He couldn't move. All he could see was the ceiling; off-white, with a few cracks.

Where's the nurse? It's TV time! I want my adjustable bed...adjusted!

Shego's frustrated voice interrupted his thoughts: "I told you it was gonna blow up the lair, but did you listen? No! And now look at us!"

Delighted, he waited for another outburst, but she'd fallen asleep again.

Drakken sighed. It was going to be a long three weeks in traction.

If he really strained his eyes, though, he could just see the dark shimmer of Shego's hair, and the sharp curve of her nose.


"Loved your act, Drakken! Or should I say Drew?"

"Hey, maybe you could do an encore!"

"They're only jealous," Drakken muttered, but she noticed his jaw tightening as the other inmates jeered at him.

Shego let him walk off by himself to sulk. She'd see him later, anyway.

Sighing, she whirled around to face the tormentors, her smile cold. "So…you people like rapping, do you?"

Come dinnertime, nobody felt like joking anymore.

Drakken peered cautiously at the silent, sullen crowd, then at Shego. "What's going on…?"

"Guess they were just jealous after all, Doc," Shego said, looking self-content.

Drakken grinned.


"…I heard it was…what's-his-face…Drewken."



Drakken looked up from the funnel cakes, spotting a man and woman he didn't recognize.


"The…intercontinental whatcha-ma-callit? Shook the planet?"

"Sounds nuts enough for Drakken."

Drakken glared.

"Drakken and Shego. She's never far away."

"Why doesn't she go solo?"

The woman scoffed. "I heard she can't even beat that cheerleader!"

Drakken growled.

"I'd hire Shego," the man mumbled; clearly the sidekick.

"I bet. Anyway, everybody knows they're washed-up. We'll show them we can defeat Possible!"

Humiliating Defeat for Newcomer Villain Duo, the Middleton Examiner read on Monday.

Wade had received an anonymous tip.


Apart from the attraction to evil, money, power and dramatic outfits, Shego considered, they didn't have that much in common.

She liked extreme sports and sunbathing; he liked karaoke and online chat rooms.

She preferred spicy food; he had a sweet tooth.

She liked her regular beauty sleep; he had the unhealthy sleeping habits of…well, a mad scientist.

But they both had a severe case of pollen allergy.

"You know, Dr. D…" Shego said thickly, as she watched Drakken blowing his nose for the millionth time that day, "…maybe building a lair at the North Pole wasn't such bad idea…"


Drakken looked up. "What happened to you?"

Shego grimaced, pushing her wet hair aside, her feet leaving muddy tracks behind her.

"What didn't happen to me? Did you know they had lasers there? And ninjas? And I had to jump in the river to get away—"

Before he knew it, she'd breached his personal space, leaning heavily against his shoulder.

"Um, Shego—"

"Make me tea," she groaned, exhausted.

Drakken scoffed. "What am I, a butler?"

"Tea. Now."

In the following silence, he felt her hair slowly dampening his coat.

Drakken sighed. "Let's get you some clean clothes first."


He'd invented a reward system.

The henchmen were eating it up, and at least she had to give him credit for figuring out how to manipulate them.

But when he tried applying it to her as well, she'd had enough.

"Excellent work, Shego! Here's your gold star! Remember, five gold stars will earn you—"

"I'm not one of your…minions, Doc! Keep your stupid gold stars!"

"No stars?" he asked, irritated. "Well…what do you want?"

She bit her lip, hesitating.

Call me your partner. I'm so tired of being the sidekick.

"Nothing you'll ever figure out," she gritted, walking away.


He could already hear them approaching behind, coughing and cursing. The smoke bomb— so cliché, but he'd brought it just in case— had only distracted them for a few seconds, but it had been enough.

He ran.

A green and black figure; he blinked at the pink, glowing shampoo running down her long hair, noticed the dazed expression—

For a second, his mind swam with all the power he'd suddenly been handed— she'd obey him, she wouldn't be lippy—

But only for a second.

Been there.

Never again.

"You need a shower," he murmured, dragging her along by her wrist.