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Chapter 1


As the Volturi walked back into the throne room Caius glared at Aro. "Why did you let them go?" he snarled

Aro simply stared ahead as he spoke, "Because, there was no threat brother. They-

"Don't call me brother you traitor!" Caius growled

Aro stopped and looked at him, confused. "Traitor? What did I do?"

"You let them go! They were teamed up with werewolves!" Caius yelled

Marcus had stopped as well and stared at the two in shock. "Caius, he didn't do anything wrong. Will you please relax?" he said, pleading him.

Jane, Demetri, and Alec all glared at Caius. They had a feeling that he was going to attack Aro and they didn't want that. The whole Guard cared for Aro the most out of the three leaders. He was the one always trying to stay out of fights, making sure no one got killed or hurt. He would always listen to Marcus and Caius' ideas first, but when he agreed with Marcus Caius had always gotten angry.

Secretly the whole Guard hated Caius, he was stubborn, self centered and loved to battle way to much. He didn't care if their vampire friends died, he wanted to deliver justice in a violent and unesscary way.

Aro sighed and rolled his eyes. "Caius please, do you really need to get this angry? Marcus had agreed with me. As so did the rest of the Guard. The Cullens did nothing wrong, besides those weren't real werewolves. They are merely shape shifters who take the body of a wolf."

"Yes, but they teamed up with them because of that girl. We should of killed Bella when we had the chance. You always look for the peaceful way out! Should I tell Marcus what you did to his wife? Didyme? Because she didn't have a wonderful gift like us?"

Aro's eyes darkened and Marcus clenched his jaw. "Aro, what did you do?" he growled

Aro turned to Marcus, "N-nothing..." he stammard

Jane, Alec and Demetri were now starting to get a little angry at Aro. What did he do? Could they really believe Caius?

Caius smiled, "Oh right, you never told him. Well my dear brother Marcus, Aro here had killed Didyme because she didn't have a wonderful and powerful gift like us. He locked up his wife too, to shut her up. He threatened to kill her if she told anyone. He's truly a heartless monster and deserves to die." Caius glowered

Aro glared at the blond vampire but then he felt someone's hands wrap around his throat and start to strangle him. He was turned to face Marcus' angry and black eyes.

"You did what!" Marcus shouted

Aro tried to swallow but his throat burned, "'t mean to...I-I am...s-s-sorry!"

Marcus snarled and threw Aro into the wall, Aro yelped as pain struck his back. Marcus smiled, "You deserve that! Didyme was my wife! I loved her! Not matter what her gift was! You didn't give her time to figure out that we could of used her gift to the best of our abilities! heartless bastard! She always convinced your father to stop beating the shit out of you when you were humans!"

Aro tried to get up by hissed in pain, his shoulder was popped out again. Since he was changed into a vampire before any of the internal bruising was healed it stayed with him. He hated it but sometimes it would only hurt a little.

Aro tried to get up again but his left shoulder and leg were in intense pain. He cried out as the pain ripped through his body. Marcus watched and became worried.

"Aro, you okay?" he asked

Aro looked up and did something that non of them expected, "I'm sorry I killed my sister! Do you honestly think I don't regret any of it! I loved her, she was my little sister for crying out loud! We got into a fight and I wasn't used to my vampire strength then and...accidently took her head off!" He cried, misery and sorrow coming up as he remembered all his good times with his sister. "She was the only one who was actually there for me! My mother died when I was ten!"

Marcus was filled with regret as he watched the youngest of the three of them, crying and in pain on the floor. Blood ran down his arm as he noticed a piece of rock sticking out from it. Marcus went to help him but Aro shrunk away.

"Leave me be." Aro growled

Marcus clenched his jaw, "Aro I-

"Leave me alone!"

Aro instantly ran off at super speed. The pain stabbing through him as he ran, but he ignored it. He wanted to get as far away as possible. He needed to.

It was silent in the throne room as everyone stared at Marcus and Caius. Marcus growled. "Caius, was that necessary?"

"What? Telling you that he killed Didyme?"

"Did you know if he truly meant killed her? And I highly doubt his locked his wife away to shut her up. I filled with anger at the time and wasn't paying attention at what you were saying, I overheard Aro speak to Sulpicia before locking her away. He told her it was for her safety, since his father was turned into a vampire as well, and wanted to murder Aro's wife. To torture him, I was there when his father threatened him. Didyme...I have a feeling that wasn't the only reason Aro had killed her, she was very afraid of her father. She had a tendency to kill herself. She would beg Aro. But Aro knew he would be heartbroken, I want to know more about that fight. I'm thinking...Didyme..." he trailed off

"That she was yelling at Aro to kill her?" a female's voice asked

They all turned to see Sulpicia standing at the door, a sad look on her face. Marcus was confused, "How did you escape?" he asked.

Sulpicia smiled, "Aro...didn't make me go back to the room after the battle. I convinced him to let me roam around the castle with a few guards. He agreed."

"Oh" Marcus said

She smiled sadly, "Yes, he truly does care about know? are completely wrong on why he locked me away. Marcus was right, I am dissapointed in you thoug. Marcus. I understand you were quickly filled with anger and hurt as Caius told you that Aro had killed your beloved wife. But I am shocked you didn't fight back those feelings and not hurt Aro. You know everyone here tries their hardest to protect Aro, even you."

"I know, and I am sorry."

"I know, but it is true...what you said. Didyme was screaming and begging Aro to kill her. He didn't want to and when he went to grab her jaw to make her look at him as he told her no...he lifted her head up to hard and high. He was in complete shock after he realized he had killed her, I had to comfort him. I had watched the whole thing, he almost fell out the window when he passed out. He was breathing to much and his body wasn't used to that...I caught him. He fell asleep for a few hours...that is why he didn't come out of his room. Playing with his feelings is horrible and heartless Caius."

"I wasn't playing with his feelings!" Caius said in defense.

Sulpicia glared at him, "Sure you weren't. You knew how much it hurt him to even think of his sister's name, she was everything to him. He wanted to protect her as much as she had protected him when they were humans. I told him Didyme was happy with his choice of killing her. Remember my gift is to communicate with the dead, even dead vampires. She had told me...she wanted Aro to stay safe...he may be older than her and look fierce very dangerous but...he was fragile and scared. He was still only a frightened child inside."

Caius frowned and sat down in his throne, shame over taking him. Sulpicia sighed, "Aro is in grave danger."

Marcus looked at her, "What do you mean?"

"He's bleeding, he's in pain and he hurt. Grief right now is over taking him, slowing him down. His father knows, he's been watching. I've sent Jane out to scare his father off, but it won't work for long. Aro is far to weak to protect himself...we need someone to take him in. This place is no longer safe for him."

"The Cullens...they could take care of him." Alec said, even though he hated them some what.

Sulpicia nodded, "Yes, but how will we catch him and take him to them?" she asked

Marcus sighed, "Lets just hope...he can get there."

Sulpicia, "I'll call Carlisle, he would probably send Bell and Edward to get him. They are the fastest it seems."

No one spoke as she left, she wanted Aro to stay safe. Didyme wasn't here anymore to protect him for their father, so now she had to. The ghost of Didyme followed her sister in law. Sulpicia felt this and smiled.

"Come to help?" she asked

Didyme smiled, "Yes, is he in agony?" she asked.

Sulpicia gave her a sad look, "I hope not."

~At the Cullens~

Carlisle was sitting in his office reading a book when his phone rang. He picked it up and answered.


"Hi, Carlisle? This is Sulpicia"

Carlisle gasped, "As in...Aro's wife?"

"Yes, listen. Could you send your fastest vampire out to find Aro? He's in grave danger and in a lot of pain. He is very weak and needs help, he's bleeding. We don't know where he went."

"Of course!"

"thank you and Carlisle...please hurry. He needs to stay there too..."

"It's alright"

"Thank you"

"Your Welcome"

After hanging up he rushed to the kitchen where everybody was. They all looked at him. "What?" Esme asked

" need to find Aro...he's in grave danger. Emmett will go with you since he can easily track down vampires."

They all nodded and took off, Emmett quickly locating Aro. He was in America somehow he had ran across the ocean. He wasn't too far away from them. Bella became worried, she could some how sense Aro's pain.


Aro didn't know how long he had been running for but he stopped when he had to throw up. He threw up a little and looked around. He was in a forest of some sort. He cried out in pain as the pain felt like his leg and arm was being sawed off.

He fell to the ground, panting and crying. The pain making him shake, tears fell down his cheeks. "Somebody...h-help" he whispered

~Bella, Edward, Emmett~

"Wait! He's near here" Emmett said

"You sure? How did he get here this fast?" Bella asked

Emmett shrugged, "He is a super fast vampire. Also dangerous, one minute he can be joking and laughing next he...can be violent and murderous. At least, that's what Carlisle said."

Bella swallowed but then got the scent of something...very good. The chalone smelled very good. She told Emmett and he followed, they all stopped in shock when they found Aro.

He was lying on the ground, curled into a ball and crying. Bella stopped Edward and Emmett and knelt down beside him. She gently touched him. Aro became stiff but then relaxed when he saw it was Bella.

"B-Bella?" he whispered weakly

"Yeah, can you get up?" she asked

Aro nodded. Bella smiled and wrapped her arm around his waist. She was shocked at how thin he was and how much he was shivering. She carefully helped him stand up. He winced but held onto Bella.

As they walked back to the house Edward and Emmett kept a close eye out for anyone trying to kill him or them.

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