It's raining.

"Get inside!" Mel tells Jamie.

Jamie smiles and runs inside without a second thought.

She follows him, but Jared pulls at her hand.

We should get inside she thinks. Survival mode. Always in survival mode.

Jared plays with her wet locks, his hands on her face. Sweet caresses. Her guard is down now. Only Jared can do that. He leans and kisses her. A deep sweet kiss.

"Come," he leads her by her hand. The back of the house, where he knows it will be difficult to spot them from the inside.

The rain is pouring down on them, but it is not cold, it barely makes the heat tolerable.

Jared kisses her again, but it's different now. His kiss is hard, demanding, bruising her soft lips She wouldn't have it any other way. Her tongue challenges him, dominating his.

She pulls him closer, arching her back. An offering.

She brushes the tips of her hard nipples against his wet shirt and his warm chest. She knows exactly the effect this will have on him. His strong hands leave her tiny waist and travel upwards cupping her small breasts and teasing the tips.

Jared balls the beige fabric of her dress, his fingers deafly pull her cotton panties to the side. Soft sensual moans escape her as his fingers began to flick and spank her pulsing nub. Her arms holding tightly on to him as if for dear life. Jared feels her writhe and shudder under his touch, so wet, so sweetly responsive, so innocently sensual and it had become impossible to resist her. A few attempts and she'd easily lured him into taking her virginity and after that there was no going back. It would be impossible to give her up now, it would be impossible to give up the feel of her body against him, and the sensation of being inside of her.

"Jared," her eyes closed as she throws her head back. She's not pleading, she's commanding him. He knows it and he allows her to remove his belt and unzip his wet jeans. When her small hands find him, hard and warm, he groans into her mouth. She strokes him until he can't take it anymore.

"Wrap your legs around me," he says as he grips her soft bottom underneath her wet dress picking her light body up and pinning her against the wall.

Her arms instinctively wrap around his strong shoulders. Almost clawing at the wet fabric of his shirt and his damp skin. Jared captures her lips and coaxes a soft kiss from her, she kisses him back with sweet passion as he slips easily inside of her, she fits him like a glove.

"Mel," he groanes against her lips. Her name almost a prayer. He slams into her over and over, mindful to keep her from hitting the wall behind her. He's not convinced he's being successful, but Melanie doesn't seem to mind, she's far too lost in the moment. She moans softly now, her sweet face buried on his shoulder, her feminine whimpers and grunts filling his ears.

The rain continues. Jamie is still inside. Nothing else matters, all they have is now.

Jared tightens his arm around her waist, impaling her more fully on himself, just as she thought he couldn't possibly get any deeper than this.

"Oh God," she whimpers.

She bites the skin of her neck to keep from crying, it would not do to scream her pleasure and draw Jamie's attention. A guttural groan and a few jerking thrusts and he follows suit. His damp forehead pressed against hers.