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Knocked Up Sunshine

Chapter 5 - The Caretaker

Months ago, Stiles was getting famous in the werewolves world by the rumor of an unclaimed beautiful human with intelligence and bravery, that made many werewolves consider him as potential mate. But Stiles chose Derek, always has and always will. Eventually, the werewolves leave Stiles alone. Now, Stiles is getting famous again. In hunters world. Awesome, welcome to the story of Stiles Stilinski's life. Stiles misses his plankton size of fame, when nobody but his closest friends and family know who he is.

It's been two weeks since the hunters, including the one Stiles shot, left Beacon Hills. Phones keeps ringing in the Argent's house. Hunters from all around the world call Chris and demand confirmation, about a rumor of an Alpha's human mate that has guts to shoot Irvin Steel, the "Iron Fist". Chris has to explain that the human did it on protective instinct, Steel insulted the human's mate, who happens to be the Alpha of the pack.

Back on the day when Stiles shot the hunter, Chris calmed the other hunters down and wrapped up the meeting immediately. Steel was the first one to leave, holding his still bleeding arm and while he walked to the front door. Stiles didn't miss the murderous eyes the hunter shot toward him in silence though. Stiles glared back, of course.

'What? Wanna piece of me? Here, let me shoot the other arm!' He mentally said as he snarled at the hunter.

Derek was not happy with Stiles' actions, obviously. He practically sulked while chewing the sandwiches Stiles made for him grudgingly later that day. They sat on the Camaro's hood on the road outside Hale's woods. Isaac and Scott were sent away, bringing Stiles' jeep with them.

Stiles sighed, looking at his mate. "I don't understand why you're angry, I just wanted to save your pride."

"My pride is not worth your safety!" Derek scolded, his eyes flashing red. Stiles just rolled his eyes. He sits closer and runs his fingers through Derek's ebony hair.

"Can you blame me? I love you. I won't back down when people hurt you, physiquely or emotionally." Stiles tried to console his mate's anger by diverting the subject. "Do you like the sandwiches? You shouldn't have skipped breakfast, I need my mate strong and healthy." Stiles smiled and clinged close to Derek, waiting for the man to cave in.

Derek huffed and turned his gaze to Stiles, still scowling. Stiles grinned at the werewolf and gave him a sweet peck on the lips. Derek just locked his eyes on the loving gaze of the brown orbs for a while, before the Alpha finally sighed in defeat. "It's good, but you shouldn't have brought them to me. I'd have managed 'til lunch."

Stiles opens a bottle of mineral water and hands it to Derek. "Well too bad, I take really good care of my man." He grinned.

"Eww. What is this?" Stiles winces at the glass of weird green liquid on the kitchen counter. His dad blended something while he was busy cooking breakfast.

"This is some special smoothie, drink it." His dad shoves it to his hand.

Stiles turns the glass around and inspects the juice. "But it's...green-ish."

"And it smells awful." Derek added in, and Stiles instantly agrees after he smells into the glass.

"I know it smells terrible and probably doesn't look tasty, but it's actually good for you and your baby." His dad explained.

Derek's ears perk up. "It is?"

"Derek." Stiles warned.

"Yeah, I made that for Stiles' mom when she carried Stiles. She said the juice was probably the reason Stiles was this active and quirky. He was born very healthy and cried so loudly too." The Sheriff laughed from the happy memory.

Stiles gapes at the embarrassing tell-tale. "Dad! Too much information!"

"Do you mind sharing the recipe with me?" Derek asked.

"Derek! No, don't even think about it." Stiles disapproved, but the other two men just keep talking to each other.

"Of course. Stiles and the baby need these nutrients, I'm telling you. I suggest you don't tell Stiles though, some of them are not from fruits and vegetables." The Sheriff explained.

Stiles practically gags. "Dad! Eww! I'm not drinking that!"

"Yes, you are." Derek decided just like that. "And don't worry, Sir, I will make sure Stiles drink this everyday."

"Oh my God! Seriously, I can't even—with the two of you!" Stiles exclaimed. He winces at the glass with ultimate disgust.

Fifteen minutes later, Stiles is brushing his teeth in the second floor bathroom again. The taste of the smoothie won't leave his mouth. Stiles is pretty sure there was a sea creature in that blend. Why can't they just make him drink the supplement milk for pregnant moms like normal people?

His dad left after breakfast, as usual, leaving Stiles and his fiance alone at the house. At times like this, they usually just snuggle on the couch and watch TV. Mostly, they invite the pack to join them. And when they're bored, they will go out together to have lunch or barbeque at the Hale house's backyard.

Stiles is laying on the couch, giggling as Derek peppers him with tickling kisses from behind, the TV is on but merely ignored. Derek's hands sneaking under Stiles' t-shirt to rub Stiles' baby bump. He purrs softly to the nape of Stiles' neck. "How much longer?" He asked.

Stiles turns his head to smile lovingly at his mate. "Six weeks. Getting impatient, aren't we?"

Derek hums in agreement and engulfs his pregnant mate in his embrace. Stiles suddenly groans in pain.

"Stiles, what's wrong?" Derek asked, immediately on alert.

"It's okay, just a cramp." Stiles said, taking steady breaths and trying to relax. "Damn, our kid is a kicker." He chuckles into Derek's stubbly jaw.

Derek sighs in relief, kissing the curve of Stiles' neck and inhaling there. Stiles smiles, his hand roaming to where Derek's hand is on the top of his baby bump, and holding it. "You're such a worry-wart."

Derek just keeps silent for a while, he seems distracted, tinting his head to the side. "I can hear it." Derek mumbles in awe.


"Our baby's heartbeat, I can hear it." The Alpha repeated.

Stiles abruptly turns around to face his mate. "You can!?" Stiles' face brightens up in excitement. "How is it!? Tell me!"

Stiles sits back up so Derek can lay down on his lower body. Derek lifts Stiles' t-shirt and presses his ear to Stiles' belly button. "It's strong, and steady. Thump-thump-thump, it goes like that.." There's adoration in Derek's voice.

"Oh, Derek.." Stiles' hands curls around Derek's head, hugging his mate close.

"Oh!" Derek suddenly pulled back in surprise.

Stiles looks at his mate and smiles brightly, he knows what happened. He felt it. The baby was kicking, and Derek has felt it too. The werewolf spread his palm wide on Stiles' belly just to feel the baby is kicking again, amazement in his now flashing red eyes. Derek purrs lovingly to Stiles' baby bump and drops small kisses on it. "My pup.. MINE."

Stiles laughs softly, tears of happiness pricking in his eyes. He leans down and kisses Derek's hair, his lips linger as he inhales his mate' alluring scent.

Suddenly, Derek's phone rings. Both of them groan hatefully at the blipping gadget, but let go of each other eventually. Stiles knows instantly it's from Derek's company as he hears the conversation going. When the phone call is over, Derek groans again.

"What's wrong?" Stiles asked.

Derek lays his back on the couch beside his mate. "A problem with the supplier. There's plague spreading on their cows, they won't be able to provide our demand of fresh milk for the next two months. The company has already picked some options of a subtitute supplier, they want my opinion and need me to sign some papers." Derek explained the company's current issue.

Stiles nods in understanding. "Oh, okay. You need to go there now?"

Derek seems hesitate. "They want me to, but I don't want to leave you alone."

Stiles chuckles. "What are you talking about? The others will be here soon, you can go."

"Are you sure?" Derek asked, he's obviously reluctant to leave Stiles.

"Absolutely. I decided that our kid will only eat organic food and wear designer clothes in the future, so you have to make sure you don't go bankrupt." Stiles grinned.

Derek smirks at that. "Smartass." He leans down to kiss Stiles' belly again, caressing it gently. "Watch over your papa for me, okay Kiddo?"

"Hey!" Stiles smacked Derek's arm. "I'm the old man here!"

"Oh really? Sometimes it's hard to tell." Derek teased, making Stiles gape and pout. Derek chuckles and kisses Stiles' pouting lips. The kiss deepens as Stiles wraps his arms around Derek's neck.

"I'll try my best to be back by noon, please don't shoot anyone while I'm gone." Derek said after he broke the kiss, smiling playfully.

"Ha-ha, very funny. It was just one time—"

"Two times." Derek corrected.

"Fine, two times. But with good cause!" Stiles reasoned stubbornly.

Derek sighs, he kisses Stiles' forehead. "I won't receive any bad news on the way, right?"

"Not a word." Stiles promised.

Derek looks at him judgingly, Stiles knows he's being lie-detected. Well, he was not lying. Stiles' is actually becoming aware that he's not as energetic as he used to be. The pregnancy has been starting to take a toll on him, Stiles now has to take a nap daily or he might pass out in exhaustion in the middle of the day.

After proving himself that Stiles was being honest, Derek squeezes Stiles' hand and kisses his mate again. "I love you. Take it easy, okay? Just let the pups help with the housework." He whispered between kisses, before reluctantly getting up from the couch.

"Mmm love you too. Be safe, come back to me soon." Stiles mumbled back blissfully, letting go of Derek's hand and watching Derek smile at him and make his way out of Stilinski residence.

"And don't skip lunch!" Stiles reminded him, stopping Derek at the door. Derek just rolls his eyes in amusement and closes the door gently. Stiles lays back on the couch, smiling like an idiot as he replays the earlier lovey-dovey moment in his head.

As time passes, his packmates arrive one by one. Jackson puts The Avengers in the DVD player as Stiles serves the brunch on the coffee table with Peter's help. The old man is really good at cooking. Stiles looks around his living room and does the head-count.

"Where's Isaac?" He asked, realizing everyone is there except his baby.

"He couldn't come." Scott said, getting up from the couch to reach the sandwiches.

Stiles raises his eyebrows, Isaac didn't inform him about not coming. Isaac alwayscame. "Why?"

The girls giggle like they know something that Stiles doesn't. "He got a date." Allison said.

Stiles stares at Allison blankly. Isaac definitely didn't inform him about that. "What date?"

"Well, there's this guy..." Erica started.


"WHAT GUY!?" Stiles cut in with panicked tone, demanding answers.

Danny taps his shoulder. "Dude, chill out, Isaac is a big boy. They met online."

My baby. On a date. With some unknown guy. Who he met online.

"How the hell can I chill out!?" His baby is so pure and innocent. He can't remember seeing him date anyone since first year of high school."This stanger could have been a bad guy who kidnaps oblivious teenagers and rapes them!"

Peter rolls his eyes. "You overanalyze the matter. Dating is just another teenager's thing, just like partying...or becoming a werewolf." Peter said the last part so softly that only the other werewolves can hear him and snicker. Meanwhile, Stiles is already in protective pack mom mode.

"Jackson, turn off the DVD. We're going out. Lydia, am I appropriately dressed to intimidate?"

Lydia looks up from her fashion magazine and spares him a glimpse.

"Take off the floral apron and you're good to go."

Stiles is hiding behind a building about thirty yards from the small pub where Isaac and his-guy-stranger-met-online-date are meeting. The small pub looks gloomy from outside, and placed in a quiet alley in the suburb, obviously the dating guys want some private meeting place. But seriously, though, out of all places in Beacon Hills, they chose this sad place? There's nobody even walking through the alley. Ofcourse there isn't, who would come to a pub at this hour!? It's not even mid-day yet!

Thankfully, Stiles turned on Isaac's GPS, so he can track the pup. Otherwise, Stiles isn't even sure if the other werewolves can find the curly haired boy. Stiles' head keeps peeking from the wall, the girls' heads under him, curious too.

Isaac and his date sit next to the window that faces the alley, thankfully. Stiles can see through the pub's dirty windows, Isaac is smiling and laughing over what the other guy said. Isaac's date is not even that cute, he just happens to have shiny mop of hair, high cheekbones, and dimples when he smiles. Okay, fine, Isaac's date is not that bad on the eyes, but he could still be a criminal!

The other boys stand behind them and keep whining.

"Hey, let's just go back, this is ridiculous." Boyd started.

"Yeah. And embarrassing too, what if Isaac caught us?" Scott added.

"This is actually a privacy violation." Danny pointed out.

"Can we at least wait in the pub?" Jackson demanded. The others look at the blond like he just suggested the stupidest idea.

Stiles turns around to face his male pups. "Shush! Just wait patiently, or no casseroles for lunch." Stiles threatened. The pups shut their mouth instantly, because Stiles' casseroles is just that good.

Peter just sighs from the distance, deciding not to get involved in this immature spying game. He's just there to make sure his nephew's pregnant mate doesn't hurt himself in the process. Stiles' belly is getting bigger and the baby is growing werewolf strong, Peter is convinced Stiles will be exhausted soon enough. The quirky teenager has been active and restless for too long.

Stiles fidgets on his feet, his back is getting sore from bowing while he's peeking to the cafe. But he's not quitting yet, he wants to know what Isaac and the other guy are doing. Stiles gapes when he sees the guy lean over the table and kiss Isaac. In public, in broad daylight. This guy is so dead.

"Aww they're adorable!" Allison squealed.

Erica hums in disappointment. "I hope they step up the game a little bit. Come on! Use the tongue, Lahey, man up!"

"Erica!" Stiles scolded.

"I hope they make a sextape that we can steal." Lydia said, making the other girls giggle.

Stiles gapes in horror. "You know what, I'm gonna walk in and talk to them."

Stiles just makes a step when Danny halts him. "Whoa, hold on, Stiles. I don't think butting in is very nice to do."

"But I need to know who the guy is!" Stiles insisted.

"And embarrass Isaac in the process? He would never forgive you." Danny said.

"Yeah, Man, that's not cool." Scott agreed.

"But—I mean, he didn't even tell me!" And Stiles has right to know, at least he thinksso. Derek has taken Isaac under his wings as Isaac's guardian, and that makes Stiles Isaac's guardian too.

Isaac is strong outside, but very delicate inside. He's the type of Beta that asks for a glass of warm milk and a snuggle after a rough day of killing a rouge Omega. And like Derek, Isaac once had insecurity that he's not lovable enough just as much as he had trust issue, due to broken home environment. It makes Stiles want to resurrect Mr. Lahey just to throw him a fit.

That's why Isaac has soft spot in Stiles' heart, he wakes up every instinct of an Alpha's mate in Stiles to protect him. Maybe it's instinct too, but Isaac comes to Stiles for attention and comfort and the Beta is not shy about it, even though the other Betas are not that intense and tease him about it sometimes. But Stiles is always there to accept him with open arms.

"Peter is right, the guy is probably just a fling for fun, you know." Jackson suggested.

"Or, maybe Isaac is the fling! Oh my God!" Stiles is getting restless.

Jackson rolls his eyes. "Okay. One, Isaac is eighteen, he can have fun and he has no obligation to tell us. Two, Isaac is a werewolf, he can take care of himself. Three, if you ruin his date, I can picture him sulking and not talking to you for a week. Four, you're pregnant, you're in no condition to manhandle a very well-built guy over there. Five, no, you're not using your gun to threaten someone's date, that just steps over the line of 'crazy'. Six, no, we're not helping you, because this is stupid in the first place. Seven, if he's Isaac's mate, Isaac will tell us, otherwise, back to point number one."

"What is point number one again..?" Scott asked. Now everybody roll their eyes.

When Stiles sighs sadly, Allison smiles in understanding. "You can still ask Isaac about his personal stuff later, you know.. But if we interrupt his date just like you planned, we can hurt Isaac's manly pride, don't you think..?"

Just because Allison is such kind-hearted Disney princess, Stiles will retreat. "Fine.. I'll talk to him later.. Now let's just go home."

The boys cheer up and lead the girls back to the cars parked few blocks away. Stiles walks behind, Peter is beside him like his personal bodyguard.

Stiles suddenly has nagging feeling on the nape of his neck. He stops and look around and behind him.

"What's wrong?" Peter asked.

"I feel like we're being watched. Or am I just paranoid?" Stiles said.

Peter looks around him, trying to catch what Stiles senses. "Don't ignore it, you're an Alpha's mate. When Derek bonded you, you gained soft ability like this. Now tell me, which way do you get the disturbing sense from?"

Stiles looks around him again, until he stops his gaze at the back of an empty six-level building about a hundred yards from him. Its windows are all broken, exposing the building's dark space inside. He locks his gaze at one of the fifth floor windows, the nape of his neck shivers.

"You see the closed building with broken wall lamp on the sides of its back door on the other end of the alley?" He described the abandoned building without pointing it out. When Peter nods, Stiles gulps. "Fifth floor. The second window from the right."

Peter nods again. "Okay. Scott! Boyd! Jackson!" He called the other male werewolves. The werewolves probably hear the urgent tone in Peter's voice, because in under five seconds, they are standing in front of them. The others seem to hear the commotion because they gather up closer to them as well.

"What's up?" Scott asked.

"There's a possibility that we're being watched. Stiles senses there's someone watching us from the abandoned building behind me, the one with broken wall lamp on the sides of its back door." Peter explained as he gestures over said building with his head. "I think we should check it out."

Scott nods, his attitude changes from loose teenager to Second-In-Command Beta. "I agree. Okay, Peter, you come with me. The others get back to Stiles' house. Danny, take Stiles' jeep, Peter and I will run. Our priority is Stiles' safety, he must not be in danger in any possible way." Scott instructed.

"Hey! I can defend myself!" Stiles argued.

"Shut up, come back and say that when you don't have baby in your belly." Scott said. Stiles pouts because he doesn't have any good come-back to beat that.

"Jackson, Boyd, Erica, stay alert with all your senses. Inform the others if you catch on anything."

The three Betas nod.

"Allison, shoot anything that threatens the group."

"Got it, Babe."

"All of you must not leave Stiles alone and defenseless."

When all of them nod in understanding, Scott nods back in approval. "Okay. Go. Now." Scott ordered.

Allison hook her arm around Stiles' right away and starts to direct him to where the cars' are parked. Stiles is ready to move along but he remembers. "Wait! Isaac. We have to get him first!" Stiles pressed, turning around to walk to the pub.

"No!" Peter, who just started to lurk away with Scott, turns around and blocks Stiles' way to stop him. "Stiles, please stay with the pack. Just call Isaac to meet us here."

"Let me." Boyd offered, pulling out his phone out of his jean's pocket.

Stiles taps his foot impatiently while he listens to Boyd informing Isaac of what happened and winces when he hears distant sound of Isaac's obviously exasperated rant from the phone after Boyd explained why they were around in the first place.

"He'll be here soon, he's saying bye to his date. And Stiles," Boyd paused, "your darlinglittle Isaac is really pissed."

Stiles rolls his eyes. "S'alright, I'll deal with his tantrum later. I just need that curly brat close to me right now, safe and sound. Did you ask him to hurry?" Stiles asked, and Boyd nods once.

Stiles is a smart guy, he's the conspirator in the pack, so he knows when he's being fooled by one. And right now, he truly completely realizes there's something really off with this situation. The sudden urgent call from Derek's office that forced Derek to leave town. Isaac's meeting with his God-knows-who new guy on the same day in such rural area. Stiles' unexplainable sense of being watched from the building which wow-such-coincidently happens to stand on said area. Stiles' instinct to bundle up his pups and leave is honestly screaming right now.

Suddenly his phone rings. He pulls it out and when he sees the caller ID, he answers it immediately.


"Stiles, where are you? You better have good explanation why I got back just to be greeted with an empty house."

"What? Wait, you're back already?"

He can hear Derek sighs. "You promise you won't laugh? Someone pranked me and pretended to be my CEO's secretary. The real secretary claimed she didn't call me at all, and the cows are assuringly in good shape. Dammit, I hate phone calls, I can't catch on people's bullshit."

'Oh shit.'

"Stiles, you didn't answer my question! Where are you!?"

Stiles' heart beats too loudly in his own ears to hear what Derek actually says. The other werewolves tense in confusion, obviously overhearing the whole conversation and insecure from Stiles' reaction.

"Stiles!" He heard Isaac's voice calling his name from afar. "What the hell!?" Isaac stands with his hands on his hips, face frowning.

Stiles drops his call immediately, Derek's voice calling his name repeatedly is cut abruptly. He raises his hand and gestures at Isaac to come closer to him. "Isaac! Isaac, please get over here right now. Please." Stiles begged desperately.

"I can believe you spied on me, Stiles! If you can't even trust me to handle one date on my own, how will you trust me with a newborn pup!?" Isaac fumed, but stomping his way to Stiles anyway.

Stiles is pushing Peter's body that's preventing him to go where Isaac is, but the well-built werewolf is persistent in not letting Stiles out of the werewolves fort. "I know, Baby, I'm so sorry.. I swear I was gonna leave you alone earlier but—dammit Isaac, please just get here faster before—"

His words are cut out by a sickening whoosh sound ripping through flesh. The next thing Stiles knows, Isaac's body falls limply into the ground. In that moment, the silence of piercing shock falls upon every member of the pack. The alley is so quiet that Stiles can hear his own heart stops beating for a second before it's shredded into million tears. He's the first one to react.

"NO! NOOO!" Stiles screamed hysterically, flailing his limbs to get out of Peter's now freezed hold to run to Isaac as fast as he can with his pregnancy state. "ISAAC!"

Stiles' heart-wrenching scream snaps the others out of their shock. All the werewolves growl and run to enter the building, their bodies shaking in anger with claws and teeth threatening to emerge. Danny runs as fast as he can to get the car. Allison and Lydia run to where Stiles is, sitting on the cold dirt and holding unconscious Isaac desperately on his lap.

"Isaac.. Isaac, Baby, please.." Stiles pleaded, tears falling from his scrunched eyes to Isaac's blond curls.

He cups Isaac's cheek and taps it, begging for the pup to wake up. Isaac's head hangs limply in his hand, unresponsive. Stiles' stomach hurts from all the movement he did and his sitting position, but right now he can't even feel the twisting pain, overlapped by the stabbing pain in his chest from seeing blood dripping from the corner of Isaac's mouth.

Allison gets her phone and starts to make phone calls. Lydia tries to loosen Stiles' grip on Isaac.

"NO!" Stiles protested, tightening his hold on Isaac instead, tears flooding his eyes and staining his face. Stiles buries his face on Isaac's neck and cradles him back and forth while he sobs.

"Please.. Isaac, p-please.. Please." Stiles whispered brokenly, but his 'big baby' is not waking up. Blood and black ooze flow into Stiles' hand that's gripping Isaac's back, seeping into Stiles' shirt sending chills down his spine. The source of the generous amount of the red and black liquid is a small hole through Isaac's chest, right on the spot of where Isaac's heart is.

To be continued...



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