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DB was at the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom as he took in a breath of air. He smiled with closed eyes. "If this is what being dead is like, I'm surprised I didn't try dying sooner." He chuckled at his own little joke. (A/N: Read "A Hero's Death" to understand) His ears perked up and his smile widened just a little. At the last second he had pulled out his katana and blocked another and opened his eyes. He flipped out from under the swords and kicked the attacker in the face. "You know Master Shifu had forbid any kind of training for a month, right?"

"I know, but I couldn't stop just like that. I need to do some sort of practicing." The attacker turned out to be Matthew.

DB sheathed his katana and shook his head. "You can train when there's a bandit attack."

"But, there hasn't been one for a long time!"

"Oh, you know that right now is about the time for my enemies to spring another attack."

"I know. so, I guess I should be grateful for peace."

At the second, Tigress ran up the hill. "Bandit attack in the Valley. Near Mr. Ping's."

"Alright. I'll meet you two there." Matthew and Tigress shrugged as they ran off. When they were out of sight, DB jumped over the edge of the cliff. "Oh, this will be so fun."

In the valley

There was a group of wolves destroying the place. "Destroy everything!"

"Now, it's wolves like you that gives wolves like Matthew a bad name."

They all turned their attention to a rooftop that had DB looking down at them. He lept down and assumed a fighting stance. "You won't be able to beat us. We're armed. You're not."

"Oh yeah?" DB then pulled out a fake arm. He recieved some strange looks from the wolves. "What? It's an arm, isn't it? So, I'm armed." He caught an arrow that was shot at him. "Tough crowd." He then threw the arm away and pulled out his katana in its sheath. He attempted to pull it out, but the blade stayed in while the handle moved away. DB looked at the handle and the part of the blade that was in the sheath. "That's not right."

The wolves were laughing. "Is this your first fight?"

"No." DB turned to see the Furious Five, Dragon Warrior, Wu sisters, and Matthew racing down the steps. "I can probably take you guys before they get here." He caught another arrow and turned back to the group with a smile.

"Can't beat what you can't catch." The wolves began running.

"They want me to follow. Alright." He smiled and began chasing them. They jumped over a fruit cart and he jumped on the edge, in an attempt to use it as a springboard, but instead, it flipped over him. He quickly pushed it off of him and continued the chase with a banana on his head. The wolves began climbing a stack of crates. DB quickly followed, managing to catch one and knock it unconscious. He resumed climbing, but once he reached the top, he lost his balance and the entire stack fell. He climbed out of the fallen crates to see the tail of one of the wolves disappear. "They ain't getting away that easily." He quickly climbed the side of the building. He chased after them. They got to a big jump and stopped. They turned around to see DB standing right there. "Nowhere to run. So, you gonna give up, or is my fun still going?"

"We'll see after this." The wolves jumped over the edge. DB looked down to see that they had jumped onto a cart, then off onto the streets. He sighed and chased after them again, but from the rooftops. He finally seen a chance to stop them. A stack of barrels. He'd just have to throw his chigiriki at it. He did throw it, but it missed by a mile. He frowned and decided to just kick the stack of barrels. The barrels fell, but instead of stopping the bandits, it only provided an easier way for them to get over them and covered DB.

DB growled and chased after them, only to see that the rest of the residence of the Jade Palace had caught them. He sighed. "Thanks for getting them."

"i thought for sure you would have caught them and knocked them unconscious."

"I did manage to get one."

"He was said to have disappeared soon after you left. They said they seen a dark dot under him that he fell through."

"Who made the portal, though? DB's enemies make blue ones, as does he and Wayward Son and Informant."

"i'm not sure. I just know that a series of unfortunate happenings caused them to be able to evade me for so long. I think we should investigate them all to see what we can find. There may have been something I missed about them. First, though. i'm gonna go get my chigiriki." DB ran off towards where his chigiriki had flown while the others went to the stack of barrels.

"Anyone care to tell me what we're suppose to be looking for?"

"No idea, Mantis." Wan's eyes were filled with worry as she answered. DB was never clumsy or inaccurate. Something was definently off. DB reappeared with his chigiriki. He put it away and went to look at the barrels. "What are we looking for exactly?"

"Anything to say why these fell in a position in which they actually helped the wolves escape instead of slowing them down. My calculations said that they would have landed where it would have covered them and the most I should have gotten was just a graze over the head."

"You could have been wrong with the calculations."

DB looked blankly at Monkey. He went to a rabbit that was selling paper, then a goose that was selling ink and quils. He quickly drew a diagram of the barrels. "They were set up like this." He then drew himself in a kicking position. "i came in like this." He drew a dotted line towards where he kicked, along with a little thing to show where he kicked. "I hit it right there. With the speed I was going, I should have gone through without being hit by any barrels and these barrels.." he then drew the wolves and the barrels falling before he continued, "should have fallen right on top of these wolves. See?"

"I see you won't win any awards for drawing. But, whose to say you aren't wrong?"

"The only way I could have been wrong is if the barrel I hit was filled with heavy material."

"They're all empty."

"See? They are all empty, meaning my momentum should have let me go through uninjured. Also, the positioning of them being stacked should have made them fall to where the wolves were covered."

"Well, there's no clues here."

"Then, let's look at the crates."

at the stack of crates

DB and the group were looking through the crates. "How many crates have been counted?"

"Twenty-nine, DB."

"But, I remember thirty."

"Are you sure you didn't miscount them?"

"positive. Also, I've tried to match this splinter to one of these crates, but it doesn't." DB held up a small splinter that could barely be seen.

The group face-palmed. Tigress walked up to him and put her hand on his shoulder. "I don't think there is anyway to match that small splinter to anything. I think you may just be afraid to admit that you're off your game. Maybe Shifu will let you back into training. I'm sure those short sessions with Matthew aren't paying off any."

"You know about those?"

"Everyone knows about them. Even Master Shifu."

"Well, I think we've collected all the evidence we can. I'll go back to examine it." DB made a portal beneath him and fell through. The rest of the group walked to the Jade Palace.

In the woods

A figure was in a tree watching the group of warriors walk towards the steps. "Hm. I was incorrect about the strongest's entire skill. He would have caught my wolves if the others hadn't shown up. I was also incorrect about his persistance in finding an answer. He's still looking at it." The figure stopped talking when they noticed DB come back through a portal at the fallen crates. He seemed to be trying to find a place for the little splinter to fit. "How does he think he'd be able to find a place for that little splinter?" They again stopped when they noticed DB look towards them. "He can't see me can he? Of course not. I'm too far in. Time to get my second part of the plan started."

Two days later

The group was sitting at the table. The only one missing was DB. "I can't believe how much he is obsessing over this whole thing."

"Me neither. He never acts like this." Wan lowered her head slightly. "I'm not sure what's wrong with my boyfriend. It's like he's a whole different person."

"I'm sure he'll stop obsessing soon."

"I hope you're right. I'm gonna go check on him." Wan got up and left the kitchen, and the betting began.


Wan walked down the hall. She knocked on the door. "Come in, Wan." Wan opened the door and seen a lot of paper strewn throughout the room. They all had diagrahms on them. She also seen the splinter taped to a piece of paper, along with DB's katana and his chigiriki, which was burnt. "I've been trying to find out what went wrong. I have found some startling pieces of evidence."

"Really? Like what?"

DB was about to answer, when Zeng came in. "DB. Informant is here and says he has something important to tell you. He's waiting in the Sacred Hall of Warriors."

"Thank you Zeng." DB gave Wan a quick kiss on the cheek before falling through a portal. Zeng and Wan left afterwards.

Sacred Hall of Warriors

Informant was standing by the pool, looking towards the doors. DB dropped down in front of him. "Hello, Informant. How are you doing, friend?"

"Very good, but I'm afraid you aren't"

DB crossed his arms. "What exactly do you mean?"

"I mean that your skills are deteriorating because of an ancient ninja legend. To prevent your complete destruction, you must do the tasks on this scroll." Informant handed DB a scroll and DB took it suspicously. "It's the only way."

DB opened it and read it. He rolled it up. "alright. I can do it. Now how long I got?"

"A week to start."

"Got it. Well, I'll see you around." DB made a portal and left before Informant could react.


DB entered the kitchen at the doorway. He got up and imediately asked, "What did you guys bet on?"

"No one really won the bet, so it doesn't matter."

"I see. Well, I'll be leaving tomorrow to do the tasks on this scroll so I won't be destroyed because of an ancient ninja legend."

"Very well. Would you like some noodles?"

"Yes, please." Po handed him a bowl and he began eating with a thoughtful look on his face. Once he was done, he stood up and set the bowl in the sink. "Alright. I'm gonna go to my room to make the best plan for going through this. Also, I won't leave until Informant comes back." DB left right away.

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