icicles hanging on steep cliffs of ice, he nods. Occasionally Gunther will bump into him as they walk the castle halls, and Ice King will remember that he is not alone as he surveys the castle.

When he visits the Candy Kingdom, and sees the Princess, sometimes he will call her Betty. Her face crumples when he says this, in a strange mix of pity and despair, and he doesn't understand why he called her Betty, that's not her name.

Sometimes when he looks in the mirror, after a failed scheme (but the failure doesn't take away the fun of the scheme), he will have a strange moment, where he thinks, this is not me. And his name is not just Ice King.

Sometimes he is surprised to see black eyes in place of brown. Which is strange, because, really, nobody has brown eyes, that's not a color that exists, but still, he expects it, and he thinks a name to himself- Simon.

And when he wanders the cavernous, empty fortress he calls his own, he will find himself looking for a nonexistent child. It's weird and wrong, that he goes to the kitchen half-expecting a little girl amongst a mess of flour, eggs and butter smeared across the counters. He's never had anyone live with him. It's not normal to hear peals of laughter where there aren't any.

Though he doesn't think it in those many words, Ice King knows that something is wrong, and moments of clarity descend, before they are swept away in waves of forgetfulness.

3: Band T-Shirt

This is possibly the stupidest thing Bonnibello Gumball has ever done.

He, simply put, has better things to do than attend a stupid concert by Marshall Lee's band. There are files to be re-filed, and important kingdom stuff to do. Yet he finds himself standing in the middle of an abandoned graveyard, for Glob's sake, surrounded by dead spirits, staring at a make-shift stage built literally on top of some headstones. How disrespectful. He will talk to Marshall Lee about that, definitely.

Right after he listens to this distasteful music by the 'Scream Kings', which he most certainly does not enjoy. He knows it is distasteful, even though he has never listened to the band, because Marshall Lee is in the band.

As Gumball shifts awkwardly amongst ghosts, zombies and the occasional demon, he yanks at his t-shirt. Two weeks ago, Marshall had gifted the gray shirt to him. It reads Scream Kings in poor typesetting, with a large tongue-and-fangs symbol below it.

Yes, so distasteful.

Gumball waits and watches as the band sets up. A dark-haired guitarist pokes at his amp and is rewarded with screeching feedback. A few ghouls discorporate at the sound before gaining their forms back.

A brown-haired girl sways at the keyboard. Her name is Girl, Gumball thinks, and remembers that Marshall Lee talks about her all the time, which is total crap.

Girl presses a few keys on the keyboard. Woah, so what, she can do a major-chord, he is such a better keyboardist than her.

A ghost-thing taps at some drums. That's cool, Gumball guesses.

After a little while, the sound system is finally set up, and the music starts.

Some sort of unearthly howling, strange but captivating, starts up, and Gumball realizes that it's Marshall. The song is nice, and the guitarist is pretty good, and the drums are in sync, and even the keyboardist is...okay.

And the bass is perfect, but Gumball didn't really expect anything else.

Spirits twirl around him and the moon beams down and he thinks that maybe- okay, definitely, that this music is superior to the boring sounds of xylophones and computers that is custom is the Kingdom. And when Marshall Lee leans in to the mike and screams something, loud, raw, hurt, Gumball is surprised to find himself screaming and crying out along with the rest of the crowd.

4: Strawberry Starburst

"It's a candy," Finn explains sheepishly, yanking at his hat in an attempt to distract himself. Marceline smiles from beneath her umbrella.

Sun is beaming on the field they're standing in, and it hits the knee-high wildflowers in a beautiful way. The candywrapper seems almost iridescent in the sunlight.

"Found it in some ruins, dude," Finn grins, handing the pink wrapper to Marceline. "I figured, hey, you're a- uh, vampire, could...Eat the wrapper?"

Marceline examines the dusty wrapper with a critical eye. "It's got an 'S' on it," she says finally. "What's that stand for?"

Finn shrugs and plops down into the grass, looking up at Marceline expectantly.

She finally sits. "I don't think this is, uh, sanitary, dude," she says, but Finn's lip wibbles and his eyes get sad. She snorts and rolls her eyes before popping the candy in her mouth. After a moment, she spits it out.

"This is hard as a rock, dude," she winces, wiping her mouth. She picks up the saliva-coated wrapper and sucks the pink out it anyway, before tossing it into the grass nearby.

Finn grins back. After a few moments, Marceline frowns. "What?" she asks, annoyed.

"Didn't you bring me anything?" he prods. Marceline grimaces, her eyebrows furrowing against her red eyes, and fangs pressing against her gray lips, before relenting and digging into her backpack. As she does this, Finn holds her umbrella up dutifully, so she can use both her hands.

She withdraws a book with a face on it that looks remarkably like Finn's.

"Got it from Peppermint Butler. Someone gave it to him as payment for- I think, uh...not sacrificing them."

Finn hands her the umbrella and she hands him the book. His mouth gapes open and his eyes shine.

After a few moments, he looks at Marceline with an amazed expression. "Marce- this is-..." He falters for a moment. "How did you get this?"

Marceline waves his concern off in a bored way. "Eh. Peppermint Butler traded it to me in exchange for a favor. I had to promise to read some kind of spell or chant out. Haven't done it yet, but I think it's a portal spell."

Finn looks suspicious. "Marce, that could be, like, a dead spell. Where you die."

Marceline rolls her eyes. "It's a portal spell, Finn, I know. I'm Hunson Abadeer's kid, okay? It does seem unusual, but, whatever. I'm going to read it out sometime this week- Pep-But just say do it soon, so I'm going to. Even picked a cool tree to make the portal on. So- do you like the book?" she asks, expectantly.

Finn looks up. "Yeah, Marce- it-"

He pauses and collects himself. "It's got people in it, dude. Like- like- me."

Marceline merely smiles. "Glad you like it." She scuffs the dirt with her shoe, and watches, almost shyly, as Finn stares at the book's pages in reverence.