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Knocked Up Sunshine

Chapter 1 - Symptoms

The sound of Camaro grumbles before it goes silent as the car stops in front of Sheriff Stilinski's driveway. As the owner walks to the house, the front door is opened and a young man with pale skin and brown hair runs through it. He throws himself into the man's arms and kisses him on the lips.

"How was your trip?" The younger man asked excitedly as the older man sets him down.

The older man shrugs. "Nothing special."

"And the business?" The younger man runs his fingers through the older man's hair.

"The demand in the yoghurt section is increasing. Yoghurt based smoothies and ice cream are popular nowadays." The older man answered.

The younger man smiles and kisses the older man sweetly again. "Wonderful. And did you miss your mate?"

The older man smirks. "Not really." But he deepens the kiss possessively, making the younger man grin into their kiss. "Then you, Mister, are one big fat furry liar."

Two months ago, Derek Hale proposed his mate, Stiles Stilinski, after their first night in their secret den. Stiles was practically stunned by the big yes or no question for ten minutes or so, causing his mate to tense nervously, thinking that Stiles would say no. But then Stiles grinned like a happy idiot as he said yes and how sorry he was that the grumpy werewolf would have to be stuck with him for eternity. But said werewolf just shot his sun-blinding smile and tightened his arms around his mate, pressing the smaller body into him as he crushed his mate's lips with his. They made sweet love again that morning, slow and passionate as the sound of birds chirping filled the forest outside their love den. Stiles was late for school that day and had to sort the books in the school's library as the punishment but he did it happily because it was worth every single moment.

They decided to do the things slowly about telling Stiles' dad. Stiles just told his father immediately that he and Derek are in love and in a serious relationship, but holding back the marriage stuff and the 'furry' little information until now. Stiles' dad demanded to get to know Derek more if his son is getting 'serious' with the guy. So, Derek spent a lot of time in Stilinski house these past two months, making his way onto the Sheriff's good side. They watched a lot of games together, even went fishing together twice. The Sheriff's trust in Derek grew over time, he let Stiles and Derek go out on dates every Saturday night yet stopped warning them about curfew. Derek still snuck into his mate's bedroom every night to make love and stay the night but ofcourse the Sheriff didn't know that, well until two weeks ago...

Stiles and Derek were having a big fight after Derek banned Stiles from his SAT prep study group because he was jealous of one of Stiles' study partners, who was apparently attracted to Stiles and started to put not-so-secret messages on Stiles' notebook. Stiles stubbornly defended his study group, stating that he just ignored the puppy crush anyway, and called Derek a 'possesive asshole'. The big fight, where jealousy and frustation collided, led into extremely rough yet mind-blowing angry sex that lasted all night long. Stiles' bedroom was a complete mess and even Derek lost his sharp senses and reflects in the morning. The Sheriff caught him sprawled on top of Stiles' limp body on the broken bed, where both were naked and reeked of sweat and cum.

Stiles never wanted to have that kind of long and awkward conversation with his father ever again in his life. The fact that Derek abruptly admitted that he and Stiles never used condoms when the Sheriff asked him about protection ('really, Der, really!?') didn't help Stiles at all, he was defenseless under his dad's wrath. Thank God Stiles was no longer underage, so his dad couldn't arrest his boyfriend. But Derek looked guilty, apologizing to Stiles' dad for his irresponsible manner. The Sheriff demanded no more sneaking in or out, if Derek wants to stay the night, he has to go through the freaking front door like a normal civilized boyfriend.

Derek predictively listened to Stiles' dad like a good noble man that he is and used condoms, which Stiles loathed and complained about. Seriously, Derek would never understand how addicted Stiles is with the sensation of Derek's fill flooding him inside. There are no words to express how amazing it feels. But Derek argued about how Stiles' dad was being reasonable-and-yada-yada-yada so Stiles kept stealing and hiding the condoms that Derek bought.

After a week of hide and seek with the condoms, Derek eventually gave up trying to use condom for the safety of his human mate who obviously hated them and wasn't afraid to show it. He is a werewolf anyway, what disease could he possibly have? Derek needs to relax. Besides, it's not like Stiles can get pregnant. Right? His dad doesn't need to know.

The Sheriff has invited Derek to come for dinner after his business trip to Hale's milk processing industry in the next town. Derek and Stiles decided that tonight is the night. Derek will ask for Stiles' hand in marriage to Stiles' dad and tell him his 'furry' secret. Stiles is both nervous and excited. He drags his mate inside and sees his dad already waiting on the dinner table.

"Derek! Finally! I'm starving, the smell of Stiles' roast chicken is mouth-watering."

Derek smiles politely. "Evening, Sir. Sorry, I'm a bit late, the last meeting took longer than I predicted."

Derek and the Sheriff chatted freely about the business as Stiles smoothly set the dishes on the the table and sits down next to his mate. He smiles as he listens to his mate and his dad eventually steers the conversation into fishing stuff, again. They try to convince Stiles that mango essence is better than vanilla to use as fishing bait mix as they chomp down their food heartily. This feels so natural and easy. His dad looks happy and Derek laughs more times than Stiles could ever remember. Stiles' inside gets warm just from the view.

"Sir, I need to talk to you about something important." Derek starts as they lounge on the living room couches and enjoy Stiles' signature dessert, honey apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top.

The Sheriff shoves his last bite and wipes his mouth with the napkin. "Sure."

Derek clears his throat. "I want you to know that you have raised a wonderful son..." Derek's gaze turns gloomy yet he smiles, "...and I don't know where life would've taken me if I didn't see him trespassing my property with Scott a few years ago. I was still drowning in anger, letting myself be trapped in misery. I was so sure that it'd be only me for the rest of my life.. And suddenly, this teenager came into the picture with his loyalty, bravery, and witty attitude. God, he annoyed the hell out of me." Derek laughs softly to himself.

The room goes silent as Derek pours his heart out, something that he would loath to do if he'd been asked to years ago. But he'd changed. Stiles changed him in a lot of wonderful ways.

"But the funny thing is, I couldn't ignore him. He was everywhere, sticking his nose into everybody's business and he just never gave up even when I pushed him away. I didn't even realize when or how it affected me.. But before i knew it, he unconsciously pulled me out of the darkness. He... Sir, your son saved me." Derek said softly as he looks tenderly at Stiles.

Stiles' eyes are tearing up at his mate's words, he doesn't know what the hell is happening to him, cursing himself for being so emotional. He mouths 'I love you' to his mate. Derek just smiles and takes Stiles' hand in his, Stiles instantly squeezes the hand.

"And now that he's with me, loving me with all my weaknesses, chasing away the darkness in me.. I found my own sunshine. And I can't imagine a day without him. I.. I love him.. with everything I am."

Shit, Stiles is crying now. 'Jeezus, man up, Stilinski!' He mentally cursed.

The Sheriff looks stunned as well, then he looks at Stiles' way. "Jeezus, Son, where did you get your love potion?"

"Dad! Don't ruin the moment! Seriously, please!" Stiles whined as he wipes his tears roughly with his hand.

The Sheriff shrugs and smiles teasingly at Derek. "That's quite grand confession, young man. I bet he has your soul in his fingers, doesn't he?" He lifts his espresso cup to his mouth to sip.

Derek lifts Stiles' hand and kisses it while staring at Stiles deeply. "He does." He whispered. Stiles' breath is caught in his throat, he is overwhelmed by the adoration he gets from Derek. Derek then turns his gaze at the Sheriff and speaks with a serious expression. "That's why I hope you would give me your blessing to marry him."

The Sheriff chokes on his espresso and coughs loudly. Stiles winces. "Dad, you okay?"

His dad just waves his hand and nods. He then clears his throat and looks at Derek, his expression shifts. The Sheriff puts on his 'now-I'm-wearing-my-protective-father-attitude-because-we're-having-this-conversation' face.

'Oh God.' Stiles gulps nervously, but calming down as he feels Derek's hand tightening on his.

"You've only been dating him for three months." Sheriff started.

"I've secretly loved him for almost two years." Derek admitted, it leaves Stiles blushing furiously.

"You do realize that Stiles hasn't even graduating high school yet, right?" The Sheriff pushed.

"I don't mind waiting for him graduating first. I know he will graduate in three months." Derek answered clearly, using his business tone.

"What about college? I'm saving for him and he's a brilliant kid."

"He can pursue his education however he likes, I will support his decision. He has worked really hard for his SAT."

"I still think he's too young."

"And yet he's been through a lot of things that people older than him never will."

"Why in a rush?"

"I want him to be mine legally, even though practically beneath the surface he's already mine." Derek claimed possessively.

The Sheriff frowns. "What do you mean by that statement? He's still under my roof."

"He and I, we developed an unbreakable bond."

"Could you elaborate?"

"It has something to do with who I am, that you didn't know yet, but I'm telling you now."

The Sheriff just eyes him suspisciously. Derek's eyes flash red.

"Oh my God!" The Sheriff stands up abruptly and steps back. "Stiles, did you see that!? His eyes are changing color!"

"Dad, calm down, it's okay." Stiles stands up as well and gestures at his dad to sit back. "Dad, please.. Just—sit back down, and let us explain everything to you."

Sheriff hesitatedly sit back down on the couch. Stiles looks at the scowling face of his mate and squeezes his mate's hand. When Derek looks back at him, Stiles smiles encourangingly. 'Whatever his reaction is, I'll stand by you.'

Derek squeezes his mate's hand back and nods once. He then turn his gaze to the Sheriff. His eyes flashing red again as he says, "I'm a werewolf."

Derek told Stiles' dad literally everything. About his family's legacy, his pack members, the hunters, and what happened these last few years. The Sheriff was shocked at first but he regained his composure eventually, Derek's calmness made it easier.

"So your family protected this town all along, and now it's on you."


"You're an Alpha, which means you are a leader of a group of werewolves?"


"And Stiles' close friends are your werewolves?"


"Including Scott?"

"He's my second in command beta."

"And I believe you said before that all of you don't blindly kill people like the werewolves in movies?"

"I would appreciate if you don't think of my pack that way."

"Huh. Good to know. So, what is my son to you again?"

"He's my mate, his role is very important in my pack. And we already bonded."


"On his birthday."

"Aha! I knew you were lying when you said you'd spend the night at Scott's" The Sheriff pointed accusingly as his son. Stiles blushes as he mutters 'sorry Dad'.

"Now everything makes sense, so when my son came home hiding bruises and scars on his body all these time, he got them because he was helping you?"

Derek flinches at the accusation.

"Dad, Derek did all he could to protect me. But sometimes life just sucks." Stiles tried to explain, but it doesn't seem to budge his dad.

"If my son marries you, doesn't it mean he'll be dragged into this monstrous chain of events?"

"Dad..." Stiles whines but Derek stops him by tightening his hold on Stiles' hand. Derek wants Stiles' dad to understand how precious Stiles is to him.

"I told you the first time we had this kind of conversation, if I have to hand over my own life to protect Stiles, I will. You think it didn't hurt me to see Stiles got hurt? To see that I failed to protect him from harm? Your son is my mate, his sorrow is my pain. Werewolves just have one mate in our existence. Humans could never understand, if Stiles died, my life would die with him because the pain would be too much. Stiles means everything to me." Derek said as he looks sharply at the Sheriff's eyes. The Sheriff never breaks his gaze on Derek's eyes as well, searching for a bit of uncertainty and lie on his opponent but catching none.

"What if he didn't feel the same way, or wanted to end it one day, what would you do?"

Derek tenses. He looks really in pain just from the thought. "If he didn't choose me or wanted to leave me one day, I'd respect his decision. But I—I'd need to avoid him for a while, until I could—" Derek couldn't even finish the sentence.

Stiles squeezes Derek's hand to comfort him, Derek shoots him a sad smile. Stiles shakes his head. 'No, don't think that way.'

Sheriff sighs at the interaction in front of him. He then turns his gaze to his son. "You have something to say in this matter?"

Stiles opens his mouth to speak right away. "I love Derek!"

His dad rolls his eyes. "Yes I know that, Son, it's kinda obvious. I mean about the marriage and mate stuff."

Stiles nods and clears his throat. "I want to spend the rest of my life with him."

"Are you sure about that, Son?" The Sheriff pushed.

Stiles laughs softly and looks at his dad pleadingly. He smiles with teary eyes as he speaks. "Dad, you couldn't even imagine how happy he makes me. He saw me when nobody else didn't.. And the things he did for me, even though some of them drove me crazy, he—I never felt this loved before, Dad. When I'm with him, I feel alive. I love Derek so much that the thought of losing him would send me to my panic attack."

Stiles turns his head to look at Derek, who is looking back at him deeply into his soul. Stiles smiles lovingly at his mate. Derek makes a soft purr and by surprise, he hooks his arm aound Stiles' shoulder and pulls Stiles in for a passionate kiss, not caring of the father watching.

"Be with me, Stiles. Forever." Derek begged and then kisses his mate again, tightening his hold.

Stiles whispers breathlessly between kisses. "Take me with you.. Anywhere, I don't care. I just want to be with you."

John Stilinski sighs in defeat and rubs his tired face with one of his hand. "Sweet God In Heaven, I didn't expect this to happen for another ten years."

Then he focuses back on the lovebirds in front of him and snaps his fingers at them. "Alright, you two, can you cut it out and go back to our censored and less awkward conversation?" But Stiles and Derek keep pressing their lips together passionately.

John clears his throat loudly. "Ahe-hem!"

Stiles breaks the kiss and turns to his dad, "Dad, if you interrupt our sun-burning love confession to say you don't give us your blessing, I swear to God I'm running away from home and I'm not even joking right now, Dad." Stiles threatened his dad. John Stilinski rolls his eyes in amusement and mentally swears that Stiles sounds just like his mother when she defended John in front of Stiles' grandfather.

"Save the effort, Kid, I happen to like this Hale guy."

That steals Derek's attention. "Does that mean that I—"

"After his graduation, Derek." The Sheriff warned him while lifting his cup to sip again.

He still didn't miss his son and Derek share a happy smile as the werewolf turns his way and says in a relief tone, "thank you, Sir."

The Sheriff just shrugs before he remembers something. He points a finger at Derek. "But you have obligation to make him cook steaks for me at least three times a week!"

Stiles gapes at his dad. "Seriously, Dad! Derek's been my fiance for three seconds and you already use him for your advantage!"

His dad gapes back. "I didn't hear anything wrong with my statement. You would do it for your father-in-law, wouldn't you Derek?" He pushed the subject.

Derek seems uncomfortable, not knowing how to answer. Thankfully, Stiles answers it for him.

"Yeah well I won't do it unless he sleeps with me the night before."

The Sheriff spats in disbelief. "And you're accusing me of taking advantage of him!?"

"How was your SAT?" Derek asked as he presses his mouth to Stiles'. Stiles dirty-texted him after it, saying that Derek has to do his own SAT tonight, on Stiles bed. It turns out this version of SAT stands for Sex-After-Test. So here he is now having Stiles' body trapped under him while his hands exploring the pale skin under the poor little crumpled T-shirt.

"Not as brilliant as the SAT you're doing right now. Mmmm.. Damn it werewolf, just go ahead and fuck my brains out."

Derek breaks the kiss and raises his eyebrows playfully at his mate. "You're acting extremely horny these past few weeks."

"Hormones?" Stiles said without so much thinking as he nips Derek's stubbly jaw.

Derek laughs softly. "You should stop blaming your hormones for your sexual frustation."

Stiles tugs Derek's shirt, Derek gets the idea and takes off his clothes before helping Stiles out of his. Stiles pulls his mate down on top of him again before kissing him eagerly. "I'll blame you and your godly sex appeal then."

Derek smirks and leans in to nip Stiles' pulse point. He nuzzles and sniffs along Stiles neck line.

"You smell different lately." He stated.

"Different how?" Stiles asked as he buries one of his hand in Derek's ebony hair. The other trails Derek's triskele tattoo softly.

"Sweeter." Derek licks the trail of Stiles' pulse point, making Stiles gasp from the sensation.

"Really..? Is it good or b-bad?" Stiles' voice is shaking because Derek is sucking the curve of his neck loudly, making a pop sound when he pulls away to nip Stiles' earlobe.

"You smell good.. Really good. Even more addictive than before." He asked as his nipping mouth trails down to Stiles' chest.

"Ahaaahh.." Stiles moaned as Derek teases his nipple with his tongue, biting and sucking in between.

"Aahh—I d-don't—know.." Stiles struggles with his words. How could Derek engage him in a conversation when he treats him like this? So rude.

"This amazing smell of yours really turns me on..." Derek crawls back up to kiss Stiles' flushed cheek, and then whispers teasingly, "...Ready to see how much I can score in my SAT..?"

Stiles groans in want. Derek is right, Stiles' arousal is up a few levels these past few weeks, he becomes overly sensitive toward Derek's touch and gets aroused as easily as rabbits in mating season. His length is already leaking just to hear Derek talking dirty. Stiles feels like he's going to explode. "Make love to me, Derek.." Stiles' breath is hot against Derek's lips as he whispers shakily. "Remind me who owns me.."

Derek doesn't need to be told twice.

Stiles' cheeks flush furiously as he makes embarrassing voices shamelessly into the night as he rides Derek's knot under him, his breath fogging from the cold air. Thank God his father is on duty. Derek is groaning as well and keeps whispering adoration and promises about more great sex ahead for them, into Stiles' ear, obviously loving what his mate does. And when Derek screams his name as he comes and fills Stiles full with his cum, Stiles was sure he indeed never felt this sexy before.

Stiles is woken up one morning by the feel of raising bile in his throat. He jumps out of the bed, out of Derek's warm embrace, and rushes to the bedroom. He vomits all of last nights dinner into the toilet, retching loudly. He's breathing harshly, suffering from the sudden sickness. He hears the bathroom door being opened and a moment later, a gentle hand rubs his back.

"Stiles, you okay?" Derek asked with concern in his voice, his face is still a little bit sleepy.

"I don't know, maybe I ate something bad." Stiles said before retching and vomitting again into the toilet. Derek scowls, obviously not pleased by his mate's distress. Stiles is still panting out of breath but smiling at Derek, trying to calm him down. "Hey, chill out, Grumpy. It's not a big deal, just a stomach bug or something. It'll pass."

Well, it doesn't pass. Stiles has the sickness almost every morning for two weeks now, and a few afternoons. Derek is very upset about it, witnessing Stiles' distress. He insisted to bring Stiles to a doctor, but Stiles was very stubborn, claiming that the sickness wasn't that bad. Stiles keeps blaming it on the increase of his appetite these past few months and that his body is adjusting. He promised Derek he would pick his choice of menu very carefully to reduce the sickness.

One more thing that Stiles finds strange about himself is that he was usually very picky about food, unless when it's curly fries. He still ate junk food on occasion, but he tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the house for his dad. But now, Stiles literally eats everything that's shoved in front of him. Stiles convinced himself it's because of the amount of sex he has every week. Sex life with Derek, as satisfying as it is, really drains out his energy. Stiles is just an ordinary human, it needs a lot of work to match the werewolf's stamina. So, it's normal to be hungry all the time, right? And Derek seems pleased by it, he said Stiles had to gain some pounds or he could accidentally break his bones while having sex. Funny guy.

"Stiles, you're getting fat." Lydia pointed out when the pack has lunch together on the canteen. Stiles is shoving spaghetti into his mouth when the words strike into him. The other laughs at Lydia's blunt statement.

Stiles gapes, bits of spaghetti falls out from his open mouth as the fork is dropped from his hold. "Lyds, that's the cruelest thing anybody ever said to me!"

It makes the others laugh even harder, Scott is hitting the table in amusement as he laughs. Traitor.

Lydia just shrugs and waves her well-manicured hand. "Well I'm just saying. If you don't watch the scale, the tuxedo you bought won't fit on you when the prom comes next week."

Stiles gulps in horror, he suddenly loses his appetite. No fucking way, he will take Derek's steaming hot ass to the prom, he has to look his best.

When Stiles arrives home, he just throws his backpack, takes off his shoes, and goes straight to the scale on the hall. No need to panic, right? Nothing's wrong in gaining one or two pounds...

'HOLY MOTHER OF—I'm gaining 14 pounds! Fuck, I'm screwed!'

He panickingly reaches for his phone in his pocket and texts his fiance.

*will u still love me if im fat? xxx*

Stiles runs upstairs to his bedroom and takes a look at himself in the mirror. He pinches his own arm and hips, feeling the extra soft flesh. He lifts his shirt, showing his belly. Stiles realizes just now then that his belly is not as lean as it used to be. Actually, it curves to a little bump. Stiles pats his now quite fat belly in disbelief, how can he not notice about his own body changes.

His phone buzzes.

*Stop watching those skinny girl drama's on TV. xxx*

Stiles makes a whiny sound at the phone screen.

*no im serious derek i hav fat evrywhr on my body xxx*

Stiles needs to go on diet and some exercise before someone hotter steals his mate from him. Stiles is freaking out when the reply text comes in.

*You looked pretty hot to me last night. Especially when you stretched open yourself as you begged for me. xxx*

Stiles groans, his cock twitching at the memory. Derek is just simply unbelievable. You know what, this is all Derek's fault. Maybe if Derek didn't praise him and look at him like he's the most beautiful thing all the time, Stiles would be more self-conscious.

Stiles should have known that skipping meals is the worst decision he has ever made in his life. Stiles just wanted to lose a pound or two a day. So what if he decided not to eat his breakfast and lunch? He still ate his apples. Apparently, three apples were not enough for a pack training. Stiles blacked out in the middle of his run through the woods.

Stiles wakes up on Derek's bed. He pats his head to find a patch on his temple. Huh. He must have hit his head when he passed out to the ground. He sits up to see Derek stand few feet from the bed, his hands crossed on his chest and he scowls at Stiles with anger in his red eyes. Stiles gulps nervously, he knows when he is caught guilty.

He tries to think of an excuse for his stupidity. "Well I—uhhh.."

"What the hell were you thinking?" Derek cuts him.

Stiles sighs miserably. "I want to look great in my tuxedo for prom next week, but I gained some weight.." Stiles admitted in shame.

Derek scoffs in disbelief. "So you torture yourself with an unhealthy diet and get hurt in the process, making me worried just for a stupid tuxedo!? I cannot believe you, Stiles!" Derek walks around the room in frustation, flailing his hands while he scolds his mate furiously. "You could have asked me to just buy you a new one! Besides, how many times I said you look great, huh!? I thought I told you that every night! And I do want you to gain some weight! And you know we can go to professional trainer if you still want to look even better, right!? But no, ofcourse you had to do this stupid stunt! Passing out in the middle of the woods, for God's sake!"

Stiles looks down and plays with the bedsheet as he submits under his mate's rage. He used to talk back, but he knows he's on the wrong this time. And he knows he made Derek worried sick, it is what drove Derek into his rage in the first place.

"Derek, I'm sorry." He mutters softly.

Derek huffs an angry breath. He stops walking around and makes his way to the bed. He sits in front of his mate and takes the mug that sits on the bedside table.

"Drink it." He puts the mug carefully in Stiles' hands.

Stiles looks into the mug to notice it's fulfilled with warm chocolate milk. Full-fat warm chocolate milk. "But—"

"Stiles." Derek warned his mate.

Stiles caves in, bringing the mug to his mouth and taking a sip. The warm liquid washes over Stiles' empty stomach, leaving a comfortable feeling. Stiles swallows two big gulps before laying down the mug but Derek stops him.

"All." He demanded.

"Der.." Stiles whined, but Derek is taking none of it. He keeps directing the mug to Stiles' mouth, his face is scowling in annoyance with Stiles' reluctance.

Derek sets his watchful eyes on Stiles, making sure his mate drink until the last drop. When Stiles finishes the milk, Derek takes the mug and puts it on the bedside table again. Then he leans into Stiles' personal space and nuzzles his mate's cheek with his nose.

"Don't ever pull this kind of stunt again." Derek growled softly.

Stiles wraps his arms around Derek's shoulder, hides his face on Derek's neck, and nods. Derek sighs and take Stiles in his arms. He lifts Stiles and carries him bridal style.

"Derek?" Stiles asked in surprise.

"I'm taking you to a doctor. I don't want to take a risk with the hit on your head."

Stiles whines again, "but I feel totally fine..."

Derek just growls in warning at his mate as he keeps walking while his mate is pouting silently in his arms.

Stiles huffs in boredom as he sits on the chair in the waiting room of the local clinic. Derek sits right next to him, reading some auto magazine.

"This is completely unnecessary." Stiles complained again for the hundred times.

Derek just calmly flips the pages. "You should have thought about that before deciding to skip meals and passing out in my watch."

Stiles huffs again in defeat. The waiting room is pretty packed, Stiles figures out he will have to wait for some time before his queue number being called.

The door bell jingles as a pregnant mom and a four-year-old enter the room. The kid has snot under his nose, so he must be the one who needs to see the doctor. Stiles watches as the mother drags her son to sit down and takes some tissue from his purse. She helps the kid cleaning his own snot and preaches him about too much ice cream. The scene wakes Stiles' memory of his own mother, it's sad but warming at the same time. Stiles smiles and leans on Derek, eyes still watching the mother and son. But then, his gaze shifts to the round belly of the lovely woman. He starts thinking what his mother possibly had been through when she carried him in her tummy.

Revelation hits Stiles like tons of brick.

The emotional breakdown.

The out-of-control arousal.

The rising appetite for food.

The morning sickness.

The freaking weight gain!

Stiles' hands automatically reach for his stomach, rubbing and feeling the small bump that Stiles thought was a fat belly.

Everybody in the room, including Derek, jump in surprise when they hear Stiles' cursing loudly.


To be continued...

Oh no... What is possibly happened to Stiles..?

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