Vietnam 1970

I was in the back of some sort of vehicle , soldiers around me on every side. Things were quiet , very quiet , we were traveling in such extreme silence it was creepy. All of a sudden we heard it , there was another vehicle closing in on us. At first we thought it was one of our own but we soon found out we were wrong when gunfire rang out loud and clear at it was obvious we were being fired on. " I'll hold them off" our commander said. He jumped out of our caravan and opened fire on the enemy. This did not last long as he was quickly gunned down. "Noooo!" I yelled and jumped out after him. I ran over to him in case there was anything I could do to help revive him. If there was anything I could do I would never know for at that precise moment one of the vehicles must have hit a mine because there was an explosion I was knocked to the ground out cold

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Metro City , New York 5:42 a.m. April 17th 1987

"No!" yelled Inspector Gadget as he slept. "Uncle Gadget! , uncle Gadget!" Penny yelled, shaking her uncle awake. " what's wrong Penny?" Gadget asked "I was about to ask you the same thing." Said Penny worriedly. " You were yelling in your sleep again ." "I was?" " Do you remember what you were dreaming about?" "I think it was about how I became Inspector Gadget." " You mean that accident involving Dr. Claw back when he was Sanford Scolex?" "I'm not so sure that's what happened." "What do you mean Uncle Gadget? I know your memory from before isn't so good but you have always remembered that event." " That event did happen but now I'm not sure it's how I happened. I need to talk to the chief." Gadget went to the kitchen and dialed the chief's number. "Hello?" Quimby answered "chief it's Gadget." "Gadget it's six in the morning can't this wait?" " Chief I think I'm remembering things from my past." " Good god! Gadget meet me in the the park in an hour there are things we need to discuss."

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AN: so gadget is starting to remember things from his past. Wonder what else he'll remember what will Quimby tell him? We will soon find out. Reviews are appriciated