Hey there! This is my first attempt at fanfiction writing so please forgive me if it sucks. So mainly this story is about Raven starting her new life on earth. It's kind of an alternate beginning to "Go!" in the Teen Titans tv series. Like instead of them all meeting through Starfire and the Gordanians attacking, Raven is the last to come to earth and the rest of the team has already been assembled. Does that make sense? Oh well.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans or anything even remotely related to the Teen Titans.


"This is it. New world. New city. New school. New Life."

Before leaving her bathroom, Raven Roth gave herself another once-over in the gilded mirror. Wearing only her black bra and panties, she eyed herself critically as she inspected her not-exactly-inconspicuous lavender locks. As she ran her dainty fingers through her hair, she cursed when she noticed how dry and split her ends were and instantly regretted not getting that haircut. Dying the color wouldn't have been such a bad idea either now that she thought of it, but Raven liked the color of her hair. She secretly appreciated the way it highlighted the amethyst shade of her eyes and contrasted against her pale, grey skin.

Raven wasn't naive, though. She was very much aware how she was going to look compared to the sun-kissed, natural blondes she would be attending school with. Even though her violet hair was natural, Raven understood that here, on earth, people would assume the color came from a bottle. And though her skin was beautiful, she realized that to everyone else, the grey hue would look strange and foreign.

Raven wasn't here to win a beauty pageant though. She was here, in Jump City, to start over, to make a new life for herself.

After Raven left Azarath and came to Jump City, she realized the best way to assimilate into the culture would be to enroll into a secondary school, even though the monks on Azarath had already given her a thorough education. Once she had done some research on the types of schools offered in Jump City, she concluded that Murakami High School would suit her best and right away applied for a scholarship. About a couple weeks later, the school called Raven's small apartment and informed her that that next Monday, she would be attending Murakami High School on a full scholarship.

Snapping out of her reverie, Raven decided a little makeup wouldn't hurt and picked up a black eyeliner pencil. After lining her upper lid sparingly, she traded the eyeliner for a tube of mascara and brushed the wand through her upper eyelashes a couple times before setting the tube back onto the counter. There. Though she had applied very little makeup, just the very hint of the black eyeliner had made her eyes gleam an intense shade of aubergine. She even felt a little pretty. Kind of.

Checking the time on the small digital clock in her bathroom, Raven cursed again and rushed out and into her bedroom. She frowned when she remembered the drab school uniform carefully laid out on her bed. To be honest, it wasn't that bad, and it was far better than having to pick out a new outfit everyday like for a public school. Still, this was going to take some getting used to. With a small sigh, she put on the white collared shirt and began to button it up. Afterwards, she pulled on the navy-blue pleated skirt and tucked the shirt into it. With a lot of effort and cursing, she then somehow managed to put the black tie on and then eased into the white knee-high socks and black ballet-flats. When she was finished dressing, she appraised herself in the full-length mirror next to her armoire. At an average height of 5'5", Raven was rather short. Though she weighed about 110 pounds, she didn't see herself as skinny; all she saw were hips and thighs. What really stood out to Raven at that moment though, was how..normal she looked. Without her black leotard and cloak, Raven almost looked like a regular person.

"Well I suppose this isn't...completely dreadful".

Sighing again, Raven checked her cell phone for the time. When she realized how late she was for her first day, she quickly shrugged on her school bag and chanted her mantra until she teleported to a small alley about a block away from Murakami High School. Making sure no one was around to see her, Raven hurried out of the alley and toward the school. Once she was in front of the school gates, Raven gulped as she suddenly realized what a big deal this was.

"Don't screw this up", she mumbled as she slipped inside the gates of the high school.


So that's the first chapter. I'm not really sure how long this story is going to be in all honesty. I'm going to try to update as much as much as possible, but finals are coming up so I'm not really sure. Maybe once a week? Let me know what you liked and what you think I should add or change to improve my story. Thanks for taking the time to read it!