Author's note: Okay, so we're skipping a few days ahead when Aro's father returns and everything. Before i start the story I'll describe Aro's father's power. He can make people feel pain and be in agony. He's evil so...I thought that would be a nice power for an evil and heartless person/vampire.

Chapter 5


As days passed Aro's shoulder worsened, Carlisle tried to figure out what was wrong with the healing process but failed. Aro knew this and only lived like he had been, being joyful and trying his absolute hardest to ignore the pain. Each day though, it seemed to only worsen.

Bella walked into her room where Reneesme was looking at a photo album. "When will I see your mom?" she asked

Bella smiled and sat down with her, "One day, she's coming over after this problem is solved."

"What problem?"

"Aro's father is still lurking around and we're not sure if he has allies with him. A few of the Volturi guard is coming here, but don't worry. Caius is staying at the castle, we don't exactly trust him yet."

"Yeah, wasn't he the one who wanted to kill me?" she asked, looking at Bella innocently.

Bella sighed and only hugged her daughter, not answering that question. Reneesme already knew the answer though, Caius did want to kill her. They both knew that Aro had saved her life and protected her by telling Caius he is to not kill Reneesme. Bella was thankful for this and so was the rest of them. Marcus had also protected Reneesme by agreeing and showing Caius that he is wrong to want to kill Reneesme.

After putting Reneesme to bed Bella was about to go to the family room when she felt someone in the room. She knew it wasn't Edward since he was out hunting, then she smelled the chalone. She smiled, she loved that smell. It wasn't exactly chalone he just smelled that good.

"Aro, what are you doing?" she asked, smiling

"Looking around...nice place" he replied, observing the place

Bella chuckled, "Of course you are, is your shoulder worst or better?"

He shrugged but winced, "Not still hurts a lot" he mumbled

Bella sighed and then frowned, "Hopefully it gets better soon, do you think your father is near?"

"I don't know honestly"

"Well, when he does we'll be ready. Right?"


Bella smiled as she continued to clean the house, putting things away. Aro helped her and she grinned at him. "Thanks"

"Your welcome"

~2 hours later~

"Aro, don't move your shoulder!" Bella growled

"Sorry" Aro mumbled

She chuckled as she continued to wrap his shoulder, he winced a little but ignored the searing pain. After she was done she cleaned up and sat down beside him. At that moment someone knocked on the door. Confused Bella got up and opened it, she gasped.

Aro came to the door and growled, his father was standing there...smiling. "Hello, you two!" he beamed

"Hi" Bella mumbled

Aro only growled louder, Bella looked at him in fear and he backed off. But still glared at the taller vampire in front of them. "What do you want?" he snarled

"Just to warn ya! You remember what my power is...Aro"

"Yes..." Aro whispered

"Well, just to tell'll start feeling pain soon. Well...not exactly pain just a sick feeling."

Bella glared at him, "What are you going to do?" she snarled back

"That's for me to know and for you to find out!" his father laughed and then ran off, disappearing into the forest's shadows of the night.

Bella closed the door and sighed, "What do you think he's going to do?" she asked, scared

Aro looked at the floor, "I don't know" he whispered, fear in his voice

Author's note: ending it here, I'll make it up tomorrow :D Review please! Sorry for any mistakes or if it was rushed! :)