Leo heard the scream from the other room. In a moment, he was out of bed and running into his brother's bedroom, almost tripping up over a skateboard in his haste.

"You okay?"

Leo looked into the murky gloom of the bedroom and saw two wide fearful eyes gazing back at him.

"They ... They ... They are here!"

"Hush, you were just having a nightmare." Leo walked up to his brother and pulled him into his arms for a reassuring embrace. "Nothing is here that will harm you. You're safe. I'm here now."

The sobbing caught Leo off guard and he tightened his grip protectively. He ignored the tears making his shoulder wet and leaned in further. If he could have slayed the demons in his brothers mind, he would have done just that.

"I can't stand ... them."

"Easy. They are gone now. We're all safe. You are safe."

Leo looked at the doorframe. His other two brothers were standing there, weapons in their hands, but were relaxing slightly.

"Nightmare?" Mikey asked from the doorframe, tucking his nunchuks back into his belt.

"Nightmare." Leo affirmed, holding the shaking turtle in his arms.

"Go back to sleep. We're all watching. Nothing will get you now." Leo lay his brother back down, tucked the blankets around him and leant in to kiss his forehead.

As Leo walked towards the door, the turtle mumbled in a half-sleep. "I hate ... bugs."

Leo smiled and turned to look affectionately at his younger brother. "I know, Raph. I know."

Notes: A short scene at the end of season 2, episode 21 "Aprils Artifact."