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Knocked Up Sunshine

Chapter 3 - The Announcement

Stiles blinks his eyes open in the morning, the cold morning air teases his bare skin. He snuggles himself deeper into the warm cocoon of the thick cover and a warm body behind him. He lets out a soft whine and a pair of strong arms tighten their hold around him protectively, pulling him closer to the warm body next to him. One of the hands starts to caress his round belly softly, followed by a low purr whispered into the back of his neck. Stiles hums in pleasure, his hand moves to lay on top of the hand that caresses his belly lovingly.

"Time s'it..?" He asked sleepily into the cold air, eyes half opened.

"E'ght." The man behind him answered.

Stiles yawns and rubs his eyes, "I have to go to school." He moves to get up, but the arms won't let him. "Derek..?"

"School's ov'r.." Derek whispered sleepily.

"I know but I have a meeting." Stiles tries to wiggle his way out.

"Wh' meet'ng..?" Derek turns his mate around and engulfs his mate's body in his embrace instead of letting go.

"Oh my God, Derek, stop it. Prom is this Saturday, and I'm responsible for the decoration. I have to meet my team." Stiles explained to Derek's neck.

"No." Derek said, his eyes blinking open.

"What do you mean—"

Stiles is cut by Derek's lips pressed on his. Stiles moans as their lips dance passionately and Derek slips his tongue in. They are lost in time and each other's touch, before finally Derek breaks the kiss.

"You are not pushing yourself too hard to organize this event." Derek demanded, his eyes flashing Alpha red.

"Der, I'm not. Lydia is the one who pushes herself too hard. I'm just a part of the decor team." Stiles explained.

Derek scowls. "Same thing."

Stiles rolls his eyes and kisses his mate's stubbly jaw. "No, Grumpy, it isn't. I practically just puts the balloons here and there." He stops to think it all through, "well, and maybe set the tables, and decorate the stage... Okay, maybe I'll leave the stage part to my team." He said when Derek glares at him.

"No." Derek said.

"But, Der.. Lydia will kill me if I bail... She trusts me to handle this.." Stiles whined.

"I'll call her right now." Derek moves to reach out for his phone but Stiles stops him.

"Derek, don't be ridiculous, the task is not that hard. Let me do this, I promise I'll take it easy."

Derek narrows his eyes at him, considering his own decision. Stiles uses his best pleading eyes.

"Please.. This is the last event I'd organize with all my friends, I don't wanna miss it."

Derek sighs in defeat. "Fine."

Stiles grins and kisses his mate. "You're the best!" He then talks to his own belly, "you hear that, Baby? Your daddy is the best."

"With a few conditions." Derek suddenly added in. Stiles looks at him suspiciously.

"What conditions..?"

"How long you will torture me with the silent treatment, Stiles? I will do this everyday from now on, you know." Derek complained, as his camaro stops in front of Stiles' school. It turns out, one of Derek's 'conditions' is no driving for Stiles. Derek will drop off and pick up Stiles himself whenever and wherever Stiles needs to go.

"But I miss my jeep!" Stiles finally said in a stubborn way.

"Fine, we can use your jeep next time. I'll drive."

"That's not what I mean." Stiles pouts.

Derek sighs, takes off his own safety belt, and leans over to take off Stiles'.

"You will punish me for taking care of you and our baby..?"

Derek pulls out his kicked puppy expression, putting his warm hand on Stiles' stomach and caressing it softly with his thumb. Stiles blushes, the sweet gestures from Derek are still new to him and somehow feel so intimate every single time.

"Not fair.." Stiles sighs, caving in.

Derek smiles knowingly. He leans down and kisses the baby bump, then he leans back up to kiss Stiles' flushed cheek.

"I love you." Derek whispered to his mate's ear.

Stiles narrows his eyes at his mate. "I know you're using the 'L' word just to make me do exactly what you want."

Derek smirks mischievously and kisses Stiles again, this time on the lips.

"Okay, Smartass, I'll pick you up at two, we have an appointment with Deaton at three. But, call me right away if you finish early. Promise?"

Stiles rolls his eyes. "Yes, Derek, I promise."

He turns to open the car door but stops when he remembers something. "By the way, when do we tell the others?" Stiles asked.

Derek shrugs, "we can have a celebratory dinner tonight if you want, inviting the pack..."

Stiles grins at that, "awesome."

Derek nods yet he continues, "and you know.. Maybe inviting your dad."

Stiles grin falters in revelation, "Oh. My. God. How can I forget about my dad!? Oh God, Derek, how should we tell him!?" He's panicking as he remembers his dad.

"Calm down, I've thought about this. We'll tell him and the pack with clear explanation, after a nice dinner at the nicest restaurant in town. They will be in a good mood, and then we'll pop the good news." Derek said in a very calm tone.

Stiles nods, feeling himself calming down. "Yeah. That sounds like a good idea. Great plan, Der."

Derek shrugs again but his face turns serious.

"Well, of course there's a possibility of your dad shooting me with his gun, since it all happened because I didn't listen to him about protection, but I guess I'm ready for that. As long as he doesn't use wolfsbane bullet and doesn't aim for my dick.. I'm not sure that part will grow back."

Stiles gapes in horror, "Oh my God! Derek, we have to do something just in case! Maybe you should wear bulletproof cup or something like that, I'm sure they sell them somewhere!"

Derek stares at him blankly for a moment before he bursts out laughing, leaning in to kiss his panicked mate.

Stiles pulls away from Derek, "were you just jok—oh my God, I was seriously worried earlier! That's so not funny!" He glares at his mate.

"Your face is…" Derek teased, still chuckling and shaking his head.

"You know what, screw you!"

"In the parking lot, Stiles? Kinky."

Stiles gapes again and hits his mate's shoulder. Then he opens the car door, a pout on his face.

"You're getting none tonight!" He pointed at Derek before getting out of the car and slamming the car door.

"Aw, but Baby, what about your hormones? I thought momma has needs.." Derek asked teasingly through his car's window.

Stiles gives his grinning mate the finger and stomps away from the car, but Derek keeps teasing him.

"You look adorable when you're angry! And your butt looks so edible from here!"

Stiles ignores his mate on purpose and keeps walking.

"Hey, remember our agreement, okay? No lifting, no stairs, no bending, no crouching, no running, actually just let your team do all the work! Don't eat junk food at lunch, and call me if anything happens! Anything! Stiles!"

Stiles rolls his eyes in exasperation, Derek's rants fade behind him as he enters the school building, grumbling about some 'asshole of a mate'.

Stiles wears a pair of baggy sweat pants, baggy t-shirt, and Derek's old grey hoodie which is too big for him. The point is, he looks stupid but at least he doesn't look pregnant. Derek said it's unnecessary, since even with his usual attire, he doesn't look like he is. But it's a public school, anything can happen and gossip spreads like the plague, so Stiles doesn't want to take the risk.

"I thought you would change after you mated the Alpha, Stilinski. Honestly, you still dress like a dork." Jackson pointed out when they gather in the school's hall, genuine disappointment in his tone.

"Oh just shut up.." Stiles said. Seriously, Jackson is just as rude as his strawberry blonde mate.

"Stiles!" Said strawberry blonde called his name while walking at his direction, Stiles is choosing a mat that matches the table cloth.


"Derek has called me six times in the last twenty minutes, asking what I assigned you to. What is with him!?"

Stiles rolls his eyes. 'Somehow, I'm not surprised.'

He just shoots an amused grin at Lydia. "I ignored his phone calls, Lyds. He's just getting antsy."

"Then stop ignoring him, he's getting annoying." Lydia complained.

Stiles chuckles. "Yeah, sorry about that, I'm gonna call him after this."

"Okay. Nice pick, by the way." She said, touching the table cloth. "Oh Stiles, what would I do without you?" Lydia coos at him.

Stiles grins at his packmate. "Absolutely nothing."

Lydia winks at him and goes to inspect the other tasks. Stiles searches for his phone in his baggy pocket, but the phone slips behind his hand and drops to the floor instead.

"Oh, shit." Stiles curses and bends down in impulse to take his phone. Suddenly, a jolt of pain pierces through his stomach.

"Ahaah! Argh! Oh God.." Stiles crouches on the floor and holds his baby bump, trying to stand up but not being able to. His stomach is so fucking hurt that tears start pricking in the corner of Stiles' eyes.

"Derek.." He unconsciously called for his mate. But his packmates are the ones who answer.

"Stiles, what happened!? Are you okay?" Scott asked.

"What's happening to him!?" Jackson came next.

"I don't know."

"What should we do?"

"I don't know."

"Derek.." Stiles demanded.

"He wants Derek, anybody, call Derek." Scott ordered.

"I will." Stiles heard Allison said.

"Stiles, hold on, Buddy." Scott said.

"I don't get it, he was totally fine five minutes ago!" Is that Lydia panicking?

"Maybe we should bring him to the nurse?" Erica added in.

Stiles shakes his head. "No.. Derek.."

"He'll be here in five, Stiles." Allison said. "Derek ordered us to bring him to the the front." She said to the others.

"Okay. Hey, Buddy, you can walk?" Scott asked.

"Let's help him." Danny said. The next thing he knows, he's being lifted by Scott and Danny on each side.

"Stiles, what's going on with you, Man?" Scott asked worriedly as they start walking out of the school's hall.

"Pregnant.." Stiles answered while breathing harshly. Everyone is taken back by his answer.

"What..? Come again?" Danny said.

Stiles rolls his eyes. "Just follow me and Derek later. All of you. To Deaton." He said between painful breaths.

When they finally reach the front yard stairs, Stiles can practically hear the Camaro's tires screeching on the dirt when it stops abruptly. Derek's getting out of the car, not even bother to shut the car door, and running towards where Stiles is.

"Stiles, hey, I'm here." Derek takes Stiles from Scott and Danny's grip, into his own arms.

"Derek.." Stiles breathes in relief to see his mate, instantly leaning into Derek and letting his mate support his weight. Now that Derek is with him, Stiles feels safe. Derek will take care of everything.

"What's wrong? Allison said you collapsed."

"My stomach hurts.." Stiles whimpers in pain.

Derek lifts Stiles up gently into his arms and carries him to the car. The others follow not far behind, not liking to see the Alpha's mate, and their friend, in pain. Scott opens the passenger door and Derek lays Stiles carefully on the passenger seat. He puts on Stiles' safety belt and kisses his mate's forehead.

"Hang in there, Baby, we're going to Deaton."

Stiles just nods weakly and closes his eyes. Derek closes the passenger door and turns to his Betas.

"What happened!? Why is he in pain!?"

"I saw him bending down right before he screamed out in pain." Danny said.

Derek closes his eyes and curses. "Shit... I knew I shouldn't let him out of the house.." He grumbled his regret to himself.

"Derek, what is going on with him? He said he's pregnant, he meant it figuratively, right!? Or..?" Scott asked in both confusion and worry.

"I can't explain now, Stiles needs to see Deaton. Just get your work done and meet me at the clinic."

With that, Derek moves to the driver side and gets in. The Camaro's engine roaring as it speeds up to the road.

Derek paces back and forth nervously outside the vet's ward, Stiles has been inside for an hour and Derek hasn't heard a thing yet. Derek was never this terrified in his entire life. The thought of something happened to his mate and his unborn child eats him from inside out.

Suddenly, the ward door bursts open and Deaton appears. Derek goes straight to the vet and starts to question pushingly. "Deaton, what happened to Stiles? Is he alright!? Is the baby alright!?"

"Calm down, Alpha Hale, they're alright. It's the pain I warned you about the other day. I gave him something to kill the pain in an IV, he's sleeping now."

Derek exhales the air that he unconsciously held. "Why was he in so much in pain? I thought you said it would be bearable?" He asked.

Deaton shakes his head. "It should be, with the help of the meds, and so long as he takes it easy and doesn't do extreme body movement. The bending down triggered the sharp pain. His human body is not made for carrying werewolf babies, Derek. Stiles' physique is very vulnerable and fragile now that the baby's growth spurt phase has started. He should have been more careful in his daily activity."

Derek huffs a frustation breath. "I'm aware of that. I just wish he would stop being so stubborn and listen to me when I try to keep him safe."

Deaton smiles. "I can see that Stiles is very strong-willed. He's a true Alpha's mate, Derek, his passion is unquestionable. Just remind him to be careful."

Derek sighs and nods in determination. "I will. Can I see him now?"

"Yes, of course. I'll get you the prescription for the meds, he needs to consume them daily. And when Stiles wakes up, we can do the ultrasound." With that, Deaton shows Derek to the ward door and leaves.

Derek steps quietly to the bed in the center of the room where Stiles lays. Stiles is snoring softly, IV's attached to his wrist which lays on his round belly. Derek sits at the edge of the bed and takes said hand gently. Derek shakes his head in wonder.

"What should I do with you, Stiles.." He whispered with a tinge of amusement in his tone. He moves his hand to brush his mate's brown hair.

Stiles leans to his touch and blinks his eyes open sleepily, noticing Derek's presence. "Der.."

"Hey. Feeling better?" Derek cups Stiles' face tenderly, leaning down and kissing Stiles' lips. Stiles just nods after the kiss and then they just look at each other for a while.

"Is this the part where you throw another fit and lock me in the house until labor?" Stiles started.

"Probably." Derek answered.

"In my defense, I bent down to take my phone off the floor and call you." Stiles said.

Derek rolls his eyes. "Figures. We'll talk about it later, just go back to sleep."

"I'm not tired." Stiles rubs his eyes.

"Really? You want to disobey me right now?"

"But Deaton promised me the ultrasound.." Stiles whined. "Don't you wanna see our baby?"

Stiles sets out his pleading big brown eyes, knowing Derek will give in. And those eyes never disappoint, because Derek once again sighs in defeat.

Ten minutes later, Deaton is squirting ultrasound gel onto Stiles' naked belly. Stiles keeps asking questions to Deaton in excitement, while Derek looks in awe at the process, which actually means he frowns judgingly and watches closely over everything Deaton does. One of his hands brushing Stiles hair and the other slipping through Stiles' fingers.

"Okay, if you see at the screen right here.. Yes, right here, is your baby's head.. And this is the hand.. See that tiny hook? That's the leg.." Deaton's finger moves around the screen, explaining what is what. The ultrasound stick in his other hand moves around Stiles' belly.

Stiles scoffs in awe, happy tears pricking in his eyes as he witnesses how the baby really grows in him. "Oh, Derek.. Look at our baby.. Oh my God, that's our baby.."

Stiles looks at Derek, at how his mate not even once looks away from the screen. Adoration and amazement in his green eyes. Stiles never felt so happy before, to share this precious moment with the man that he loves.

Then Derek turns his gaze to him. Stiles smiles brightly at him, vision blurred by tears. Derek's breath is catched in his throat. He then leans forward and kisses Stiles passionately, expressing the words he couldn't find to say.

That's the moment when the ward door bursts open.

"We're here!" Scott yelled.

'Dammit, Scott!' Stiles cursed when Derek abruptly breaks the sweet kiss to look at the door. Stiles glares at Scott, who looks at between him, Derek, Deaton, and the Sonogram screen with his usual confused face.

"Oof!" Isaac and the others are blocked by the stunned Beta.

"Scott, why are you stopping? We wanna get in too!" Isaac complained behind him.

Scott ignores the other Betas and opens his stupid mouth instead.

"Stiles, what did you eat at lunch, Man!? That was freaking huge!"

Stiles rolls his eyes in disbelief.

The scream that the pack girls produce can deafen any dolphin in a mile radius.

"KYAAA-! OH MY GOD! This is so exciting! I'm so happy for both of you!"

The next thing Stiles knows, he's engulfed in a suffocating group hug full of boobs and strands of long hair.

"Excuse me, pregnant human here. Gentle. Gentle. Ow. Ow. Hug Derek. Hug Derek. Okay.." He breathes in relief after being released and laughs softly to see Derek tensed and just nodding awkwardly from being held in a group hug.

"Congratulation, Stiles, I'm really happy for you." Isaac smiles at him, but there's a little bit of sadness in it, Stiles can feel it.

"Hey, thanks, Isaac. Is everything okay..?"

Isaac nods, but he refused to look at Stiles in the eyes. "Yeah, of course."

"Isaac." Stiles pressed.

"Nothing, it's just.. Does this mean I'm not.. Never mind, it'll sound stupid anyway." Isaac smiles and leaves to where Derek is.

"Hey, Isaac—"

"DUDE! Oh my God! This is insane!"

He's being cut off by super-excited Scott and the other boys gathering around him. He smiles at the boys, saying 'thanks' and all, but he keeps stealing glimpse at Isaac who shows a smiling face but bows his head down and sighs miserably when he thinks no one looks. He obviously has something disturbing his mind, and Stiles will not rest until he find out what it is.

To be continued...

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