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Knocked Up Sunshine

Chapter 7 - The Vulnerability

"No." Derek said instantly when Stiles looked at the werewolf from where they sit on the couch, understanding what his human mate silently asked.

The hunters and Stiles agreed to do the exchange tonight. The hunters gave the name of the town for them to meet, and it's two towns away from Beacon Hills. They will give him the exact coordinate of their location thirty minutes before the transaction, Stiles must be already in town by then. The other pack members who are permitted to accompany him for the exchange are the humans, all the werewolves who dare to come along will be shot on sight.

Stiles scoffs because this is ridiculous, did Derek miss the whole phone conversation? "Derek, let's be reasonable. This is not the time to argue. Isaac needs the bullet. I need to go out there." He stressed his points.

Derek rolls his eyes, which Stiles affiliates as a default reaction every time the man thinks that he says something remarkably stupid. "I am being reasonable. We will save Isaac, that's for sure. But we will find other way to get that bullet, the one that's not including you in it." Derek explained.

Stiles sways his arms in exasperation, wondering if Derek really thinks things through. "Yeah? And what will that be? Go all wolfed out and attack? Cross our fingers that they don't shoot you first?"

Derek frowns for a while before he nods. "Sounds good enough for me."

Stiles' mouth falls open, the corner of his eyes twitching in annoyance two seconds before limbs flailing again in frustated manner. "Are you serious right now!? Because that's the dumbest plan I've ever heard! Thank God you have me because I—"

"Stiles! I said no!" The Alpha snapped. Stiles gapes in shock and then closes his mouth, looking away from Derek and pouting angrily in silence. Derek sighs warily and gets up to kneel in front of Stiles, settling his palms over the pregnant teenager's hips.

"Will you please listen to me? I've had enough of you putting yourself in danger. You're carrying our child, if you think I will let you be in the same room with them, you must be out of your mind." He said in a more gentle yet still firm tone.

Stiles shakes his head stubbornly, still avoiding Derek's gaze. "But you heard him! If you storm in, they will shoot you on sight!"

Derek lifts a finger under Stiles' chin and gently tilts Stiles' face to him. Stiles gives in half-heartedly and looks at his mate's face, just to see playful green eyes greeting him. "And since when do threats like that make me back down..?" The werewolf smirks teasingly to cheer up his pregnant mate, only to receive even more intense disbelief glare from said teenager.

"And that almost killed you how many times, hmm!?" Stiles pointed out and when Derek opens his mouth to answer, Stiles already cutting him off. "Exactly. Every freaking time! So why don't I just meet those hunters, see what this fuss is all about, and talk everything out, okay?"

Okay, maybe things won't be as simple as he said, considering their shitty luck, but everything in his mind sound better than Derek's stupid plan right now, "I can do this! If you don't want me to go alone, fine, I'll bring Allison, Lydia, and Danny. They will underestimate us, they won't see what's coming! I just don't want you and our werewolves to go out there just to get yourself killed!"

Stiles feels tension building in his nerves at the thought of the hunters shooting the pack. It doesn't help that he knows the number one priority in to-kill-list in a hunt.

The Alpha of the pack.

Annihilate the leader first to array the subordinates.

It means, if he lets Derek have his way, there will be bullets in Derek's heart tonight.

Or Derek's head.

And Stiles will have to carry on without him, raising their kid and take care of the pack without the man who ironically holds the key to said happiness.

Stiles doesn't know what happens between his twisting thought and his sight blurring, but Derek is suddenly back on the couch pulling him onto his lap and hushing softly at him. "Hey, Stiles, breathe. Calm down."

Oh great, anxiety attack. Really great, Stiles, now Derek would never be convinced that he's physically capable of doing anything.

"What are you stressing about, everything will work out just fine." Derek said.

Well, Derek doesn't know that, because it won't, okay? It won't for Stiles if Derek ends up mutilated by hunters. And due to how their luck works, the probability of that happening is almost definite.

"Hey, what did I just tell you about breathing? Stiles?"

Well, not so easy to do when you keep reminding the pregnant mate about your suicidal plan, Derek!

Derek's strong arms wrap protectively around him, pulling Stiles into the warmth of his embrace. Stiles automatically buries his face deeper into the man's neck and takes deep breath for few times, taking in Derek's calming scent greedily which does amazing things to Stiles' nervous systems.

"That's it. Good." Stiles can feel Derek's breath of relief on his hair. "Dammit, Stiles. You shouldn't be this worked up, it's not good for the pregnancy." Derek warned him, absently rubbing the spot where his thumbs settle on Stiles' hips soothingly.

"I just really don't want you—" Stiles tried again helplessly after he's a bit more composed, voice thick in emotion muffled by the material of Derek's henley. He can't let Derek go on this one. "I really have a plan, Derek, just let me do it." He begged.

Derek cups his distressed mate's cheek and brings Stiles' face to see him. "I know you're more than capable to outsmart those hunters, there's no single doubt in me about that," he kisses Stiles' forehead and meets the teenager's gaze again, "but you can still get hurt in the process and I won't take that risk for anything."

Derek spreads his palm wide on Stiles' swollen belly, feeling the movement of their baby. "I can't let anything happen to either of you. It's decided, you won't go to meet the hunters, I will." He said, determination in his voice.

Stiles doesn't answer, not knowing what else to say to make his overprotective mate change his mind. He just lays his head back on Derek's shoulder and his palm over the man's warm hand that caresses his baby bump lovingly, holding it tight. His restless brain works in silence trying to figure out what to do.

Stiles tries to make Derek wait until after lunch before the Alpha and the pack's werewolves leave for their mission, the mission that Stiles has determined to abort. In order to do that, he has to postpone their departure, saying that he wants to feed them lunch first. When Derek insists that they can eat on the way, Stiles shoots his best watery pleading eyes and pouting lips. It only takes five seconds for Derek to finally sigh in defeat and give in, because that's how much the man spoils his mate.

Stiles asks the pack's humans to go to the nearest diner with him to buy some food, while the wolves stay near Isaac and share the pack bond's healing mojo, not that it'll heal the wound but probably it's more of a pack's show of comforting each other. Hopefully, Isaac will be up and around tonight, when this mess is all over.

Derek doesn't show any suspicion, instead, the worry-wart shows his approval openly that Stiles is finally self-aware not to go anywhere alone. He kisses Stiles with a pleased smile and tells him to come back soon, which Stiles responds by grinning and pulling his two thumbs up.

Unknown to the man, Stiles uses the opportunity to tell the pack's humans about his plan and ask for their assistance.

Danny is a bit pessimistic about it. Even though he understands that Derek's plan is even more suicidal than Stiles', a part of him agrees with the Alpha that this is too dangerous for Stiles right now. But in the end, he caves in. He says he knows that Stiles will proceed with or without him anyway so he might as well just come along with it and help.

Danny is a smart guy. He knows his Alpha's mate very well.

Allison is easier to convince, she takes the hunters' threat very seriously. All Stiles has to do is bring Scott's possible death to the table and she's in, even though the sweet girl keeps asking if Stiles is really sure that the plan will leave him unharmed.

That's when Lydia comes into the picture, because she is a very terrifying partner in crime. When Stiles tells her what he plans to do, she simply says that Stiles is an idiot. And then she points out all the misses in the plan. Stiles is pretty confident about every details now.

"Tell me why did I agree to do this again?" Danny said as he parked the car on the clinic driveway.

"Hush! Lower your voice, they'll hear us!" Stiles hissed next to him. "And you all agree to this because we all know if Derek and the others go out there, they'll be hunted like it's open season."

"I get it. It's just, the thought of how angry Derek will be may or may not make me pee myself." Danny whispered.

Stiles rolls his eyes. "Don't worry, I'll handle DaddyWolf when this is over. Just follow my lead, okay?" He pats Danny's shoulder and turns around in his seat. "Lydia, you done?"

"Yup." Lydia said from the backseat, where she and Allison pour some sedatives into all the soda cups they bought for the pack. It's a special kind, one of rest-in-peace ' legacies.

Well, it's in the creepy guy's surprisingly badass chemical journal and when the teacher was reported missing, no officer bothered to take his teaching materials as evidence and the stuff just sat there in the boxes in corner of the teachers' room. So after SAT week, socially-aware Stiles helped the school cleaning up the room voluntarily and resourceful Danny helped Stiles remake some useful stuff.

Back to the sedatives, it doesn't produce any scent and it's tasteless. So, the werewolves won't realize that they are being drugged. Hopefully, it will knock them out and give the humans enough time to wrap up the rest of the mission.

"Okay, let's go." They get out of the car and proceed the plan.

When Derek sees him come back, the man smiles in adoration, pulls Stiles into his arms, and drops butterfly kisses on Stiles' face while asking what food he brings for them. Derek is being sickeningly sweet. It almost makes Stiles feel bad for what's coming.


An hour later, Stiles has six werewolves laying on the couch and the floor. Derek's eyebrows frown extremely looking like they want to throttle somebody. Earlier the horror of revelation sparked in Derek's green eyes followed by accusing flash of red shot at Stiles' way three seconds before the Alpha hit the floor unconscious.

Danny stares down at the scene of Stiles crouching carefully to fix a blanket over the sleeping volcano who no doubt will erupt when finally awake. Stiles struggles a little, minding the big round vulnerable baby-filled belly that looks on the edge of bursting.

Danny gulps and then looks at Allison and Lydia. "Maybe we should disappear for a while after Stiles' crazy mission is accomplished. You know, just in case."

Stiles stands straight back up and turns around towards the door. "Deaton?" He asked as he walked outside, the other three humans following behind.

"Locked in his office." Allison answered, when they stop outside the clinic exit. "He insisted you to hold back and reconsider everything though. He said you shouldn't be in action in this state. To be honest, he sounded pretty convincing."

Stiles catches the hesitation in Allison's voice, if her expression doesn't scream 'I think we should cancel this'.

"Don't worry, alright? If we play the game right, the hunters won't touch me." Stiles reassured.

"Well," Lydia cut in, "as long as they don't find out about the," she waves a hand gracefully at Stiles' stomach instead of finishing her sentence. "You should wear bigger clothes." She suggested.

Stiles just shrugs at it. "Male pregnancy won't cross their mind. They maybe know about the lore, but I bet they don't expect to meet one in front of their very eyes. No one does. So, stop worrying about things that won't happen, you have stuff you need to do." Stiles said to both girls who he will leave behind to do their part of the plan.

"Danny, let's go." He hops into the car, riding shotgun as Danny takes his place behind the wheel.

When their car enters the meeting ground, an open field in the middle of some reserve, Stiles finally sees the guy who shot his pup. And no words can explain how Stiles wants to shoot him again, this time a bit to the right of his left shoulder.

"You." Stiles hissed low as he gets out of the car on and steps forward. Danny walks tall and cautious, joining him to the front.

"Stiles." No other than Irvin Steel grinned at him like Stiles is an old friend, which Stiles thinks is quite creepy. "Good to see you again."

"I feel bad, Steel, the feeling isn't mutual." Stiles said, stopping on a safe distance from the hunter. "You shot my friend." If human can growl, that will sound like the voice Stiles' making.

Irvin is accompanied by two other hunters, who Stiles bets are the hunters who set things up in Isaac's shooting from how much they match the characteristics that Chris described. One of them holds a leash to the neck of an unknown young man in dirty clothes who Stiles assumes is the mysterious Omega that Chris mentioned. The reason why the werewolf is still alive and brought here is another question in Stiles' mind.

Irvin laughs like a maniac and claps his hands. "Aww c'mon Stiles, lighten up, you have to admit that was fun! I watched from the camera, how the kid's body jerked as my poisonous bullet pierced through near his heart. The stupid mutt didn't even realize what hit him, the only reaction from him was the sound of his giant body hit the ground." Irvin keeps chuckling.

Stiles' expression turns deadly cold, and so is Danny's.

"And that's not even the best part. No, the best part is seeing you, Stiles." Irvin's laughter now turns into a psychopathic grin. "You really made a scene out there, screaming and stuff. Now tell me, how did it feel? To watch your pathetic pup bleed in front of you. I made the bullet myself, FYI."

Stiles' fists tighten at the words, his jaw clenched so hard it might break. He really wants to go nuts and start shooting bullets at Irvin's body but he needs to keep calm and stick to the plan. "Why Isaac?"

Irvin seems disappointed from Stiles' lack of reaction, but the sick twisted guy just shrugs. "I want you and I want you alone. If you were me, could you think of a better plan than this?"

Stiles nods stiffly. "Well I'm here, let's get down to business. Give the bullet to my friend here," Stiles tilts his head at Danny, "and he will leave."

Irvin nods at one of his subordinates, who take out a small sack from his pocket and steps forward.
Danny steps forward as well and meets the hunter halfway. The hunter hands him the sack and waits while Danny checks inside it. After Danny sees two bullets that resemble the one from Isaac's wound in it, he nods in approval and both get back to their respective leader.

"It's good?" Stiles asked, half-whispering so the hunters won't hear their conversation.

Danny nods. "Yeah."

"Ok. Go. Now."

"Stiles, you sure?" Danny asked. Stiles can see worry and fear all over Danny's face about leaving him alone with the hunters but Stiles can't step back now.

"Danny." Stiles warned. They have to stick to the plan.

Danny sighs. "You better get out of this mess unharmed, Stiles." He whispered. He grips Stiles' shoulder tight before making his way to the car.

Stiles watches and breathes in relief as the car leaves out of his sight. Whatever happens from this second, at least Danny makes it to Isaac. Stiles turns back to face the hunters.

"Alright, now what? What do you want from me?"

Irvin scans Stiles' virtue from head to toe. "Nothing complex, I just follow my curiosity. I was never this close to an Alpha's human mate before. The Alpha usually went feral before we even tried. They practically wrap their human mate in a bulletproof bubble."

Stiles snorts and mumbles "you're tellin me" under his breath because that is so Derek.

"I notice you have brains, Stiles. And the look's not too bad. You obviously have guts and are very protective towards your pack. I can see what Hale sees in you."

"Really? 'Cause I have to be naked for you to see what Derek sees in me."

The hunters don't look so impressed by his sense of humor. Oh well, a guy can't win everything in this world.

"Anyway, I can't help but wonder," Irvin adds, "why would you pollute your life by dealing with monsters?"

Stiles' mood turns sour just like that and shoots a deadly glare at Irvin's way.

"And Derek Hale, out of all creatures," Irvin laughs, "I mean, damn Kid, haven't you read his record? I never met a monster so cursed that he ruins everything he touches."

"Oh, you think you're all better than him?" Stiles asked with an icy expression that would freeze Mexico. These people don't deserve to bad-mouth the man Stiles loves.

"You're crazier, you're stupider, you're definitely uglier. And who has a pack full of people that care about him and a soulmate that loves him through good and bad? Last time I heard, it's not you. Wow, when we look at it that way, Derek is surely one lucky bastard." Stiles jokes but everyone nearby can taste poison in his words, "no wonder you're so pissed at him, I mean, who can blame you for being jealous. Compared to yours, Derek's life actually sounds pretty awesome."

"I wouldn't be so mouthful if I were you. I am this close to killing you right now." Irvin starts to get irritated. Their conversation is heating.

"No way, my speech is spectacular. Besides, you can kill no one in this situation."

"Don't be so sure, I can kill anyone I want."

"Not the kid's sheriff. Especially the one who has evidence of your crime."

Irvin snorts. "You have none."

"Uuh yes, I do. And it slips through your fingers as we speak. You see, my friend Danny who just left has something important in his jeans' pocket. The recording of our conversation where you admitted of your crime earlier and that you did it so you could kidnap me. Thanks to your stupid ego, I can have you arrested with just one simple call."

Irvin's expression is like he's been slapped when he realizes his stupidity. Stiles, catching the sudden change of face on his opponent, grins so wide it splits his head in two. "Yeah.. You're not as bright as you think you are, are you?"

Irvin takes out his phone and dials someone, but Stiles laughs at him when Irvin looks at his phone like it had done a terrible foul.

"Voicemail? Yeah, I noticed you have eyes on the borderline. Four shooters on the rooftop? Flashy. Well, you should have known that I have my own hitmen." And one wonder girl because Allison is Xena the warrior princess, okay? That girl can kick anyone's ass like a boss. Stiles had assigned her to get her dad and his men to help them clean the way for Danny, making sure Danny arrived safely. Danny is a human, Stiles knows Chris won't say no to getting involved.

"And I take it mine took care of yours successfully. Danny should have been through the border by now." Stiles gloated.

Irvin glares at Stiles murderously, his grip on his phone is so tight the phone crackles.

"Aww. I wish I bring my digital camera right now because your face? So precious." Okay, maybe Stiles is in his character too much. But damn, being an asshole to another assholes feels awesome.

"You little shit!" Irvin's feature shakes in anger. What a drama queen. "I'll kill you and hang your corpse for your disgusting dogs to see!" Irvin fumed.

Stiles rolls his eyes. "Oh please, we all know you can't kill me without authority on your tail, and you can't have that."

"You think you're so smart?" Irvin challenged, smirking devilishly. "Guess what, I can kill you without having blood on my hand."

Stiles raises his eyebrows in question, yet his posture goes rigid in caution. How? By what trick? Stiles' mind runs miles per second.

One of the hunters releases the Omega and pushes him forward to where Irvin stands. Irvin raises his gun to the Omega's head. "Kill him. Or I'll kill you."

Oh. That trick.

The Omega looks at Stiles with a glimpse of this desperation in his face that tells Stiles they both know this is about survival, and then he wolfs out and lunges at Stiles' way.

Stiles grabs his wolfsbane Desert Eagle from the back of his pants and aims at the Omega. He feels sorry for the lone werewolf but he doesn't have any choice. He has to defend himself, at least he will have to injure a limb or two to put the werewolf down. But right before Stiles pulls the trigger, Irvin beats him to that and shoots Stiles in the arm. Stiles shouts in pain, his gun falling to the ground first before himself few seconds behind.

Son of a b— Derek is not going to be happy with this. Not at all.

Stiles reaches for the wolfsbane sack in his pocket to blow at the Omega but stopping himself when the werewolf stops right on his feet and in no position to do any attacking. The werewolf just stares at him, leans in slightly, sniffs the air, and he abruptly pulls back growling.

Wow, okay, rude.

The Omega gradually backs off, stepping away from Stiles. He looks back and forth between him and the hunters, and lets out a pity whining.

Stiles sits up, still holding his bleeding arm, confused by the Omega's sudden retreat. Ten seconds ago the werewolf was more than ready to maim Stiles for survival.

Irvin yells at the Omega in anger, threatening that he'll kill him if he doesn't slice Stiles' throat and pull his spinal cord out of his body right freaking now. Geez, gore much? The Omega says he can't, no matter what the situation is, his instinct won't let him hurt a pregnant mate. A mate with cub is not to be harmed.

Oh shit.


This information is supposed to stay in the dark.

Irvin and the other hunters' eyes widen in shock and look at one another, silent conversation exchanged by their facial expression.

The Omega starts begging for his life, pleading for another pay off, anything but harming a pregnant mate that goes against every instinct in him. Irvin goes "hmm" and shoots the Omega in the head, Stiles flinching and gapes in shock in the background. Stiles' eyes follow as the Omega's body hit to the ground with a thud. He looks at the blank lifeless eyes of the werewolf, heart breaking for the innocent soul.

A man called Irvin Steel is completely, unquestionably, truly a monster.

And that monster is now looking at his stomach. "You're pregnant..?" Amazement is in his voice. "But, it's impossible, unless—It's rare but there's this lore, but only if it's the Alpha's.."

Stiles instinctively wraps his good arm around his belly, a poor attempt to hide it from the unwanted attention. And apparently, his instinctive move gives the answer that Irvin's looking for because Irvin smiles creepily and walks closer.

"Of course, of course it's Hale's. It means there's a chance that it's—" Irvin's grin turns feral and he exchanges this we-just-catch-a-big-prize look with his fellow hunters, "it's a cub, is it Stiles?"

"What are you babbling about? You're crazy, men don't get pregnant." Stiles denied with a mocking scoff, hoping the hunters didn't catch the slight tremble in his voice.

This is not going the way he planned.

This is so not going the way he freaking planned.

Where's Lydia anyway? Lydia should have arrived here like million hours ago with his dad and his officers, just like the way they carefully and thoroughly planned.

"I have an Alpha's mate with a werewolf cub in him in front of me without any protection..?" Irvin's standing right above Stiles who still withers on the ground with a bleeding arm, "turns out, Christmas this year came early."

"You're delirious." Stiles said. He tries to stand up, already crouching, when Irvin roughly pushes him on his side with the hunter's thick army boot back to ground. Stiles gasps from the harsh pressure it gave to the side of his baby bump because that's just merely not nice, he feels his baby kicks in him complaining for the treatment. He looks up to glare at Irvin, and Irvin has this smile, the kind of smile that Stiles is not comfortable with.

"Well, I guess, if you refuse to share with us, there's just one way to find out for sure, don't you think?" Irvin gestures his hand at his subordinates, asking for something.

And his subordinate gives what he asks.

A tazer.

Stiles' eyes widen in horror.

"A little jump won't hurt, right? Just to see if anything will shift in there." Irvin pointed the tazer at Stiles' round belly.

"No.." Stiles breathes out shakily, "get away from me." The electric current will force his baby to shift. And Stiles doesn't want anyone force his baby to do anything. He crawls away from Irvin, twisting his body in attempt to hide his belly from the hunter, arm instinctively wrap around it.

Stiles feels his wits and snark falter in him, replaced with growing fear and desperation. Desperation for someone to come right now, especially someone with strawberry blonde hair bringing along his dad and a S.W.A.T. team.

Where the hell is Lydia!? Of all times, she chooses to suffer inaccurate timing right now!?

"Hale doesn't know you're here, does he, Stiles? Because there's no way I will have this precious opportunity if he does. Do you know how hard it is to even get close to a pregnant mate..?"

Irvin stops Stiles' attempt to get away by roughly shoving him on his side again. Stiles gasps in pain as the side of his vulnerable baby bump meets the rocky surface.

"The pack usually lays low so they cannot be tracked, for the carrier's protection. Only strong packs with powerful Alphas who are bold enough to gloat about it. Even if we find a pack who's expecting, we have to kill every werewolf in the pack before we can reach the carrier. Even then, we're usually too late, the carrier will already have fled."

Stiles can only weakly crawl a couple more feet before he's being roughly shoved by the damn thick boot again. Stiles tries to sits back up but his trembling limbs fail beneath him. He's bleeding and his strength is drained, he can't hold his body up anymore. Gravity keeps pulling him back to the ground.

"Whatever stupid stunt you did to your mate to get away with this, I thank you for that because Stiles, you just spared me all the hard work."

Forget Lydia and his dad's stupid team that have time issues, because Stiles starts to have this longing feeling for Derek. He is tired. He is hurt. He is irritated by the rude treatment that he and his baby receive. Now, Stiles just wants his mate close to him. He needs Derek to come save his sorry ass and their poor baby who don't deserve to be treated this way, and pulls them into the safety of the man's warm embrace.

Stiles is not sorry he came to retrieve the bullets for Isaac, but he is sorry not to include Derek in his plan. He should have.

If there is God and He listens to his pray right now, Stiles is man enough to admit he's wrong and he promises he will listen to his mate from now on, no matter how ridiculous Derek's protectiveness may become. Well, at least until his labor.

God, just, accio Derek here make this crazy hunters go poof.

"Derek.." Stiles pleaded softly to the cold night air. 'Save me..'

Irvin laughs above him. "Roar, Cub!"

Irvin shoots the tazer to Stiles' stomach and Stiles screams as blinding pain flares throughout his body. His waist arcs up as the voltage horribly shocks his round belly and he drops back down abruptly when Irvin finally stops the contact.

Stiles spasms on the ground, his sight blurred with tears that then spill from his unfocused eyes. His breath is frantic. He can feel his baby stirs in him, kicking like crazy triggered by the shock. The movement sends severely painful jolts to Stiles' human body.

"S-Stop.." Stiles sobs, his trembling feature curling in to hide his precious bump from the world.

"D-Derek.." His soul called to his mate, wanting him, needing him, but part of him knowing the man is far away from him thanks to his own doing.

Irvin and the other hunters laugh like maniacs, enjoying the sight of Stiles shaking like a leaf and sobbing on their feet. Irvin pokes Stiles' big belly with his boot not so gently and chuckles when Stiles whimpers in pain. "Has your little mutt wolfed out yet, Stiles? Or should we max out the power?"

The next second, Stiles' body jerks up as the most severe pain Stiles has ever endured shocks through his baby bump. It feels like there are thousands of tiny knives stabbing all over it and tear his insides, sending Stiles arching his tortured fragile body up and screaming his lungs out.


A feral roar answers his frantic call and the electric shock on his stomach suddenly stops. Stiles goes limp on the ground, lungs struggling to breathe between his sobbing, his entire body spasming from the severe pain. The half-unconscious state he's under won't let him see clearly or even take in what happens in his surrounding. There are just many loud noises of gunshots, screaming, and terrifying roars from every direction, until those noises finally fade into silence.

Stiles' post-shockwaves sensitive nerves tense when a set of arms gather him up and pulls him into a hard wall of flesh, but he sobs in overwhelming relief when he recognizes everything that makes contact with him. The calming scent that lingers. The trembling arms that holds his distressed body. The strong shoulder that now absorbs his fallen tears.

"D-Derek.." Stiles melts right away into Derek's warmth, desperate hands grasping weakly to anything reachable begging wordlessly to be pulled deeper into those protecting arms. Stiles breaks down crying shaken by what he had been through. He's never been so scared, and by how Derek's body desperately engulfs his, the man probably feels the same.

"Stiles.." Derek whispered shakily to his neck and oh how hearing his voice lifts every pound of dead weight on Stiles' shoulder right now. "Stiles.." The man keeps whispering his name like a chant.

Stiles knows Derek is freaking out, Stiles is aware he's in a pretty bad shape with an arm bleeding, features trembling in pain, and face wet with tears. Thankfully, they don't have to worry about their cub because oh the little rascal is alive alright. Stiles can practically feel the baby's throwing tantrum in his beaten up body.

"Our c-child is not very h-happy right now.." Stiles laughs weakly through his painful breathing. "I think—I think the baby's w-wolfing out."

Derek pulls back to look at him and Stiles feels a deep pang in his chest because there are tears in Derek's eyes. Derek has been crying because of him. Stiles softly whimpers, wanting to reach out and soothe his man but his stupid limbs refuse to lift up.

"D-Der.." Stiles murmured, moving his head with all the remaining energy he has to nudge his mate's jaw softly with his nose.

Derek just responds by tightening his arm around Stiles' shoulder, pressing Stiles impossibly closer to his chest. The Alpha spreads his warm palm over the baby bump and gently caresses it in soothing motions while growling deeply at it, eyes flashing red. Stiles takes a deep relieving breath as he feels the baby's hyper movement in him slowly stops.

"Peter said he and the boys will take care of the remains. I'll bring the car over." He heard Erica say above him and Derek just silently nods.

"D'rek.." Stiles wanted to say something to ease the man's wrecked emotion, but his stupid body doesn't do what he wants. His eyes keeps drooping, pulling him into darkness.

Stiles stubbornly fights it to stay awake, until Derek kisses his temple and softly says, "Sleep. When you're okay, I will be too."

Soothed by what he heard, Stiles gives in to his exhaustion and passes out in his mate's embrace.

To be continued...

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