"Over there," A voice shouted.

I groaned and water flooded into my mouth. I coughed causing more water to enter my mouth. Suddenly a pair of strong arms grabbed me and pulled me out of the water. I opened my eyes but closed them quickly. Wherever I was it was bright.

"Is she okay?" A voice asked.

"Yeah I think so she's just swallowed a lot of water," Another voice replied. I groaned again and opened my eyes slightly.

"She's waking up," One of the voices exclaimed loudly. I cringed. My head hurt, badly.

"Dagwood calm down she probably has a concussion so her heads probably hurting," Someone said. I nodded my head, and groaned again.

"Let's get her back to SeaQuest she needs to rest," The same person said. I closed my eyes and drifted off…


Enchanted forest

I swam up to the shore and slowly pulled myself up onto the sand. My tail dragged behind me and I could see it shimmering in the sunlight. I smiled, and started to dry off.

"Ariel I thought I told you stay inside, the waters are not safe," A voice shouted from behind me. I groaned.

"But dad I can't help it I'm part mermaid. I'll always want to be in the water. I don't understand how you can think that such a beautiful place could be bad," I replied, standing up. I wobbled for a second. I'm always slightly wobbly on legs after a long swim.

"You know what happened to your mother, she was just like you. Never wanted to leave the water, and then she was killed by one of those monsters that live in the ocean," He stated, taking a step towards me.

"But dad…"

"No buts now come on," He said, grabbing my arm. He pulled me back to the castle.

"You need to learn that the sea is a dangerous place. It's not meant for humans," Dad said.

"Well I'm not fully human; I'm part fish you know. I can survive in the ocean," I replied.

"But you're also part human, I don't want to see you hurt," He exclaimed.

"You're hurting me by keeping me from the water," I shouted, running up to my room.

I flopped down on my bed, and started to cry. Why, why couldn't mom have taken me with her when she left that day? At least then I'd be with her. I fingered the shell locket that mom had given me. Inside was a picture of mom, dad, and me as a baby. When you opened it a soft melody rang out. Printed on the locket was my name in smooth gold letters. I belong in the ocean not locked up here on land. I want to explore and see the world. But if dad had his way, then I'd never leave the castle walls. That's when I made my decision. I jumped up off my bed, grabbed my water proof bag, and stuffed my coral hair brush, a picture of dad, some money, and a few other things into the bag.

"I love you dad but I can't stay here," I whispered, before climbing out the window…



I groaned, and shifted on the soft surface I was lying on. I could hear a faint beeping coming from beside me. I opened my eyes slowly and looked around me. I was lying on some sort of bed, beside me was a contraption with red squiggly lines running across it and I found that that was what was making the beeping noise.

"I see you're finally awake, you had us worried there for a while," A voice exclaimed. I looked over to see a woman walking towards me. She pulled something out of her pocket and held it to her face.

"Nathan our guest is awake, if you'd like you can come down and meet her," She said, pressing a button on the side of the device. When she was done she put it back in her pocket, and walked over to me.

"I'm Dr. Wendy Smith, you're currently in the medical bay of the SeaQuest," She stated, grabbing my wrist and looking down at something on her wrist. After a few seconds she let go of my wrist, and looked up at me.

"Can you tell me your name?" She asked. I thought for a second, but couldn't come up with anything. I shook my head.

"Do you remember how you ended up in the water?" She asked. I thought but once again didn't come up with anything so I shook my head. At that moment a small group of people walked in.

"How is she?" A man asked.

"Well she doesn't remember how she ended up in the water, or who she is but other than that she seems fine," Dr. Smith replied, looking back at the man. She turned back to me after a few seconds.

"This is Captain Nathan Bridger, Lucas Wolenczak, Commander Jonathan Ford, Anthony Piccolo, and Dagwood," Dr. Smith said, pointing to each one when she said their names. I opened my mouth to say hello, but nothing came out. I tried again with the same result. I frowned.

"What's wrong?" Bridger asked, taking a step closer to me. I tried to reply but my voice wouldn't work. I looked up at Dr. Smith who was frowning. She leaned over me and rested her fingers on my throat for a few seconds.

"I'm not sure," Dr. Smith replied, letting go of my throat.

"Try to say something," She ordered. I opened my mouth to say hello but once again nothing came out. It's like I can't speak, like I had no voice.

"I'm not sure but I don't think she can talk. Whether because she was born that way or if it happened when she was in the water," Dr. Smith stated. I frowned again.

"I'll have to get an ex-ray to be sure," Dr. Smith continued.

"All right so how exactly is she supposed to communicate with us?" Piccolo asked, crossing his arms.

"She could write down what she has to say," Bridger stated. Dr. Smith walked over to a table, picked something up, then walked back over. She handed me a pad of paper and a pencil.

"What about her things have you shown them to her yet?" Bridger asked.

"Not yet I was about to when you guys walked in," Dr. Smith replied, walking back over to the table. She picked up a red mesh bag, and a shell necklace. The bag and necklace struck a chord in me, and I felt like knew them from somewhere. But I couldn't remember where.

"You recognize them?" Lucas asked. I nodded my head. Dr. Smith handed me the bag, and necklace. I fingered the gold letters that spelled out Ariel. By now everyone had gathered around me and was staring down at the necklace.

"Ariel? Like Ariel from the Disney movie?" Piccolo asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. My finger hit a metal latch. Oh it's a locket. I opened it up, and a soft melody started to play. There was a picture of a man, a woman, and a baby on the inside. The woman had long red fiery hair that hung down her shoulders. The man had white hair and a white beard. The baby had short hair that barely passed her ears, and was the same color as the woman's.

"Family photo," Piccolo exclaimed.

I nodded my head, and my long red hair fell in my face. I pushed my hair behind my ear, and closed the locket. I set it down on the bed, and turned to the bag. I opened it up and started pulling different things out. There wasn't much inside, just a coral brush, a knife that looked like it was made out of some sort of rock, a picture of the man from the locket, and several small trinkets…