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Dango to Spare

"Ne, are you still angry?"

"What do you want?" Nella muttered, popping another mitarashi dango into her mouth. She shifted uncomfortably when the girl came closer, her tongue darting hungrily out of her salivating mouth.

"Uhn, well, you're still angry, so I don't think I should ask yet…"

"Good idea," Nella muttered.

And so they sat there, the pink-haired girl—even shorter than that other little pixie girl Nella knew—rocking back and forth on her heels on top of the table—so blackened was it by old age and repeated fires that its original color and texture could only be guessed at now—as Nella started popping dangos like pills.

The silence lasted only five seconds, though.

"Ne, can I have some?"

Nella raised her eyebrows at the pink-haired girl. "I thought you weren't going to ask yet."

"Uhn, I didn't. I waited a bit, ne?"

Nella gave a wan smile. "Right, right…" she muttered, slowly, grudgingly ripping a dango off the stick and reluctantly handing it to the girl who'd fondled her no more than ten minutes ago.

"Arigatooo~!" she giggled, leaping forward.

"What're you—?" Nella recoiled when the girl kissed her on the cheek. "The bloody hell?!"

"Nani, nani?" the pink-haired girl asked, turning to look at her with bright amber eyes.

Like that bastard's.

"N-Nothing…" Nella muttered, turning away to hide her suddenly flushed face.

"Eh, doshita no ne?" the girl cried, getting on her knees and crawling over to Nella.

"Nothing!" Nella replied, forcing a chuckle. She ducked her head and squirmed in discomfort when the girl peered up at her.

"Uso, uso!" The pixie girl stopped crawling closer when Nella glared at her.

"Keep your hands to yourself."

Totally side-stepping her order, the girl poked Nella in the arm and gave her a curious eye. "Ne, why do you wear boy clothes?"

"It's just… more convenient that way." Nella shuddered, her thoughts drifting back to her former caretakers and employers. Lechers, the lot of them. Especially—

"Eh, is it a secret, then?"

"Y-Yeah, sort of," Nella admitted, smiling sheepishly at the girl who'd found out her long-hidden secret in a matter of seconds.

"Uhn, okay!" Nella blinked when the girl jumped forward and grabbed her hands. "I won't tell Usa-chan and Yuu-chan and Dai-chan and…" And she commenced to name off everyone who'd been playing outside. When the girl finally finished her list of playmates within the Black Order orphanage, Nella had nearly emptied out her third box of mitarashi dango, and when she noted this, she scrambled over and snatched the box out of Nella's hands.

"Eh, hidoi yo neee!" she whined, shaking the empty box above her head as if through sheer will more dango would fall out. She pouted and glared at Nella. "You ate all the food…" And, before Nella could do anything, the pink-haired girl's eyes started tearing up.

"N-No, don't—" Big fat tears started rolling down the sides of her pale cheeks. "Don't cry, I'll—" With a great big sigh of defeat, Nella reached into the pocket of her trousers. The girl stopped crying and instantly perked up when she saw what Nella had in her gloved hand.

"Here." The girl squealed in delight when Nella handed over the pink lollipop, the last one she'd gotten form—

Nella was thrown out of her chair by the pixie's sudden tackle.


"C-Can't… breathe…!"

When the girl finally let her go, Nella rubbed her stinging neck. That was when she noticed that the girl's complexion was clear of tears and the ugly red splotches that accompanied them.

"You liar," Nella accused. The girl merely giggled and continued licking the lollipop.

"Gomen ne!" she giggled, unwrapping the sweet and popping it into her mouth with great relish. "I just reaaally love these!" she exclaimed, kicking her feet up into the air. "I eat'em aaall the time, y'know!"

"Right." Nella seriously doubted this, since she made sure to buy out each and every one of them whenever they were perusing through the candy shop together.

"Ne, whash yer nyam?"

Nella blinked. "What?"

"Whash—" There was a big plop as the lollipop came out of her mouth. "What's your name?"

"It's Al—"

"No no no!" the girl refuted, enunciating each no with a half-eaten lollipop thrust into Nella's face. "What's your real name?"

"Um, Nella. What's your name?"

The girl puffed up her cheek. "My name…?" She smiled. "You can call me Kumori, since Usa-chan and Dai-chan call me that."

"Oh, oka—wait, isn't that a last name?"


"What's your first name?"

Kumori blinked at Nella before leaning forward and giving her a conspiratory (not a word, but… it should be) smile. "It's a secret."

"Wha—? I told you mine, didn't I?"

"Uhn, and I told you my surname, ne, Nella-nee-cha—mph!"

"Shhh!" Nella hissed, glancing around the small room. "Don't use my real name here, they might hear you! And that's not what I was talking about!"

"Daijyobu!" Kumori whispered back, smiling mischievously up at her. "Minna-chan is still with Chao-chan and Dai-chan. They're playing ball. Besides, you didn't tell me, I found out."

"S-Still…" Nella muttered, releasing the squirming girl.

"Uhn-uhn!" Kumori hummed, flouncing away. "Not telling! Maybe I'll tell you, when we become closer friends."

"Right…" Nella muttered, turning back to her fourth box of mitarashi dango, the one she'd hidden under the desk the instant Kumori had followed her into the room. She blinked when she found nothing. Merely an empty space where her box had been.

"Bloody—Kumori!" She bolted through the door and saw, down the dank, dirty hall, the trim of a white dress and the corner of a familiar brand of dango.


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