Chapter one: Nuances

A/N: Hi, this is my very first Hetalia/ serious fanfiction. I actually came with the idea from a picture my sister made for me and a crack pairing I made I came up with. When we were playing with my sister's Hetalia paper dolls they had like a contest where they had to pair up and act like a couple or something and Denmark and New Zealand got each other, from then on I loved the crack pairing. And you have to admit it seems pretty cute! But the fanfiction came from said photo! We were actually looking at some of her art and when I saw that picture, this fanfiction idea came to mind! So here it is.

Also the cover of this is the very same image that inspired this fanfic! If you wish to take a closer look, then here is the link. Just remove the spaces.

totallyemo0273. /art/Nuances-The-Crack-Pairing-Appears-321733052

Disclaimer~ I do not own Hetalia or any of these characters. If I did then all of the pairings I loved would be canon.

Also I am using the following names for these characters;

New Zealand: Kaelan Beck

Denmark: Mathias Kohler

Sweden: Berwald Oxenstierna

Finland: Tino

Norway: Lucas Bondevik

Iceland: Emil Steilsson

Prussia: Gilbert Beilschmidt

Spain: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

France: Francis Bonnefoy

Japan: Kiku Honda

China: Wang Yao

Thailand: Mr. Nirand

Turkey: Sadiq Adnan

America: Alfred F. Jones

Taiwan: Mei Xiao

S. Korea: Im Yong Soo

Hong Kong: Li Xiao Chun

Canada: Matthew Williams

Beligum: Belle

Netherlands: Lars

Australia: Steven Irwin

Russia: Ivan Braginski

Austria: Roderich Edelstein

Hungary: Elizabeta Hedervary

Liechtenstein: Lily Zwingli

Switzerland: Vash Zwingli

Italy: Feliciano Vargas

Romano: Lovino Vargas

Seychelles: Michelle Ogla

Wy: Kaelin Kirkland

Vietnam: Kim Cuc

Ol' Fritz

Germania: Mr. Germania

Rome: Mr. Roma

England: Arthur Kirkland

Germany: Ludwig Beilschmidt

Kaelan grasped the handle of his luggage bag and turned around to face the bustling atmosphere of the international airport. How on earth was he supposed to find his host family in this crowd? With a sigh he headed off into the crowd, figuring that he should probably go somewhere more secluded and give his host a call. Hurriedly Kaelan dug into his bag, searching desperately for his cell phone, his fingers shaking as he gripped multiple papers. He frantically tries to find the paper which has the phone number of his host family, he didn't even realize he dropped some papers in his search. He didn't want to get lost in the crowd so he needed that number now.

"Oi, is this yours?" Kaelan peered up from his papers to see a brunette boy holding out his student card and some papers. "You dropped these and didn't seem to notice, so I picked them up for you in case they were of importance." As Kaelan was going to take the card the boy with a thick Australian accent had his eyes on it. "You're a New Zealander? Are you an exchange student like me?" He asked excitedly and got his student card out to show the other. "I'm Steven Irwin, yea…I was named after the crocodile hunter." He chuckled. "What's your name?"

"Kaelan, Kaelan Beck, from New Zealand. But you already know that." He took his student card and papers back. At least he wasn't the only lost foreigner here, thank god for that. "What school are you going to?" If he was lucky it was the same one he was exchanged to, they were both in the same airport so there could be a chance.

"World Academy." Steven answered with a grin.

Kaelan smiled inwardly. "That just so happens to be the school I'm going to as well."

"No way! We're going to be best mates you and I, Kiwi." Steven then wrapped his arm around Kaelan's shoulder and lightly gave him a friendly noogie.

Suddenly someone broke through the crowd. "Excuse me, move…pardon!" A sandy blond haired male made his way towards them. "Are you Kaelan by any chance?" He asked, looking to a picture he was given for reference. He looked convinced he had the right person.

"Yes I am, are you from the Kirkland family?" Kaelan asked while Steven stood there awkwardly.

The blond nodded. "I'm Arthur Kirkland." He extended his hand and Kaelan briefly shook it before they pulled their hands back. "I'll be going to school with you, so I thought if I came to get you we could become better acquainted." He eyed the bag Kaelan was currently holding and the papers he had in his hands. "Want me to take your bag? You seem to have your hands full." He offered, and reached out for the bag.

"No, it's alright, I can carry it. Thank you though." He lightly smiled.

Arthur cocked a brow. "You sure? Alright then, come with me, I'll take you to your home for the time you'll be here." He motioned Kaelan to follow him as he walked back through the crowd.

"Guess I'll see you around Steven, I hope your host family comes soon." With that the New Zealander hurried after Arthur, not wanting to get lost.

Steven waved goodbye and laughs as Kaelan ran off into the crowd.

So here it is so far, sorry if it seems short, I guess you could say this is just a preview. But don't worry, there will be more to come. Oh and if I haven't mentioned, this is a DenZen fanfic. So expect that along with other side pairings! Thanks again and see you next chapter.