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Deadpool: Diablo's a little upset right now. You guys really upset him last chapter with not cheering for him, but hey! That just means more time with the one you love! *audience dheers* And I love you all too. It also means less time with the one you love to hate, Mister Grumpypants over there. *audience cheers even louder* Wow. You really do love to hate him.

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Deadpool: Enjoy!

Ming got into her own fighting position. They all charged, except Wayward Son and Informant, who were watching. It was as though Ming was Shifu. "Count of three, we go in."

"THREE!" Informant yelled as soon as Wayward Son had finished speaking, charging into the fray with Wayward Son on his tail. Their added strength gave them an edge, sending her into a pillar. She flipped down and landed with a smirk. "How did you learn those moves!?"

She chuckled an evil chuckle. "Isn't it obvious?" They all gave her a confused look. "How do you think I was able to rid the world of those two ninjas? How do you think I've been getting Shifu to believe everything I say?" They gave her a long hard stare, until Wayward Son and Informant's eyes widened in understanding. "Seems as though the ninjas are the quickest of all of you."

The group looked at them. "She has been using magic on Shifu to, not only control him, but to also learn his fighting ability!" The group stared at her wide eyed as she had a black force engulfe her hands. "This is not good." She fired it at them, with them barely dodging. When Wayward Son stood up, his righteous fury had began. "Now, let's see how you handle this!" Ming smirked and wolves appeared from nowhere and they charged at everyone except Wayward Son.

"Now, it's even." The two charged and collided with an explosion of fire and black energy. They were both pushed back. Wayward Son shot a blast of fire at her, which she blocked with a shield made out of a wolf, that turned to smoke as soon as it was hit. "It's gonna take more than that." She fired multiple blasts at Wayward Son, but he shot flames back to block. He then ran at her with speeds that made him dissappear just before impact and come from the left to hit her. He kicked her, only to have his foot burned by her black energy. It was burnt to where he could no longer use it effectively for the fight. He threw some more fire at her, only to have her dodge.

Po and Tigress were back to back fighting the wolves, who all had swords. Tigress flipped over Po, while grabbing his shoulders and swung him around, knocking the wolves back, but they got back up and charged again, but half of the wolves were taken out by another wolf being thrown into them and they all turned into smoke.

Informant had thrown the wolf and was now leaping around the pillars while sword fighting any wolf that got close. He even used his claws on occasion. He landed on a pillar that had three wolves on it. He put a naginata in his tail and fought the two below him while sword fighting the one above him. Their swords were clashing, but Informant smirked, as he wasn't really trying on either end. He got the two below him pinned by th naginata and flipped below them, making the one above him try to attack by falling while swing his swords, but Informant simply used his katana to make the wolves swords go into his allies, turning them into smoke and leaving the swords effectively stuck. He then swung upward with his naginata, tunring the enemy above him into smoke. His victory was short-lived, as more wolves came after him. He slid down before leaping off to another pillar.

Monkey and Mantis were near each other during the fight. Mantis threw one of the wolves into Monkey, who hit it with his bo, then drug it under him by using his tail and threw him into another wolf, though only the wolf he threw dissappeared, as it landed on it's allies sword. Monkey lept forward with the bo forward, rolling over two wolves. He then kicked upwards on two other wolves and Mantis kicked both of them down, landing on their allies, all four vanishing. Monkey was busy blocking attack from one of the wolves that he didn't notice the one behind him. Mantis kicked it away just before he attacked.

Crane and Viper were fighting as one. Crane had been blocking all the attacks, while Viper lashed her tail out at all wolves that came close. She eventually rolled off of Crane's back and wrapped around one of the wolves and proceeded to force it to hit itself. One wolf tried attacking Viper, but instead stabbed its teammate as she jumped off, making it dissappear. Crane hit one of the wolves upward, which it had the Sword of Heroes go through it. Crane took a quick look in the direction it came from, seeing Po nod his head a little. Crane let out a small smirk and continued to fight.

Informant noticed the Sword of Heroes land in the wall and lept for it, pulling it out and proceeded to slice up wolves like no tomorrow, thinning down the ranks. Ming also noticed the thinning numbers, so she made a shield of dark energy around her. Wayward Son started throwinf flames at it and hit it with his flaming hands and kicking it with his good foot, slowly making cracks in it. But he didn't notice the increase in wolves that came. He finally broke it, making Ming stop and flip backwards. "You've lost."

"Ya right!"

Wayward Son proceeded to attack her. She smirked as she was barely holding her own. "I've just increased the number of wolves and they are now taking out your friends." Wayward Son looked at what was happening and did notice that they were now on the losing side. He turned back and ducked under an attack. He then smirked himself. "What are you smiling about?"

Wayward Son then went into his Holy Warrior form. (A/N: Deadpool: WOAH! THAT IS SO AWESOME!There was a big flash and now he's in really shiny armor! Diablo: It's not only shiny but glowing. Deadpool: THAT MAKES IT EVEN COOLER! Diablo: Eh. Seen it too many times for it to be interesting.) "Only bad part about this is I can't use my righteous fury. But, it will help me more." Ming tried attacking, but his shield was blocking all the attacks. He then sunk his sword into the ground and a white light went out from the sword and covered the entire Hall of Warriors before dissappearing right above where it was released and all the wolves dissappeared when the light flashed over them. Ming was thrown backwards by the attack. All the warriors stood beside Wayward Son as Ming stood up. "That wasn't even a powerful attack." He then went out of the form and his righteous fury was reactivated as everyone prepared for battle.

"ENOUGH!" They turned to see Master Shifu come out of the shadows in an ominous way. (Deadpool: Wow. That was cool. I'm glad I have this bucket of popcorn.)

"How long have you been there?" Wayward Son nervously rubbed the back of his head as he asked the question, since he should have noticed him. Informant was doing the same thing for the same reason.

"Since the beginning."

"Shifu. Sweetie. It isn't as it seems." She tried running to him, but she was stopped by his staff. He pushed her back. "Shifu?"

"I should have realised something was amiss when I always stopped feeling angry at you whenever you touched me during the fights we had. I also should have noticed something with how I somehow believed you over my own students."

Wayward Son fell out of a portal next to Shifu and knelt down, putting a hand on his back. "It's okay. She had you under a spell, literally. There was no way you could have known what was going on. Though I do I have a question. Informant said you were fast asleep. How were you there since the beginning?"

"Simple technique that allows you to make others see what you want them to see."

"Cool. Ya know, I was just calling her a witch because of how evil she was acting. I didn't know she was an actual witch."

"Now, give us back the artifactd that you stole!"

"You'll have to find them. Also, this is not the last you've seen of me!" She then dissappeared in a puff of black smoke.

"Where are we going to find the artifacts!? We didn't even get a riddle!" Po threw his hands up in frustration.

Wayward Son put his hand on his chin. "I have an idea. It's a long shot, but it's the best we got." He began to walk away with the others following him.


"Um, why would she hide them here?"

"Well, Po, this is the last place you guys would think to look for them, so it makes perfect sense. Hide it under our nose, then sneak out with them." Wayward Son entered DB's room and oppened the secret compartment with a key. He noticed the others looking at him. "DB gave me a spare." He went in and pulled out a block before going in again and coming out with Master flying Rhino's armor, then the painting, followed by the invisible Trident of destiny that was spray painted gold on only the tips. Wayward Son wiped that off before putting the block back and locking it. "I was the only one that DB told about that. How she knew about it, I'm not sure. Though, she was a witch. Let's put these back."

"What about Ming?"

"I'm sure we'll find her when she wants us to find her."

the next morning

The group was cleaning the Sacred Hall of Warriors, when Zeng came flying in. "I-I... mu-must sp-speak w-with M..aster Shifu!"

"What is it, Zeng?"

"Ming is in the valley, saying she has something to say about him when he arrives."

Wayward Son walked in at that moment. "I know what she's gonna say. Let's go."

"what about the villagers!?"

"We won't have to worry about them. They'll run off before it gets to intense. You guys go ahead and I'll get Master Shifu." The others nodded and ran to the valley, while Wayward Son made a portal to Shifu's location.

Dragon Grotto

Shifu was on top of his staff meditating, whne Wayward Son landed on the rock next to the one he was on. "Master Shifu. Ming has shown herself."

His eyes snapped open and he jumped off the staff and pointed it at Wayward Son. "Take me to her. NOW!"

"Look, calm down. She said she has something to say about you when you arrive. So, let's just hear her out, then we can kick some tail."

"Alright." Shifu calmed himself down with a few breaths. "I'm ready." Wayward Son nodded and made a portal that they jumped through.

Random village

A twister formed and DB popped out of it with the scroll in hand. "Are you okay?" DB rubbed his head, as he hit it on the wall coming out.

"Ya. I'm fine. Now, to get to the Valley of Peace and fast." He then took off with a few coins spinning where he had just been. There was also a note.

This is for the meal. I took it out of the kitchen before I left town. The bunny took the coins and headed for the back.

with DB

He was running fast enough that the trees bowed in the direction he was running, but only slightly. "Don't want to go too fast. I might get there before I should." He then tossed a dumpling in his mouth. He then ran into something. He walked out of the hole he made. "Great. I broke the front door. Also meaning I broke the fourth wall. Literally. Oh well. Better help with the ending of this chapter." He then walked through the hole.

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